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"Isn’t there anything special about it?"

"Of course, since it is the king, it always has its differences. Speaking of it, Baitiewang Mine is actually very precious. It is the only kind of sixth-order ore that can be used to make equipment."
"equipment?" All kinds of rings and bracelets flashed in Sun Sheng’s head at once. That’s money! !
"But don’t be too happy. When I say equipment, I mean equipment with clothes instead of rings and bracelets. After all, the order is not high enough to make it extremely, and the equipment attached to it won’t be too big, that is, at most, it’s only twenty squares."
Sun Sheng immediately turned up a supercilious look and had a good time.
Zhang Jiucheng saw Sun Shengyang and naturally knew what he was thinking. "Be content to find such a piece of ore. Your mining should also be upgraded to the intermediate level. This is not a small bargain. You are lucky enough. If this thing can make rings and bracelets, what can it be a second-class mine?" Zhang Jiucheng, his big finger pestle Sun Sheng’s ore just stopped, and it was a flurry of jumping by this stimulus.
Sun Sheng also knows that what Zhang Jiucheng said makes sense, but people are always greedy. Sun Sheng is still very tolerant of his little greed and doesn’t recognize his greed.
Somehow, although the equipment is not big, it should not be cheap.
"Uncle Cheng, what do you think this mine can do?"
"It’s ok to add some material to make two wristbands."
"Still need stuffing?"
"Of course, what can you do with this thing? Don’t worry about the expensive things." Zhang Jiucheng pointed to the copper mine
"Then help me make two wristbands."
"Well, it won’t be long before you wait." Zhang Jiucheng finished and filled the fire and picked up the work. Sun Shengze played the watermelon knife that Zhang Jiucheng had just come to cut ore.
"Broken gold knife level 1 spirit afterburner 26 ignition attribute blessing afterburner 14 points. This attribute tut tut …" This knife is not appraised, otherwise Sun Sheng’s level won’t see the attribute of this knife snapping and chanting the attribute of broken gold knife. Sun Sheng has said everything to Zhu Linyin’s malicious people.
It wasn’t long before Zhang Jiucheng built it. Except for two wristbands, the light yellow appearance flashed with silver light, which was quite beautiful.
"It’s just a pair. It’s good to have 22 squares each."
Sun Sheng took a look at the "White Iron King Wrist Brace, Grade 3 Bronze with 19 points of force and 6 points of body with 22 squares", which is already good. If you don’t have it, you will take advantage. If you don’t have it, you will just take advantage. With such a pair of wristbands, I believe there will be many people scrambling to convince Sun Sheng that you can’t lose.
"Thank you, Uncle Cheng"
"No, it’s a trivial matter."
"Ha ha, then I’ll go if you’re busy."
"Come often when you are well."
You’re welcome. Sun Sheng took the line.
It didn’t take Sun Sheng how long to find the source of the fourth and fifth order ore. Sun Sheng once again came to the game and rode Xiaoyu and flew out of the bamboo forest. He was hidden in the village head and the old man was sent to the array. Sun Shengke didn’t have the guts to sit again.
The mine is not deserted. In fact, mining in the initial stage of the game is a good way to make money. Although it is troublesome, it is not very tiring. There are still many people who go to the mine to mine. Although there are fewer miners than just now, Sun Sheng’s vision is still crowded.
Mining this thing sometimes depends on luck. You don’t have to dig in a mine. You can touch two fish casually like Sun Sheng, but this kind of thing is a small probability event after all. Either everyone can touch the mine or these people prepare the ore in the mine. Even the miners in the same mine may have different harvests after a busy day. One pot is full and one harvest is very small.
Sun Sheng never thought that he would be unlucky in the game, so although he was fighting for jobs with many people, he was not so discouraged. He took a hoe and groped for a relatively spacious place in the cave to dig mines.
Because of prospecting and promoted to intermediate level when digging copper mine, Sun Sheng can easily know where there are more mines and where to plan his hoe. It’s not that Fan Sun Sheng’s mining speed is much faster than that of people around him. That’s all. The key is that Sun Sheng’s hoe ore production rate is too high.
Sun Sheng doesn’t feel that he digs quickly, because the density of ore here is much smaller than that of copper ore in Zhang Jiucheng mine. It takes a long time to dig an ore, but it’s different in the eyes of others. When others look at Sun Sheng’s mining speed and then look at their own mining speed, it feels like there is too much difference between the digging speed and the earthworm digging speed.
Sun Sheng also gradually realized this. The people around him stared at Sun Sheng with doubts, longing and envy, which made Sun Sheng really happy. After deliberately comparing with the people around him, Sun Sheng suddenly felt that his mining speed was simply amazing. When others dug a piece of ore, the average was enough to dig five pieces for themselves. How can this not make Sun Sheng proud?
Human nature always has a dark side, just like a beautiful woman who has two pimples on her face and is upset. When she suddenly sees a dinosaur-level figure with pimples on her face, her heart will feel comfortable. Sun Sheng stole a look at other people’s faces and felt like a victorious general. She even hummed a minor after mining happily.
This hum is in trouble.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Outbreak in silence
In the eyes of the people next to him, Sun Sheng’s humming ditty is simply that he is showing off his outstanding performance to everyone. Generally, everyone can’t look past it. There are not a few abdominal slanders, but they are automatically ignored. Who made Sun Sheng’s performance too rampant and gave people enough reasons?
"Are you new here? I’ve already occupied this place, brother. You can change it somewhere else. "The hot-blooded young man has finally come out, but his motives don’t seem very virtuous.
"Ah?" Sun Sheng looked at the speaker with a hoe. "Did you take it?"
"Yes, I just went out for something. In fact, I have already occupied this place. If you don’t believe me, ask someone who should know me." I don’t know if this person is justified or just discussed it with the person next to me.

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