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"Dad, we will find a way." Qiao Huan looked at Qiao Zhen with a low face and felt sad. She comforted Qiao Zhen low.

"Don’t worry about the company. What are you going to do when the wedding day is coming?" Qiao Zhen didn’t want to talk about these annoying things again, which changed the subject.
This is the last thing Qiao Huan thinks of.
"Dad, you know this is not what I expected."
"Since Qiao Huan has decided to marry you, I will have a good life with Mu Bei. I have also thought that I can let your grandfather come forward. This Mu Bei is definitely not as weak as it looks, otherwise your grandfather will not force you to marry him."
Qiao Zhen persuaded Qiao Huan.
"Dad, how can you speak for him?" Qiao Huan discontentedly called a.
"Okay, I won’t talk about it, but it’s the wedding day. Anyway, you still have to prepare a …"
"Dad, you still say?" Qiao Huan discontentedly called a again
"Okay, I really don’t want to talk about it this time." Qiao Zhen quickly stopped here and got up and grabbed his clothes. "There is nothing to do today. Let’s go back together!"
"Good dad" Qiao Huanque jumped out and took Qiao Zhen’s arm and walked away together.
Qiu Ji glared at cloud flying in the private box of Kempinski International Hotel cloud flying.
"cloud flying, if you do something good, can’t you control your bust?"
Cloud flying took the glass and drank it in one gulp. "This is a normal reaction of men, and you can’t control it."
"So what now? Seeing that the boss is finally going to marry Qiao Huan, your hard work before you make a boss is white. "
"Aren’t you the happiest person if Qiu Ji doesn’t get married?" Cloud flying looked at Qiu Ji and suddenly smiled strangely.
"Don’t you like the boss?"
"The boss is good-looking and self-loving, so men will certainly be liked by many women. I am a normal woman, and I certainly like the boss!" Qiu Ji said to cloud flying with a pair of righteous samples.
"I don’t understand what you women are thinking, and you like it and push it to others." cloud flying shook his head
"This is the difference between you and me between humans and animals," Qiu Ji said seriously.
"Who are you calling an animal?" Cloud flying’s face sank
“nono!” Qiu Ji shook her finger at cloud flying. "cloud flying, don’t give me a straight face. If I get angry, I may blow you up with one gun."
"You bitch, it’s no wonder that the boss doesn’t like this world, and no man will like you." cloud flying took a long time to say such a sentence.
Cloud flying!’ Qiu Ji changed her face. "Do you have to make me angry?"
Cloud flying at Qiu Ji looks pale and hurriedly smiles "Don’t don’t be angry? I invited you here mainly to ask you to give me an idea. Please give me a way to calm down and let her and the boss’s wedding be held smoothly. "
"How should I know? I haven’t been in love. "Qiu Ji spread her hands to show her ability.
"But you are a woman. Women should know women’s minds best."
"I don’t know what Qiao Huan is thinking. I know Qiao Huan doesn’t like the boss. She likes someone else."
"I don’t know what Qiao Huan’s eyes are. Why does she like Munan?"
Cloud flying sighed, "Munagan doesn’t really love her."
"How do you know?" Qiu Ji stared at cloud flying.
"Once I broke into the boss’s room and found that his brain was broadcasting a video of Munan sleeping with another woman," cloud flying said to Qiu Ji in a low voice.
"Is this really the case?" Qiu Ji’s eyes suddenly got wide open.
"Really" cloud flying nodded to Qiu Ji "and I seem to have heard that Muna approached Qiao Huan to get shares in Qiao Huan’s hand"
"Don’t these Qiao Huan know?"
"Who is this Muna? How can he let Qiao Huan know what he is doing? Who would know if the boss didn’t monitor Munan? " Cloud flying shook his head.
"The boss should tell Qiao Huan this."
"Now Qiao Huan hates the boss so much that no matter what Qiao Huan says, he won’t believe it. Besides, Muna is the boss and he also has concerns."
Qiu Ji’s eyes sank and her lips sank, and she said nothing, frowning and lost in thought.
Cloud flying poking him in the arm Qiu Ji "you don’t stare blankly in the sight of a few days the boss is going to get married, and everyone has informed if there is no bride, what can I do?" You hurry to help do something. "
"Qiao Huan hates the boss because he gave her medicine. I think it’s important to let Qiao Huan know that the boss did it because he was forced by Nai cloud flying. Can you find Munan and other women’s bed videos?"
Qiu Ji wanted to think to cloud float in the sky and asked
"In the old brain"
"Can you get it out?" Qiu Ji’s eyes suddenly lit up.
"It’s a little troublesome to get it out." cloud flying frowned.
"You get this video out for Qiao Huan Qiao Huan. If you know that Muna is looking for a woman behind his back, she will hate Muna."
"This will make her and the boss reconciled?" Cloud flying expressed doubts.
"Not with me? If you want to get the video, I will definitely fix Qiao Huan and let her and the boss hold a wedding smoothly. "Qiu Ji assured Yun Feiyang.
Cloud flying glanced at Qiu Ji’s silence for a moment and ordered a head.
"Okay, I’ll find a way."
In the evening, Yang Qiang and Lu Xiaoya, the villa of Mu family, chatted affectionately for days and longed for North to sit on the sofa and play with their mobile phones.
Lu Xiaoya and Yang Qiang are getting better and better. Yang Qiang likes Lu Xiaoya more and more. Every time she sees Lu Xiaoya, she is always very disappointed. How good would it be if Mu Bei and Lu Xiaoya were a couple?
Yang Qiang shook her head. How did she hate it?
"Aunt, what do you think of this?" Lu Xiaoya chose a heart-shaped shape and handed it to Yang Qiang.
Yang Qiang, looking back, was a little careless.
"I feel very good for the north, do you think? But words like this "Yang qiang to MuBei called a.
Mu Bei looked up from his mobile phone and shook his head. "I don’t like this too fancy. Qiao Huan likes this simple!" Mu Bei chooses one from the tea table.
"This is simple"
Lu Xiaoya’s eyes darkened and his lips were silent.
Is Mu Bei alluding to her scheming?
"Okay, whatever you say," Yang Qiang waved her hand and she didn’t approve of this marriage and didn’t care about anything.
Section 6
"Mom, have your relatives and friends been notified?" Mu Bei asked
"I have called to inform."

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The encirclement suddenly dispersed slowly, and everyone was retreating involuntarily, and everyone’s face was filled with a look of fear.

At that moment, everyone saw three kinds of damage values in their field of vision, namely, 1 and miss.
At present, this personal physical defense is so powerful that people can hardly imagine it.
Of course, France imagines that the defense is as high as 33 points, even if it is a sword flying snow, it will have a headache here now.
Looking at that white mask of a masked warrior again, everyone gets a thrill. This man is a boss after all.
Mad dog dragon took off his mask and laughed. "Why don’t you fight? Keep coming! "
These players are not retarded. I’m still talking to you. You’re such a jerk!
Just then a soldier suddenly retreated to Xiaoyan and bowed his head and said a few words in his ear. Xiaoyan nodded his head.
Not good! Mad dog dragon suddenly remembered something. At this moment, his music box vibrated, picked it up and looked at it. His face finally changed.
The message is a short line from Jiang Huafa: "Michelle hung up and I’m on my way to Hoefeld! Please hurry back to Mu Zixing! "
Mad dog dragon root spare time with this group of mixed weapon care about rev all kinds of acceleration skills and effects, the wind blows away.
This group of people haven’t reacted yet
"What speed is this fucking?"
"My mother, I didn’t even follow my eyes!"
"Is this a person?"
Mu Zixing eyes headquarters conference room Xia Xiaoqing, bachelor elder sister, autumn water Iraqis are in a gloomy cloud.
At the sight of Mad Dog Dragon pushing the door and coming in, Emma jumped at him and threw herself into his arms, sobbing.
"It’s okay, I’m back!" The mad dog Long An comforted her, "Stop crying!"
Less than 3 minutes later, the door of the conference room was pushed by people one after another, which can be said to have formed a set of super-luxury arrays, such as Jianghua, Yan Yuhua Qingcheng, Qu Zhiyan, Sunny Day, Tintin Fish, 1v3, Toilet Quick Chicken Division, Little Girl, Busy as ice, Hua Laosan, You Meng, Kouga, Tianqi, Big Tiger, Le Yishao, Eagle, Cheetah, Jackal, and so on.
Its Chinese third voice is the loudest. "Which son of a bitch? How dare you kill our sister Ai! "
Meteor crystal is also gritting its teeth. "This is a declaration of war on the exile and Loulan Empire."
Tianqi said faintly, "It doesn’t matter if you dare to start work, you must be conscious!"
Yan yuhua city looks the ugliest. Emma bathes in purple star eyes. Although people are hanging out in the suburbs, there used to be an old president here, and her face was particularly bright.
Seeing that so many fierce people have been attracted, Iraqis have long been stunned. Xia Xiaoqing is also secretly stunned. She seems to have never thought that her merchant was so well-founded and was ambushed by people. A way is so big.
This is another precursor to blood shed, she sighed secretly.
Yan Yuhua Qingcheng this meeting has already come to her. "Who did the little love little moxa hang?" to be continued
Chapter five hundred and forty-seven Something happened.
"fairy dry!" The respondent is a bachelor sister. "She’s out of her mind!"
In fact, in Casablanca, the fairy killed Emma, and Xia Xiaoqing met Emma as soon as she left the city after Mu Zixing finished talking about things.
Fairy had a high grade of 59 at the beginning, and now she is a swordsman of 64. Even though there are two pieces of eternal equipment, it is hard to resist. After all, the foundation gap is too big, and she is not as abnormal as Mad Dog Dragon.
The pressure on the level 64 swordsmen from the level 36 soldiers is really not normal.
Emma was not bad, too. It took more than two rounds for them to fall, and she was still stabbed in the throat with a sword.
That’s the disgusting thing about the fairy. This guy even whipped the body. At last, Emma exploded. The most terrible thing was that the eternal bee sting given to her by mad dog dragon was exploded and picked up by the fairy.
Emma cried because she knew what the mad dog dragon paid to get this equipment, and now she doesn’t feel bad when she falls into the enemy.
After a careful understanding of the ins and outs, a few women, such as Yan Yuhua Qingcheng, can politely comfort her.
"Mom, she’s tired of living!" Hua Laosan was very angry. "There is no need to say that you must die!"
Tianqi disdains cold hum. "She has always been the one who dares to bully the novice because of her urine. When she is harder than her, she becomes like a grandson!"
This group of people flew all the way here to put it bluntly, they all have business contacts with Jiajia Company more or less. Now Emma has been killed, and the lover can’t sit back and watch. Besides, it’s love for the boss, so it’s more time to wait if she doesn’t come at this time.
On the frown way "three elder brother, brother hui, Kouga what should you do, what to do don’t affect the operation of several companies".
Hua Laosan scratched his head and smiled. "I’m trying to help, aren’t I?"
Riverside said, "I appreciate your kindness. I’m actually a science and technology center person. This matter will come to an end. You don’t have to run so far here."
His prestige in the Eastern Dynasty is now very high, and he left many people after several persuasion.
Xia Xiaoqing sighed at this moment, "We are responsible for this matter!"
On glanced at Yan Yuhua whole slowly, "Mu Zixing’s eyes had better not make a move at this time to rise to the height of the guild."
He turned to the mad dog dragon again. "What do you think?"
Mad dog dragon has been silent and calm, but now his teeth are cold and a word "kill!"
On the end, I know others best. When I see him with this expression, I know that he is angry to the limit and is fighting back his anger at the moment.
On stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder. "Let’s talk about it after we get back to Loulan City, okay?"
No one objected to this suggestion. By the evening, the love crime of the headquarters of Loulan City of the Eastern Dynasty and the figure of Han Ying Snow actually appeared at the science and technology center at the same time.
This is rare. It’s only when something big happens that these two people are disturbed.
"Love brother Han Jie!" Mad dog dragon takes the lead in greeting others.
Love crime stretched out his hand and motioned for everyone to sit down. "I heard about what happened in Mu Zixing’s eyes during the day."

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"These are their original words. If you weren’t my favorite Xun Yu, I would probably kill you in this anger."

Wu Yeyun jumped up, roared, and shouted a strong grievance in his tone.
Xun Yu stood up and said, "Night Cloud, I didn’t say I don’t believe you. Please move your sword aside first. No one knows where his tip is. Don’t hurt me by mistake."
"I don’t dare to believe this news. I didn’t say I didn’t believe you!"
Xun Yu said helplessly.
Wu Yeyun put the sword back into its sheath in anger and muttered, "That’s more like it."
Xun Yu stroked his beard and asked, "So don’t they know that Jilu is the master’s brother? Why bother to test the deer? "
Wu Yeyun curled his pie mouth and said, "It’s nothing more than the flower immortal who said that Cao Rui once said that the deer was dismissed from his official position and left at home by Fan Ge, and his tone was full of helplessness. I don’t think so. "
Xun Yu frowned and said, "Well, it’s hard work. I’ll write these two pieces of information as a note now. Please be careful and give them to Wenhe."
Wu Yeyun suddenly forced this face and said, "Don’t, Brother Wen Ruo, when I saw the poisonous man, my heart was weak. I read the romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Jia Xu was the most afraid."
Xun Yu suddenly turned strange and asked, "Why?"
Wu Yeyun said with a bitter face, "I know, however, that Li Cui and Guo Si were inspired by Jia Xu to seize Yongzhou in Chang ‘an. Wen and chaos! I don’t know this, I am * *. "
But at this moment. . .
A light sentence came from behind Wu Yeyun: "Thank you for your praise!"
Wu Yeyun’s face suddenly solidified, twitching her mouth and turning around, she smiled wryly: "Hello, Mr. Jia. Since Mr. Jia is here, I’ll go first. " After that, I anointed my feet with oil and took Chengying and ran away!
Behind him came two happy laughter.
Wu Yeyun wiped the staff, dejected and ready to continue to seek information.
Just after going out, an ordinary foot soldier came up, handed in a document and whispered, "Yangzhou urgent document, convey it to Mr. Jia as soon as possible."
With that, I looked around and left.
Wu Yeyun gawked at the figure and shouted, "* * come back to me, people are inside, send them yourself!" Shit! Son of a bitch, which department are you from? I want to see your boss. Bastard, come back! I wiped it! "
Look at the article with chicken feathers, and then catch it all! "
Jia Xu tone some sen cold said.
Look up. . .
Xun Yu looked at himself with a surprised face, and Jia Xu asked in some wonder, "Am I wrong?"
Xun Yu shook his head and asked, "Why are you back again?"
Jia Xu turned his head.
Wu Yeyun!
Chapter 11. Searching for Talents
Ps: Power failure again! Holy shit! How can it be so restless these days? Jesus Christ! Pray in tears, don’t cut off the power tonight, or I will be miserable. ,
There is no typo in this one, please feel free to read it.
. . . . . .
Wu night cloud bitter face a passive-aggressive smile, that look like eating long-haired tofu, there are more contradictions.
"This is urgent information sent by Yangzhou. Please have a look at it, Mr. Jia. I have left in advance!"
Wu Yeyun said that he left with a greeting.
Jia Xu squinted, looked at the chicken feathers on the stationery, gently pulled them off, put them aside, and slowly opened the stationery.
Unfolding the document, I looked at it, caressed my beard, nodded, and said to this Xun Yu, "The trend of four parts of the world has taken shape, which is not simple. Wen Ruo, I’m leaving first. "
Xun Yu nodded with a weak smile.
Jia Xu stood up and walked out. When he arrived at the door, he suddenly stopped and said to Xun Yu, "By the way, have you copied Sun and the document that I asked you to shirk your responsibility?"
Xun Yu nodded and said, "This Sun He. . Alas, I actually shifted all the responsibilities to Ding Feng and Wang Xiang. If this document is distributed to Cheng Pu and others, the consequences will be. . 。”
Jia Xu curled his lips and said, "The consequence is that those ministers left behind in Jiangdong will be more loyal to their master."
Xun Yu asked, "Is this your idea?"
Jia Xu smiled in his eyes and asked, "What do you think?"
Xun Yu looked at Jia Xu, shook his head and said, "It seems that it was the master’s own idea." Xun Yu handed a small stack of paper with handwriting on it.
Jia Xu nodded and took over: "I went to work."
When Ji Fan asked Sun He to sign it, he just wanted to take this opportunity to let those people in Jiangdong accept it.
. . . . . .
In the unparalleled camp outside Yecheng, Ji Fan realized that he had another task, that is, to find talents. Now he has the function of observing each other’s talents, and he has to find one or two talents for himself. Now he looked at the sky and decided to leave for the plain at once.
He can’t show up in Yecheng, which is in the way. It’s better to go to the plain of Qingzhou and see Marotta and Jiang Ziyu by the way.
JiFan with Dian Wei and a lieutenant said, holding black charcoal to plain city.
Plain city.
JiFan holding the horse’s head wearing a straw hat, and Dian Wei after two people entered the plain city, straight to the palace.
Marotta is here, but Jiang Ziyu is not.
Marotta looked at Ji Fan and smiled: "Master, it looks very good."
Ji Fan smiled and said, "I’ll see if I can find some people. Xiang Ping was slaughtered by me. What a talent!"
Marotta caressed her beard for a moment, nodded, rummaged through the documents at half an arm’s length, and took out a "special account set" written in ink and handed it to JiFan.

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For example, if you are afraid of angering Zongjin, this preferential treatment will disappear; The man no longer mocked him for "reneging on his word" and touched his finger on his wound.

It’s even more frightening to look at those injuries closer.
Zong Jin wanted to concentrate on taking the medicine for him, but there was always a flash in front of him. He Lianheng was covered in blood and looked distressed. Anger is still very strong, and I can’t wait to cut the beast’s head into sections and hang it on the tower as bacon.
He touched the hard and dead meat with his fingertips, and carefully smeared the ointment into a thin layer.
Soon, Zong Jin got up with a medicine bowl and sat in front of him and pulled his arm to deal with another wound.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Doubts abound
He Lianheng directly looked at his words but asked, "Your hands are so light, but it’s not like you."
"What’s not like me?"
"Do people in Weichi House serve you?" The man said, "It’s time for someone to do these things for you. You don’t like a natural handy person … "
He Lianheng’s words were so difficult that he was taken away and read smoothly. He replied, "I’m not a worshiper … I mean, my brother likes to be served, but I don’t like it."
"But you are the master after all."
"Do housekeepers have to have women to serve them?" Zong Jin asked. "Women are too much trouble, and I think it’s in the way."
"… I didn’t say it was to be waited on by a woman."
Zongjin glanced at him, full of unhappiness.
Of course, he will think of women from the words of He Lianheng-he is full of men asking him if he didn’t marry. When he thinks of marrying, he thinks of He Lianheng’s long-dead wife. If he loved him for many years, how can he marry with peace of mind?
ZongJin more think more feel not frank simply way "LianHeng … I see your name is lotus"
"While talking about admiring me for many years, I married my wife’s house early," Zong Jindao said. "Now I still have the cheek to secretly spy on my privacy, and it’s annoying to pretend to be this pair of clear water and white lotus."
The man was dazed, his eyes widened for a few minutes, and then he suddenly smiled and bent his eyebrows.
"What are you laughing at? You’re laughing at me. I’m scolding you. Can’t you hear it?"
"Laugh that you care so much about my marriage."
"… always say a word about it?"
"You say you and me and listen to me."
"Wang Du"
With Zong Jin’s foul words, Lian Heng’s smile never diminished. At the end, he explained, "I, she, have been engaged since childhood. She was terminally ill. Originally, I wanted to break off my marriage. I insisted on marrying and doing my best as a householder … so I stopped forcing myself to be kind to him, but I found out your privacy was just curious."
"curious about what?" Zong Jin didn’t good the spirit. "I’ve been injured everywhere since I was a child and I don’t like others touching me. I’m used to dealing with injuries myself. What’s wrong?"
"There’s nothing wrong. That’s right."
Rao is He Lianheng who answers his words without refuting him. He still feels that he has the wind.
Anyway, He Lianheng can’t get a good argument for him-the other party is ashamed and likes to be hypocritical; He is upright and outspoken, and naturally he can’t win.
Zong Jin’s hand didn’t stop stroking in his head. This is like leading to these things. In hindsight, he felt that he was being led astray. Then he reiterated fiercely, "I just talked to you. Did you listen to it? Don’t stand in my way for me. I’m not tied up …"
Like afraid of HeLianHeng retort he went on to say "… besides, you have to block you for me. Isn’t that unnecessary? Knowing that I’m wearing a soft armor and I have to block the backstabbing for me won’t hurt me … "
As he spoke, he suddenly blessed his heart. "Oh, I don’t understand you. Is this to make me owe you? You are so insidious … "
But he didn’t expect that it was He Lianheng who asked a sentence "… what soft armor?"
“?” Zong Jin also lost his hand and looked up at him. "In the tower, you ordered someone to prepare a dress with a gold silk soft armor in it … Isn’t that what you gave?"
"… I have no idea"
"ha? Don’t play with me, "said Zong Jin, tearing his neckline with one hand." This is it … "
But he was wrapped in gauze at the neckline, and there was no sign of soft armor.
"Come on, don’t pretend," said the little boy impatiently. "I’m sure you ordered someone to take it off when I changed my clothes … It’s a pity that you love acting so much that you can’t sing."
"I really don’t know."
He Lianheng said seriously and frowned.

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A purple-gold sword fern seems to be shattered, and the strength of the purple mansion in the later period is mighty and goes to the old man in brown robe.

"Looking for death!"
Feel the edge of the forest sword mans attack toward yourself, and a long sword, a black sword, appears in the hands of the brown robe old man. The same sword directly collides with the edge of the forest attack.
"Hey, hey!"
The two swords and awns collided instantly, and the forest edge was as steady as Mount Tai, motionless. The old man in brown robe went back three steps directly and looked at the forest edge with a face of shock.
"This is qualified!" Lin Yuan smiled at the old man in brown robe without moving his feet.
"Hum!" The old man in brown robe knows that the other party is a strong enemy, and there is not much to say about Yan Yunlong, who has also stopped fighting.
Suddenly, the whole area was calm, and everyone looked at Tianyuan holy tree at dusk, and Tianyuan holy tree was getting more and more imposing.
Tianyuan sacred tree is wonderful, and every time the result is that it has accumulated enough by itself, and the later it is produced, the better the effect of Tianyuan sacred fruit. If it is the first result, then this is the second result.
Tianyuan sacred tree is red in green, Tianyuan sacred fruit gives off a strong fragrance, and the color is slowly red. When it is completely transformed into red, it is mature. However, four groups of people nearby did not look at Tianyuan sacred fruit that was about to mature, but looked at each other and the atmosphere was tense.
"There are four groups of people present, so I think we should divide the fallen fruit into four parts, one for each batch?" If the old man in brown robe still wants to drive away the young men, then a group of people can share Tianyuan Shengguo with Yan Yunlong, but now there is no such idea.
No matter which group we deal with, the four groups of people will be opposed by another group of people. After all, who knows if it will be their turn? Even the old man in brown robe is a little worried at this time, so he came up with a way to divide Tianyuan Shengguo into four parts. No war, no war.
The young man sneered, "It’s good to divide it into four parts, but don’t forget that you have a person, and that young man also has a person who wants to share the Tianyuan fruit. Do you think we are fools?"
"It’s true that you are not qualified to divide Tianyuan Shengguo." Say that finish, you didn’t look at the old man in brown robe, but looked at the forest edge.
They make it clear that he is not qualified and neither are you.
That young man is even more welcome. Tianyuan’s sacred fruit is invaluable. It’s a good thing to be less suspicious. After all, there are too many people. There are three or four of them here.
The old man in brown robe was gloomy on the spot. "It seems that you take yourself too seriously? Since you said that you didn’t have my share, then everyone relied on means. "
In addition to the edge of the forest, the strength of these people present is the fighters in the late stage of the purple mansion, especially in the late stage of the purple mansion.
"I agree with you by all means."
Yan Yunlong’s tone is indifferent, and he doesn’t want to share Tianyuan Shengguo with others. A Tianyuan Shengguo, which contains energy, is huge. If the spirit beast Danzhu is integrated, its effect will be more obvious.
"I have no problem with it."
Lin yuan said with a smile, among them, perhaps Lin yuan’s realm is the lowest, but Lin yuan’s own strength may be the highest
"Then each by means!"
Young men know this solution.
In this way, everyone’s eyes rested on the half-medium, waiting for Tianyuan Shengguo to mature and fall from the branches.
"There is a chance that a Tianyuan sacred fruit plus a dragon ball will make me miss the late stage of the purple mansion. It is impossible to ascend to the late stage of the purple mansion without penance for half a year or even a year or two. This time, I must win a Tianyuan sacred fruit."
It is very difficult to repair every liter in the purple mansion, and now the garden urgently needs to improve its strength, which he must not miss.
If you can get a Tianyuan holy fruit and successfully rise to the later stage of the purple mansion, then the comprehensive strength will rise by more than a little bit, which will definitely make his combat power rise greatly.
"Tianyuan Shengguo can’t let go"
Slightly spit out a sigh of relief, and Lin Yuan’s eyes gradually became sharp.
There are dozens of Tianyuan holy trees, half of which are still pale blue, and the remaining half are very early. Three of them tend to be green and red, and they can be completely matured in one step, and one of these three tends to be red. Tianyuan holy fruit is already shaking and may fall at any time.
Finally, that day, Yuan Shengguo fell and hit the ground and rolled several times.
Strangely, no one moved and seemed hesitant.
"Brown robe old man, don’t you want Tianyuan holy fruit? Go grab it! " The young man smiled at the old man in brown robe.
The old man in brown robe snorted, "I’ll give you the first Tianyuan holy fruit. Go and get it!"
"Are you so kind?"
"Are you kind?"
On the other side, Yan Yunjian looked at Tianyuan Shengguo, who fell to the ground, and then calmed down.
"It seems that no one dares to take the risk!"
Yanyunjian fighters behind way
"Who dares to take risks? If Tianyuan holy tree still attacks people close to it, it will be doubtful. A Tianyuan holy fruit has put itself in a mortal situation, and no one will do it. Now it is just a temptation to ask someone to pick up Tianyuan holy fruit and not be attacked by Tianyuan holy tree, which means there is no danger. "
"If that’s the case, don’t just wait and go?"
Yan Yunjian frowned. "The second Tianyuan sacred fruit is almost ripe, but no one wants to be the first bird."
Lin Yuan said in his heart, "Even if there is no danger in the first past, it may not be a good thing. If I used to be a target, I would definitely be attacked by everyone."
As time goes by, no one is the first to go, and everyone seems to be waiting.

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Small infanta zheng qiao face dizzy red eyes moist in his burning eyes suddenly feel a little shy rushed to avoid his eyes gently nodded "well" a heart as sweet as honey.

Brother Xu loves her and doesn’t care about him … cares about her!
"Come into the house and let me see your knees." The little princess took his arm and smiled. "I won’t rest assured until I see it with my own eyes! By the way, my aunt and uncle have come back. Let’s go and see them together! "
"Dad and Mom came back with their third brother?" After Li Yunyue’s Zheng, his big eyebrows were also a little less cold and clear on weekdays. "I don’t want us to see our parents first!" "
Seeing that he was energetic and acting as usual, the little princess didn’t want to go against his will at this moment, so she smiled and said, "Good!" The young couple went to see Lian Fangzhou and Li Fu together.
"Dad! Niang! " Li Yunyue and the little princess came to the room to see their parents after such a long separation. They were very happy to let go of the little princess’s hand and kowtowed to them for three heads respectfully.
"Get up! Get up! " Even Fang Zhou ourtenant got up and helped him up with his own hands.
I’ve lived freely these years, and then I need to worry about things. Even more than half of my business has been paid to Er. She and Li Fu are playing all over the world, and they are in a good mood and well maintained. The temperament of people in their thirties is not much different from that of seven years ago, but it is more mature and attractive. A Qiu Xiangse embroidered orchid skirt is exquisite and elegant, and there is a charm of harmony in it.
She picked up her son and studied him. She was so happy that she smiled and said, "My dear son is growing taller again! Looking more mature and steady! My mother misses you so much! "
Li Yunyue also smiled. "I miss my mother, too!"
It’s rare that he would say such a thing, and everyone couldn’t help laughing. Even Fang Zhou took him to sit in the small princess and had already seen the ceremony. At this time, he smiled and said hello and sat down to talk.
The little princess must have a lot of private words to say when she sees their long journey back to her mother and father. Although she is a prospective daughter-in-law, it is actually considered that half of the owners in Weining Houfu can get up and leave after a layer of separation.
Even Fang Zhou laughed, "Good aunt Jin won’t keep you today! Aunt, your family went to see you and your mother! Please help my aunt tidy up again! Aunt Tete left you a copy, which is better than picking it out in two days and sending it to you! What do you like to see? Let’s pick it together! "
"hmm!" Small infanta sweet smile "thank you aunt! I also have a gift for my aunt! "
Even Fang Zhou was more happy and praised her, and she was sent out.
The children’s nickname Xiaoyao has gone to sleep. As soon as the little princess left the house, there were four husbands and wives.
Screen back a crowd even fangzhou stand hand smile sighed, "xu son you really gave your dad your mother a great gift! I heard your glorious deeds before I saw you when I returned to Beijing! "
Li Yunyue knew that Jin Jin and his second brother must have told their parents what had happened, so he didn’t do much to explain, "I didn’t do anything wrong. I forbid anyone to bully Jin Jin."
Li Fu suddenly asked, "How did you teach Yang Wenhua a lesson?"
Li Yunyue took a look at his father and said it again.
Even Fang Zhou was stunned and looked at one track-minded, but he would come up with such a bad move?
Li Yunhuan’s consciousness shrank into the chair, behind which he felt chilly … How cruel!
Think about it, how fascinating it is to be tied up in a dumpling and hung from branches more than three feet high.
Oh, it’s blocked. I can’t shout if I want to!
Li Yunyue was unaware of the strange atmosphere. "He dares to bully Jin Jin, but I will teach him a little lesson. If he dares again, I will not let him go!"
Even Fang Zhou sighed in his heart that this little other person is him! For him, this is really a bitter experience, not too much.
But don’t say that Yang Wenhua’s pampered and never suffered a penny. Even the soldiers in the military camp can’t stand the 1634 Chapter 1634 Storm 4.
Physical pain, psychological fear, Yang Wenhua didn’t go crazy, and even Fangzhou thought it was a miracle.
After Li Yunyue finished, he asked, "Dad and Mom, do you say that I am too much?"
"Of course not too much!" Li Fu sneered, "Why doesn’t he dare to touch your daughter-in-law for one night? It’s cheap for him!"
If it were him, who dares to touch his daughter-in-law, he would call him a life of death.
Even Fang Zhou frowned and said, "Yang’s wife, whose brain is not normal, will come to our house and look at all kinds of things that are not pleasing to the eye. No wonder she will enter the palace to find the emperor and cry! Even if the emperor doesn’t want to, he won’t give her a face. "
Look at the son even fangzhou way "what did the emperor say? Have you really been kneeling in the Qing Palace all day? "
Have a younger sister in the palace who doesn’t even believe Fang Zhou at all? Ha ha! This is even more unreliable. How can you anger Xu Er when Qing Er is in the emperor?
Li Yunyue was a little sluggish. He didn’t want to tell his parents the truth. He didn’t want to cause trouble to the emperor if he knew that there were many people going out and the risks were great.
But I didn’t expect Niang to ask out directly as soon as she opened her mouth.
Even Fang Zhou clapped his hands and laughed at his hesitation. "It seems that your uncle and aunt still love you very much!" "
Li Yunyue had to be honest. "The emperor let me get up after the Yang family left. Yes, yes …"
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "It’s not good to say it in front of the Yang family and then give you water later!" Don’t worry, how could our own people betray the emperor? No one will say anything about this! "
"But those rumors outside-"Li Yunhuan "Ah!" A flustered way "I’m white! It’s all the Yang family bastards who deliberately spread it out! I told you, big brother, the capital was full of punishment at noon, and I knew that it was them who played tricks! I can’t swallow this tone! "
Li Yunhuan said angrily, "I’m going to squeeze the Yang family dry and let them drink the northwest wind!"
"That’s natural!" Even Fang Zhou smiling lazy way "Yang’s wife is not think the emperor with our home and even close to her Yang’s not close enough? Over the years, although she has nothing to do, don’t mumble behind her back. I don’t know how many words have been arranged for us. I never care about her when she is old, but she feels that we are afraid of them! Just do this and don’t talk to our family! I want them to have a hard time! "
Li Yunhuan spirit a flap smile happily way "niang don’t worry! I guarantee that they will not see the slightest clue! "
"This doesn’t matter," even Fang Zhou laughed. "Even if you look out, what? Just don’t let anyone catch you! In the case of silly children’s eyes, their family is in trouble. If you think about it, you will think that we don’t bother to do such a thing as shattered glass! "
Li Yunhuan suddenly realized that he nodded and said that he was laughing. "I still think thoroughly!"
Listening to her mother’s two one-person calculation of Yang’s Li Fu has no problem-
"Yang’s family is nothing, but isn’t it too good for the emperor?"
Even fangzhou grunted, "the emperor is not unreasonable. Yang Jiaxian started something to blame us! I’ve had enough of their disgusting words! If you don’t do it, you don’t have to be vague since you have done it! "
"Niang say yes! Don’t worry, Dad, it’s just teasing Yang’s family, not asking them to tell the emperor where they have time to take care of such a small matter! " Li Yunhuan laughed again
Squeezing people’s property clean is also called "teasing?" Li Fu wry smile in my heart couldn’t help squeezing the sweat for Yang’s family.
Lian Fangzhou added, "But I have a more important thing to do. Don’t be busy first!"
Li Yunhuan is very cooperative in asking questions?
Lian Fangzhou sneered, "The Yang family spread rumors and slandered Xu Er. This matter involves Jin Jin’s reputation. We can’t defend it, let alone pester him in this matter, but we can’t let him go so easily, right?"
Li Yunhuan flashing eyes nodding "niang said that’s right! That’s what I thought in my heart! But I don’t know what to do! Mom, you have a good idea, don’t you? "
This even Li Fu couldn’t help but look at his mother Li Yunyue and pay attention to it.
Who wants to carry a bad name for no reason?
Even Fang Zhou sneered, "Rumors that they will let’s not? We can be better! Ma, check the Yang family. Besides their government, there are some influential people in Beijing. Check all the Yang family members thoroughly! I don’t believe this. The Yang family is not dirty! Even if it does, I will plant something on his head! When the time comes, I will see how lively the Yang family will be! "
Li Jiahe’s family is not the capital, there are no people, the population is very small, and the two houses have always been strict, unlike the Yang family, which is far away and close, and there are countless people to catch them. I’m afraid there are too many hands to count!
When the time comes, all the dirty things will be turned out, and it will be said that it will make a fuss about it. Just think about the time difference and you will think that yangfu is the culprit and will spare them!
By that time, Yang’s family will be the biggest joke and the most unbearable family in Beijing! See what face they have to say about others!
Li Yunhuan is very happy and radiant. A clap chair laughs and says, "Good! Ok! That’s great! Mom, I’ll think about it and discuss it with you later. I’ll do it! "
"good!" Lian Fangzhou laughed. "The Dragon Boat Festival is getting more and more capable. Mother is really enjoying herself!"
Li Yunhuan pouted, "Mom, can you call me Little Dragon Boat Festival?" Provoked Li Fu and Li Yunyue to laugh.
Lian Fangzhou giggled. "It’s only natural to be a mother and call her a nickname. Do you still have any opinions?"
Li Yunhuan sobbed at the corner of his mouth. Even if he said he had a problem, the old lady would be cool and add "no problem"
He’d better save his strength!
Li Yunhuan got up and laughed. "My parents are resting. I’ll ponder it!" "Injured" in Niang’s place, he has to make a fuss from other places. If Yang’s family wants to cry, he won’t be called Li Yunhuan!
Even Fang Zhou and Li Fu didn’t leave him. He nodded and let him go.
Lian Fangzhou told him to give priority, take good care of him. Yang Wenhua Li Yunhuan instantly understood that she meant to answer the 1635 chapter 1635 storm 5 with a smile.
Li Yunyue also got up to retire when he saw that his second brother had left.

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Jun 23, 2024

"Mom egg old bought a bottle of weapon sharpening potion 19 gold coins from him! The promise pit money dog is worthy of the name! "

"Second goods you buy is black goods? The promise war is the most expensive, and you only bid for more than 17. Did you buy 19 mb? "
"Blame me me? Who told that money dog to deliberately monopolize and not sell it for a few points at a time! Do you call Jerbo solo? "
"so so lost call dad! I still owe my IQ, and I will wake you up this time! "
Yang Ye looked at the noisy players around him. To tell the truth, he didn’t care much about this nickname. He said that he couldn’t hear it. It should be as heavy as the title of the dragon chase song!
Everyone calls him "Brother Bug"
People around you are talking about that Li Yanxin several people are unhappy and take out their knives. It is necessary to know that this virus laboratory is not allowed to pk outside the security area! But he and they were stopped by Yang Ye-they couldn’t stop talking without fighting again.
Now it’s better to meditate and enjoy it, deputy
The general team of the vice king level of virus laboratory can pass the nightmare unless there is a big problem, but it is not too difficult. After adding the attribute of abyss abnormal state, the overall difficulty is adjusted accordingly.
Therefore, it is difficult to get through the difficulties with a higher "resistance value". Without enough "value", the teams in front are all relying on the advantage of blood volume to survive.
Ignore the whining around. Captain Yang Ye came to the vice door and slammed into the vice …
After two seconds, the team came out again
Just now, I had a good chat with Li Yanxin. Several people suddenly woke up and chatted with Cao, forgetting Yang Ye’s grandson’s stubble …
That’s right! Yang Ye resumed his old job of ao and kept going in and out of the assistant miners’ hat effect. He aimed at the best by-product to maximize his own benefits. Of course, only Yang Ye knew this.
In the eyes of Li Yanxin several people-this Sun is absolutely sick! !
Scared, pale, trembling hands and feet, several people were once again brought into the secondary choice by Yang Ye and then … to be continued.
Chapter 196 Preliminary study of laboratory
Even if really ready, but in the face of the promise war, this crazy guy-in and out of the vice for more than ten minutes-is also properly prone to Li Yanxin when several people are not going to survive. The vice captain’s promise war finally sent a message that made several people extremely excited.
"Good into! !”
When the light flashed in front of me and it was clear again, it had reached a strange field.
【 You step into the scope of virus lab! 】
The virus lab was set up in a deserted suburb. A mysterious guy built this lab to make living people experiment. As a result, the experiment failed. The whole lab was swallowed up by the virus by accident. There is always a kind of disharmony between this lab and the game.
For the time being, regardless of other viruses, lab viruses still make players shine at the moment. There are many battles between disgusting fierce beasts and annoying mutant plants. The appearance of such a vice can also be regarded as allowing players to change their tastes while breaking into treasures.
In the place where several people settled, everything was very dark and misty, and the surrounding plants were obviously withered. The leaves and stems were dotted with inexplicable markings and black spots, and the whole side was filled with a strong disgusting smell, which was a bit like a corpse soaked in formalin.
There are deep forests on both sides, and the outline of plants in Cheren is very unclear. It is even more impossible for players to want to go in the past. The sky is a little dark yellow like night, and it is not like night. Looking forward through the mist, the virus laboratory stands in front, and pale lights are dotted with several windows.
The laboratory is a huge abandoned hospital. This is the name of the hospital to cover up the body of the laboratory. Hundreds of rooms have been seen from the outside. There are only a few lights in the room, and the rest are either flickering lights or simply a dark laboratory wall. All the facilities are old, rusty and swaying at any time.
The virus lab is divided into five floors, one for the player to follow after solving the problem, and the other for the stairs. Every monster will not give people a gloomy feeling outside the whole lab.
The first time I come to this vice-player, I will definitely be scared by this strange sense of terror, but after the second time, I won’t feel anything. Generally speaking, it’s just a strange vice-player, but there’s nothing to be afraid of.
It is this kind of pair that is completely different from the outside style, but it is now the most popular pair of players.
"Let’s go" Yang Ye led the way to the "hospital" gate.
Li Yanxin has just reached the level and failed this vice, but this laboratory has long been famous. I should have seen the video hundreds of times and heard the raiders routine dozens of times.
Saying strange words is just that the environment gives them a strange feeling.
You entered the virus lab! Please be careful that crazy patients may rush out of every room now. They have been tortured and the patients have lost their minds! 】
Stepping into the laboratory door, the magic light in the corridor lit up in an instant, and the corridor was lit up. There were rows of rooms on both sides of the corridor, which were monsters-crazy patients.
But not everyone will come out. This is random. Maybe you will come in first, but you may not come in tenth next time.

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However, there are generally no people in the circle who care too much about this new arrival ceremony because of the transfer.

Just like the clown who became famous in Australia in the first year when he joined the G League, he was almost relegated to the A team of the PLU League. When the team members came to the team, they directly swept five people to complete the team’s violent battle and laid a fierce name in the G League, which shocked the top teams in China.
However, it is very difficult for a clown to dominate the ceremony of joining the team in DOA club as a pure newcomer. It is simply fart for ordinary people to want to take over the torch of the main players directly from the old players who have been tested by the game.
The ceremony of joining the team for ordinary people is just like that when Xiaoshi joined the team.
"Life is like a play, I always NG"
I almost couldn’t find Beixiaoshi when I was cleaned up by calyx. Although I killed Luo Sheng, the auxiliary position, in the previous strange play and unexpected equipment routine, I stopped at the hand of LION, the hero of the calyx explosion.
This principle is still very suitable in DOA circle. Many players who don’t know each other will become appreciate each other’s achievements after one or two competitions.
Of course, it means that the core values of athletes are also important reasons.
After lying in bed, Lin Feng silently recalled that pig’s head was talking to himself just now. There was no competition today, and ZGDYD had a rare day off.
Just after the training, Zhai Hao specially made an overseas call to let the pig’s head dish preside over the ceremony of joining the team.
This is also the law.
Now, in addition to the five official players, the whole EH headquarters has a new couple, Ah Fan, making up combat effectiveness.
Other personnel bases are logistics personnel.
In recent years, DOA has developed rapidly and industrialized very well. Many top clubs have become bigger and stronger in corporate form to launch some peripheral products.
For example, the team is equipped with some limited teams, and some clubs and peripheral manufacturers jointly launch the team banner brain peripherals.
In the rapid DOA industry, the huge fan base determines that these strategic bases can make the team earn a lot of money unless they are too outrageous.
EH is one of the few teams that still operate independently.
This is not to say that the value of EH brand is not as good as that of other clubs in the G League. When it comes to the effect of brand value, the EH team is surrounded by team history, which is really not comparable to some teams developed by sponsors throwing money at other teams.
It can really be said that the value of those team cards will be blasted by EH for several blocks, just like PS3 and bully.
Who is the outbreak and who is the root of Miaohong professional team? All DOAER have a steelyard in their hearts.
And EH doesn’t mean not to be around, but EH gives his own brand to sponsors to run Miwei. Now her husband is a big and strong enterprise with EH brand in recent years.
On the other hand, the profits brought to EH by a few companies are also very amazing.
However, this did not make Zhai Hao jealous that the EH substantive controller had retired.
Although the enterprises controlled by Zhai Hao are also very rich in business games, there is no doubt that people don’t doubt that Zhai Hao naturally won’t have doubts about his own company. On the contrary, he believes that Shaoshao has almost given the EH brand agent image and the independent sponsorship of Jialianhua every year to Shaoshao.
In fact, from now on, EH and others can see that this model has brought a lot of benefits to EH by sponsoring dividends at the end of every day
And there is a very important place.
The small business model and EH record are inseparable, and it is naturally not the role of kicking down the bridge and killing the donkey.
Now EH should be regarded as the most independent and pure professional club in G League.
Compared with A team SCII, WAR3, CS and DOA, EH concentrates on DOA.
This is also the fact that although EH has not seen the grand occasion of the year for so many years, his fans still do not lose their tricks.
Habit is a terrible force, which often develops into a paranoid option, just like some people always like to guess that men holding hands must have some ulterior motives.
Even now, EH scores are stumbling in the middle of G League, but EH fans still believe that EH can climb to swim without asking anything.
Just because they are EH
Isn’t that enough?
Of course, now I’m lying in bed overworked by noon, and Lin Feng is still in a state of egg pain and chrysanthemum tightness.
As the saying goes, revenge is never too late for ten years.
But today, I feel that I am an uncle, but neither can my sister-in-law.
Come generally don’t report a night-long vendetta, but report it on the same day. It’s like sharing a room with Lao Pei. If Lao Pei molested come-come, even if she tried to be beaten into a national treasure by Lao Pei, she would have to get back a little bit.
However, in fact, the strength is not good. Come is defeated and defeated repeatedly in front of Lao Pei, although it is still defeated and defeated repeatedly in the end.
Anyway, come don’t give up the spirit or not easily erased.
Come to know that if this revenge is normal today, it is possible not to fight.
The DOA level between yourself and pig’s head and vegetables is just like the gap between a little boy and an old man, which can only be solved when needed.
However, when I think of the new Lin Feng released by ICEFORG recently, I suddenly feel that there is still hope for me to rise up one day.
The sudden determination is that a hero suddenly flashed in Lin Feng’s mind.
Come to think that I can report this "base revenge" today, I feel an inexplicable force rising in my heart.
Step by step, step by step, step by step.
Originally, this hero said that the former middle school was weakened many times, and finally he became a man with no confidence if he failed at his first night.
But now come to feel that there is still some hope for the new lake watcher.
I hope that in this humble character who looks like a group of wild monsters, it looks like a former stinger, and a wild dog changes his weapon and becomes a hero.
He made a big move
Like another wild dog before …
However, the brother in front took the abnormal road of schizophrenia, while the hero took the phantom route.
The advantage of the new hero is that it is very difficult to be targeted because of the uncertain skills of playing.
The new hero skill has never appeared before, which also gives Lin Feng a place to make a fuss. Although this invitational tournament is usually a map of the league match, it seems that pig’s head dishes and others have not put Lin Feng in mind today.
Even if you ask for the latest map, pig head dishes and others will not refuse, right?
After all, come in the eyes of these predecessors, that is, the rookie can’t scamper about any tricks.
The skills of Huguang Watcher are as follows
1. Unstable eddy current energy devours the single enemy, causing continuous damage and slowing down by 5% for 6 seconds. If there are other enemy units around the target in the range of 225, the effect disappears. When cooling down, 2 magic consumption 75 multi-layer effects can be superimposed on each layer. Individual level 1 causes 15 damage per second. Casting distance 6 level 2 causes 3 damage per second. Casting distance 7 level 3 causes 45 damage per second. Casting distance 4 causes 6 damage per second. Casting distance 9.
2 magnetic field distortion, creating a circular force field. Friendly units in the force field include buildings with 1% dodge and attack speed increase.
(Non-hero unit half attack speed bonus) Range 375
Cooling time 5
Magic cost 11
Casting distance 9
Gain effect is obtained by out-of-range convergence method

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Jun 19, 2024

Since ancient times, Terrans have never given up on the pursuit of the thunder element. Even if they cultivate the earth element, their physical defense is stronger than that of human monks. The thunder element will always be torn to pieces by violent energy after entering the body, and even the soul will be destroyed.

The thunder element is like a taboo for human beings. Only those high protoss can drive this element called Tianli Thunder.
Most people can’t control the thunder element, but Xia Man can do it. It is the source of heaven and earth’s aura. Even Pangu, the epoch-making world, was born with chaotic aura. It is easy to control the thunder element with chaotic aura.
Yu Tianlei’s anger at this strange martial art is in the same strain as fire martial arts. There are five basic elements: fire element and thunder element, which are violent and violent. The reason why fire element is comparable to thunder element is that fire element is far from being able to play thunder element. This power is encyclopedic for mastering all kinds of martial arts spells in the game. Xia Man is no stranger to this protoss martial art.
The thunder and fury of the sky and the thunder arouse the power of heaven and earth. Every punch and every step will lead to a vision of heaven and earth. There are protoss displays in the game. Although there are only a few six steps and six punches, they are enough to make the gods cry. It is a martial art that protoss masters love to display.
Xia Man’s spirit is immersed in the jade slips, which have been completely defeated. The jade slips are like a colorful piece of real Xia Man’s consciousness villain, that is, the mental body is hanging in it at the moment.
Boo, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
Is it just a piece of jade or a colorful thing? The jade slips have clearly shown a world landscape. This is the change of Xia Man’s spiritual essence. Even Xia Man was shocked when he looked around for dozens of square meters.
You know, in previous lives, you had to practice to be a master of God to burn jade slips and change the real world. But now he has martial arts practice. Is spiritual practice so high? Thought of here, Xia Man’s heart exulted. It seems that he should study the mystery inside the dagger well. Just seeing a phantom of a giant tower will help his mental ability rise so much. If he can step into the giant tower, Xia Man has no doubt that his mental ability can definitely be an enemy in the spirit world.
When spiritual energy is cultivated to the level of god, it can hurt the enemy’s shape and monty’s demagoguery. When reaching the level of god, the spirit can exert its real power, just like the coercion of the soul. When the spirit is high, it will no longer be simple and scary, but it can kill the opponent and directly destroy his spiritual source. Even if he is alive, he can be an idiot.
Spirit is more powerful and powerful than all elements.
Xia Man’s mind converges at this time, which is not a joy. This time, it is the key to burn the jade slips.
The extension of the shadow will be based on the spirit to display the Wushu completely and never stop until there is a clear Wushu phantom in the jade slips. According to one’s own martial arts practice, the extension of the shadow can be left in the jade slips, and the influence is also profound and shallow. Generally, the more real the extension of the shadow is, the more precious it is, and the gods in the jade slips can absolutely burn it. For thousands of years, there has also been one person in the whole continent who has been called Cheng Yu Jian, the creator of Yu Yang Ling Shen. Ten thousand years ago, the symbiotic generation of gods and demons was also a rare master.
However, after all, this method is too fate, so that Yuyang Spirit can help Terran to create a large number of masters quickly. Because of this, the two families of gods and demons joined forces for the first time, and the Terran was losing ground. Finally, Yuyang Spirit came up with a plan to make this method at the same time, and the two families of gods and demons really got this method. The strength of jade slips increased, and the two families of gods and demons split up again to Yuyang Spirit. Although this practice solved the crisis of Terran destruction, it was also complained by the Terran Emperor that this method was different from making it for Terran.
Resolving the Terran Crisis: Although Yuyang Spirit has made great contributions to the whole sky, it was still demoted by the Holy Emperor.
The Jade Yang Spirit who was banished by the whole Terran didn’t explain that it was only after he went that someone discovered his bamboo slips. There were not only ways to make jade slips, but also secrets to make jade slips, which no one but Jade Yang Spirit could do. No one could achieve this effect even after ten thousand years.
For this secret, Xia Man knew that it was only after hiding in the game that he met the Yuyang spirit god, the ancestor of Chengyu Jane, who naturally got his old man’s house after completing it. It is true that there are also Xia Man Iraqis in the game who can make that kind of imitation as a real person and be called Chengyu Jane.
At the moment, he is the only one in the spiritual world who can master this secret system. It may be extremely difficult for others, but it is as simple as eating and drinking water for Xia Man. He has never practiced it himself, and he needs an adaptation process.
The second step is the extension of the key stage of Cheng Yu Jian, which is also an important step to determine how much power Cheng Yu Jian can exert. How much martial arts a Cheng Yu Jian can make people burn depends on this extension.
Generally, it’s a fate for the bearer to get half of the martial arts practice, and it’s more for the emissary to get one fifth of the martial arts practice, and Xia Man has mastered this secret, which is exactly how the bearer can get the martial arts practice from the jade slips.
"Hey, hey, it’s a waste of time."
Xia Man’s heart exulted from making jade slips to now, and every step went smoothly. It seems that the method learned in this game has definitely occurred to Xia Man’s mind. If this method is true, it means that Yuyang Spirit must also be true. After letting others meet this hidden, wouldn’t it be possible to master this method?
"No, your grandfather, this is an old private property. Will others share it?" Xia Man gave me a sly smile. "Hey, hey, you have to wait for old age."
Ximen Chuixue three people have been dumbfounded. Just now, there was a blue-purple light in Xia Man’s hands for the first time. They were still wrong. The second time this light appeared, they still comforted themselves that they were dazzled. When they appeared for the third time, all three of them were for a long time. After a moment, Guan Fei comforted and giggled and said, "Nothing is an illusion."
But when this light never disappeared from Xia Man’s hand, they moved.
Ximen Chuixue figure that has opened the window.
The peach blossom fan in Guan Fei’s hand emitted a ripple of water, and immediately there appeared a hazy water cover to isolate the whole room. If Xia was quite awake, you could recognize that this water cover was definitely a fantastic level in Shui Shui Yue’s water magic. Although this circle looks like a gust of wind can blow away the enchantment, it is enough to resist a blow from the spiritual master, and even the spiritual statue can’t be destroyed at one stroke.
Ximen Chuixue eyes radiant with a surprised color, although I don’t know what spell GuanFei cast, it’s not easy to see even if it’s blind, but at the moment, it’s a little consternation to turn my attention to Xia Man’s hand.
Have been surrounded by strong light, Xia Man, that’s their focus.
Xia Man is like a Raytheon’s hand. The blue-purple light has spread rapidly and has enveloped him all. It looks terrible and extraordinary. Even the three masters around him are intimidated. This kind of pressure is also my heart trembling and once gave birth to the idea of wanting to worship.
"Ray-Yuan-Su" for a long time, after all, it was Guan Fei who spoke first, but this deep voice was spoken. The three men looked at each other with shock in their hearts, and they all saw a little smile from each other’s eyes except for deep shock.
Chapter 19 Chengyu Bamboo Slips (4)
Xia Man was able to master the element of thunder! This is a protoss to master the power of nature!
Three people’s eyes are full of shock, but their hearts are a little happy. After all, the opposite is their brother and the only one who can master the thunder element Terran. This glory is enough to make them proud to have such a fate ability. No one dares to look down on Xia Man’s future.
Maybe this is another person who can become a spiritual god.
Xia Man devoted himself to refining Chengyu slips at the moment, but he didn’t know it, but he also guessed something. After all, it revealed that the secret of the thunder element was enough to shock everyone. Even the Lord of the high spirit temple will definitely be shocked when he sees a human being who can display the thunder element.
On the contrary, thousands of years ago, many protoss refined jade slips and flowed to the Terran. Through these jade slips, many Terrans also learned that the thunder element can really control the thunder element, but it didn’t. After all, the benefit element and the control element are different from each other.
Learning Wushu from Chengyu Bamboo Slips can benefit the thunder element, but it’s just a borrowing. Even if we truly understand the mystery of Chinese Wushu, it’s just a borrowing more thunder elements to exert greater power. If we say that we control the thunder element, even the high protoss rulers may not be able to do it. It’s a kind of gesture that will cause element riots and really control the realm of high element power. I’m afraid there are giants and creatives in every catastrophe.
Xia Man can’t control the elements at this moment, but it’s not far from it. After all, the body has a chaotic aura of all things, and even his whole person will become ethereal and empty, just like a root, but not a mass of elements. This kind of realm has reached the point where the elements are combined, and the progress is completely above the elements to truly control the elements. Xia Man can’t expect it. After all, even after one hundred thousand years of catastrophe, there are only two such characters.

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Jun 15, 2024

"No mistake! ?” Leo looked at the blowpipe in his hand and immediately put away the case tools and stepped forward to the back of the snow slope.

I saw a man behind the snow slope. His face was grinning and he was huddled in pain. He held his head with both hands and there was a little trace of blood oozing from his head. He shouted,’ I’m going to die, I’m going to die.’ He looked pathetic.
Leo relieved and didn’t good the spirit way "hey man I said you in? Isn’t it just a black array with poisonous frog venom? What should you call a ghost without consciousness? "
At the same time, he is also shouting at this guy. It’s really scary! Fortunately, I didn’t use the knife just now, or I would have killed someone just now. It’s really unlucky.
"You don’t know a fart. Look what this is. I was injured and ambushed. Whoops!" That guy actually pursed his ass and let Leo see the wound. He was about to cry. There was indeed a row of neat teeth marks behind a piece of tattered pants. It seems that it was bitten by a striped gray snake. Because that thing is in Fiona Fang for dozens of miles, it can produce such a neat row of teeth marks.
But this guy is a little poor, but he’s fat and tender. Oh, forget it. It’s disgusting
"Get your ass off me!"
Leo was so angry that he just kicked it, as if it happened to kick the wound.
He regretted coming and was about to say sorry, but he heard’ Ah! ! !’ A scream made his forehead covered with black lines.
Mom, isn’t this a little too much?
7 dead fat
"Pretend dude, I advise you not to provoke me again, or I’m afraid I can’t help but throw you into those snakes!" Leo’s fist holding the "click click" ring directly startled the guy and jumped up … Since he was bitten by that damn snake, his mind has been full of snake shadows and thrown into those snakes? No, absolutely not!
"Hey hey guys handsome uncommon pavilion is a joke, don’t be so rigid." He repeatedly gather together to flatter.
Leo didn’t see each other clearly. This is a fat man close to 200 Jin. Although he is covered with loose robes, the fat is still too quivering … and his flattering expression. Damn it, he should not have that direction, right?
"Get out of here, you fat bastard. I warn you, you stay away from me. Don’t be so close to me." Leo took out his breastfeeding speed and jumped away for fear of being entangled, as if he had met some nemesis.
"Hey, hey, buddy, handsome and extraordinary. You are so strange." He wiped his dirty and fat hands and smiled at Leo. "Let me introduce myself first. I’m Durank David Du Lang of Class F of Junior Warrior College. My dad is a noble. Hey, hey, you are a white buddy. How about we join hands?"
"close? Dead fat, you want me to help you kill Warcraft and get promotion points? "
Leo glanced at this fat guy. Gee, it’s brave of Samsung Junior Soldier Xiu to come to the annual experience alone … But since he is a noble, shouldn’t they all be ready? Anyway, for them, these are all small things that are waved, and dozens of gold coins are scrambled to be made for them. After all, there are still quite a few poor students in Holy City College, and everyone needs money, so there is no reason not to do it.
Of course, the Holy City College naturally knows this situation, but they also close their eyes with one eye open. Anyway, if it weren’t for going too far, just don’t be too bad.
"Hey hey elder brothers is really clever how are you interested in trying? I think if you dare to kill Warcraft alone, you must be confident. It’s nothing to bring me another one, right? And you can make a lot of money for it. How about twenty or thirty gold coins? This is the standard price of those guys, and I’ll give it back to you. It’s a little higher. "Du Lang, the fat one, got together and smiled.
"Stay away from me!"
Looking at a meat mountain and a dirty meat mountain, Leo couldn’t help kicking him again. "It’s not impossible to take you one, that is, three hundred points, but where are thirty gold coins?" I don’t think you look like a person who can get thirty gold coins now. "
Leo pointed to Du Lang’s dirty, broken and gorgeous robe
Although this thing seems to be worth a little money, it’s broken like this. Where can I put the gold coins? This is Leo’s question
"What are you talking about? Don’t you think I can cheat on Du Lang?" The fat Du Lang grams like what insult righteousness is words and suddenly put on a pair of suffer indignities kannika nimtragol looks pathetic way "dude, you see this I really didn’t bring my gold coin, why don’t we owe the first …"
"get out!" The fat Durank directly interrupted Leo before he finished his words. "It turned out that the white wolf is really good at preparing gloves."
He almost believed it. It was almost …
"Hey, hey, hey, hey ….." Durank laughed awkwardly and seemed to find that Leo hesitated for a while and bit his teeth. He actually took his neck necklace and got it in front of the chat. "What do you think of this? It’s made of deep-sea sapphire and beautifully decorated. Count Lilia belongs to a shop in the town. It’s worth a gold coin less … "
He seems to be a little humbled himself, because the so-called deep-sea sapphire is beautifully decorated by Count Lilia, which belongs to shops and towns. Actually, it is all his nonsense … This is an adult gift given to him by his aristocratic father at the age of 16, but he doesn’t know if it is really worth that much money.
After all, he knows his stingy dad’s character very well.
It’s impossible for him to spend dozens of gold coins to buy adult gifts himself. It’s like cutting his flesh.
"What a beautiful gem" is Leo. When he saw the exquisite deduction of the blue gem necklace decorated with silver lines, a delicate magic silver line passed through the small hole of its pendant, and the sapphire from the deep sea rippled with charming brilliance. Oh, the holy city must be a valuable treasure here, Leo thought to himself.
In fact, it is not the first time that he has seen such exquisite decoration.
He has seen such exquisite treasures many times in the neck of those charming noble girls in the college.
And the most important thing is that according to Ryan, the richest man in their dormitory, this kind of exquisite decoration seems to be very valuable.
Of course, Ryan is right, but he ignores one of the most important problems, that is, fakes! Exquisite jewelry decoration, especially in the face of noble girls and women who love beauty, the profit inside is really amazing, which breeds many fakes.
Yes, Du Lang’s adult gift given to him by his father is actually a cheap fake … that is, ten coins bought at a roadside stall can fool an ignorant terrapin.
After all, even a man like Durank, who doesn’t care about jewelry decoration, vaguely found that there seems to be something wrong with this necklace, so it can be seen how much water this necklace works, or that sentence is just fooling an ignorant terrapin.
And Leo is a typical representative of this.
"All right, deal. You give me this thing, and I’ll help you scrape together 300 promotion points." Leo said impatiently.
"That’s good. Oh, an honest and reliable great soldier and you are a member of the Holy City College. You can’t cheat me!" See the Leo hook Du Lang g immediately suppress laughed.
"Cheat a fart! Where did you get so much waste? Give me this necklace quickly. "Leo took the blue necklace away without hesitation. You really don’t say it’s pretty. After all, it’s a luxury product worth dozens of gold coins. Can it not look good? Keke
"All right, Dead Fat, introduce yourself. Listen up. I’m Leo Leo of Class H of Junior Warrior College." Leo with a blue necklace said again, after all, he is his employer, and he has to have some professional ethics to tell his name.
"Leo? Class h Leo? It turned out to be you, and you really dared to take the exam. Aren’t you afraid that Olaf will come to trouble you? " Is a heard Leo name Durank jumped up like a startled way
It turns out that the whole junior year of the Holy City College has already been a heated discussion about Leo and Olaf.
After all, if you want to talk about identity, it comes from Olaf, the Celia family. That’s the real high-ranking aristocrat. The Celia family is an earl. Even if you look at the whole holy city, there are only seven real giants.
But Leo is a college with no background. At best, he has some talents … There are too many well-informed people in the Holy City College. They have already touched Leo’s bottom.
Such a person dares to offend Olaf, not to mention any daring questions, saying that he may face trouble in the future, which may be endless. After all, there are too many great tree people who want Paolaf to want the Panxilia family, among which there are many top geniuses, such as Ban Mondo, J Ban Duo, G Ban Ai Ge Ni … They are all two-star intermediate fighters, and even Samsung intermediate fighters make people feel desperate.
"It’s me. Are you afraid?" It seems that I feel Du Lang’s emotions. Leo’s look is silent and light. "Otherwise, I will give you back the necklace if you are afraid that I will drag you down."
"This ….." Du Lang g also hesitated for a moment. He was afraid that if Olaf really collided with them, it would be a very troublesome thing. After all, although he was a noble, he was a down-and-out noble, otherwise he would not be able to get dozens of gold coins.
At the thought of this, he decided to take a gamble. Anyway, the area of Mount St. British Ridges is so large and the experience area has been divided into ten areas. He didn’t believe that he was so unlucky that he would collide head-on with Olaf and his gang
"Don’t just bump into them. Let’s make a deal or I’ll give you a necklace as before. Is it okay for you to help me hunt Warcraft and advance to middle school?" Durank determined way
"Of course, no problem." Leo caught a glimpse of Durank and put his hand on the waist hilt and turned to light way. "Let’s go. The prey is ahead."
"Dear Leo, how about you be careful and forgive me and not go with you?" A listen to Leo ready to directly start work Du Lang grams immediately got a fright and quickly hid behind the snow slope for fear of being battle wave shouted.
"What a timid guy!" Leo naturally doesn’t have some whispers, otherwise he doesn’t care. After all, that fat guy is his employer, so he can do whatever he wants.
71 robbed?
Hunting Warcraft is always interesting but full of excitement, either waving a sword to see blood or attracting those fools step by step with his mind. It is true that Leo himself doesn’t think he is a wise man. He chose the direct method, that is, fighting!

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