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I love gold coins, but I still didn’t react. wait for a while said, "Are you sure the Avengers want to auction off the’ help token’? You know, with this’ help token’ and the strength and reputation of your Dragon Soul Gang, if you create a gang now, it will definitely have a good development prospect. Is your boss crazy? "

"This is our Dragon Soul Help Department. We don’t need to worry about the boss. What the boss needs to do now is to sell the’ help token’ to a big price, which is enough to shock the world’s big price of Shuo."
I love gold coins, sighed, and slowly raised my hand to build a gang token, and said, "Well, since you have chosen my money auction house, I will definitely help you auction a good price. With the’ build a gang token’, you can be the first to create a gang with great influence. Those bosses who want to dominate are sure to win. This is definitely a fierce competition."
"The money exchange system will be released in the early hours of the morning. For those big gangs, money is not a problem. I estimate that it should not be a problem to sell this’ help-building token’ to millions of gold coins." At the same time, I love gold coins and secretly muttered that with this help-building token, my money auction house can finally have a bright future. Merchants will know that one day I will definitely step on you.
"… millions of gold coins? So much? " I cried in surprise. Millions of gold coins are converted into millions of cash. It’s too extravagant for a player to be willing to spend millions of gold coins. You know, when playing games before, the highest equipment for private auction was only two or three thousand cash. This is too crazy.
"More than a million? This is my conservative estimate. "I love gold coins," he said flatly. Suddenly he seemed to think of something and said, "Avengers, do you mean that one of the best players has any advanced equipment? Auction out together and you can get a good price then. "
I nodded and said, "There are a few pieces in my warehouse, but they are all outdated equipment. Well, there is also a set of assassin’s second-class silver suit, spike-tooth flurry suit and ………………………………………………………………………………………………………
I love gold coins. After receiving all the equipment department, I sent an advertisement to the unified display toilet. Soon, the first’ help-building token’ in the world will be auctioned at the money auction house at 12 noon. If you want to be the first gang hero in Shuo and want to develop your own gang first, then what are you waiting for at the money auction house at 12 noon? At the same time, there are many silver-class equipment waiting for it. The owner hopes that you will not miss this opportunity.
This time, I love gold coins so much that I made three announcements to the system, and he didn’t charge me. Oh, you broke it.
Just when I was feeling that I love gold coins, I saw him take out a card from his bag and handed it to me. He said, "This is an auction membership card. With this card, you can enter the auction without tickets. I have to go to work on the auction. You can sit here for a while."
"No, I still have some things, so I won’t bother the boss." After I left, I went to Xuanyuan Imperial City to rely on sending the array. For a while, it was the first martial art meeting in the day. Although Qinglong and I also have some friendship, I prefer coke with ice to win. I don’t know if coke with ice has come up with a solution.
During the competition, coke with ice and Qinglong were sent to the arena. Just like the second time, I started Longxiang to pray and helped coke with ice to strengthen the life limit by more than 100 points.
"Coke with ice, although your magic power is very strong, but there is no defense shield, is it necessary for the magician to fight in close combat than you think?" Tsing lung said simply that it is really difficult for the Magic Warrior to hang up Tsing lung with coke and ice. After all, I thought that Tsing lung was a super man.
"Qinglong" Although I know that it is almost impossible to beat you, I still want to try. "Coke and ice magic staff quickly revealed the spell of Qinglong." Great ice goddess, please spread your cold to people and freeze the enemy in front of you! "
Qinglong said contemptuously, "You look down on me too little. This freezing magic can’t do anything for me!"
(There are three conversion methods to convert the magic warrior’s conversion skill to consume 1 mana. One is to convert 25% attack power into 3% magic attack and 3% physical attack; The second is to convert 25% attack power into 2% agility; The third is to convert 25% attack power into 2% vitality. The three transformations cannot be reversed, and one can be transformed at a time for 3 minutes)
Although the fiend force has reduced the attack power by 25%, whether it is in exchange for 3% magic physical avoidance or 2% speed or 2% vitality, it is anti-people’s ability to fight in the competitive ring is not better than the spike ability.
If both sides kill their opponents, the last thing to compare is the ability to fight and the medicine they carry. It is difficult for today’s strong players to kill their opponents. After all, everyone has a good thing, so the last thing to compare is the ability to fight.
Tsing lung’s own blessing is 13% speed. In addition to speeding up the movement, it also speeds up the attack speed. It seems that coke with ice is in danger this time. After all, the attack speed is strengthened, although the attack power is weak, but there is almost no gap between the attack power one by one.
2% moving speed reveals the suspicion that coke and ice roots can’t even capture the shadow of Qinglong, let alone release magic. Qinglong is fast, and even a player with high agility can see a rough outline clearly.
"Alas, the defeat of coke with ice has been decided", although it is a rough look, judging from the gap between the two sides, the chance of winning coke with ice is slim. After all, a magician’s magic that you can’t even capture the player has been locked in, so you have a passive beating. Unless there is some miracle that can immediately reduce the speed advantage of the other side, it is a matter of time before coke with ice dies.
Coke with ice, looking at the blue dragon figure flashing around, frowned, and took out a sky-blue bead from the baggage with the staff in his hand. He said lightly, "I came here to prepare for dealing with the god eater, but your strength is beyond my imagination. The first battle plan to deal with you can make it necessary to make this secret weapon the ice goddess spear!"
Air conditioning quickly gathered around Coke and ice, and gradually formed a sky-blue spear. Even sitting in the audience seat, I felt a huge cold current. I’m afraid this power is still in frost wyrm. I don’t know if Qinglong can resist the ice goddess spear.
But my eyes almost jumped out when I saw Coke with ice taking out the beads. That … that turned out to be a watery bead. Zhao Linger, a watery bead is Coke with ice. How can it make a watery bead? Isn’t it possible to mobilize the power of the spirit beads only when the descendants of Nuwa dictate spells?
In fact, the most puzzling thing in my heart is where did you get the watery beads with coke and ice? Well, when the battle is over, we should have a good chance to ask him. Haha, I didn’t expect that my luck is so good today. First, I found the fiery beads in the assistant, and then I suddenly broke the’ help token’ in the assistant. Now the coke-iced hand is the watery beads. Is my luck coming?
Chapter sixty-one The origin of watery beads
Tsing lung looked at the spear, the goddess of ice and snow, and felt a little crisis. When he didn’t dare to neglect the magic sword in his hand and swept it forward, it was the right time to clean up a large number of players’ half-moon swords.
Half-moon black gas waves came out through the sword and rushed to Coke with ice, and the ice goddess spear beside Coke with ice also gathered quickly and stabbed Qinglong. The past two big moves were all killer skills. It seems that now is the time to compete. If the half-moon sword hits Coke with ice first, Qinglong will win, but if the ice goddess spear hits Qinglong first, the winner will be Coke with ice.
The sword of the half moon of death and the spear of the goddess of ice and snow crossed halfway, and boom rang. The whole competitive arena trembled. Coke with ice and Qinglong floated almost at the same time. Coke with ice was 156, while Qinglong was 1679. The power was amazing. There were 100,000 injuries to the spear of the goddess of ice and snow. It was really abnormal.
Although the damage was output together, the coke with ice fell down. It seems that the dragon died and the half moon sword won the coke with ice and the snow goddess spear and won.
"ding! The third semi-final game of Magic Warrior Qinglong VS Magician Coca-Cola winner Magic Warrior Qinglong will hold the semi-final game at 5: 00 pm on Sunday. The fourth Avenger VS Magic Kill will make everyone not miss it. "The announcement of the end of the battle was sent.
The battle is over, but no one on both sides of the battle knows that coke with ice almost won, but Qinglong is different. He won the game.
Tsing lung couldn’t get up, didn’t it? It was a string of great injuries that floated behind him because of coke and ice? Hundred thousand, that’s hundreds of injuries. If it weren’t for the competitive battle just now, I’m afraid the result should be both sides. It’s only right to hang together. Four Holy Beasts’s boss was almost defeated by the dragon soul to help a wannabe hand. How can he get along with Qinglong if he goes out?
Coca-cola and I hurried forward to comfort ourselves when we lost the battle with ice. Coca-cola suddenly asked, "What’s that bead you just took out with ice?" The abnormal power of the ice and snow goddess spear should require that pearl to be able to display the killer skill. "
Coke added freezing point and nodded and sighed, "This is a watery pearl. However, I don’t know what it is, but it is said that the snow demon is sealed in it, but the water and ice level 1 top BOSS is said that the strongest attack on the snowy mountain is the snow goddess spear."
"How did you make water beads with ice? I have a fire spirit bead here that belongs to me, but it can’t make me remember the spear of the ice goddess just now. If I can make the fire spirit bead have a Vulcan blessing or Vulcan anger, wouldn’t it be a big kill?
Coke with ice suddenly lit up in front of me and exclaimed, "You mean this watery bead is yours?"
"Well, what’s the matter?" The reaction of coke with ice makes me a little unnatural. Is there any problem in it?
"Haha, it’s you. I’ve been looking for you so hard." Coke with ice quickly took out the watery beads from my bag and gave it to me. Seeing the success of the transaction, I finally breathed a sigh of relief and said to myself, "It’s too difficult to never pick up this kind of almost impossible after I finally finished this pervert."
It turns out that Coke and Ice Field is a water magician who accidentally bumped into an alcoholic NPC when he went out to train. The alcoholic NPC told Coke to add ice and he could change ice to water-ice, but he had to help him finish one before.
This is that the limit for handing over the five spirit beads and one water spirit bead to the player who is playing the’ Save Zhao Linger’ game is one month (that is, my final time). If the water spirit bead is handed over to the player with coke and ice in one month, the game will be judged to have failed, and the level will be reduced by one level and the magic will be changed back to water.
The Ice Goddess Spear is a stunt that the drunkard NPC attached to Coke with ice. It can be used three times before it is completed, and the water beads need to be taken out each time. However, if it is completed, the ice goddess Spear will be lifted and the water beads can not be taken out after it is used.
(The Snow Goddess Spear is an advanced skill. If there is no auxiliary, it will have a certain pair.)
Whoo! Fortunately, if coke with ice doesn’t find me for a month, the punishment for his failure will be reduced to level 1. Don’t change back to water, but I will be different. The level will return to level 1. The equipment department will drop gold coins and the recycling department will rely on these punishments. I can delete the number and stop playing.
Thank God for letting me find the water pearl.
In ancient times, the five gods of water, fire, wind, thunder and mountain came to people. They loved this land and didn’t want to return to Tianshui. They clapped their hands and laughed in the huge waves of Hong Tao and didn’t hear the people crying. Vulcan dances in flames, regardless of whether people’s bones burn into fly ash in the fire; Fengshen blew up houses and collapsed cattle and sheep trees, killing many people; Raytheon kept playing drums but scared the disabled people to hide in the cave and hug together in fear; The mountain gods kept jumping and the earthquake destroyed the people’s homeland, the goddess Nuwa, to protect the people. Finally, from nine days, the five gods of water, fire, wind, thunder and mountain were collected into five spirit beads, and the snow demon was placed with the water spirit beads. Only when the Nuwa clan cooperated with the spell can it be possible to mobilize the strength of the spirit beads and snow demon. It is required that the descendants of the Nuwa clan wear the attributes +2 to display the power of water magic and increase by 1% and never wear the weight 2 to attach skills to the snow demon.
The Snow Demon’s primary spell consumes 5 mana, summoning the Shuilingzhu Snow Demon to carry out a large-scale Wan Li mountain closure, causing 25 times of ordinary magic attack damage to the enemies in the range, while freezing the range by 1%. All players become ice sculptures and freeze for 5 hours when the skill cools down for seconds.
"By the way, boss, did you see today’s news that there is no money auction house? I love gold coins. I plan to auction the help token at the auction in the day. Should we prepare it? After all, this is the first help token in Say." At this time, Coca-Cola suddenly played the recent unified broadcast.
I nodded slowly and said, "I know, so what? We didn’t agree to create an organization that would make the major gangs feel frightened." Here I smiled mysteriously. "Besides, it’s not that members of the organization can’t join other gangs, but they can’t create their own. If we want to cultivate our own gangs, we don’t have to be the main helpers. What’s the point?"
"BOSS, I always feel that this help-building token came too suddenly, as if it was born after the vice. I suspect that it was brought out by a player in the vice." The more Coca-Cola thinks about it, the more suspicious it is. After all, the help-building token needs a level 3 BOSS to come out. Now it is too sudden for players to kill BOSS on a large scale.
"This building help token was brought out from the vice-captain." Looking at Coca-Cola and Coke with ice, I smiled and explained, "It’s not your boss. I went into the vice-captain and killed seven players from all levels. Finally, I broke out this building help token. You mustn’t leak it or Xiaoqiang will ask me for a statement."
Coca-cola and coke with ice showed understanding and promised me to keep this secret.
Then the three of us went to the ant nest again. Thunder magic and ice magic exploded frequently in the ant colony. It was so cool to watch the brushing experience. So after playing for a long time, Coca-Cola and Coke with ice rose to level 21 successively. Looking at the ranking list, it was hard to imagine that the level was 2 after the fourth place.
Huh? The first bite god broke through the 23 rd line of defense and stepped into the 24 th threshold. It seems that it is really difficult to chase him. Damn it, Dark Dragon, if you hadn’t failed me, how could I have been dumped by the bite god? One day, I will peel your dragon skin as a cotton-padded jacket and whip your dragon classics as a whip.
I spent the rest of the day upgrading …
I slept until 11 o’clock the next day, ate some instant noodles quickly and entered the game with my helmet. You know, it’s 12 o’clock, but I can’t just miss and accommodate the auction meeting, which specially adjusted the semi-final of the First Martial Art Association to 5 o’clock in the evening.
Just now, I appeared in Nuwa City, and immediately paid to Tong. I came to Xuanyuan Imperial City and walked towards the auction venue. This time, the money auction house became famous. I love gold coins, but I spent a lot of money at the arena auction center. What day is this? The first martial art will be adjusted until late. The noon time has been taken over by the auction.
Chapter sixty-two Auction Assembly
Along the way, Xuanyuan City has a sea of people, and the players are jostling with each other. The auction house has been packed with money. This auction has become the hottest activity in the world of Shuo. This auction has attracted the attention of all players. After all, the birth of the first guild token has laid the foundation for the establishment of the first gang.

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