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I was so worried that I grabbed chopsticks and ate a bowl of noodles and blinked to see the bottom.

"Would you like some more slowly?" Ye Ran handed the cup to Gu Ya’s hand.
"Haha, I can’t. I’ve gained weight recently. Dinner will be fine."
Chatting with Gu Ya for a while, Ye Ran took the bowl chopsticks building and planned to clean it.
Although she is a rich girl, she is not the same after all. She grew up in college and was full of things and kept her house in order.
There is a fragrance floating in the kitchen. Ye Ran turned the tap and listened to the current, and his thoughts gradually flew away.
I still remember the winter when I was ten years old, my stepmother lost her temper and tried to hit her. She resisted and ran out of the house at midnight.
The road was frozen everywhere, and it was freezing cold. She was shivering in the thin cold wind, and tears could condense in an instant.
She ran a long way until she couldn’t see the lights of her villa. Liang Zhou’s strong self-esteem forced her not to show her embarrassment to others.
The winter wind roared, and she curled up in the corner to take shelter from the wind. At that time, she really missed her biological mother, and the ten-year-old child had suicidal thoughts that night.
Just when Little Ye Ran didn’t know what to do next, a little boy of her age came by the roadside.
The boy Sven’s blue cotton-padded jacket, with a small face and big glasses, gave Ye Ran the first impression that he was a detective Conan.
The little man stared at her straight wait for a while for a long time, silently watching her cry, and finally stretched out his little hand and shook Ye Ran’s cold little hand.
At this time, the little boy said, "Sister, why are you crying? Are you unable to find a home or being bullied?"
Starting with Xiaoye, crying is even more fierce. The sad and miserable appearance stunned the little boy.
The boy is young but has a mature way of doing things. He took Xiaoye to his car and asked the domestic servant to take them home together. His reason was that his sister was alone and he was worried.
☆, Chapter 61 Additional conditions
Xiaoye ran slept in the boy’s house for a night, which was extremely stable. She still remembers the little brother talking to her.
The little brother said, "If you don’t want to be bullied by bad guys, you have to be strong. If you are strong, you are no longer afraid. The first step is to learn to take care of yourself …"
"Talking to you? What are you thinking? The water is about to overflow! " Gu Lengchen said as he turned on the tap.
Ye Ran suddenly woke up from his memory, and the pool in front of him was full, as if something had blocked the nozzle, and the water surface was parallel to the pool.
If it weren’t for Gu Lengchen’s arrival, it is estimated that it would be "a golden mountain full of water"
"What are you thinking?" Gu Lengchen’s face has always been black, and the feeling that people are suddenly ignored by others is really not good.
"Nothing. Did you eat noodles?" Ye Ran side head looked at the pot.
As soon as her voice fell, Gu Lengchen’s Zhang Jun face was suddenly gloomy, which showed that there was something to hide from him and she didn’t tell him that she had "eaten"
Ye Ran snorted. "It’s not cooked for you. Why do you eat it?"
"It’s just a bowl of noodles for your rent this month. Don’t be so stingy."
Cool and thoughtful glanced at Ye Ran turned out.
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and it’s been a week since the blink of an eye
Ye Ran has had the boss comfortable meal this week. There are servants to serve and chat, Gu Ya to accompany the workers, and Gu Lengchen to solve the problem. This is the first time she has enjoyed the life of a rich family.
It’s sunny in Wan Liyun on Monday.
Gu Lengchen finally settled the danger and agreed to let Ye Ran go out to work, but at the same time promised an additional condition, that is, Ben must take his car back to his house to live.
Ye Rancong promised him happily. She thought she had to be smart.
Arriving at the first floor of the company at half past ten on time, she didn’t work. In the past few days, the company’s security has been adjusted and a lot of security guards have been added. It is said that 24-hour prevention of troublemakers.
Colleagues came to the company one after another and saw Ye Ran running over to ask questions about her safety.
The editor-in-chief’s office is full of laughter and excitement. Some colleagues who like to have fun discuss going out for dinner and singing at night. Welcome the editor-in-chief to return to his post.
This discussion was naturally echoed by everyone, and the lobby on the first floor was scheduled to be there at six o’clock in the afternoon.
The position is still the same. She just sat in the chair. Assistant Xiao Song knocked on the door to inform the meeting.
Ye Ran twist eyebrow paused for a moment and got up and walked to the conference room.
At first glance, Su Zhicheng, the standard of sitting posture, didn’t seem to sleep well. His eyes were faintly blue and his face was yellow.
He is the leader of Ye Ran, who can’t turn a blind eye. He said hello first. "Mr. Su, you haven’t returned to the head office yet. Aren’t you worried about penny wise and pound foolish?"
Su Zhicheng replied, "It’s not the company, but …" and paused and said, "You know"
"I didn’t know my colleagues were in Biehu," said Ye Ran, leaning forward to the table without knowing it.
"I’ll wait for the day you forgive me."
A deep voice with sadness is almost inaudible.
And Ye Ran is clearly heard every word.
When all the editors arrived at the meeting, they formally observed Su Zhicheng, the theme. Several young girls stared at him and made stars.
Ye Ran wrote down the minutes of the meeting. There were not many words, but more colleagues discussed her and listened.
This meeting is mainly about the live shooting of the actress’s new release conference in autumn, interviewing and discussing who will be divided into several plans, and so on.
"Su Zong Ye Tong’s position in the entertainment circle is rising rapidly. According to the reliable gossip, she visited the scene and gave it to a certain media for half an hour. I think we should go through the back door to pick up this report. The magazine is sure to sell well." Wang Yan, a chubby hexagram woman, suggested.
"Well, it’s really tempting, but Ye Tong came to the company to make trouble and is not good with the editor-in-chief. Is it possible to give such a good opportunity to our company?" Another person questioned
"In my opinion, forget it. Miss Ye Tong’s temper is so exclusive that she hates it when she looks at the corners of her mouth." Xiao Li disdained to wave his hand and said forget it several times.
☆, Chapter 62 Drunk.
Section 31
"Can’t forget it. She also received an investment a few days ago. The limelight is hot. Let’s try to divide it between public and private." Sitting next to Xiao Li, Su Su whispered that she wanted to express her opinions and was afraid of offending Ye Ran.
Su Zhicheng moved his body and arms against the table and looked around. His eyes fell on Ye Ranshen with his head down. "Editor Ye talks about your thoughts."
Ye Ran stopped writing and kept his expression unchanged. "I agree with the separation of public and private affairs. Just try your best to fight for it. I will not interfere too much."
"Editor-in-chief, we want to go through the back door to see if you can find someone to help Lian Ye Tong."
"Looking for who? Almost all her friends and I don’t come forward with me. Things will be worse. You decide these things. I will go out first without other work? "
Ye Ran patted the slightly wrinkled skirt and walked out with a self-possessed gesture.
"This …" The meeting room was in an uproar.
"Just do it according to the editor-in-chief, and reward everyone if they can’t do it. Don’t force it."
Su Zhicheng finished the summary and declared the meeting closed.
Editor’s office
Ye Ran, with his back to the door, holds a cup and looks at the distance and is scattered all over.
Su Zhicheng stayed with her through the glass door for as long as he could.
Ye Ran was in a bad mood, and the thoughtful assistant coaxed her into inviting her to eat the most famous Haidilao in Xinghai.
Have a good lunch, step by step
At six o’clock in the afternoon, all the colleagues punched in and out, and Ye Ran came from the building. The hall was full of editorial colleagues.
When she went out to the party, she forgot to tell Gu Lengchen that she wanted to give him a message and looked at the crowd. She gave up the idea.

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"I have opinions now! !” Ya Misya’s eyes are wide open, as if Mengli said one more word, and she would pull Mengli’s ears to fry a dish.

Qiu Yuan smiled at the two funny couples and suddenly felt that this mode of getting along was actually quite good.
But if his wife is such a character, I’m afraid he can’t bear it …
"Ya Misya’s sister is so beautiful, even if she is dragged down by Uncle Mengli’s genes, it must be cute to be born with a child."
"giggle, that’s for sure, but my talia and Laga are both attending Dr. Damu’s autumn camp."
"Autumn camp?"
"Yes, the summer camp for Poké mon held by former Dr. Damu received a good response, so he started the autumn camp again. Anyway, talia and Laga like Poké mon very much, so we let them participate."
"Really? A little girl in my neighbor’s house also attended summer camp. It was the first batch."
"Hey, don’t say this. Come to Qiuyuan and tell your sister if you like children?"
Chapter 19 Landlord’s wealth and calendar
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After a pause, Qiu Yuan said, "It’s okay, but I think it’s easier to take care of Poké mon than children."
Especially when some troublemakers Qiu Yuan went to a classmate’s house to play, his two-year-old child ran to Qiu Yuan’s feet and squatted to get up early Qiu Yuan. After a while, Qiu Yuan looked down and found that he had more shoes.
"Yeah, I feel super troublesome, too, and every time I ask Monty to change their diapers, he says he won’t know how to boss me around!" Ya Misya complained and took a look at Mengli.
"Cough, cough, don’t say this. Is Qiuyuan full?" Mengli stripped the rice in the bowl clean and then looked at Qiuyuan Road.
"Then let’s go to the breeding house and take a walk." Meng Li said and winked at Qiuyuan as if urging Qiuyuan to hurry.
Qiuyuan glanced at Mengli hesitantly and then at Ya Misya.
"All right, you go, you go!" Ya Misya turned supercilious look unceremoniously put away Qiuyuan and Mengli’s bowls and chopsticks and drove them out like flies.
"Sister Ya Misya, thank you for your hospitality!"
"You still have a conscience!"
Meng Li took Qiuyuan to his own breeding house ecological park. At first glance, it was an ordinary beach and a big beach. At the same time, there was a small ocean with moderate depth in the park, and a small island reef was located in the middle.
"How about my ecological park is not bad!" Speaking of his ecological garden, Meng Li’s face is full of pride.
"It’s really good, but the amount of work in this ecological park should be very large, right?"
"Ha-ha, then you are wrong. This place is pure natural, but it is actually very similar to the sea lake. This small ocean side also has a small water channel to exchange water between the sea. It can be said that there is an ecological park first and then a breeding house."
Qiuyuan, hit it, hit your mouth. Isn’t this the landlord’s fortune in Guoguo Hong? I’ve circled it for you so well.
"I heard that there are many kinds of Poké mon in Baichao Breeding House?"
"It’s not too many, but there are still some Poké mon that are easy to appear in various regions." Meng Li took Qiuyuan to the ecological park and separated it by a small pool. "This is a new generation of baby Poké mon, which has just been born for ten days and is about to pass its infancy."
After hearing Meng Li’s words, Qiu Yuan carefully looked at the Poké mon in the pool.
What makes Qiu Yuan most satisfied is two frogs and five social turtles in the pond. I didn’t expect that Mengli also had three royal breeding certificates, which is great.
However, Mengli noticed that Qiuyuan’s eyes were on his own baby, Royal Three Water Poké mon, so he said, "Don’t think about them. You can also buy one as a trainer without the Alliance Royal Three Breeding Certificate."
Such an alliance carefully protects the three Poké mon families, and each alliance trainer can buy an ID card binding through the breeding house.
If a trainer buys a royal three poké mon and then goes to another breeding house to buy a royal three breeding houses, it will not be sold.
After all, except for the wild Poké mon, if you buy it in the breeding house, there is binding information, and the alliance can find it as soon as it is checked.
"Ha-ha, then you are wrong. Uncle Mengli, I also have the Royal Three Breeding Certificates!" Autumn yuan ha ha a smile
"really?" At Qiu Yuan suspiciously, Meng Li thought that this little girl wouldn’t be Monta.
"Don’t you just go to the feeding network to check the information of an autumn leaf feeding house?"
"Well, I’d like to see if you have any royal three breeding certificates. What if you deceive me?"
"If I deceive you, I will deceive you. What else can I do?"
Meng Li stared at Qiu Yuan, picked up the pager, logged in to the feeding network and entered the query of Qiuye feeding house.
"Oh, the owner of the primary breeding house, Qiu Yuan, was registered twenty days ago?"
"Keep looking and keep looking" knows that Meng Li is talking about his status as a primary breeder, and Qiu Yuan doesn’t care.
"Feeding house Poké mon foster care main goblin Poké mon breeding? Hey, you still have Jigglypuff at home, so many Jigglypuff? " Meng Li was surprised to see Qiuyuan put in the photo of the feeding house network.
Jigglypuff is a very rare Poké mon. Besides water Poké mon, Ya Misya wants Poké mon most: Jigglypuff. Unfortunately, they have never found a breeding house with Igglybuff Poké mon or eggs for sale.
"How cute? Envy? "
"When you come back to lay eggs, you must sell one to me. Ya Misya can always talk about wanting a Jigglypuff. If you don’t sell me, I won’t sell you."
"Gee, look at you like that, but there are no baby Poké mon to sell and no Poké mon eggs yet."
In fact, there are still three babies born in the breeding house in Igglybuff, but Qiuyuan is not going to start selling Igglybuff or its eggs. We should wait until a batch of eggs are born. Besides, this generation of Poké mon is the foundation of the autumn leaf breeding house.
"Ok, you must let me know as soon as you start selling." Meng Li patted Qiu Yuan on the shoulder and continued to look. If he looked, he was surprised. "Wocao won the first place in the assessment of breeders and issued a special breeding certificate for Yu Sanjia?"
"Generally, it’s just like that. Is it worth it?" Qiu Yuan said modestly.
"Don’t pretend to look at your smugness." Meng Li mercilessly exposed Qiu Yuan’s hypocritical face. "However, the first place in the previous primary breeders’ assessment didn’t necessarily issue the Royal Three Breeding Certificates. Don’t tell me with special awards. Although I was not the first place, I somehow had a second place. I know exactly what the special award is."
"Hehe, that is, I accidentally broke a record and got an 11 points."
"Blow as hard as you can." Mengli put the pager lock screen in his pocket and rolled his eyes.
Qiu Yuan said, "Believe it or not, anyway, you can see that I have three royal breeding certificates. How many can you sell me?"
"It’s for sale, but you can choose at most three, four, and three royal houses, which have been reserved, but you can choose three at will."
"Hey, hey, three is good. Three is just right." Qiu Yuan rubbed his hands. I didn’t expect to be able to turn a few more royal families back.
In fact, the breeding house can also sell adult Poké mon to each other, which can greatly shorten the time when a Poké mon is cultivated in the breeding house, but it is also illegal to sell adult Poké mon in the union law.
In general, the sale of Poké mon in breeding houses is an exchange of nominal alliances, and the alliance will not really come in and intervene. At best, it is told not to be too much. Generally, it is to turn a blind eye.
Chapter 11 Buying Social Squirtle
However, the reason why Qiuyuan doesn’t buy adult Poké mon from Mengli is not that he doesn’t want to buy it, but that he has no money to buy it.

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Cao Xing felt that it was almost enough to deal with the aftermath here by himself, and then he also went to this white mountain.

Fazheng Jia Xu followed behind and looked at the scenery of the White Wave Mountain. Cao Cao was also more emotional than Cao Cao because of the agreement. Although their territory has expanded a lot to the north, it has not yet arrived at the White Wave Mountain. Maybe Cao Cao will have to leave here with Qin Jun in a few months. After all, it is still necessary to abide by the agreement.
Just as Cao Xing Jia Xu and others were wandering around, they suddenly heard a cry from a certain camp. Cao Xing couldn’t help but look at it and it was in the direction of the prisoner camp.
There are prison camps in every military camp. Although Cao Xing has repeatedly asked his soldiers to give preferential treatment to prisoners of war, then again, his soldiers fought bloody battles and personally saw their companions die by their side. It is difficult to feel resentful in their hearts. Plus, the killing smell of killing people these days is still not over.
Even if there is a Cao command, it is a bit of a constraint on them, and it is impossible for them to completely abide by it. It is also too much for Cao to turn a blind eye to it, and it is too lazy to take care of it.
However, what surprised Cao Cao was that there would be a woman crying in the captive cloud. Cao Cao couldn’t help but walk to the captive camp, and when he saw Cao Cao coming one by one, he also handed over a lot of rules.
Cao Xing watched a large wave of women gathered in a certain place. He couldn’t help asking the soldiers in the prisoner camp what was going on.
The soldiers in the captive camp directly replied to Cao Xing, "These people are all family members of Yuan Shang, Yuan Xi, but when these people were caught by Qin soldiers, they actually tried to resist trying to escape, which made Qin soldiers have some anger and victory. What a joke? Yuan Xi Yuan Shang, these two guys will die. After all, it’s a slippery record that these family members want to escape because of their identity!"
Cao Xing doesn’t deny this. Maybe he will solve these two guys, Yuan Xi and Yuan Shang. After all, staying with these two guys is always a dangerous signal. It is estimated that after killing these two people, no one will remember what Lombardi established. Cao Xing can also stay in the north safely.
It is indeed a problem for Yuan Xi Yuan Shang’s family, that is, thinking about Cao’s nature. Suddenly, a shout rang in Cao’s nature, and I saw a woman crying and rolling in her ear, and she would come to Cao’s side and directly grabbed Cao’s skirts, crying and making trouble.
See this situation around Qin Jun to pull the woman, and Cao is also a little tired of looking at this woman.
"Qin Qin, I am Yuan Xi’s wife Liu, and I hope you will spare our youngest son’s life!"
Hearing this, Cao Xing Oh, it turned out to be Yuan Xi’s wife. It is estimated that he also expected Yuan Xi to plead with Cao Xing at this moment.
But it is impossible for Cao to spare Yuan Xiji.
But this Liu’s desire for survival is also extremely strong. He looked at Cao Xing’s appearance and seemed to know that it was impossible. So he made a sign to the people behind him. Yuan Xi’s family immediately came to Qi Qi and knelt in front of Cao Xing, begging Cao Xing to spare them.
Looking at these human beings, Cao Cao was just about to give a hand to let the Ministry of Military Affairs drag them away. However, at this moment, when Cao Cao’s eyes swept someone’s face, he was stunned.
Liu’s family and others are crying at the moment. Dad calls Niang to beg for mercy from Cao Xing. However, only this woman kneels on the ground, but her face is calm and there is no panic. This is not because he is too calm, but because he seems to have seen through death and is not afraid of death.
More importantly, his face truly attracted Cao Xing, and Cao Xing looked at the woman and lost her mind for a while.
And Liu saw here seems to be to seize the opportunity to directly kneel before Cao Xing again to know the woman said
"Qin Wang is a concubine of my husband, and I would like to offer this daughter to ask Qin Wang to spare our family!"
After listening to what Liu said, Cao’s thoughts were also pulled back. He directly ignored Liu and looked at the woman and asked, "What’s your name!"
The woman also looked at Cao’s calm eyes and said to Cao, "Bitch maid Zhen Shi!"
When Cao Xing heard this, there was a buzz in his head. Suddenly, he also remembered the history. Yuan Xi did have a beautiful wife, and that wife was also the queen of Wenzhao.
Cao Xing had to sigh that Zhen Fu really looks so beautiful and feels ashamed to spend the moon. Looking at Zhen Fu, Cao Xing can’t help but think of someone who hasn’t seen history for a long time. The person said that it is beautiful to spend the moon, but Cao Xing couldn’t help but compare it with Zhen Fu in his mind for a long time. Both of them have their own fragrance, but on the whole, they are all beautiful scenery.
"King king! Cough king! "
"Oh, yes!" Cao Xing lost his mind for a while because he thought too much, and Cao Xing didn’t react until Fa was there and even shouted a few words.
Cao Xing took a look at Zhen Fu and then left with Fazheng and Jia Xu. Just out of the captive camp, Fazheng is to show a smiling face and ask Cao Xing.
"Your majesty, do you want to send that Zhen Fu to you today!"
Looking at Fazheng there with a wry smile, Cao Cao couldn’t help but shake his head. Fazheng is thinking about what this guy is thinking. He knows very well that this Zhen Fu is really very attractive.
Cao Xing thought for a moment and nodded, but then Cao Xing said to Fa Zheng, "Let Zhen Fu settle down in the same place for a few days before sending him to my place. I have something important to discuss with him!"
After saying this sentence, Cao Xing left here with his Qinbing, and Fa Zhengzheng smiled at the back. I didn’t expect Cao Xing to be so subtle.
A few days later, Zhen Fu went to Cao Xing’s army account with uneasy feelings. On this way, Zhen Fu was a little uneasy. He didn’t understand what Cao Xing really meant until now.
Liu is Yuan Xi’s wife, but this Liu is usually quite provocative and unreasonable, because it was bombed by his wife in Zhen Fu.
Zhen Fu did all the rough work and heavy work at home, and now he is ready to give Zhen Fu in exchange for his youngest son’s life. Zhen Fu is desperate.
He felt afraid that he would really show up this time to satisfy the desires of Liu and others, but he was puzzled.
Only two days later, Liu and others were led away by Qin Jun’s guards. When they left, Liu was still there, crying his father and mother and saying that he was willing to give Zhen Fu Cao’s nature and exile him. This is unreasonable and justified.
Now Cao Xing is calling Zhen Fu to go to his army account, which does not make sense. Is Cao Xing such a faithless person?
With such a mood, Zhen Fu finally arrived at Cao Xingjun’s account, but when he got here, Zhen Fu found that Cao Xing was not the only one here, and there was a middle-aged man about forty.
The middle-aged man is always walking over, and Cao Cao is drinking tea with a relaxed expression. When Cao Cao saw Zhen Fu coming, he also smiled at him and then reached out and instructed Zhen Fu to sit down.
Zhen Fu’s hands were tearing at skirts, so he did it. Cao looked at Zhen Fu’s eyes and revealed a smile. He patted Zhen Fu’s shoulder directly and let Zhen Fu not be too nervous, but he did so. Zhen Fu was even more nervous. Looking at Zhen Fu, it was a bit shy. Cao’s heart was already happy.
But to get to the point, Cao also knows that the moment is not to say that he coughed twice and then pointed to Zhen Fu, the middle-aged man next to him, and then said.
"Let me introduce you to Liu Wan, a businessman from the State of Qin! You should have heard of him! "
Zhen Fu raised his head and looked at Liu Wan and nodded. He did hear of Liu Wan’s name. Liu Wan was a famous businessman in Qin State. It is said that the establishment of Cao Cao Qin State also received a lot of support from him. He didn’t know the specific situation, and he didn’t even know that Liu Wan was created because of Cao Cao’s attraction.
This is no longer an important secret in the major governors. In this era of paying attention to the city, agriculture, industry and commerce, the status of businessmen is low. Even if they have rich money, they are looked down upon by people, and they are not a fart in front of the major governors, but it is an exception in Qin State.
Cao Xing gave great convenience to businessmen, especially Liu Wan, the first businessman, and Liu Wan also paid high taxes to Qin on a regular basis. This was not forced by Cao Xing, but he volunteered because he knew that he could not do business so smoothly without Cao Xing’s approval.
And it is said that Liu Wan’s business is doing very well. There are Liu Wan’s footprints in restaurants and other entertainment places all over the Central Plains, which makes people puzzled. It is so fine that a businessman is often not in Qin State.
I’m afraid it is clear to a few people, such as Cao Xing, that he usually lives in this place.
Cao Xing looked at Zhen Fu and then said to Zhen Fu, "Don’t be nervous, Zhen Fu. I invited you here this time because of your family affairs. Your family is a big businessman in Hebei!"

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He came to Julong Internet Cafe today in order to find a machine gunner for the team. Now he has achieved his goal. Of course, there is no need to stay. He has to go back to the club to see if those guys are lazy.

Li Xiaozhe saw that Ye Qing was determined to leave. He immediately jumped forward and hugged Ye Qing’s thigh like a fool. He looked very sad and angry. "Ye Ge, you can’t do this to me. I am a young man with dreams. I need your help to be my dream ambassador, okay?"
"This is a Chinese dream show. Don’t pester me or I’ll beat you!" Leaf tilting flick the fist way
Li Xiaozhe saw that Ye Qing was so determined that he let go and then said angrily, "It’s not enough buddy!"
"I’ll tell you the truth. It’s not that I’m not a buddy, but that you don’t have the talent. Even if I teach you, you can’t play well. Can you play ak47 for everyone?" Ye Qing is very nai to Li Xiaozhe way
Li Xiaozhe eyes a stare way "how is it possible? When I was in primary school, my Chinese teacher praised me for my talent. I memorized all the poems in the class. "
"That’s right. You can’t play ak, a violent gun!"
"Who said I was a civil-military double? When I was in the sixth grade of primary school, I played three first grades and my department was put down. From then on, those primary school students didn’t dare to provoke me! " Li Xiaozhe looked back and felt that he was awesome and couldn’t help showing a nostalgic expression.
Ye Qing suddenly said, "You were also a primary school student at that time … and you have nothing to be proud of as a sixth grader. Maybe you go to the second grade! "
"Don’t say that I played one in the second grade and the third grade!"
"To put it bluntly, I haven’t played with you at the same level. You are bullying younger than you. You might as well go to kindergarten to find an opponent. It is estimated that the whole kindergarten children will be put down by you!" Ye Qing’s equivalent tunnel
"If you don’t brave Brother Ye, just teach me. If it’s really my talent, I don’t blame you!" Li Xiaozhe is very persistent tunnel
Ye Qing is very Naide. "Ok, I will teach you another day!"
"That’s great! Ye Ge Pearl Krabs has joined your team now. Can I visit your team? You sometimes teach me to play ak in your team, okay? " Li Xiaozhe ecstatic tunnel
"I’m really defeated by you. You can come then, but if you are kicked out of the house by Pearl Krabs, it’s not my fault. Besides, I’m not creating opportunities for you to get close to Pearl Krabs. Do you really want to learn to play ak before you can know?"
"I really want to learn! You watch. I will be very serious then. I will play master ak47 well! " Li Xiaozhe immediately shouted, "Who is your master? I didn’t say I would accept you as my apprentice. I won’t teach you to play ak if you call me master again."
There is an apprentice in Ye’s heart, and that is Nalan, who is the only apprentice recognized by him, and he consciously owes Nalan too much and doesn’t want to accept any more apprentices.
Chapter 534 The return
Li Xiaozhe was so frightened by Ye Qing that he immediately dared not call Master Ye Qing again. He had to continue to call Ye Ge Ye Qing, saying that sometimes he would call him and ask him to go there. Li Xiaozhe stopped pestering Ye Qing and finally walked out of Julong Internet Bar.
After returning to the club, Ye Qing saw Zhao Junzhu playing with his mobile phone at the front desk, and he joked, "You have to deduct money for playing with your mobile phone during class!"
Zhao Jun bamboo was startled and looked up to see that Ye Qing breathed a sigh of relief and patted his chest. "Ye Ge, you are trying to scare people! I have nothing to do with my mobile phone now! "
Ye Qing ha ha a smile "you should say that money is deducted. My man has money! This is much more domineering! "
Zhao Jun bamboo white leaves a glance Chen way "I’m not that vulgar, no matter how rich he is, it’s his money, not mine! I just want him to be nice to me. "
"Don’t worry, if he dares to treat you badly, I will punish him." Ye Qing laughed.
"Thank you Ye Ge Ye Ge is the best! By the way, where have you been just now? " Zhao Jun bamboo smiled at Ye Qing way
"Go out to do something. Your big honey sister didn’t go out, did she?"
"Didn’t it seem that the team has been in the office all the time?"
"The horse is going to have a race, and there are many things."
"I envy you for playing games everywhere. Where did you play this time?"
"Regionalization is to play each district champion in Chengdu and go to Fujian to participate in the finals."
"Oh, Fujian seems to be by the sea, right?"
"Then you must see the sea. I have never seen the sea. I want to go!" Zhao Junzhu looks forward to it.
"When the time comes, you can come with us. Before that, we have to win the regionals championship." Ye Qing said with a smile
"Really? Can I really go with you? " Zhao Junzhu was ecstatic to see Ye Daodao unable to hide his excitement.
"Of course it’s true. You are also a member of our club. Besides, your man has the money to buy a round-trip plane ticket!" Ye Qing joke tunnel
Zhao Junzhu suddenly lost his spirits and was very depressed. "I’m still paying for it by the club. Forget it. I don’t want others to say that I saw his money."
"Have a backbone! What a good girl! I was just teasing you. Of course, it’s the club that pays the money. It’s not his turn for the second child to want to pay! " Leaf tilt set up a thumb praise way
Zhao Jun bamboo just smiled again JiaoChen way "Ye Ge really hate old tease somebody else"
"Ha ha good don’t tease you. I’ll go to the training room to see what those guys are doing." Ye Qing turned and walked to the training room with a smile.
Walking outside the training room, Ye Qing heard a brotherhood of the Wolf coming in. It turned out that Dong Laoer and others were singing, and it was Sun Nan’s "Come back soon". As we all know, Sun Nan’s songs were very high, and this group of people sang all kinds of broken sounds and out of tune, and they didn’t have any consciousness at all
Ye Qing really couldn’t listen to it. He immediately pushed the door and went in, and then he saw Lin Qiuye actually training. At this time, Lin Qiuye was like an angered rooster, and even his hair stood on end. Obviously, Dong Laoer was satirizing Lin Qiuye when they sang.
"Come back quickly. I can’t bear it alone. Come back quickly. Life is wonderful because of you!" Dong laoer and others sang to * * * * and all of them couldn’t help laughing. Ye Qing patted the palm of his hand and the earth stopped. "Stop! Stop singing. I don’t know if we are haunted here! "
Dong Laoer and others immediately stopped when they heard the sound of Ye Qing, and then laughed their heads off one by one. In the middle, Lin Qiuye was livid and trembling with anger, and his hands clenched, as if he could go wild at any time.
Ye Qing looked at Lin Qiuye and asked calmly, "Why are you back again?"
He really didn’t expect Lin Qiuye to return, but he guessed that Lin Qiuye had no backbone to come back and ask for his salary these two days after all.
Lin Qiuye eyes fierce as a hungry wolf, he kept staring at Ye Qing eyes. "Can’t I come back?" The team has not officially terminated the contract with me. I am still a member of the team now, and I suddenly remembered that the signing period was three years when signing the contract, that is, I was a member of the team for these three years. Why do you terminate the contract with me? I don’t agree! "
Ye Qing smell speech suddenly language, he didn’t expect Lin Qiuye to play around with him and want to stay. Of course, he won’t allow him to stay, because he has already agreed with Pearl Krabs that Lin Qiuye must go and go before the day. He left Pearl Krabs to take his place.
"I don’t care if you agree or not, you have to go to our team. Don’t you, the great god Lin Qiuye, I have to be damned to meet people like you. Is there nothing I can do if you don’t play tricks on me?" Leaf tilt is very contemptuous tunnel
Dong Laoer heard it and immediately woke up at a side. "Eldest brother, he is no longer surnamed Lin …"
"Stop interrupting!" Ye Qing grumpily rebuked Dong Laoer and vomitted to stick out his tongue bitterly and then closed his mouth.
Lin Qiuye’s expression when he saw Ye Qing was full of anger. You know, he used to look at people like this before, but he didn’t dare to get angry. Because Ye Qing’s physique was so intimidating, he knew that it was definitely not Ye Qing’s opponent who started his hands. It is estimated that one punch will be ko.
He pointed to Ye Qing’s nose and said, "I won’t leave. What can you do to me? If you dare to do it, I will call the police and report you to jail. Believe it or not? "
Hearing Lin Qiuye’s childish remarks, Ye Qing couldn’t help laughing. Dong Laoer and others laughed with him. Their laughter made Lin Qiuye even more angry from embarrassment. He shouted hysterically, "What are you guys laughing at? What are you qualified to laugh at?"
"I laugh at you idiot! Aren’t you going to sue me I’m touching you now, so sue! " Leaf directly pushed Lin Qiuye a look is very provocative tunnel
Lin Qiuye took two steps back, and his eyes were almost bursting with fire, but he didn’t dare to strike back. He knew that once he struck back, Dong Laoer would definitely rush to help, but he couldn’t beat Ye Qing alone, and if he added Dong Laoer, he would be beaten into a pig’s head.
"Say you stupid you still don’t believe that you want to sue me and tell me the evidence. Where is your witness? You shouldn’t be so naive that you are the only one who will help you prove it? " Ye Qing is a language sample.
Lin Qiuye looked at both Thomas and Zhao Xiayang and said, "I didn’t see anything. Did something happen just now?"
Lin Qiuye finally realized that he was under siege and alienated from his relatives, so he angrily flew up and kicked a chair to the ground and then rushed away.
"I lost money on this chair!" Ye Qing shouted at Lin Qiuye’s back that Lin Qiuye had run away like a mad cow.
Ye Qing knows that Lin Qiuye was offended this time. That guy is narrow-minded and won’t let it go. Who knows if he will play any dirty tricks? Ye Qing should pay attention to it immediately after waking up several other people in the team, especially when he comes home from training. Be especially careful to be attacked by Lin Qiuye. This unscrupulous guy will do anything.
Thomas said that he was not afraid of Lin Qiuye. He was tall and standard in Europe and America, but Lin Qiuye was thin and short. Zhao Xiayang, his opponent, was also very awesome. "How long has my brother been wandering outside? Who hasn’t met him?" If he dares to mess with me, I will let him know what pain is! "
Ye Qing saw that they didn’t take Lin Qiuye seriously, so he sighed naively. "You should always pay attention to it yourself, or you won’t regret it if something happens."
After that, he suddenly remembered Pearl Krabs, and his mood improved as soon as he relaxed the atmosphere in a training room. He smiled and said to everyone, "The most unpopular person in the team has left. This is good news. Besides, I want to tell you a piece of good news. Do you want to hear it?"
"I don’t want to!" The other three people are almost different from each other. Ye Qing was very surprised to see them and asked doubtfully, "What? It’s really good news! "
Zhao Xiayang looked at Ye Qing contemptuously. "There’s no way you want to fool us. Are you sure you want to say that I’m going to tell you a good news?"
"Shit, am I that kind of person?" Ye Qing is very authentic
"Yes!" Three people and different mouth replied.
Ye Qing nai shook his head and said, "well, it seems that you are not interested in the new members of our team at all, so I won’t tell you that she is a beauty!" "

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The rabbit nodded again and again, and he was busy agreeing to this, and he naturally knew it. Yang Muyu went to the ghost servant’s side and took a look. Seeing that all the three silver needles he inserted into his body were turned into lacquer black, he knew that he was forcing poison at a critical moment, and maybe he would recover for a while.

Seeing that the jungle is getting darker and darker, I think it’s getting dark and his stomach is growling with hunger. There are pythons around here, so naturally there will be no small animals. After all, there are very few small animals with so little energy as medicine slave rabbits. Yang Muyu couldn’t help but smile and didn’t dare to walk around. He immediately found some dead branches and few trees next to the pool. He immediately found out that flint had made a fire.
The flickering light reflected on his face next to the ugly face of the ghost servant, while on the other side was the huge body of the python. Yang Muyu suddenly looked up and saw the man hanging from the tree.
I don’t know why he couldn’t say how uncomfortable he was when he saw such a man hanging from a branch. He thought about it and grabbed the rabbit and said, "Do you think the man up there … is alive or dead?"
The rabbit touched its ears with its claws, twisted its head and shook its head. "I don’t look like a living person."
Yang Muyu nodded: "I don’t look like it, but how can I look weird when he is hanging on it like this …"
"You are not afraid of being haunted in the middle of the night, are you?" Rabbit medicine slave tilted his head and looked at him.
"Fuck you. Ghosts are ghosts, too. I want to catch you a rabbit for a midnight snack!" Yang Muyu didn’t good the spirit said that he looked up again and finally made up his mind to ask, "Do you think-should we put him down and let him be buried?"
"If you are afraid of being haunted, go and put him down!" The rabbit jumped on him twice and jumped to the ground. "Don’t ask me for such manual work. Rabbits can’t climb trees."
"Oh, can’t rabbits climb trees?" Yang Muyu smiled twice. "I don’t know if other rabbits can climb trees, but I know you can definitely climb trees." (Hey, hey, I don’t know if rabbits can climb trees and the moon, but my evil rabbit ate all my chlorophytum … Hey, there is a difference between novels and documentaries. )
"I’m not going, absolutely not!" The rabbit jumped far away and looked up at the man hanging from it for a long time before saying, "Touching the dead will be infected with evil spirits."
"Forget it, forget it if you don’t go!" Yang Muyu didn’t force him to touch the dead and get infected with evil? He doesn’t know, but if he doesn’t put this man down from above, he will be really unhappy. He will definitely have nightmares at night.
Yang Muyu took out the dagger again and walked towards the tree. The rabbit hesitated for a moment or followed the past. The tree was very big with oval green leaves, and countless parasitic vines hung down from it. It was easy to climb.
Soon Yang Muyu grabbed the vines and climbed to the branch where people were hanging. Now the sky is getting darker and darker. Although he lit a fire below, the man hanging from the tree in the light of the fire is even more strange and unpredictable.
Yang Muyu carefully grabbed the vines on the tree and slowly moved along the stem-
"Master …" The rabbit followed, shrinking its head and shaking.
"Oh, are you finally willing to call me master?" Yang Muyu looked back at him and couldn’t help shaking his head. This rabbit is really timid. Even a rabbit can talk, so it’s a coward. Isn’t it a dead man? He is not afraid of the living and the dead?
The rabbit nodded again and again, while Yang Muyu was not paying attention, he climbed up to him quickly and saw his head hidden in the bag around his waist.
"This little thing … is really not ordinary cowardice." Yang Muyu reluctantly shook his head and smiled bitterly. Originally, he was thinking of finding a rabbit to lay a hand on. Now this attention is still dismissed as early as possible.
Soon Yang Muyu had climbed to the top of the hanging person. He wanted to think hard and tried to pull the person hanging on it, but it took the boss a lot of effort, but now the vine was unusually heavy. And because he stood on the trunk and didn’t help himself, he accidentally almost fell from the tree.
Yang Muyu looked at it by himself, maybe here is above the pool, but if the square inch is well held, then the vines may fall to the ground. Thought of here, I was busy pulling out the dagger and cutting it hard at the vines.
Now that he wants to cut off the vines, the man will naturally fall. But to his surprise, the humble vine didn’t even cut off when he cut it with one sword … There wasn’t even a little scar left.
Yang Muyu was taken aback. What is this? The vines are so hard. The root he just cut has only the finger thickness, and there are many others with a lot of arm thickness beside it. Wouldn’t it be more difficult to cut the thick one if all the thin ones are cut continuously?
As he thought about it, he pulled out a night pearl from the starfish soul and held it in his hand-because it was already dark now, although he had a fire in the far jungle, he just saw a vague one, and he didn’t care to watch how this vine was different from ordinary vines just now.
Now, under the light of the night pearl, Yang Muyu just looked at it and suddenly changed his face. The vines all showed a faint golden color, but on this golden color, there were black lines wrapped around them, and the leaves showed the same golden color as pieces of gold casting.
Is it true that this vine is actually recorded in an ancient book-iron wire and golden ge?

Chapter 31 Faking a corpse?
No, no, no! Yang Muyu immediately denied his own idea. How could it be an iron wire? According to the records in ancient books, the growth of iron wire and kudzu is extremely slow. A finger-thick iron wire and kudzu must grow for at least a hundred years, and an arm-thick iron wire and kudzu must grow for tens of thousands of years. So isn’t this tree older? Tens of thousands of years old trees are fine enough.
Moreover, according to ancient books, the iron wire is as hard as iron and as flexible as rope leaves, which can be used as medicine to treat rheumatism. This plant is not amazing. Yang Muyu was a hundred to ten thousand years old! I didn’t pay much attention to it when I said it. Now I can’t judge whether this vine is recorded in ancient books-iron wire and golden ivy.
Look at the man hanging below by the light of the night pearl. What do you think of those vines? They all seem to naturally catch the "man" and grow into this strange feeling. It seems that the purpose of these vines is to hang the man below and hang him from a tree to be eaten by rain, wind and sunlight.
Yang Muyu couldn’t tell why he had such a strange idea. If this vine is really an iron wire, how many years has that man been hanging here? Didn’t the body rot long ago, even the bones rotted? How can it remain intact?
Although he can’t see the whole picture of the "man" hanging below, he feels that he should have died recently.
Don’t want to be so much. Holding the dagger, Yang Muyu slammed it at the vine again, but it was still as if the dagger had been cut down just now. I didn’t cut off the vine that was thin but looked at the finger thickness.
"It’s amazing? It won’t really be an iron wire? " Yang Muyu in the heart andao immediately put away the dagger, took out the magic sword from the starfish soul and cut it hard at the vines.
Not the kui is a magic weapon "bang" sound, a vine directly broke Yang Muyu. Looking at the incision of the vine, I can’t help secretly losing my mind … The incision of the vine is not like the ordinary wood texture, which reflects a faint metallic luster under the brilliance of the night pearl. It seems that this should be the legendary iron wire Jin Ge.
Yang Muyu held out the magic sword and hacked all the iron wires and golden branches. Without the bondage of vines, the man below attached himself to countless iron wires and golden branches and fell down with a bang.
Yang Muyu held the magic sword in one hand and grabbed a long iron wire Jin Gexun, which had been prepared in one hand, and slipped down. Others are busy in mid-air rolling the vines in their hands around the person who fell first.
Yang Muyu’s luck is still relatively good. The man was entangled in vines at the moment when he was about to fall into the pool.
Yang Muyu, a vine hanging down from the tree, fell to the ground first, and then pulled the vine hard, and finally pulled the man over.
"Damn it, it’s heavy enough!" Yang Muyu sighed and wiped the sweat on his head. What is this? He’s dead. Why did he go to all this trouble?
"You dead rabbit, come out and help me!" The rabbit just poked its head out of the bag and wanted to see the excitement. Yang Muyu couldn’t help but scold.
"No, I don’t want to touch the dead. I’m a rabbit … I don’t want to be evil!" The rabbit shook his head savagely and refused to go out.
"I won’t let you touch the dead when you come out. Take this for me!" Yang Muyu’s night pearl gives it.
Unwilling and unwilling, the rabbit climbed out with two front paws holding beads far away from Yang Muyu. Yang Muyu didn’t have time to see the hapless dead man who was entangled in the wire and the golden ge.
But he can’t see clearly why it’s too dark. The rabbit is holding the night pearl and dare not get close to it. Secondly, the whole body of this man is wrapped in vines as if he were put in a bag woven by vines, with only his head slightly exposed and messy.
This should be a tall man by feeling.
Yang Muyu thought for a moment, sighed and muttered, "I can’t let you go to the grave like this when I do a good deed." As he spoke, he carefully cut off all the iron wires and golden branches on the dead man while holding the magic sword.
"Shit, I said, why is it so heavy? So you’re still wearing armor?" It took a long time for Yang Muyu to remove all the vines from that person, and the true face of this person gradually emerged. If it weren’t for his magic sword in hand, it wouldn’t be easy to remove the vines from "that man".
As Yang Muyu expected, this is a very tall and burly man. Judging from his figure and face, his age should be small. He is only about thirty years old and looks ordinary in his prime. Wearing copper armor, but today’s armor has long been worn out, which seems to be old.
"The rabbit is probably a mercenary?" Yang Muyu has heard people say that there are some mercenaries in the mountain and sea world who specialize in some special tasks, such as treasure hunting, exploration, etc. I want this person to come here alone. Otherwise, what is he doing on this desert island?
Qishu. com w w w. q i s u w a n g. c c
But this desert island doesn’t look like a treasure, and even if he wants to break his head, he can’t figure out how this man can be hung on a tree by vines. Moreover, it is also a rare vine such as the iron wire golden ivy.
The rabbit’s two front paws holding the night pearl nodded and shook his head but didn’t speak.
Yang Muyu was too lazy to pay attention to the rabbit. He found a clean place by the pool and stretched out his hand to drag the man over to bury him. He was not afraid of touching the dead and getting infected with evil spirits.
But at the moment when his hand touched the man, his face suddenly changed as if he had seen a ghost. He even jumped away from the man and stood at a distance looking at the rabbit. He was so scared that he left the night pearl with a "hey" and ran away.
The night pearl rolled round and round to the side of the "dead man". Yang Muyu stood four or five paces away from the man and watched for a moment. Finally, he got the nerve to go to the man again.
"Master how … what’s the matter …" The rabbit stammered after him.
"Cheat corpse!" Yang Muyu didn’t good the spirit nu way.
"Can’t …? Master? " The rabbit is shaking with fear. It’s a rabbit. He’s timid … No, he’s a notoriously timid rabbit!
Hesitated for a long time, Yang Muyu once again took out the magic sword for self-defense, but the other hand was carefully buckled on the man’s pulse-

The first chapter is actually a living person
Said Yang Muyu once again took out the magic sword for self-defense, but the other hand was carefully buckled on the man’s pulse-for a long time he looked at the man with a strange face.
The rabbit finally couldn’t help shivering and asked, "What’s going on, master?"
"He is still alive!" There is an indescribable eccentricity in Yang Muyu’s tone.
This man … is still alive? His hands and feet are cold and his head is covered with dust and fallen leaves, but-this man is really alive and he has a weak pulse, very weak.
If an ordinary pharmacist encounters such a situation, I am afraid that he is dead directly.

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Ji Dong found the biggest shop and went in. This shop has a floor of 100 square meters, which is absolutely land-intensive. This area is already quite rich.

As soon as he entered the door, a young magician greeted him. His chest was hung with the Samsung logo of the Magic Masters Association. When he saw Ji Dong, he was very polite and said, "Dear Mr. Magic Masters, what can I do for you?" Of course, his eyes also Ji Dong chest four-star badge slightly for a.
Ji Dong said, "Do you accept crystal nuclei here?"
The young man laughed. "Of course, not every store here accepts crystal children, and the price is absolutely fair. You can shop around. If our price is lower than others, then I am willing to pay ten times."
Ji Dong went to the front of the counter and lifted a finger. Suddenly, ten third-order crystal nuclei and ten fourth-order crystal nuclei appeared on the counter, and the magic fluctuation was very obvious.
Young people didn’t feel surprised, but their eyes didn’t stop at the crystal nucleus. Instead, they stared at Ji’s colorful phoenix light ripple rosefinch bracelet. "Dear Mr. Magic Master, do you sell this bracelet?" I am willing to buy ten seven-order crystal nuclei. "
Ji Dong heart "you are a profiteer! Is my bracelet worth ten seventh-order crystal nuclei? If you switch to the ninth order, maybe I will consider one. "
Youth look slightly reveals a little embarrassed "sorry, maybe I didn’t see it clearly.
If you really want to sell it, we can discuss it. Ji Dong shook his head. No, it’s a friend’s increase. He won’t sell a spoon joke. This Suzaku bracelet is condensed by Suzaku’s divine power. It’s hard to estimate the value, not only the material, but also the fire magic and the increase effect. Plus the gorgeous appearance of Suzaku’s unique flavor, is it a seventh-order crystal pole that can measure Ji Dong’s price of ten ninth-order crystal nuclei casually, but it is also quite reasonable.
Some young people regret that "if you have any plans to sell later, you must come to me."
I have received five hundred gold coins for the third-order crystal nucleus and one thousand gold coins for the fourth-order crystal nucleus. "
Ji Dong glanced at him. "Take a closer look."
The young man paused and picked up a crystal nucleus. As soon as he started, he suddenly shook his body and his eyes suddenly revealed a surprised light. "Is this a third order?" Is it? "
Ji Dong smiled indifferently. Don’t you guess right? It’s all from the evil island of Warcraft. The price doesn’t seem to be what you just said. "
Young people respect. I’m sorry to respect Mr. Magic Master. It’s my carelessness. Please wait a moment. I’ll ask the teacher to come out and talk with you personally. "And he immediately ran out of the shop to see the sample, and he was not afraid that Ji Dong would steal something from him.
Ji Dong naturally won’t wait for his eyes to sweep over all kinds of things in the shop. Soon, his eyes are attracted by an area on the side. There is no magic fluctuation in the things in this area, but the price is high, but it is not inferior to magic weapons at all. Because it is a simple sheepskin, some are mainland scripts, and some are as ancient as the scroll mystery map that Xiteng snake gave Ji Dong. In addition to the picture, more than ten magic scrolls are displayed on the other side. These scrolls look a little broken, but they can feel the magic fluctuation every day. He is not interested in the scroll Ji Dong Road, and his horse is about to try out his own magic wine
Once the achievement will be subversive, but those ancient sheepskins are of great interest to him. These ancient records are magic skills and are all killer skills. Some records are some cultivation experiences, such as the notes of the magician. These notes are all remembered, and the cultivation experience is as expensive as that of a teacher. It’s a pity that the best one in the notes is just that the crown magic master did not respect the strong. Ji Dong’s own teacher is the crown and the strong grandparent, but also respects the strong. These notes are naturally not too big for him to be in those magic skills, and he won’t think much about it. He has already learned a lot of magic skills and has not yet practiced to the peak.
However, his eyes were still attracted by the fact that it was a price tag that was as high as the notes of the Crown Magic Master. The sheepskin is the four characters written on the surface of the mainland circulation characters, namely "Fusion of Magic"
Ji Dong carefully turned over a page to watch it, and suddenly his heart was shocked. Just as he continued to flip, an old voice came from behind, "I can try to read a page."
For commutation ticket recommended votes Chapter two hundred and eleven Fusion magic.
Ji Dong was reading the name "Fusion of Divinity", but suddenly he came to the old place behind him to stop the sound. When he looked back, he saw the young man and an old man come in together.
Ji Dong’s memory is excellent. He immediately recognized that the old man was the practitioner on the third floor of the former Magic Master Association. A few of them made him unable to see through the strong crown magic master, and the star logo on the old man’s chest also showed such an identity.
Ji Dong said, "I’m thinking about buying this. Can I read a few more pages, three at most?"
The old man glanced at the ten crystal nuclei on the table and nodded. "Look at the sample. You should have been on the battlefield of sacred evil, otherwise you can’t come up with so many people who have been on the battlefield of sacred evil with the same order. They are all heroes in our magic division. Let you read three pages again."
Thank you, "Ji Dong immediately turned back some forced not to turn it over. In the process of continuing to look at it, his eyes kept popping up in clouds, and his eyes were full of surprises that could not be concealed.
Is to turn over two pages Ji Dong will solemnly this I bought "the old man slightly one leng, he obviously didn’t expect Ji Dong will make a decision so soon, you know this price is the most expensive in his shop, he has read it in detail, but he feels that it is extremely accumulated because of some characteristics that he deliberately put the price elevation more for window dressing and didn’t intend to sell it.
You have seen the price of ten-step crystal nucleus, you same-step crystal nucleus. I can give you double the price of ordinary crystal nucleus. Ten three-step crystal nuclei, ten ten thousand gold coins, and ten four-step crystal nuclei, forty thousand gold coins, totaling fifty thousand gold coins. The price of step crystal building ranges from three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand gold coins. It depends on the quality. If you have crystal nucleus, it is best to have ten step crystal children. I will charge you four million gold coins if you are cheaper. "Listen to the old man’s words, Ji Dong can’t help but practice frowning. This is definitely a lion
But if it falls into his hands, the effect is not comparable to that of four million gold coins.
The highest value of Ji’s departure should be that the thorn thunder dragon dropped the double-attribute ninth-order crystal nucleus. Although this crystal nucleus can’t be compared with the artifact thunder prison axe, it is absolutely comparable to the value of the tenth-order crystal nucleus, and the double-attribute variation of the ninth-order crystal nucleus is stricter than the value of the sacred island.
However, this crystal nucleus is also of great significance to Ji Dong, and it is important for him to study the combination technique of fire and Lei Shuang. He is really reluctant to take it out.
Seeing Ji Dong thoughtfully, the old man smiled slightly. "I’m afraid I can’t sell it for a while. You can go back and raise money and I’ll keep it for you."
Ji Dong looked up and saw his one eye. With a wave of his right hand, a mass of red light came out of generate’s rosefinch bracelet. When he opened his palm again, there was one more thing in it.

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Of course; I have that idea in my heart, but on Sunday, I didn’t suddenly and violently. Lu’s mind encouraged the apprentices as usual, and then on Sunday, I directly let them take some Dan medicine and Lingshi and sent them back to practice.

Until watching Li Yuanba with those apprentices step by step after three back away; On Sunday this just at that time and after a pause; Back to Li Shimin again.
"These are the materials I bought to build the city. When you take them to the recent period, we may encounter some troubles. There is nothing important. Don’t run the city after luàn; If you continue to build things here, you can take the lead. There are other things to do, so I won’t participate in your things. "I just saw Li Shimin; On Sunday, I bought those things once and put them on the ground, and then I didn’t give Li Shimin a chance to reply, so I turned around and left at that time without saying anything.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Frame up
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Frame up
On Sunday, they estimated that the situation was not much different. On Sunday, they just closed for a long time. Blood shadow teaching immediately after seeing the wind passed, there was a new move at that time, although there was no wanton sending people to the area where they were located on Sunday to search for Sunday’s whereabouts, but some routes were not far from that area; But it has been broken by the blood shadow Sect.
Fortunately, although there is a lot of bad news, the same situation that Sunday wants to see also makes Sunday wait and actively prepare to make a comeback in the blood shadow teaching; See if they can find Sunday, but they have never thought of it; Because they want to move; On the contrary, their actions brought a lot of resistance.
On Sunday, the blood shadow teaching grievances were made clear, so the conflict between the two sides escalated to this time of the eye; It’s really hard to say who wins or loses, but whether it’s Sunday or blood shadow teaching; I believe that they all admit that they have suffered a big loss in such a situation; Hold the idea that you should not wash your dirty linen in public; Blood shadow teaching nature is impossible to tell others everywhere; Their blood shadow teaches such a magic cult; Since it was such a big loss in the hands of such a little monk on Sunday.
I suffered a loss in the hands of Sunday; It is naturally impossible for the Blood Shadow Sect to let Sunday go. Even if it is difficult to catch Sunday, the Blood Shadow Sect will still try to search for Sunday and find Sunday’s whereabouts. They will immediately in the corresponding power will be struck on Sunday.
But blood shadow teaching is there looking for Sunday time; They seem to have forgotten to consider a problem. They are looking for Sunday to get back at Sunday, but few people know about it. Other sects in the fix true world don’t know these things. When they see the blood shadow teaching, they always search around such an area for something to leave and come back. Even the right way together can’t finish them b and retreat such a performance naturally, so others have to do some special ideas.
Why does Blood Shadow always stare at that area and refuse to leave? Is there any secret in that area?
Although it is only a guess, it is just such a guess; It is enough to drive many people crazy.
What organization is blood shadow teaching; That’s one of the best cults among all the magic forces; Compared with them, there are really few. Although in terms of overall strength, it can be said that some right schools are at loggerheads, if you really want to put them together; One or two top sects in the right path may not be able to compete with the Blood Shadow Sect.
It is such a cult that everyone in the field of repairing the truth is afraid of it; Since the eyes are fixed on such an area and refuse to leave, what kind of treasure can attract them to that place and refuse to leave?
No matter how small the possibility is; With such an idea, the final fix-the-true world still caused the Xuan Ran not because of the performance of blood shadow teaching, but everyone was driven by absolute interests, even though they knew that their guild’s blood shadow teaching was right, there were still many monks who rushed to the location of their sugar gate on Sunday because of that interest …
It is naturally impossible for the blood shadow Sect to let those monks enter the area where they are located on Sunday. It is very difficult to find someone in a large area there. If there are so many monks entering the area then, the blood shadow Sect will not even think about finding Sunday.
Regardless of the blood shadow teach to kill Sunday in addition to the breath; Also don’t rob return air apricot idea in such a situation; If Sunday is found and killed by the monks who entered that area, the apricot tree will go to its whereabouts, and it will be difficult for them to recycle their blood.
Moreover; With so many monks into Sunday stealth words; If Sunday is hidden in those monks, even if they have more members, it will be impossible to find out the goal of Sunday from many monks. It also caused the phenomenon that the blood shadow religion prevented the monks from entering that area.
Meanwhile; Blood Shadow Sect has always been arrogant and used to it. When dealing with monks who want to enter that area, their attitude will be worse. Although most monks will give in a few minutes when facing those blood shadow Sect members because of fear of their strength, there are always some who are not afraid of their conflicts. The contradiction between the two sides is getting bigger and bigger. A group of blood-shadowing Christians, who were not afraid of death and scattered practice, clashed, and there were no less than a hundred battles between the two sides. Although blood-shadowing Sect won many battles, it lost few. There is no such thing as how to suffer in the hands of those monks; But it is already let blood shadow teach top feel the situation has changed.
Give it up! Some are unwilling; However, if we don’t give up now, blood shadow teaching will become a target again. Although blood shadow teaching is a relatively powerful force in the field of repair, even the top leaders of blood shadow teaching have to admit that the water in the field of repair is deep if blood shadow teaching provokes public anger. So even in accordance with the blood shadow to teach strength is absolutely impossible to win any benefits in the end.
Although the apricot tree is what the blood shadow Sect wants, and Sunday is also what the blood shadow Sect will never let go of the enemy, even so; Blood shadow teaching also didn’t want Sunday to be such a’ nobody’ and let his church suffer too much loss. After discovering the change of the situation at that time, the Blood Shadow Sect didn’t consider too much, and immediately found that the monks of its own church had conflicts; It also reached the retreat order.
Blood shadow teaching suddenly receded; Don’t say that the monks outside didn’t think of it, even when they were watching the play on Sunday.
On Sunday, the original blood shadow taught the overbearing wind to those monks, and their conflicts should be escalating until the blood shadow taught those monks of all factions to have more and more conflicts; At that time, I will release six violets in my hands. I believe that there is such a bait. If you don’t believe it, they can’t fight.
But now, as soon as the blood shadow teaching suddenly retreats, the plan before Sunday will naturally be lost, and the blood shadow teaching will not help those monks to have conflicts without human constraints; If Sunday still acts according to the original plan, then whether it’s the Blood Shadow Sect or other monks, one of them will find Sunday. It is already possible to forcibly snatch things from Sunday’s hands; It is impossible for Sunday to release the treasure in his hand at that time and attract other monks to fight for the plan, so he can’t do it any more.
Look at the monks who enter their own territory; I don’t know what to do with them on Sunday. The original plan is that those people are the chips of the blood shadow teaching struggle on Sunday, but those people have become a group of evils and really let them enter their own area. Then when the time comes, they are bent on treasure hunting. It is impossible for them not to have conflicts with their own local schools. When the two sides fight, it is a trivial matter. Even if they are afraid, they will be discovered by the Blood Shadow Sect immediately.
And wait until the blood shadow teaching determines that he is here and has found it; On Sunday, I don’t believe that the monks will come forward to help themselves at that time. It should be that they were attacked by the blood shadow teaching people and those monks saw no benefit because they knew what the real purpose of the blood shadow teaching was; At the same time, I don’t want to provoke blood shadow to teach words; I’m afraid that most of the monks who entered their own area at that time will quit at the first time! In that case; If you can’t succeed in your plan, you can forget to move before Sunday, but instead, you have attracted so many people to teach blood shadow. This situation of losing your wife and folding your soldiers makes Sunday crazy
Regret; I really regret it on Sunday, but at this time, even if it is Sunday, it is already too late to regret it. Those things have already happened on Sunday, so it is a matter of regret. It is already impossible to change the established things and look at the monks who are constantly pouring into their own sects’ sphere of influence; Sunday is had to royal elder sister they work together; The whole sugar gate is hidden again.
On Sunday, they hid; The monks outside are still looking around for the treasure they recognized and found for months; When several monks spent a lot of time in that area, they destroyed the environment around them on Sunday. They just got what they wanted.
If there is a treasure unearthed, then although there will be a struggle, all the participants will pay attention to the unearthed objects’ emotions, that is, they will be a little excited at most, and there will be nothing else to show.
But the eye situation is different. Those people have been working hard in their area for so long on Sunday with the goal of treasure hunting. Even the blood shadow teaches a force that they usually dare not offend, which makes them offend the situation, but they finally get nothing; Such a situation; Over-disappointed the monks naturally would be difficult to make some j: and reactions at that time.
As the monks became more and more unstable, they didn’t become more and more irritable when they acted. They just thought that it was possible to find the unearthed treasure, but the manuscript was destroyed later. That’s almost destroying whatever you see, with or without it; If those monks stare at it, even a piece of land will have to be scraped three feet by them.
For the external situation; On Sunday, they can’t be unclear. Although they say they are hiding, they have left a lot of eyes on all changes in the outside world. On Sunday, they watched those bloody shadows become more and more violent. Although they have already hidden the whole station, they can’t guarantee that their party will not be discovered by then.
And according to those monks eyes that kind of performance; There is no doubt on Sunday that if those people know that they are here on Sunday, then they will be afraid of Sunday, and it will be difficult for them to stay scared and pay attention to the movements of those monks. As on Sunday, I felt a little regretful when I decided to go to the ground for the first time.
However, no matter how regretful things are, they have evolved into such a shape. No matter how regretful it is on Sunday, it is impossible to change anything. In addition to praying that his hiding place will not be discovered by the monks outside; Sunday is the root, so I can’t do it and I can’t figure out what to do.
Results; In such a situation; Those monks destroyed all the way and searched for nothing, but they didn’t even find anything, but that’s it; Because there are too many monks on Sunday, the area where they are located is destroyed because most of the environment is damaged, and the aura dissipates by the aura concentration. Although their hiding place was not discovered by the monks on Sunday, the abnormal situation in the area where they were hiding on Sunday has already attracted the attention of some monks. With their intention to search; On Sunday, no matter how high their hiding means are, they believe that they will be discovered by those people; That should be just a matter of time.
For all this; Sunday is anxious in my heart when I see it in my eyes, and I hope I can wait until those monks disperse automatically.
But as those monks became more and more threatening to Sunday, Sunday finally got a little restless.
If you want those people to retire automatically, it is not possible to find that with the later observation on Sunday. In order to avoid being discovered by the monks, they took the initiative on Sunday; Find a way to lead those monks to ideas.
Although the hope of success is not very great, Sunday still wants to try if he can’t succeed; Sunday, although it is impossible to end up with any benefits, is one thousand if it succeeds; On Sunday, they will be able to spend the eye.
"Attract those people’s attention?" Sunday distress scratched his scalp and then shook his head and sighed "what to do; To attract those people’s attention! "
"Right" the original plan can be applied on Sunday; I thought of those people coming to this area because of my intention, but at that time I suddenly had a feeling of "suddenly becoming clear". I had almost a bottom to know what to do for my eyes, such as dealing with those monks on Sunday. In order to attract those monks who are eager to smoke.
All the monks will stare at their hiding place, but the area where they are hiding is a bit abnormal in terms of performance, and the reason why those monks will stare at them is not to look at the area where they are hiding on Sunday, but to think that the place where they are hiding on Sunday is most likely to produce artifacts, and if something is suddenly unearthed in other places, even if it is only some abnormal things, I believe that those people will immediately change their itinerary. After all, they are not here to study the abnormal changes in the position of their sects. Those people finally found the treasure that was not there.
After making a decision in my heart; On Sunday, I didn’t hesitate any more. I just had such an idea; On Sunday, I simply informed another person of my thoughts, and then I quietly left my hiding place and slowly sneaked away from my sect’s hiding place.
Although it is difficult for Sunday not to let people find out that they belong to the clan, it is necessary for Hun to enter the crowd; This is not difficult for Sunday.
Too many people dream of making money; On Sunday, the area where they are located is now a gathering of monks who don’t know how many forces, whether it is the right way or the magic way; No matter if you want to admit that you still have something to do, almost all the monks who want to make this fortune are coming.
For one reason; On Sunday, the area where they are located has gathered a lot of monks in recent days. It is in such a situation that a sea of people can form directly; Zhou Tiancai just went out; He immediately entered many monks, and depending on the number of monks, who knows who is beside him in that situation; Naturally, no one will ask Sunday’s identity; On Sunday, it is easy to leave your own gate; Ran to another boundary
Although it is already intended to attract the attention of many monks in the hands of Liu Liantai, it is not only intended to put Liu Liantai out on Sunday, but it remains unchanged. But if you can get more benefits when doing the same thing, even if it will be a little troublesome to do it then, there is absolutely no reason not to do it on Sunday.
"I don’t know what the blood shadow teaches people to think when they find that there is a treasure light in their home?" After playing with the six violets in my hand, I suddenly poured a lot of my spiritual power into the violet body in my hand on Sunday, which was a short time; Six violet suddenly gave play to the power that she should have.
The aura of heaven and earth seems to be attracted by something, and the general signs will flow towards the place where the six violets in Sunday’s hands are located. Sunday’s hiding place suddenly became a paradise, surrounded by that thick and unrelenting aura. If you don’t see the changes with your own eyes, it’s really hard for ordinary people to believe that the original place was still an ordinary boundary.
Godsworn is very sensitive to the change of aura. As soon as he discovered that the boundary where Sunday was located had changed, all Godsworn immediately took action at that time.
On Sunday, there are so many places to make trouble for the blood shadow teaching, but on Sunday, it happened that the blood shadow teaching was chosen at the time, and the six violets were taken out in such a big situation that all the monks’ attention was naturally attracted to the blood shadow teaching.
Now blood shadow teaching is such a nòng; on Sunday; That’s really a bitter self-knowledge. Now things are not even their own. nòng knows exactly what causes this movement, so naturally it is impossible to explain it to the outside world.
This time, the specific situation of the blood shadow teaching to that boundary is in addition to the blood shadow teaching; The rest of the people don’t know where the monks are. It seems that since there is an aura change in the blood shadow teaching, it can be said that it is convenient for the treasure to leave the land in the land where the blood shadow teaching is stationed. Because of this thing; Those monks can recognize; The former Blood Shadow Sect was able to find this place at the first time, but they quietly looked on coldly while the other monks were looking for the treasure. The reason was that the Blood Shadow Sect knew in advance that the treasure would appear in that place. Because of such a’ reasonable explanation’, all the monks stared at the Blood Shadow Sect at that time, which meant that they wanted to jointly snatch the new magic weapon from the hands of the Blood Shadow Sect.
For that list of changes; Blood shadow teaching is not insensitive, but this kind of thing is the root and there is no way to explain it. Even now, blood shadow teaching runs out and says to others. Seeing that all this was an accident, they simply didn’t know that there was a treasure born in this place, and at the same time, the aura was not just born. Believe this; No one should believe it!
What can be said; Sunday nòng came out of that bureau; Blood shadow teaching will not necessarily be discovered by blood shadow teaching, although we know what the specific purpose of their coming here this time is, let’s just catch Sunday! However, it can’t be said that they couldn’t come across the treasure unearthed in the process of catching Sunday. Although this magic weapon was born by coincidence, some monks can be taught by blood shadow. However, not everyone can calmly analyze those things. Compared with other monks, they feel that the area where they are stationed has changed so much. Those blood shadow Christians are afraid that they are no different from others, and they have started to think of ways to collect the birth treasure.
In such a situation; On the one hand, a large number of blood shadow Christians rushed to the hiding place on Sunday, but on the other hand, there were more blood shadow Christians moving in the direction where the rest of the monks came, no matter what consideration; It’s impossible for the Blood Shadow Sect to tolerate the rest of the monks entering their own church headquarters.
Is it true that there is a treasure born? The so-called reason is that the abnormal place is in the site where their blood shadow Sect is located. At the same time, it also teaches the face to think about it; Blood Shadow Sect can’t stand other monks entering their temporary residence now, or even some monks will be prevented from entering the residence, no matter whether they can really find any treasures. Teaching fear by blood shadow is tantamount to saying that you have lost your face.
Blood shadow teaching can’t lose face like this; The blood shadow can send troops to stop those monks …
And the blood shadow teaches the line; Although it seems to them that it is the most normal reaction, it is impossible for those monks outside to think like that. Genius treasures have virtue, people live in it, and blood shadow teaching is nothing. Those who have virtue can be themselves. Now blood shadow teaching doesn’t let them go, or they are afraid that they will go and take away the treasures that should belong to them. Those monks are naturally not very easy to talk about; Those blood shadow Christians clashed in a few words. If it weren’t for the fact that the number of monks who came over was too small and they didn’t unite, they wouldn’t have the strength to fight against blood shadow. I’m afraid the two sides would have already fought!
However, that stalemate can’t last long. The strength of the Blood Shadow Sect is absolutely the strongest in that area of the eye, because all monks are watching the boundary situation there. The Blood Shadow Sect sent a large number of people to find Sunday. One-on-one; Blood shadow teaching is really the least enemy in the eye; There is no other force in this area that has the strength of blood shadow teaching confrontation.
But in addition to blood shadow teaching; If the number of other monks is added together, the number of monks taught by the blood shadow will be nothing. As far as the overall strength of the rest of the monks is concerned, it is really nothing to teach them the little strength they had at that time, even if they really want to fight. They can’t be the opponents of the rest of the monks.

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The tilting face turned into a "embarrassing" sample, and the body was instantly covered with a layer of golden protective shield. The earth was like a shield. Suddenly, the body thought of gyro and spun towards tilting love. The powerful impact hit the golden protective cover, and the tilting love protective cover popped out like a ball.

"Call fortunately have this or die? ? ?” Tilting love controls her own energy shield and stops to breathe a sigh of relief. Her energy shield is unique and different. Although the energy shield is exactly the same as tilting love, there is no tilting love. It comes from being able to bounce like a ball, but tilting love is worse than the peerless dad. She can’t continue to bless others like Dad in the energy shield.
Just as Cheng Lian was about to put away the protective cover, he suddenly saw coke and ice fire as punishment. Fire as punishment turned out to be YD. A circle of fire surrounded coke and ice, and he went to deal with the death spokesman himself.
However, the ring of fire is still burning wildly. I don’t know why the endurance is so strong and coke with ice can break through the ring of fire
Tilting love finally found the culprit, which turned out to be Mu Ruchun. Although she is always fighting with the sword, it is still in full swing, but a green grain is extending to the principle of coke plus ice and fire circle to help the fire circle continue to maintain.
"Damn it, it’s so mean." Tilting Love put away the energy shield and threw a series of light blades at the green grain, but the grain actually dodged easily like having eyes. Tilting Love didn’t lose heart and continued to attack, but every time it was cleverly hidden by that strange grain.
It turned out that this guy, Tu Rudun, was playing tricks. His whole body got into the ground and saw the attack of Inclination Love launched. He immediately helped Mu Ruchun to move the green lines into anger. Inclination Love couldn’t wait to have a shovel now. She must dig out the soil like a shield alive.
Suddenly, a cold breath spread all over the palace, and even Cheng Lian felt a shiver unconsciously, and then a large area of his face was covered with frost in the direction of earth and shield.
Coke with ice has finally launched an offensive. It is clear that coke with ice is creating opportunities for itself. Now the soil may have been frozen, and the smooth blade of Ma Chong has turned green
Sure enough, the soil was frozen by coke and ice, and the lines were easily cut off by the smooth blade, and the circle of fire around coke and ice gradually became smaller and disappeared
Suddenly, two ice swords rushed out like cruise missiles, torn in the air and hit the spokesman of death? ? ? The first impression of falling in love was that coke with ice was baked silly, but when she saw that there were two black vines in front of the death spokesperson, it was white that coke with ice heart.
There was a fierce collision between two ice swords and black vines. The spokesman of death ignored the fire and did not find the despicable wood as spring. There was such a trick that I couldn’t help but feel another layer of resentment against wood as spring.
However, since then, everyone has confirmed a belief that Mu Ruchun is actually the most important link in the five elements. Although there is no gold like a gun and water like a shadow, Mu Ruchun can still connect three guys in series very well.
The closer you get to Muruchun, the stronger the fire will be. The spokesman of death can try his best to put the fire on coke with ice, hoping to stick it and add ice light to cool himself down.
"Coke, if you can freeze this guy, then I will really be you? ? ?” The spokesman of death really wants to change with Cheng Lian and Coke with ice to deal with the earth like a shield, so that the two of them can deal with fire as a punishment from a distance, but he just wants to burn him alive and can’t get rid of it
Coke with ice can’t wait to freeze the spokesman of death into ice. He’s a real pain in the neck. If he can be frozen, coke with ice will be the enemy.
However, the words of the death spokesman really inspired coke with ice. Maybe you can really try it.
Coke with ice and tilting love once again helped to pick and roll the soil like a shield, and let the tilting love bind the foot to limit the soil like a shield. The spokesman of death suddenly launched the Fengshen leg and jumped back to escape the fire like a punishment. A flame chain came to the soil like a shield.
"Ice coffin! 」
Coke with ice suddenly releases an ice coffin that has been condensed for a long time, because other ice skills are to condense ice elements around the enemy to achieve the freezing effect, but the fire is too hot, and it is unrealistic to condense ice elements around him. The best way is to condense the magic first and then use it on him.
The ice coffin is made of crystal, and it is punished by fire. How to start fire magic to burn the ice coffin, but what good can it do?
Coke with ice now is the time to help Forever Sword attack Mu Ruchun.
Mu Ruchun saw that the fire was like punishment, but his eyebrows were sealed by the ice coffin. With a slight wrinkle, a circle of plants surrounded the body, and a strange fragrance got into the nostrils of Forever Fairy Sword and Coke with ice.
Suddenly, the two of them felt a little top-heavy, and some of them couldn’t hold it. At this time, the best attack opportunity should belong to Mu Ruchun, but she is still maintaining her skills and giving her all the attacks to the soil.
Earth is like a shield. Suddenly, the body turns into a ball. Regardless of the death spokesman and the inclination love, it gets into the ground and instantly comes out from the coke with ice and the immortal sword.
Two people didn’t think that soil like a shield would have teleportation effect in the ground, and they could take the blow hard, and Mu Ruchun finally sometimes condensed out two purple vines, which ran like poisonous snakes to the immortal sword and coke with ice to limit their bodies.
At this time, the fire was finally freed from the audience, and the anger department turned to coke with ice and thundered towards coke with ice.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine ()
Earth is like a shield, and the spokesperson of death and the whole city are in love with each other. Cheng Lian wants to give up his fight and reinforce coke with ice, but I didn’t expect this guy to teleport in the soil again.
"Bah! This pile of broken stones can’t get blood, "said the death spokesman angrily." Just now, he sacrificed blood to make it fail again. The death spokesman’s eyes are so horrible that it’s been a long time since I saw her. When this look usually appears in her mind, the death spokesman will launch another trick.
But now does he have a chance to draw the blood boundary?
I don’t know whether it was intentional or intentional. The finger of the spokesman of death actually touched the blade of the sickle of death, and the blood suddenly poured out. The spokesman of death continued to attack the big head like a shield without even frowning, but it didn’t achieve any effect except that the sickle of death hit a huge round shield and made a loud noise.
Now, I feel that I am good at the magic attack of light, but the power is so low and thin. The light blade can bring soil like a shield, except for a burst of sand flying, which is not out of date and shallow. This guy’s body has been hit by a fire dragon just now, which has helped him a lot. Now he is even harder, and it is difficult for even a death spokesman to do high damage. No wonder he wants to directly seal the death.
The whole love was suddenly surprised to find that at that moment, the spokesman of death actually finished drawing the blood boundary. She cast a questioning look at the spokesman of death, but the spokesman of death was mysterious and shallow.
Tilting love knows that at this time, it is up to you to limit the soil like a shield. The life staff has released a series of apertures to tie the soil like a shield like a dumpling for five seconds. This guy doesn’t want to move.
"good!" The spokesman of death praised that the sickle of death turned into blood on the ground and drew a shallow mark "Death summons ceremony!" "
"Death seal! 」
With the death spokesman, the whole pentagonal blood boundary released a strong black brilliance, which instantly enveloped the whole soil like a shield, and the black breath enveloped the whole room, even giving up the attack on Forever Fairy Sword, and gawking at being severely hit in the abdomen by the combined force of Forever Fairy Sword and Coke with ice.
The image of death finally slowly rose from the blood boundary. This time, it appeared more dignified and powerful than the last time. The black cloak wrapped a black breath around the central soil like a shield, and then suddenly the death got what he wanted and slowly withdrew from the blood boundary. The whole hall returned to normal. Just now, the blood boundary has dried up and the soil like a shield has been lost. There are a pile of broken stones in the position of the soil like a shield just now.
Forever Xianjian took a deep breath and secretly praised the powerful strength of the spokesman of death. Looking back, Mu Ruchun was startled. After the baptism of the seal of death just now, not only the earth was taken away like a shield, but also the life was taken away like wood and fire, with 20% blood volume. Now both monsters are looking sick.
Mu Ruchun finally loosened the shackles on Forever Fairy Sword and Coke with icy vines. Once they were freed, Ma Chong looked at Mu Ruchun’s less green body.
And the spokesman of death also looks a little weak, sitting there leaning against the corner, leaning into the fire. A spear of light interrupted his attack on coke with ice.
"Ice fist! 」

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Jun 17, 2024

"I will! ! !”

Xiao asked if it was to kill him. He was about to shout for quick escape when he heard this. What do you mean, "I’ll come"? And the man didn’t rush in their direction before he rushed to the huge statue and his feet stopped!
"Burst! ! !”
As soon as the talent stopped, several lights broke out, and in an instant, a giant ray composed of more than three zhangs of green Se arc appeared outside the person! !
The thunder giant hands holding a hammer hammer Lei Guang is more than setting solid can blind people! !
Ming Jian zong lei bo spell! !
The whole Ming Jian zong j: ng passed this spell, and few young people have one more! !
"Yang Rong? ! !”
When Xiao asked in alarm, Lei Bo was already standing on the ground with his left foot in front of him. His hands raised the thunder hammer and he smashed it toward the huge statue’s right ankle! ! !
"boom! ! !”
In the explosion, the rubble was flying, and the statue had dozens of high winds and Xiao Wen stopped at the height of the statue’s head, and there were hard stones flying past them!
Looking down, the statue’s right ankle is already supported by something!
However, the statue’s feet stood apart, and at this time, one of its left feet stood still.
In a few places, Leibo was striding to the statue’s left foot, and the thunder hammer raised its light and condensed it again!
"boom! ! !”
After the hammer went away, the whole statue appeared to fall, broke its ankle and touched the ground, then fell forward …
It is still scary for a big statue with a height of tens of feet to fall down, and the speed is not too fast from a distance.
But is this an ordinary statue?
This statue means more to Xuanyang Zongren than anything else!
Those low-ranking brothers at the summit look silly, and the main battlefield in the sky outside has changed. The two sides have long been distracted and looked at the situation here. At this time, the dazzling immortals will go crazy on the spot when they see the statues of the creative division …
Bai Gongjue’s blood welled up and he almost fainted on the spot!
He is the initiator of the whole plan, and his plan has also been supported by all the people. How can this happen in one day? Isn’t it their turn to dazzle Yang Zong and level Ming Jian Zong?
A moment later, Yang Rong came to dazzle Yang Feng, whose tone changed because he was roaring and moving at a high speed. He rushed to the head of the statue that was dumping!
"Do you want me to change the name of Ming Jian Zong to broken Jian Zong or you dazzle Yang Zong to change its name to decapitated Zong first! ! ! !”
The statue just fell down by half, and it was still early for the head to fall to the ground. At this time, Yang Rong had already rushed to the place where the voice fell, and the Lei Bo hammer raised its hammer head and directly blew it into the statue head!
"Mao! ! ! !”
The head of the statue is made of special materials, but it is not broken after being cast into a hammer!
Yang Rong was so shocked that Lei Bo almost scattered, but the statue’s head, though unbroken, should fly with a hammer. "Whoosh" rushed to the high place and wore out the dazzling Yangfeng Mountain Protection Array, and flew far away outside the Mountain Protection Array before falling to the hillside!
At that moment, the great head became the focus of all eyes …
"ah! ! ! I’m going to cut you to pieces! ! ! !”
Bai Gong was the first to yell out and the first to rush in the direction of that dazzling Yangfeng!
At this time, few people on their side wanted to escape, and most of them were ignited and wanted to chop Yang Rong up as soon as possible!
How can Ming Jianzong people make them happy? Zong Wangren immediately gave orders. In fact, it was unnecessary. He said that Ming Jianzong people had taken the initiative to chase them!
The main battlefield is not far from Xuanyang Peak. People who escape quickly can rush over when they have a rest for more than ten minutes. Then they rushed to the middle of the road and heard a bang. The head statue finally fell to the ground completely …
At the same time, Yang Rong has already rushed out and shouted "roll" to block the easy!
He didn’t have to make the low-ranking brothers of the Xuanyang Sect of Leibo Fufa get close to him, and he rushed to the main hall of the Xuanyang Sect!
Yang Rong, a three-legged firebird in Zuolong Youfeng, arrived next to the three-legged firebird at this time!
No matter how much that sculpture means to you, Grandpa Yang is here to tear down your dazzling Yang Sect! ! !
Leibo reappeared the thunder hammer and directly hit the firebird’s head!
"ping! ! !”
The firebird is also more than ten feet in size, but it can’t bear to be hammered by a thin thunder. The head of the beast that was dazzled by Yang Zongfeng flew out! But this time, the firebird’s head was heavier than that of the statue and it didn’t fly far.
Yang Rong didn’t continue to stare at it, but he just smashed it to see his posture. It’s really necessary to tear down this nine-ri palace!
However, for a moment, he had to look up, and suddenly a sudden heat swept through the entire peak of Xuanyang!
Most people saw the real firebird’s head rolling in the middle of the fire, and suddenly a red ball the size of a fist flew out of it, only when it touched the air did it release a great deal of heat, which was beyond the reach of the Godsworn!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Seize the Pearl
Closer to the red bead, dazzling Yang Zongdi’s clothes are already burning up, scaring them to fly away and hide while tearing them off. Xiao Wen watched the red bead fly to his side and let the hissing wind hide away.
At that time, the path of the red bead drop turned out to be a large area, and all eyes were on the surface.
At this time, they didn’t see that when the red bead fell, it turned out that there was a kind of power in supporting the feeling of lightness.
What the hell is this? !
The dazzling Yang Zongren outside the circle of protecting the mountain is already a bloody brain, and I can’t wait for the horse to swallow Yang Rong alive. After this red bead interrupts, my attention is also somewhat distracted.
Bai Gong, who flew in front, looked at the red bead surface, se y and n, and there was some surprise in his eyes. I didn’t know what the red bead was …
The three-legged firebird sculpture has been erected at the top of the Nine Ri Palace for many years. At this time, no one knows that there is something hidden in Xuanyang Zonggen.

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These players found bugs, although some of them affected the balance of the game, but they also increased a kind of fun and helped the developers find problems. Later, these bugs were gradually fixed, and the craze gradually subsided.

Ordinary players are still so powerful, not to mention high-professional players. Their understanding of a map is definitely far beyond that of ordinary players, and the speed of familiarity with maps is naturally faster. Some people may get lost even if they play well, but high-professional players can get familiar with the map in a few rounds.
Dune this map, Tiger Brothers and I Club people really haven’t played this map very much, and it has never actually appeared in the game. This is the first time, but it’s not too surprising for everyone. After all, a map is the cross of death, which means that fpl should be a precedent, that is, adding those unpopular maps into the game map to increase the difficulty and freshness of the game.
The fact that these game maps are not available in advance will not give professional players a psychological preparation test, that is, their ability to control various maps. If a team can’t adapt to it and its strength is greatly reduced, it can be said that this team is not good enough.
Ye Dumping thinks it’s good, but in the game, he plays with some maps that he hasn’t played before, and both sides are unfamiliar with this map. There is no previous experience to absorb, and those tactics are afraid of being able to think about tactics, and this is Ye Dumping’s advantage. Most of the time, he thinks about tactics now, which is relatively novel and makes opponents unpredictable.
In those popular maps, leaf dumping can be commanded by numbered tactics, which is much faster, but not in a strange map. You must arrange tactics according to the map structure, not just the former tactics.
Bare, looking at this map, frowned. He must familiarize himself with the structure of this map as soon as possible before formulating new tactics. Although the former tactics may not be successful, some tactics can be slightly modified and then combined with other tactics to form a new tactic, which is also his strength.
He is a man who is flexible in tactics and will never copy the tactics of his predecessors. He will change his own style. Besides, he is also extremely clever and a genius. His brain is like a precision brain, and his computing ability is quite strong. It is not difficult for him to come up with new tactics.
In the first round, the two teams are familiar with the map, and the tactics are indeed successful. Let’s first find out what terrain ab is talking about. What if the other team is familiar with the map if it is dispersed? That’s too bad
They are not sure whether each other is familiar with this map or not, and they dare not take risks. Both teams are in the same road, but their two teams go to different blasting sites.
Bare, with the Tiger Brothers, went to point B, while Ye Qing took the I Club to point A, and both sides entered the blasting point without hindrance.
The Tiger Brothers Union was very happy to find that there was no defense at point B, and immediately it was very happy.
Ye Qing and others stayed at point A for a little while. After figuring out the terrain, Ye Qing sent someone out of point A to check the situation. As a result, there was no one outside. Ye Qing suddenly realized that the other party might have gone to point B and they didn’t have any defense at point B. Isn’t that a gift to the other party?
He quickly reached the order and five people rushed to point B. Just when they arrived at point B, the Tiger Brothers just successfully installed 4. Speaking of this, maybe some people still don’t know who will be The Infiltrator first at half time, but this should not be said specially because the Tiger Brothers has already contracted. Do you need to say who is The Infiltrator?
People in club I were all a little anxious when they heard that 4 was successfully installed. In the first round, it was so easy for the other side to pack the package. As soon as the two sides exchanged offensive and defensive positions, it was supposed that club I would defend the Tiger Brothers, but now the Tiger Brothers have packed the package and arranged the defense. It is the turn of club I to attack.
Club I is familiar with the terrain, which is point A, but it is not clear about the terrain at point B. It is still a bit difficult to attack, because 4 has been installed and there is not much left for Club I, and they have no time to hesitate.
Ye Qing quickly reached the attack order and dropped several flash bombs at point B, covering most of the area. Then four machine gunners rushed in and fired some snipers, and then flashed in to cover the mirror.
Ye Qing rushed in the middle and didn’t lead in the front. He was worried that he would be killed by the sniper of the other side. It is better to walk in the middle to be on the safe side.
Bare saw the flash bomb flying in and immediately ordered the players to hide behind the bunker, but the coverage area of the flash bomb was too light, and some people were flashed even after hiding in the bunker, which greatly reduced their defensive firepower at that moment.
I club people rushed in as soon as they showed their strong firepower, and the defense line of the Tiger Brothers Alliance was somewhat untenable, especially when Ye Qing pointed out that he might be shot in the head as soon as he showed up.
Fortunately, bare’s continuous flash out of being killed also made the other side very afraid of the attack efficiency, which significantly reduced the tiger brothers and allies, so they stayed in the stage of vision recovery and then fought back.
The gunners’ firepower on both sides immediately showed death information, and some people fell on both sides. The ace players on both sides paid special attention to protecting themselves, so that their teammates kept falling on them, but nothing happened.
When Ye Qing was left alone in the death of Club I, the Tiger Brothers Alliance still had one more person than the other because of its geographical advantage. One was Zhou Wei, and the other was naturally bare. These two people were the strongest in the Tiger Brothers Alliance. Ye Qing saw a record list and found that Zhou Wei was still alive, and suddenly felt pressure.
If it’s a one-on-one fight with Zhou Wei, then he’s sure to win, but if there’s bare eyes around, he won’t be sure at all. Zhou Wei’s marksmanship is also quite good. Ye Qing has the ability to shoot him in the head if he wants to deal with bare.
Fortunately, this is the first round, which has little impact on the later games. The so-called Ye Qing didn’t struggle. Just flash out of the bunker and shoot bare. Bare is really not as fast as his gun, and Zhou Wei didn’t have the chance to wave. Several shots also knocked Ye Qing down.
Therefore, the Tiger Brothers won the first round, but neither of them expressed their emotions. It is nothing to win the first round when both sides are familiar with the terrain. It is only a matter of winning when both sides are familiar with the terrain.
In fact, in the first round, club I lost the game, but they were familiar with the two points of terrain. First, they went to point A for a stroll, and then they counterattacked point B. They also knew something about the terrain of point B. Although the Tiger Brothers won the first round, they were familiar with the terrain of point B. They still knew something about the terrain of point A. So it was a gain and loss.
Chapter 122 Counter-offensive point A
In the second round, Club I split up and defended two points, because they all knew about the terrain of the two points. In the first round, the Tiger Brothers attacked point B with a medium force, but they didn’t know much about the terrain of point A. It is reasonable to say that they should continue to attack point B. After all, they are much more familiar with this point, so they can formulate corresponding tactics. However, they feel that they should be familiar with point A as soon as possible, and it is impossible to attack point B every time.
The Tiger Brothers League has got troops to attack point A. On the one hand, it is familiar with the terrain, on the other hand, it is also a test of how many people the other side has defended Ye Qing at point A. Obviously, it is guessed that bare, this round will definitely attack point A. Point A is equipped with three people to defend it, but to be on the safe side, he has arranged people at point B. What if he makes a mistake?
When the Tiger Brothers launched an onslaught, just judging from the gun’s inclination, he knew that the other people were at point A, and he immediately called two people at point B for support.
Ye Qing’s precise shooting suppressed the opponent’s attack. After a machine gunner was shot in the head by him, the Tiger Brothers converged a lot and dared not rush forward without fear.
Now, the Tiger Brothers can look forward to clearing away the other machine gunners and helping them clear the way so that they can rush in.
I club at point A, three people are the strongest among the teams, and the three machine gunners know which three are without saying anything. Yi Long Erfeng.
Three people’s firepower is quite fierce. In the case of two more people, it’s even possible to suppress each other’s firepower. Instead, one person was killed by Ye Qing. Barely, he felt that he had no face to flash out and was shot twice, but he didn’t hit the target. The other person relied on the bunker to flash in, and the speed was very fast. Obviously, the three gunners were of very high quality and left him little chance.
He braced himself and then adjusted his mentality. He flashed out again and was shot at the fastest speed. It was too fast for the gunner to shoot a pistol from the other side. The gunner didn’t expect that he would be killed by the other side after such a quick shot. He was very impressed with the bare sniper rifle method.
Zhou Wei felt ashamed that her machine gunner didn’t play much, and then compared with the other ak machine gunner, she felt even more lost, so she suddenly started to rush towards point A and played desperately.
Bare came and shouted to the others, "cover her!" "
Mu Lei and others hurriedly shot at each other’s machine gunners, and there was no way for them to keep moving towards Zhou Wei’s fire. They also watched each other’s machine gunners hide in bunkers and asked them to flash out to deal with Zhou Wei, so he could immediately shoot them.
Actually, if we can’t fight the situation, we really need people like Zhou Wei to kill each other and force each other out, and then bare can seize the opportunity.
At this time, Ye Qing’s teammate at point A had left a Pearl Krabs. She saw Zhou Weichong coming, of course, and she would not show weakness. She immediately flashed out toward Zhou Wei’s gun. Who knows that she was shot by Zhou Wei, and the sniper rifle rang in the moment of Zhou Wei’s gun. Unfortunately, he was one step slower than Zhou Wei.
Bare, after this shot, I can’t help but leave the pie mouth. I want Zhou Wei to remove obstacles, but I didn’t expect Zhou Wei to get it done by herself. This shot is white and directly hit the gas.
Ye Qing saw that Zhou Wei was so brave that she knew that if she couldn’t kill Zhou Wei, the rest of the other party would follow, and then Point A would immediately fall to the enemy.
At this time, behind Zhou Wei, there are bare, aiming at the plane, and two machine gunners are covering fire. Ye Qing wants to kill Zhou Wei, which is not easy. Even if he can kill Zhou Wei, he will probably pay a painful price.
He weighed the pros and cons and felt that it was important for him to save his life first. He arrived at point B and two teammates had already arrived nearby. He immediately retreated to meet his teammates and then launched a counterattack.
In the two rounds of the game, the I club fell, and the Tiger Brothers attacked quickly. The sniper covered the force. It was really difficult for the I club to fight without knowing the terrain. Plus, they were on the defensive side, and it was difficult to think of any good defensive tactics to limit the opponent’s attack.
The second round is not over yet, and Club I is only one person less than the Tiger Brothers Alliance, but they have now been driven out of Point A, and the other side has firmly controlled Point A in their hands.
Ye Qing joined his teammates and then immediately counterattacked. This time, he didn’t shrink behind but rushed to the front because the two teammates were left, one was a sniper and the other was Tian Wei.
If Tian Peng’s strength is at the forefront, it is estimated that he will be overwhelmed by the spike. If he is a little stronger, he will still be at the forefront himself. He feels that his reaction is faster than Tian Peng’s, and his posture is more flexible, and his safety is higher.
He can also attract the other side’s firepower and create opportunities for Thomas. In fact, he can indeed attract the other side’s firepower by rushing ahead. The most fearful person in the Tiger Brotherhood is that he will naturally give priority to killing him. As the saying goes, catch the thief first and get the king first.
The rain of dense bullets hung over the leaves, and in an instant, the blood volume of the leaves was almost consumed. Tian Feng took the opportunity to shoot at the other machine gunner. His marksmanship was also good. In this case, he would not miss the shot calmly. Otherwise, where he was qualified to become a professional player, he knocked down the other machine gunner as soon as he did.
Thomas also quickly flashed out and fired a shot at an exposed machine gunner. Although this shot killed the machine gunner, he failed to go back. Because bare, quick gun put an end to him again, he thought it was worth it. It was a change for a field, and he killed the other person. He also killed the other person. As a result, there were two people left in the other party and two people on their side. Although Ye Qing’s marksmanship has almost lost its fighting power, Ye Qing’s marksmanship may still be able to kill the other party. Maybe Thomas is still very good.
Thomas has a western face and is often regarded as a foreigner. Sometimes he is very angry, but he often calls himself a real foreigner. He thinks of himself as a China and has a deep sense of identity with China culture and China people.
In fact, westerners are also very good at playing competitive games. For example, jr, the former S-world sniper, was a German. At that time, the sk dynasty dominated an era. That was also the case with the western teams in StarCraft. So was Warcraft in the west, and there were many strong teams in lol. They played quite imaginatively, and their cooperation was amazing. However, in recent years, the competitive level of Asian countries has gradually increased, and the champions and runners-up of these competitive events have gradually been dominated by Asian teams. The two Asian countries with the highest competitive level are China and South Korea.
If the China team wants to win the championship, then the South Korean team can’t get around it. Fortunately, the China team has been forcing the South Korean team to win several wg championships and make the South Korean team lose face. After all, F is issued by the Korean game company.
It’s funny to say that Korean game companies were in a state of bankruptcy when their popularity was very low in their country, but once they sold their agents to China game companies, the game immediately came back to life and became so popular that Koreans followed suit and formed teams to participate in the competition.
At the beginning, this online game was also a popular game in South Korea, and the game company could hardly operate. However, when Shanda Games Company acted as an agent in China, it suddenly became a mess. At that time, it was estimated that 10% of the people in the whole Internet cafe were playing the equipment craze, and it was from that time that some people upgraded and stayed up all night.
F This kind of imitation game is very heavy, and it is also unpopular in South Korea. Koreans probably still think that S is the classic. This kind of imitation game is meaningless, but once represented by Tencent, it immediately became all the rage in China, claiming that there are many players in the dream of shooting with 300 million mice.
If F didn’t let China Game Company act as the agent, but insisted on operating in South Korea, I believe this game didn’t even qualify for wg. If it didn’t have tencent games Company F, it wouldn’t be F now, and there wouldn’t be fpl, ga and many professional events.

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