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Xuanxuan was even more shocked when he saw this scene from a distance. He knew that Li Suiyun meant that his big chapter was to shock the Olympus protoss. He wanted everyone to know his government’s western determination

Li Suiyun walked up to the bound assassins. He could clearly feel their faint natural force from these people. He suddenly smiled and a strange idea came into his mind. These gods are very similar to the druids of later generations. At least they are all proficient in change.
He also disdains this matter, but with a wave of his hand, his brain is a great force that will go out and directly shake these assassins into dust, but he sends someone to pack up those assassins’ weapons and send a fine gift to Zeus.
Hera silently watched Li Suiyun finish this, and her face was full of worries. She didn’t know that Li Suiyun had made a decision, and she didn’t know whether her wish could be achieved. If Li Suiyun really happened with her, she was more sure, but now it seems that hope is so slim.
Li Suiyun laughed and went to a few enemies, but it was a great test. He saw Hera’s appearance of being swayed by considerations of gain and loss, but shook his head slightly and sighed, "If you go there, I will think about it. If you make sense, I will give you an answer. If you are here, it will also increase your variables."
Hera sighed a little, and she couldn’t say much, especially some words from Aphrodite’s field, but her slow pace showed how reluctant she was.
Aphrodite was relieved to see Hera go. She was not a stingy woman, but she loved Li Suiyun too much. She was afraid of losing her appearance. She was not outstanding and fat. Sometimes love was really blind. She sighed lightly and just waited to speak when Li Suiyun shook her head gently.
Li Suiyun obviously has his own thoughts. He shook his head at Aphrodite and said, "You rest. I have something to think about, but I need to fix something important."
Aphrodite saw that Li Suiyun spoke solemnly. Although she was unhappy, she didn’t say much. She nodded silently and went back to the tent. Yu Di saw that Li Suiyun looked unhappy, and she also thought about going back one by one. Yu Li Suiyun paced back and forth alone.
Chapter 23 Think hard and break things up again
Li Suiyun thinks that things are simple to say, but extremely complicated to operate. He thinks that if we can get beyond the realm of saints, we can truly become immortal. After all, when saints face saints, they will die if the gap between the two sides is large enough.
There are several roads in front of him. One is to prove the Tao, but it needs him to practice and temper constantly to cause qualitative change through quantitative change. The other is to practice the Tao and prove the Tao and realize the heaven, so that the mood can finally be integrated into the heaven, thus transcending the present state. The third is to prove the Tao by external forces, but to rely on factors such as weather, geography, human harmony or magic weapons to hold on to it.
However, Li Suiyun doesn’t like external evidence. It seems that external evidence needs to be cut, but he is obsessed with it. He has a very angry feeling when he thinks that he will never be influenced by his feelings again in the future. It seems to him that even if a person cultivates deeply and truly lasts forever, if he abandons everything he has before, he will forget that maybe such a person is not a person in Li Suiyun’s eyes.
In the past life, Li Suiyun couldn’t help sighing secretly when he saw those people who had abandoned their homes and practiced. worldly desires was like a stone man. If even his relatives could say that they had abandoned them, how could he seek benefits after his successful practice? How can you be considerate of people’s sufferings? If abandoning home is a firm conscience, the price is not too high.
Although monks and ordinary people are graded, it seems a little too sentimental. Can a normal person do this even if he has the will to do so?
Li Suiyun, who proved by Tao, is not too sure. After all, it is against his own heart to realize heavenly heart, which is contrary to his practice achievement method.
On the surface, the heavenly heart of the world’s practice method is actually against the sky, but the achievement method created by luggage with the clouds is sometimes against the sky. Although the practice pays attention to conforming to heaven, the most important place, such as the purpose of practice, is to go against the sky. He pays attention to doing whatever he wants without being fettered by others, but if he wants to conform to heaven, isn’t it bound by heaven?
It seems that there is nothing wrong with those who are naturally weak and can conform to heaven, but if they are sexually detached, can they achieve positive results?
It seems absurd for the saints to regard Taoism as more important than life, but it is inevitable. It is an idea and an idea. What is more important for the saints to keep their thoughts alive?
The same is true of Li Suiyun. He knows that it is the best time to shape the literati who have lost their foundation. If people pass on their own orthodoxy at this time, there will be a lot of possible things in the future. Li Suiyun knows that he inherited his own strength through orthodoxy, which is the solid backing of his younger brothers. However, there is a big difference between the Tao and the inherent Tao in his heart. Although he doesn’t know who is right or who can eventually achieve immortality and eternity, he knows that he would never be as happy as he is now if he didn’t clear his own pulse.
Although Taoism may break through the bottleneck and eventually break through the realm of saints, it is much worse to protect the door in the process of Taoism, which is obviously not in his current interests
Since the road is blocked for two days, Li Suiyun’s ability to walk is also a strong proof that there is a way to go. Li Suiyun also prefers this method. He is born with a body and Pangu Jingxue. If he practices, he will get twice the result with half the effort. In this way, he will not be rebellious. His mind is still at large. If he wants to be happy, he can intervene in everything.
In particular, Li Suiyun’s heart is a pulse of his own emptiness. Although there are many magical skills, it is also said that it is all-inclusive. If he takes this opportunity to create several martial arts in his groping, he will return to that emptiness after being sealed, and his brother Tianmen will also have some life-saving tricks.
Just thinking about it, but on a whim, the sleeves take up a lesson. The eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. Although this innate psychic is very powerful, it is not so easy to deduce clearly. It is easy for ordinary people to deduce their lives, but it is not easy to deduce the safety of great events and saints.
Just now, he spied a clue from it, but it wasn’t that something had changed in the East, but that the West had a strong desire to see him. However, from this divination, he couldn’t see that the master was meditating, but he was surprised that he felt a strange force bursting out from the ground.
However, this force is not murderous, and even has no intention of killing. It seems like an invitation to invite Li Suiyun to go to a mountain opposite.
Li Suiyun finally proved the mixed fruit. He didn’t believe that there was anyone in this world except Hongjun bodhi old zu who could hurt him, but he hesitated slightly and smiled. He followed the past with the guidance of that force, but he was about ten miles away from the camp by an ordinary hill.
If an ordinary person wants to be surprised here, the hill has changed a lot, but seeing that the dust on the hill actually creeps up on its own, but it turns into a face for a moment, which is a woman’s face. Although I don’t know where the other person is, I still have to admit that the other person is a woman with elegant personality.
Li Suiyun frowned slightly thoughtfully but smiled gently "Gaia? Gaia, the goddess of the earth? "
The woman smiled slightly, with a soft but dignified voice. "The sage from the East didn’t expect you to set foot on the western land again. I wanted to meet you when you went to the west, but obviously you didn’t plan to live in the west for a long time, but this time it looks different."
Li Suiyun frowned lightly and nodded, "Tell me what you want. I need your answer. After all, you are mysterious. You appeared in the world very early. If I didn’t guess wrong, you were at the same time as my Oriental Taiyi and Di Jun. I want to know what you think of my entry into the West."

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Qin Zhiqiu looked at the warm and condensed face and asked, "Are you all right, Miss?"

Warmly shook his head and pressed his heart. Those thoughts laughed. "I’m fine, but you were brave enough just now. Do you know who Zhuo Mengyun is and dare to argue with her?"
Qin Zhiqiu can’t help saying, "I don’t care who she is. If she dares to treat you like that, I will dare to break her hand. If she doesn’t attack me, I will pay back ten times if she does."
This is very warm to her appetite. Raise your hand and pat her on the shoulder. "Thank you."
Qin Zhiqiu embarrassed smile "big miss welcome lift a finger"
"But you’d better be careful recently. Zhuo Mengyun is narrow-minded. I’m afraid she will retaliate against you. Try not to go out alone. You can call me at any time if you have anything."
"Don’t worry, Miss. Not everyone can bully me."
"Well, be careful."
"Well …"
Qin Zhiqiu left home after a long time of meditation, and when he came home by car with Holy, he was still full of worries, eating cashews and curiously asking, "What’s Warm’s thinking?"
"Qin Zhiqiu" said this name warmly and watched his face change strangely.
"She, what does she have to think?" The sacred complexion is naturally calm.
"She told me a lot in the afternoon, and I always felt that it was not easy for her to appear." Warm tried.
Sacred or a casual expression, but it is full of Zen. "Now it is reasonable to be warm and need this trouble. Something will happen, and when you know it, everything will come out."
Warm and relieved smile "? I just have to wait? "
Holy wink. "Well, let it be."
Smile warmly and say "You want it most"
Smell sacred but pout a depressed look "actually, I don’t think so"
Sacred stuffed a cashew nut into his mouth and chewed it up, only to complain deeply. "If I wanted to, I wouldn’t be crazy about doing waist exercises or eating 3 thousand cashews."
"Poof …" Fu Lei couldn’t help spraying.
"Are you gloating?" Sacred danger. Look past it.
Fu Lei shook his head seriously. "The imperial doctor misunderstood me and I absolutely didn’t gloat!"
"Then what do you spray spray? When you are a watering can? "
"Ahem … I’m an imperial doctor. I’m amazed and deeply admired for sacrificing my spirit."
"Well, that’s more like it."
Fu Lei sneaked a sweat, but fortunately he was witty.
Divine turned his face to warmth and continued to complain. "Warm son, you see that I have moved Fu Lei’s heart as hard as an iron man. This is all about your happiness. Are you moved?"
Warm face a red warning him "you’re enough …"
Say anything! Or in front of Fu Lei?
"Hey, hey ….." When she saw that she was annoyed and sacred, she took out a cashew nut and fed it to her mouth. "It’s more powerful than tonifying kidney and kidney-qi."
Warm "…"
She wanted to eat this and couldn’t swallow it. Her beautiful eyes were wide open and angry, which provoked him to laugh again.
Section 216
When I returned to the Wen family mansion, the servants were carefully cleaning up the rules of the Wen family in the past 100 years. Naturally, it was not as much as usual, nor did it pay attention to warmth until it was a decent day to welcome guests.
Wang Jinyuan was next to the supervisor and commander. He saw warm people coming to greet him respectfully. "Is the big lady and the Grand Duke of God back?"
Warm nodded
Sacred but curious, he asked, "Mr. Wang, what are you doing with people?"
Wang Jinyuan has been very afraid of him since he saw the divine power, for fear that he would give himself medicine and disgrace without knowing it. He was wronged when he died. He quickly smiled and explained, "I’ll take someone to clean it up during the festival."
Sacred as if puzzled, "It’s not like you still have such a big array of sticks in the New Year?"
The people at the door gathered a lot to clean the door, sort out the plaque and clean the stone lion. Even the road at the door had to be swept from beginning to end, which made a lot of noise.
Wang Jinyuan’s face was wrinkled with laughter. "The Grand Duke of God didn’t know. According to the custom of Huadu, two days before the Mid-Autumn Festival, all the married girls have to go back to their parents’ homes for reunion. Let’s marry the Wen family’s great aunt and second aunt, but they are all famous families. When they all come back, how dare we neglect them and naturally treat each other wholeheartedly?"
"Oh, so that’s it." The holy man patted Wang Jinyuan on the shoulder with an epiphany expression and warmth before entering the door. "That’s really hard work for Wang Guanjia. Let’s do it well."
Wang Jinyuan’s body froze and somehow he felt that the place he had touched was not right. He stepped back to one side with a dry smile. "The archduke of God is welcome. I should …"
"Then come on. Oh, don’t let me down."
"… yes"
The sacred hand smiled and left, leaving Wang Jinyuan with a cold sweat on his back. He was thinking about the sacred words in his head, and his face was getting paler and paler, and his heart was in a mess.
Seeing that he looked wrong, his confidant leaned in and asked, "What’s wrong with Mr. Wang, but what’s wrong?"
Wang Jinyuan forced himself to calm down. "Did you just hear the sacred words?"
"I heard it."
"Don’t you think there’s anything wrong?"
The confidant frowned and shook his head for a while. "I don’t think so."
"Isn’t he aware of something warning me not to do anything?"
"There should be no, he just got back to see what? Besides, we haven’t acted on this cough yet. Are you too nervous? Maybe he just casually said that you think too much. "
"I think even if he is an imperial doctor, it is also a high medical skill. Can he still predict the Oracle?"
Wang Jinyuan squinted and pondered for half a ring, and finally decided not to scare himself. Maybe he was really nervous. Besides, he didn’t have the final say. He had to act according to his orders, thinking that he was steadfast in his heart. Many low orders "Do it, remember to be clean and not leave any handle. Those are all fine …"
"You can rest assured that …"

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Before the assassin’s words were finished, he buried himself and rushed to the front of the assassin at an extremely fast speed. With a wave of his sword in both hands, the assassin left his chest to his right neck, and there was an extra straight bone wound.

Blood spattered, and the assassin fell down without even grunting.
The mage was frighten by this sudden change, and stood still with his eyes wide open-he neve dreamed that this poorly equipped woman could kill his companion in a blink of an eye!
Feather’s eyes turned to the mage, and the mage immediately shivered and sang mantras, but it was too late-feather raised his sword and stabbed forward with a radius of about 5 cm. The golden beam flew out from the tip of the sword and drew a perfect golden long line, leaving a round hole in the mage’s heart.
The mage’s body fell down as soon as his eyes turned.
The enemy solved the problem of feather and sword, and his expression was dull as if he were lying there with two people doing it.
Before the night wind, I found out their herbs after groping for a while, and suddenly, these two guys have a herb!
Black herb-it is held by night wind and feather body.
Blue herb-this is from those two cheaters and idiots.
Red, green, purple and white-this is the herb that night wind and feathers lack.
Will grope out one of the herbs to feather after night wind and looked down at the body for a moment, night wind picked up the assassin’s dagger and looked at it.
Weapon name growler
Weapon type dagger
Durability 2/2
Attack power 13-21
Level 55 required to equip weapons
Special effect bleeding (5% chance to cause bleeding damage to the enemy)
Attribute with 4% wind attribute damage
Weapons say that dwarves make weapons with sharp properties that require limiting lethality.
After determining that the dagger has no attribute requirements, the night wind will take it into the capsule-at present, the night wind is not suitable for revealing identity, so the weapon with representative identity will never be taken out at random, so it is perfect to make the dagger a camouflage weapon.
How many people can see that he is the’ night wind’ when using a dagger as a weapon?
"Let’s go!" Night wind rises.
Feather silently nodded and followed the night wind into the depths of the canyon …
In the last few hours, Night Wind and Feather never met other players, even Warcraft.
Along the way, except for rest and eating and drinking, the two men kept on walking and never talked. They kept moving forward in tandem. Finally, the’ road’ they took changed. After four o’clock in the afternoon, the game had entered dusk and they had to continue walking at night, but they came to a mountain road, a mountain road that was really walked out by people!
This island is occupied?
Night wind and feather have the same question.
So, driven by intuitive curiosity, they walked along the road, crossed the suspension bridge, took the mountain road, and finally came to a paradise-a small town!
The people in this town are definitely human buildings. In the middle ages, the same town had no science and technology, but cars were the most basic carriages.
The town is full of joy and laughter. Everyone is hardworking and doing his own thing. He is also very polite to passers-by. Even the two strangers, Ye Feng and Yu, are not excluded, just as Ye Feng and Yu are also part of their town …
Chapter one hundred and twelve The first day of the exam (3)
"Is it? Still stay? " Feather asked
Night wind looked at the town for a moment and said, "Look for a hotel first." Night wind stopped a passerby and smiled, "Excuse me, where is the nearest hotel?"
Passerby A looked at the night wind and pointed to the front and smiled. "Just go straight ahead and walk to the left at the first corner."
"Thank you," said the night wind. He looked back and stared at his feather. "Let’s go!"
Feather didn’t start behind the night wind until after listening to it, and her eyes at the night wind were a little puzzled-just now the night wind smiled and it was very sunny and there was no hypocrisy, just like a real knowing smile …
Cold and proud night wind, children’s night wind and sunshine night wind-which is the real night wind?
After a short walk, Ye Feng and Yu really found the hotel mentioned by passerby A-this hotel is three stories high and relatively large, and the traces of the wall can prove its relatively long past.
Stepping into the hotel night wind came to the counter for the first time. "Does the boss still have a room?"
"Yes, how many rooms do you want?" The boss put on a professional smile.
"Once you have two beds", the night wind is bleak, and the word feather reaction-this is a game that you don’t necessarily sleep in it if you want a room …
After listening to the night wind, the boss fumbled in the drawer for a while and took out a key and handed it to the night wind. "This is the price of 5 gold coins a day. The room is No.27. Please go."
"There’s ten days’ money here. Don’t bother us." After giving five gold coins to the boss, Night Wind took the key and came to Room 7 on the second floor with feather. The room layout was very simple, and there was nothing except some necessities. Two single beds were separated by one meter. The room had a bathroom, a toilet and a kitchen. There were four windows through which things outside could be clearly seen.

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These three times of changing lines and going back and forth are just the reasonable luck of the two skills of "Flying Flash" and "Ghost Hunting" combined with the attack special effects of Qinglong Dao.

Mad dog dragon once again swept back to the origin, and directly turned to the other side with the sword thrown by Qinglong Dao in his hand.
Lan Tianyun in such a situation can actually reflect that he found that the weapon thrown by the other party was thrown at his throat, and his purpose was very overbearing and his head was cut across the board.
But looking at the size and rotation of the broadsword, he gave up the idea of evading and carrying hard, and he quickly raised his shield to protect his face.
The blade fell decisively on the shield
"Oh, what a pity!" Tintin fish can see that the whole process of flashing, sweeping, backhand knife light, sweeping back and backhand broadsword flying in one go is flawed, but it is really heartbreaking that the last key strike is blocked by the shield.
"Hey? You ….. "He suddenly found that 1v3 and the toilet fast chicken teacher were still staring at the central battlefield with a serious expression.
He quickly turned his head to see Lan Tianyun slowly withdraw his shield, revealing a smug smile on his face. "I didn’t expect that, did I?"
It’s really surprising that he not only reacted first-class, but also finally got such a hand.
However, his smile solidified quickly for a second, because he saw Mad Dog Dragon with a big green gun in his hands, which seemed to be burned red, and there was a faint red energy swimming in it, but that was not important. The important thing was that the muzzle was facing him in the dark.
"You didn’t expect it, did you?" Mad dog dragon smiled and pulled the trigger.
"Bang", a shocking gunshot immediately went into the blue sky, and he felt a sudden spasm in his stomach, and the whole person could not help but shrink back.
But every second, a crimson Tiger Claw-shaped flame appeared in front of him, and a fan flew up in his face.
The real fatal blow turned out to be a sniper rifle instead of a Qinglong knife!
This shot took away his last life worth less than 4 points, and he fell to the ground heavily and never moved again.
In ghost mode, where is the most insidious place of the blue sky and the white mad dog dragon? The most elite blow is not a sniper rifle, but a flying dragon knife.
The knife seemed to spin into his throat, but it actually cut into his eyes. The mad dog dragon was sure that in such a hasty situation, the blue sky cloud would be shielded, but the shield not only blocked the blue dragon knife, but also covered the blue sky cloud’s own sight.
This little mad dog dragon finally got a chance to pull out a second weapon.
Of course, this second weapon is not a sword and stick, but a big killer that directly kills you.
This is indeed a blue sky. I never thought that you could beat me again. to be continued
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Real power
Everyone was shocked at the sight of the blue sky and the clouds falling, and one person spoke for half a minute.
Everyone’s eyes were unbelievable when the north wind signaled the Arctic Shenguang people to slowly retreat into the town.
And I can’t believe this scene is still autumn water Iraqis. Once upon a time, a few mad dogs and dragons were dealing with brother Ku, Yan Sha, consumption and jackal, which are all more ghostly than struggling to clean up such fierce people as Lan Tianyun, which is a matter of minutes.
But this time, everyone has not come to boast that there is blue light floating in the sky.
This magic wand flies very fast, and it is conceivable that the strength of the person who controls it is also very strong.
When the stick landed on the ground, the bachelor sister couldn’t help but surprise "Sister Yan!"
To someone it was Yan made yuhua district city, but she looked a little dignified. "A large number of ground support from the Arctic Shekinah has set out to take the lead, and they are masters of the Hall of Fame …"
She paused and looked at the body. "This man is here to take the lead. I suggest that everyone leave quickly."
In a few words, she made the situation clear, and the mad dog dragon sighed that she had made the whole game of Yan Yuhua this time.
Yan Yuhua City recommended drunken laughing days, but actually expected that Mad Dog Dragon would encounter layers of difficulties and pressures in solitary smoke town in the future, so sooner or later, it would find the nearest Mu Zixing eyes for help.
He and Xia Xiaoqing and his bachelor sister Mu Zixing’s eyes will definitely not refuse him for help, because Mu Zixing’s eyes are also coveting the eastern territory, and finally Mu Zixing’s eyes have successfully set foot in this area through the Eastern Dynasty.
Mad dog dragon has thought of Yan Yuhua City. Although it is no longer the president of Mu Zixing’s eyes, she will spare no effort to help Mu Zixing’s eyes.
However, he was not annoyed by a small profit. Once the luck is successful, everyone will win.
Now the whole city of Yan Yuhua suddenly flew here and tipped off the mad dog dragon, and immediately judged that "drunken boss, hole boss, sunny day, you should quickly transport the goods according to the original planned route and leave the rest to me to deal with."
Zuixiaotian and others naturally agreed generously, but the bachelor sister was surprised. "How do you handle it?"
The mad dog dragon looked into the distance and there was a flash of cold light in his eyes. "I will let them go back where they came from."
Yan Yuhua’s eyes flashed. "There are more than a dozen masters in the hall of fame of the other green lion. Almost the rest of the players in they nest have more than two. Are you sure you can compete?"
"If you can’t resist, you have to resist!" Mad dog Long Zhen replied that he had been waiting for this opportunity to appear.
This thing is developing like a pot of water being gradually burned. Now that the water is boiling, it is time to solve the problem once and for all. I believe that the support of the Arctic Shenguang this time should be an elite force of the whole guild. This time, taking the Arctic Shenguang Hall of Fame will definitely lead to the other side’s vitality being weakened for a long time. At the very least, he must never let such a large number of fighting forces enter solitary smoke town. They must be stopped halfway.
Mad dog dragon wants to solve the problem once and for all, doesn’t green-haired lion think so?
He brought out this group of people, except the Hall of Fame’s level 6 master, and none of the other two players was a level 4 player. It can be said that the whole guild is the mainstay. Once this team arrives in Guyan Town, it will directly uproot Mad Dog Dragon and others and drive them out of the East District once and for all.
He believes that the president will do the same when he is at home, because he is safeguarding the core interests of the guild.
But his choice of action route is too direct. It is a straight line from the map. It is really impossible for hundreds of people to support flying magic together. It is too extravagant. This is not the fast action on the ground that the Arctic Shenguang can afford.
At this moment, the large forces have arrived at the Pegasus Grand Canyon, and if they want to pass through this area, they must cross Nu Qujiang.
This is a famous river in exile, which is more than 12 kilometers long and winds through the whole exile. As the name suggests, its river is surging and rushing, and its momentum is like a thousand troops crossing the border, so it is named Nu Qujiang.
If you want to go to the lonely smoke town, you must pass through the Pegasus Grand Canyon, and there is a Pegasus Bridge more than 20 meters away from the river.
The whole stone bridge is 2 meters long and 1 meter wide. It is built on the hillside of the canyon. This end is flat, but the opposite side is a hill. Behind the hill is a rolling mountain.
The mighty army stopped when it reached the bridge, because there was a steel robot across the bridge, which was equipped with the future soldier Mad Dog Dragon.
In the crowd, the shepherd flew immediately to the path around the green lion. "The boss is him! This is his steel armor! "
The green-haired lion was also surprised. Looking at the mad dog dragon, he was surprised not by this steel suit but by the mad dog Gentian.
How dare you stop my two-man army with just one person? What makes you so confident?
Is the knower afraid? Or is there a trap here?
But things have developed to the present, and words are redundant. The green lion waved the whole team and got off the bridge.
In the front row, there are 20 armored soldiers holding big shields in a row. This is to prevent the other side from getting angry with heavy machine guns. It is the archer and the mage. If the archer wants to enter a distance of 100 meters, it will form an arrow rain. If it enters a distance of 50 meters, more than 70 mages in our country will catch fire, and people will stop the killing, and the Buddha will stop the killing, and the two wings will also be protected by experts.
The green-haired lion can’t figure out how Mad Dog Dragon can stop his own side from advancing. Anyway, he has never seen less scenes in 1v2.
A look at the other front soldiers poked around and walked the front bridge. The mad dog dragon couldn’t help sneering and groaning! Next time in Talci Village, it was just a small experiment. Today, I will show you the true power of future soldiers.
The intelligent processor quickly sounds "Start flight mode!"
"Boss, look!" Someone in the team immediately exclaimed.

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It happened that they got a secret of Monty from Master Lianshan in the fire of Moon Island. The combination of good and evil in the sand tunnel of God is really powerful. Ziyun Palace is also hidden in the sea, and it is difficult for the immortals to fly into Qi Daoyou. I knew that they had only three ways out, and that the three girls also had the eldest daughter You Housuo and the reality of bliss all meant to let them go.

The first way is for us to give water to them when we arrive. The second way is to change our minds after giving water. The third way is to be generous and not to do the opposite.
The people we will go to are divided into two cases: Yan Daoyou and I are in the dark, double clouds, double heroes and golden cicadas. They have been practicing Buddhism for many years before, or they will not be rebellious and openly enemies.
After we went, a golden cicada rushed into the stone to save the mother, eager to break into the palace and hurt the god beast. Two, many things arrived together by mistake, causing a dispute. I didn’t expect Song Daoyou to come, but we forgot that you were Xu Feiniang’s sworn brother, and it was really a pity!
But you saved them. What about this time? Nowadays, the era of the end of the law and the end of the robbery is getting closer and closer. People’s aura base disappears and the end of the robbery is entangled with various causes and effects. How can they hide in the past? If they are sheltered by Emei’s luck, it’s okay, but it’s no good if you step in and wait for them. I’m afraid everyone knows what it is. "
Volume 27 Ziyun Feast Chapter two hundred and sixty-four Jin Ting Yu Zhu
After Song Chang Gung hesitated, he said to Chu Feng and others, "You all heard what Bai Daoyou said just now. You have to choose from yourself, but the things in the center jade pillar must be taken out. Not only do you promise me that you have heard others’ thoughts, but you will send someone to take us there sooner or later."
Chu Feng nodded silently. She also knew that the jade pillar in the center must be given. What can I do after that? She got up and led everyone to fly all the way to the center of the palace with others, but before they got to the center, everyone took a fancy to a thick golden light standing there, and the halo flowed faintly. Everyone visually showed that the pillar was probably tens of thousands of meters long and hundreds of meters thick.
After all, a few young players are shallow, and they are gradually lost by all kinds of wonderful palace buildings along the way. Fortunately, the road is not far away. Everyone will soon be here. Everyone knows that it is a forbidden law to operate. Just look at this appearance and you will know how powerful this forbidden law is. No wonder the scattered fairy has lived here for so long and can’t fight it.
Chasing the clouds and laughing, "The ancients are really not comparable to us. So is the forbidden law of such a jade pillar. We can just break it. I’ll come first and pick it up later!" With that, a hundred-meter-long lightning bolt was produced, and then more than a hundred mines were produced one after another. Friction gas produced Chihiro lightning fire.
These thunder and thunder fire went directly to the jade pillar, and the forbidden method of the jade pillar was Guanghua. After the thunder fire burned and shook, it became a golden flame, and it seemed to burn brilliantly. Although the power was forbidden, everyone could still feel the powerful power. The ban was touched, and the power really made them sigh.
After a hundred thunders, chasing after the clouds can’t help but be exhausted for a while. He accepted his hand and smiled. "Hehe, the old man is old. I can get out of this land. It depends on the two places. I didn’t expect such a jade pillar to be so powerful in defense and prohibition. It’s been running for ten thousand years. It’s really amazing!"
While he was nagging, he suddenly heard Yan Yingheng shout, "Don’t show off your breath here, Bai Daoyou. I’ll try!" As he spoke, he instantly changed his hands by a thousand hands, and an obscure spell spit out a handprint. As soon as he raised it, a blue cloud shone in the light of the temple, and a blue 100-meter hand was catching at Yuzhu.
The jade pillar was chopped by the fire of chasing clouds, mines and even burning belts. The brilliance of the hundred pillars has been declining from prosperity to decline. The underground thunder rumbled to Yan Ying, and the blue hundred-meter-long hand grabbed the brilliance of the back pillar and suddenly turned dim and almost disappeared. After a while, the blue hand has gradually shrunk. When the hand shrank to more than ten meters, the golden light of a pillar completely disappeared.
As soon as the golden light ban disappeared, it revealed the same quality as white jade. Yan Ying Heng took a look at Song Changgeng and said, "Now the ban has been broken to see how Daoyou lifted the column to get the treasure. People don’t know who Daoyou intend to let go? If you have a candidate, you will be asked to turn it over and lose the opportunity. "
From chasing clouds and thunder to Yan Ying’s blue 100-meter hand, both of them don’t have a magic weapon to do it by virtue of their physical ability spells. What they mean is to compete with this method here. Song Chang Gung knows that if he has a magic weapon, he will definitely make them look down on them and don’t know what to do then.
Although he knows that his magic weapon is still a treasure, these two people have been practicing for so long, but they always have one or two things, that is, they are fighting with him, Song Changgeng.
Song Chang Gung looked at the others and laughed. "Lingyun and Ziling are both golden mothers, so let them go. Everybody stand back and wait for me to lift this main pillar, and then you will go in." Said and called two people to secretly tell the general situation and what to do inside, and then they will continue to command something.
At this time, the ban was broken, and the main column was released with a faint brilliance. All the other pillars supporting the palace in Ziyun Palace were also shining. When I saw what was going to change at this time, I called out, "Don’t say hurry up. There is not much time for the ban to be restored. Hurry up and lift it up. If you want to break it again after the ban is restored, you will be in trouble."
Song Chang Gung shouted, "Stand back and look at us!" Said his hands clenched fists and drank a whole body burning with a purple flame. Several fine mines were circulating in the surface. His body suddenly grew up like blowing. He was a big man nearly two meters, and now he has grown to more than ten meters when he turned to see it. Everyone was dumbfounded.
The magic of this changing body has long been lost because it is too abstruse. There are still some figures in the myth. I don’t want to appear here now. Everyone looks up at this growing giant chasing clouds. Two people are even more horrified because Song Changgeng grew up not naked, and they feel that Song Changgeng’s strength is also increasing.
I haven’t felt it just now. As he grew up to 100 meters, chasing the clouds, two people couldn’t feel the strength of that power. It felt as unfathomable as the sea. Both of them looked at each other and saw a fear in each other’s eyes. They knew that if they just started, I’m afraid it was unknown whether they could get out alive. After all, this guy is so mysterious and powerful.
Song Chang Gung grew to a height of 1,000 meters in everyone’s surprise. This is his ancient occult science from [blood neurology]. djinn’s body of blood god has reached its limit. This spell is very difficult to test. To say the other places, it is mainly strength. If the strength is not enough, it is also a shell. But if the strength is enough, it is common to move mountains and fill seas.
At a height of 1000 meters, he glanced at Ziyun Palace and saw that the glory of other supporting columns in the palace was ruined because of the ban of the main column. It seems that both of them are connected. Although the jade column Guanghua has retreated, its roots are thick and clear. It is really magnificent and solemn, and it has its own splendor when you look at it from a height.
Yi Jing saw that the jade column Guanghua had gathered materials, and it was put in the near future. Please sit around and transport Xuangong to prepare for one thousand. Although there is a magic weapon to fly out to intercept it, there is always a one thousand. At this time, the underground thunder is getting more and more prosperous, and then everyone listens to the sound of gold and iron, and the main column suddenly turns.
When everyone was busy, they immediately stood up and released the magic weapon flying sword to prevent the treasures at the bottom of the column from flying. Seeing that the main column was turning faster and faster, the jade pillars in the palace also followed the rotation and suddenly shouted "Stop!" The column stopped immediately, and the thunder and lightning in the underground was much lighter. Everyone just breathed a sigh of relief.
I saw the mountain-like giant approaching, holding the main pillar in both hands and yelling "Get up!" " The column was slowly lifted up and gradually held about three feet from the ground. Everyone looked at the base of the column and found a deep color inside. Everyone else in Ziyun Palace was mixed. They didn’t expect that they had lived here for so long and didn’t know there was treasure.
Qi Lingyun and Qin Ziling were ordered to get ready early. Qi Lingyun was busy borrowing from the golden cicada to take a deep look at the bottom of the column. Qin Ziling didn’t neglect an exhibition of dust, and wrapped them in the mirror light and flew away.
When they got to the bottom of the cave, they all transported mana to their eyes. When they looked around, it was a ball with a diameter of more than ten meters. The inside of the sample was extremely hot, and they knew that it was the earth pulse.
In the middle of the cave, there is a brilliant round jade box. In front of the box, there is a plate of cigarettes as thin as silk thread, and there are twelve grotesque magic weapons hanging on the walls. When they see those magic weapons, they are both stunned. There seems to be something to come out in their memory, but it is vague.
After two people froze for a while, they quickly followed the advice given by Song Chang Gung beforehand, and then they took the same magic weapon in a flash. See you later when they finished taking the magic weapon. When they first arrived, there was still more than half of the dish. This treasure was burned in a flash, and most of them were added. Although the two people had dust and insulation, it was still unbearable.
Especially when picking up the treasure, the hand is as straight as a chestnut in the fire, and it hurts to bake. When the magic weapon of the wall is taken out in turn, the incense has been burned for two laps. Two people know that the most important incense in the jade ball is put together as soon as it is burned. This is the true place of the center of the earth. If it is buried in the sky, it will never be seen.
Qi Lingyun was in a hurry and couldn’t help but reach out to hold the jade box. Who knows that the jade ball is as heavy as Mount Tai, and you can’t move it with all your strength. Qin Ziling suddenly remembered that he forgot to kneel down and hurriedly pulled Qi Lingyun to turn over and prostrate himself. When the fragrance was burned, there was only a half-ring crisis.
The two men rushed up and grabbed Qin Ziling’s hand and hugged the ball. They felt light, surprised and happy. When they turned around, the fragrance was left with three or two inches to dazzle.
Ji Lingyun took the coral case, Qin Ziling, wrapped in a long trail of dust, and flew out. As soon as they saw Song Chang-geng, the giant turned into a land, their hands were clasped around the main jade pillar, and they were flushed and white as steam. When they came out, they immediately loosened their hands. As soon as the jade pillar landed, they heard the bottom ring slightly and didn’t move.
When you look at it again, you will see a golden light on the jade pillar from weak to strong, and then it becomes a thick piece. The white jade pillar has turned into gold as if it had not disappeared just now.
When they looked up again, the giant of Song Chang Gung Hua had disappeared. His positive color was as usual, and he looked at Yuzhu there as if there were any treasures there, which made everyone draw their souls straight.
Volume 27 Ziyun Feast Chapter two hundred and sixty-five Affectionate
In fact, Song Chang-geng’s surface is fine, but there is something wrong with his body. Therefore, he just understood himself after thinking. He didn’t take a dive like tian hu for a while to straighten out his body and get familiar with new forces because of various things. As a result, he has been suppressing various problems and suffered a little injury when Yuanjiang broke the ancient ban.
After this huge body was enlarged by various forces, many problems of pre-suppression were reflected after the body was enlarged. In fact, the method of cultivation by Song Chang-geng is not the same as the popular method now, and the problem of cultivating Taoist and Buddhist methods is even more serious by improving the characteristics of [blood nerve].
You know, in today’s Chinese practice world, after several evolutions, a popular basic practice mode is that from the foundation period, it goes through the refining period of heaven and earth, reaches the innate period and can communicate with the aura of heaven and earth, and then produces the aura of heaven and earth, but freedom makes the aura of heaven and earth. Although each method has its own emphasis, the base mode has not changed.
Then Dan broke and gave birth to Yuan Ying, and then Yuan Ying’s out-of-body experience coagulated like a stranger, so he could step into the stone in a thousand miles, but get into the water without drowning in fire or burning, gather and disperse at will, or simply unite with the flesh as a normal person, so this process is especially true of Buddhism, Taoism and magic.
Now, both good and evil are cultivated in this way. Even Buddhism has the practice method of sarira corresponding to the golden body of the golden elixir and corresponding to the Yuan baby. But in ancient times, it was not so practiced. The improvement of blood nerve by Song Chang-geng is an ancient practice method. The strength in his body is stronger than that of a man who robbed him, but there is no Yuan baby.
You know, he has absorbed the skill for three or four thousand years, but according to the popular cultivation method, if the method is correct and perfect for more than a hundred years, Yuan Ying can achieve a high degree of robbery, although his skill is very low. Liu Bo is an example, but such cultivation is fast and fast, but his strength is weak, which is different from that of Song Chang-geng’s cultivation method, which has absorbed thousands of years of vigorous strength.
According to the popular cultivation method now, although the skill is very low, it is very safe. After all, this is the safest method that has evolved after several years. Song Chang-geng’s improvement of cultivation [blood nerve] is the pursuit of fast magic teaching, and the hidden danger is great, which is also the case with the improvement of ancient life. If it is not for his accidental robbery that changed the strength geology, I am afraid that a long fault will be revealed.
However, on what type of method he practiced, he should dive for a while when his physical strength changed after the robbery. Now the problem came out when he didn’t go to dive for a while. When he was in the East China Sea, the bliss reality knew that he should be told to dive, but he didn’t say it because he was afraid of him.
Fortunately, after his strong body can suppress the residence to return to normal size, he is trying to suppress the body’s improper thinking. He wants to quickly end things here and go back to Qianxiu, and his sample and state are surprised by what he has just brought. Yun Sou and Yan Ying Wei didn’t even find it wrong now. They are now looking at Qin Ziling’s things and want to divide them.
But Qin Ziling didn’t pay attention to the sign of chasing clouds, but came to Song Chang Gung with Qi Lingyun. Just now, his giant made two women feel uneasy, and a wisp of affection was unconsciously tied to his body. This is also a shameful thing. After all, people’s ability is to pursue long-term peace and security, so they took shelter measures such as clothes and houses.
And women have a kind of attachment to powerful men because of congenital reasons. How can they not be tempted to see Song Changgeng’s appearance like a giant spirit? Conditions are affectionate to him.
A woman’s instinct is very strong. Qin Ziling doesn’t have any obvious signs now, but her intuition Qi Lingyun seems to have a little special idea about her husband, which makes her confused and doesn’t know what to do. After all, Qi Lingyun was born in Tianyi Jinmen a few years ago, and even after her reincarnation, her memory was suppressed, but the sisterhood is still here, which makes it difficult for her to choose.
Two people came to Song Chang Gung’s side. Qi Lingyun will take a magic weapon and give it to his avatar. He even praised Qin Ziling, but he carefully asked, "Just now, it was very difficult for you to hold the jade pillar and it was steaming all over. It was even more anxious when it was put. So? But what hurt? "
Ji Lingyun was jealous and envious of Qin Ziling’s little wife’s appearance. Song Chang-gung simply suppressed his body and said, "This main cylinder is really straight-through. In those days, the Golden Mother made a small hole in the cylinder to hide her treasures."
When she was soaring, she calculated that there was a dish of water incense in the future, which burned very slowly in the middle. As soon as the wind saw it, it could burn out in an instant, and as soon as it went out, it closed itself. On the theory that the characters were all in harmony, I couldn’t save it even if I closed the ash hole. How can you not be in a hurry? "
Qin Ziling listened to her husband’s worry, and her heart was very sweet. She was looking at him with emotion and wanted to say a few thoughtful words. Qin Han Calyx and Shuangying had rushed over and cried, "What are you talking about? Show us what you’ve got here, baby. See if there are any things we can hide for thousands of years. "
Stared at her Qin Ziling said with a straight face, "You see how old you are and still so crazy? So many people here don’t know how to pay attention to the image. Do you have a magic weapon? We are the magic weapon of the then period, and there is no amount that can divide your inner earth and increase your strength and moral heart is the root. "
Qin Han calyx and Shuangying both shrank their necks and vomited small tongue’s eyes. They just didn’t look at Qin Ziling because they knew that Qin Ziling said good things, and they also didn’t want to refute Li Yingqiong. They looked at Song Chang-geng and winked at her eyes, constantly gesturing to Qi Lingyun’s magic weapon. It was cute and weird.
Song Chang Gung told Qin Ziling with a smile, "Well, now they don’t have a good magic weapon at this stage. Let’s have a look. If they do, it’s not a great thing to give them points. How do you say Lingyun is here? When the old people will copy the method, they will get her a magic weapon and thank her for taking risks with you."
Qi Lingyun’s heart warmed up and quickly refused, but Song Changgeng shut her up with a word. Song Changgeng said, "Sister, these are all my little gifts. Don’t you think we can’t have them?"
Several people cajoled the copy method to see the magic weapon. All the people in Ziyun Palace were hung aside. These twelve magic weapons are extremely magic weapons. In addition to Shuangying and Qin2 sisters, they each took a piece of Qi Lingyun and Zhou Qingyun, and they also took a piece of Zhou Qingyun, or Song Changgeng personally sent it to her and forced it to make Zhou Qingyun blush with shame as a bigger red cloth, but My Sweetie did.
However, Qin’s sisters and Qi Lingyun were a little tasty. Finally, they were given a set of round jade balls to Yan Ying Heng and Zhuiyun Qi Lingyun. Even Shi Sheng and Liu Bomu each gave a magic weapon. Finally, he put away four magic weapons and looked at them himself. Six people in Ziyun Palace were in a blaze. In Song Changgeng’s eyes, it was nothing.
At the beginning, he got more than a dozen treasures in Yuanjiang, but he didn’t arrange them. How low was it? It seems that there are a lot of things. Four pieces are really not in his heart. But in the eyes of the six people in Ziyun Palace, it is the highest-grade magic weapon they have seen. You know, none of them have been jealous until now.
But don’t say that any one of the three people chasing the clouds at the venue can twist their six to death. Just now, Song Chang-gung showed that the giant avatar was enough for them to be shocked, but the six people didn’t want to rob them. When the previous six people discussed it, Huizhu and Jin Xunu discussed the submission to Song Chang-gung. Now this heart is even hotter.
Even Chu-feng, with a proud and gentle attitude after many things, knows her own shortcomings and has a strong sense of joining, but San-feng and Dong-xiu are reluctant to join them. Things they want will always pass, and when these people leave, they can still dominate the house, although they will dominate the palace.
However, once they joined the party, someone took care of the good things, so they didn’t have their share, and so on. They thought much more, but in any case, everything had to be solved. After they were all distributed, they saluted Chu Feng and said, "It’s a lucky day for a few of them to come here. How many of them stayed for a glass of water and wine on my three sisters’ birthdays?"
Chasing the clouds, they knew that Song Chang-geng was trying to seize Ziyun Palace here, but it couldn’t happen. Everyone got something, so they refused, "Hehe, we appreciate the host’s kindness. We still have to hurry back. After all, there are too many things to do in Emei, and we don’t know each other. I’ll ask a few people to attend the ceremony then."
Before everyone could answer, Qi Lingyun interjected, "Speaking of which, our misunderstanding is also my younger brother’s recklessness. Since the three palaces mainly celebrate their birthdays, how can we leave now? Although we came here in a hurry without a gift, we have to do our best. Senior Bai and Senior Yan have something to do first, so we can take Tianyi Zhenshui back after drinking Shoujiu."
Make track for the cloud barbary eyes narrowed and looked at the spirit cloud and looked east and west. Song Changgeng suddenly turned white. The old bark squeezed out an ugly smile. "So I’ll walk first, and the spirit cloud and the light cloud will take the golden cicada here to wish you a long life. Is there anything else for Yan Daoyou? Shall we go together? Master, please put the sacred sand tunnel. "
At the beginning of the phoenix, it quickly choked the tactic and hit the tunnel to ban Yan Ying Heng. She nodded her head in a masterful manner and swept the crowd at a glance and turned into a golden light. She took her apprentice Xuejun Jiang to break and chase the clouds. After a meaningful look at the double clouds, she also turned into a golden light and chased them out through the sand tunnel to return to Emei.
Volume 27 Ziyun Feast Chapter two hundred and sixty-six Peach Blossom Demon
Looking at the back of Yan Ying’s mentoring, Xu Fei Niang’s eyes are faint with hatred, but she also knows that now is not the time to retaliate. Fortunately, people in the science of uniting the land don’t lack most is the situation and she has a lot of help.

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The third flash flashed behind him again, and the "sloped" night shadow drew a large spark in the armor.

Red wound value "-12!"
Fengyun smiled and was not to be outdone. Turning around and hitting the mad dog dragon with a fly also produced a red injury value of "-52!"
This mad dog dragon was surprised by the other person’s body, which is definitely a damage reduction attribute. His high attack power has been weakened by almost one time. It is impossible to shake the wind and cloud by changing to an ordinary player. It seems that Brother Ai has a point. If you can’t take this guy away in one set, something will definitely happen.
In fact, Fengyun smiled more surprised than he did, because he instantly calculated that Mad Dog Dragon really hurt this little guy, and he had nearly 20,000 attacks and nearly 10,000 physical defenses. No wonder so many people died in this little hand.
However, Fengyun’s smile has not been magnified, and he will not be given a chance because the mad dog dragon takes root.
When hundreds of millions of viewers watched the mad dog dragon disappear and reappear, twelve avatars formed a circle and surrounded the situation with a smile.
Fengyun smiled and Huang Guangda was obviously ready for hard work.
When the avatar came through, the wind and cloud smiled. Although the body sparkled, the head injury values were all the same as miss.
But it’s not over, because the wind and cloud smile, about 1 square meter of beaches on the ground in the center are lit up, and it looks like a magic mark from the top.
Not good!
Fengyun smiled and found that all his attributes were plummeting. This must be some kind of attribute reduction field.
Fengyun laughed and drank himself into a golden flame. In the face of the sudden mad dog dragon, he didn’t guard against it. He actually fought against each other with a bayonet. Both of them had large damage figures pouring out of their heads.
Fighting for a smile obviously can’t be compared with mad dog dragon. In a few seconds, he was hit four times and more than five times, and his health was less than five points. Yang immediately pushed mad dog dragon away.
And the mad dog dragon took advantage of a long somersault and landed in the same place, and something terrible finally happened, and it was constantly blown up like a green flame.
This is "the realm of kings", which is an artifact. The goal of power is directed at the soles of the feet.
"Bang" is a muffled sound, and then Rao is a Fengyun smile, so that the soldiers are all washed more than ten meters high by the huge impact force, and then "Bang" is a shocking noise, and Fengyun smile directly turns into light and flies away in the eyes of hundreds of millions of people.
"good!" Love crime leads the applause.
Zhuifeng in the main hall suddenly sighed, and Dazang looked puzzled. "What’s the matter?"
"Nothing!" Zhuifeng shook his head. In fact, what he wanted to say most was that half a year ago, Mad Dog Dragon could never win a smile, or it could be said that no one could kill the wind and cloud with one stroke. Now Mad Dog Dragon has done it, which can’t prove that Mad Dog Dragon’s strength is really against the sky. It’s the boots of Mad Dog Dragon’s feet.
Make track for the wind ten times * * can be sure that those boots are probably artifacts.
At every grand event, there is always a person who comes with an artifact, and the person who owns the artifact is the first person on the last day.
In the past, he was looking forward to a sword and snow confrontation, but now he is eager for the artifact battle.
Da Cang seems to have thought of this, too. He smiled and said, "I won’t fight with you."
Zhuifeng frowned and said, "What?"
Dazang smiled. "I’m strong. This is my limit. It’s really meaningless for me to fight you."
That’s true. The strength of chasing the wind is much higher than that of Dazang, and the same people will kill each other.
His abandonment means that Zhuifeng directly entered the semi-finals.
Two people are chatting xiaojia suddenly appeared behind two people.
Dazang smiled "Long time no see"
Xiao Jia is also laughing. "I have something to ask you alone."
Zhuifeng laughed, "I’m going out for a walk."
As soon as he left, he put away his smile. "I wonder what I can do for you?"
Michelle laughed. "You’re welcome."
Dazang laughed. "I’m very happy to help Miss Qu."
Xiao Jia put a memory in the trading column and solemnly said, "This is a video made by General Manager Wu."
Da Cang took it. "What’s in it?"

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It turns out that the emperor is also worried about the sneer at the other queens’ hearts, but his expression is still slightly pulling the corners of his mouth. "Isn’t it allowed for Chen Jiafu’s family to kill his father-in-law’s family?" It’s better to prevent the people’s mouth than to prevent Sichuan. Now every day, I know that Chen Gong’s death and grievances will only be paid to Chen Jia’s peace if he complies with the public opinion. If he comes to me in the opposite direction, Zhao Wang himself will be ashamed to live in this world! "

The prince of Zhao is so scary. Although most of the royal people are not sincere, at least even Xie Zhenxuan, a cold-hearted person, will care about his own mother and often secretly go to pay homage behind someone’s back. However, it is a pity that the prince of Zhao is cruel and heartless. It is not worth the death of such a good girl as Chen Jia.
The emperor’s choked words can be said to be boring for a long time before saying, "I don’t know this truth again?" I’m afraid of that kid Jingxing. "Now he thinks of Xie Jingxing, and it makes him feel bad. Especially when he is old, he loves to think about the past. When he was whipped by the prince of Zhao in Zuoshunmen, he often felt guilty. I don’t know how to face this sun and hope that he will live a smooth life in the next day. There will be no more storms.
The Xie Ting queen’s face finally changed. She took a look at the emperor and hated it for half a day before she resisted her dissatisfaction and sank. "What are you afraid of?" ! Don’t say anything else, even if it is Jinghang, this Chen Jiafu family is imperative! He has been living behind Chen Jiamou’s back for so long that he was almost killed by his own old man several times. If he has eyes to see, he should be able to see what day he has lived over the years! The same is to stay in Shengjingshi. What do you think of Chen Wang’s treatment of Xie Ling? Let’s see how Zhou Wang thanked Xie Yuanan. And then you think about what kind of day it is to visit him. ! Imperial servants and concubines know that people’s hearts are hard to be biased, but they can’t be too biased! His mother’s princess died early, wronged Zhao Wang and rejected him. How much injustice did he bear for being alone? If you don’t clear his mother’s name, why don’t you make him feel at home and stand in Zhao Wangfu? !”
The emperor’s words can be said that he has always felt guilty about Xie Ting’s heart. After listening to the queen’s words, he felt a little self-satisfied and had nothing to find to change the subject. "When it comes to Jing Hang, he is not too young. It’s time to find a princess. Those people who do things without the articles of association have long let them do things until now, and there is no fruit. Take this opportunity to choose a noble family for Jing Hang to match this child. It’s time to find more words."
The queen heard that the service road "does not necessarily mean that the list of candidates is just what I mean? It doesn’t have to be a noble family, a child with a good appearance and a good temper. That’s the difficulty." The difficulty is that you have to understand that he is willing to accompany him to bear the storm with him. The queen pondered once and added, "Let’s ask does to show me the list first."
When the emperor saw that the queen actually went out to see the list in person, it was a little unexpected that the queen had been in charge for a long time. Anyway, it was something to be happy about. He had not received a response from the queen for a long time, so he laughed, "Then ask Cui An to send it to you and show it to you. Hello, carefully pick them all once." He wanted to give a good choice to all sixteen scenic spots, but thought that the queen might not be willing to pick others, but she still didn’t come out after all.
Because the emperor rarely got the queen’s opinion, his ministers were no longer deadlocked. On the second day, he paid tribute to Shen Qiao in the DPRK. It was not easy for him to protect the descendants of the Chen family. The deputy governor of Douchayuan, the governor of Jiangxi Chen family, changed his name to Chen Jiayan when he arrived in Liunian Shen. The original Chen family confiscated all the things and returned them to the Chen house in Qingshui Lane. In addition, he was given a reward of 320 silver 520 to reopen the ancestral temple and rebuild the ancestral memorial.
When the news reached Chen Jiayan’s ear, he was in the God of Food Club Wei Jinran. After listening to the good news, they were silent for a while. Suddenly, huge cheers broke out. Diners all came to congratulate him. Even Xiao Er and the shopkeeper came to join in the fun. Wei Jinran didn’t respond for a long time when he saw Chen Jiayan. He was worried that he was scared to death by the good news and shook him a few times. He didn’t forget to deal with it for him while walking out. He told him to "This is a great event. You will stay with Chen Gongren and send gratuities to the public."
Pulled out of the Gourmet’s House and jammed into the carriage, Chen Jiayan didn’t return to absolute being until the carriage. He was dragged into the house by Wei Jinran and suddenly stopped for half a day, kneeling on the ground and crying.
He cried so hard that he seemed to vent his grievances and grievances for so many years.
Wei Jinran wanted to pull him up at first, but he didn’t dare to pull him up like that. After thinking about it, he respectfully kowtowed to the sky with his knees and sighed, "Grandpa Chen and the Chen family have finally come to the younger generation. Wei Jinran congratulated you!"
A waiter has come out and asked him to pick up the order. Wei Jinran pulled him up, patted him on the shoulder and laughed. "Go!"
The eunuch who announced the decree has arrived at the door of the Shenyang Grand Opening to greet the incense table carefully, clean hands, burn incense and kneel down to meet the decree.
It’s the second time around the emperor to announce the edict. When Fu Ying and other eunuchs read the edict, they smiled and congratulated Shen Qiao and Chen Jiayan. "It’s really gratifying to congratulate the Chen family. Now it’s important for Master Shen to come home!"
Shen Qiaolian did not dare to give him a packet in front of the machine. Yingfu sleeve smiled and rushed to Chen Jiayan. "This is really a great event. Chen Gong did not know when to move? I congratulate you here first, even if you have to meet again in a few days. Many people will ask about a glass of wine. "
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Shen Qiaolian did not dare to give him a packet in front of the machine. Yingfu sleeve smiled and rushed to Chen Jiayan. "This is really a great event. Chen Gong did not know when to move? I congratulate you here first, even if you have to meet again in a few days. Many people will ask about a glass of wine. "
Chen Jiayan approached a few steps and handed over "The supervisor said that it is too heavy to ask the supervisor to come to the door, so I must prepare wine and wait for the supervisor to come."
Ying Fu smiled and was more enthusiastic about Chen Jiayan than Shen Qiao. After a few minutes of greeting, he went straight to the sedan chair.
After watching Yingfu go to Shen Qiao Song, I took a breath and patted Chen Jiayan on the shoulder. "After that, you will stand on your own feet. I can finally give my husband an explanation and regret it!"
Chen Jiayan folded his robe and knelt in front of Shen Qiao and touched his head. "Thank you, Uncle Shi, for caring for me for so many years. I have never forgotten my kindness to the Chen family."
It seems that in a blink of an eye, the little guy has grown up in a ruined temple. Shen Qiao couldn’t help pulling him up with tears. He told him, "It’s very difficult to set up a door for the Chen family. There are no others except you. At the beginning, the relatives of the three families have never seen anyone come to help you when you were in trouble, so it’s better not to ask them when you move to Chen’s house, not only because they want to show the world, but also because they want to let your ancestors know that the Chen family branch is still extinct."
Chen Jiayan smell speech sip sip lip seems to want to say something, but still nodded and agreed and added, "I want to invite my cousin to come with me that day. He is my grandfather’s first grandchild and the descendants of the Chen family’s first branch are eligible to enter the ancestral temple."
It’s better to have one more person. Besides, Chen Jiayan, a Chen family is really too thin. This requirement is not too much. Shen Qiao nodded and added, "We should invite a respected old man in the family."
It’s not a clique and from ruin. Where can anyone be respected? Chen Jiayan sneered, "This is not necessary. It will be enough for my cousin to be together."
Shen Qiao knew that his mind also felt that it was very picky, so he nodded and agreed to add, "It’s time to start moving another day. You are diligent to go to the Ministry several times to bring back the things you should bring back and then renovate the old house."
The list of does was soon presented to the queen. Most of the lists were daughters of officials in the five dynasties, among whom Xie Zhenxuan, the sixth emperor, was the eldest granddaughter of Ru Ning Bofu, the eldest daughter of Huai ‘an Houfu, and the first daughter of Li Rui, the assistant minister of does. The queen went over to Xie Yun and chose their origins. The portraits looked good, too.
When it’s Xie Ting’s turn, it’s a little embarrassing to attach a thin piece of paper to the roster. It’s all about five officials’ daughters and even some military women. That piece of paper is just a portrait of three or four people, and it’s also a very different treatment compared with other people.
The queen was so angry that she threw the manual to the ground and sneered, "Do something good!"
Chui An was waiting to see the queen send such a big fire that she couldn’t even hang her head out of the atmosphere for a while.
The queen immediately named him "Cui An!"
Cui An was busy before he trembled. Although he was used to being tactful, he was afraid of the queen who had been in trouble with the emperor. Now the weather is hot, and a layer of sweat has poured out from his forehead, but he hurriedly knelt in front of the queen.
The queen gave him a sarcastic look and pointed to the roster. "Take this roster to the emperor and tell him that the palace wants to ask him what kind of noble family those first girls are!"
Cui An hurriedly picked up the roster and bowed respectfully to the queen before quitting. When he was outside, he dared to breathe a sigh of relief. When he touched his face, he was all sweaty. He was afraid to speculate on the ups and downs of the queen’s temper. It was frightening, but the emperor had no objection to the queen’s temper. He did not dare to neglect and rush to send the roster to the emperor.
The emperor happened to have lunch in Shu Fei Changle Palace. It was a good idea to look at the fun. Cui An wiped her face and sweated the whole story, revealing that the queen was very unhappy and handed the list to the emperor.
The emperor just turned over a few pages and then became furious and said, "strange thing!" "
Shu Fei got a fright when she saw that the emperor suddenly changed face, and quickly took the lead in kneeling to take care of Luo Xiuzhu. She just brought people in to tidy up and was busy kneeling on the ground. At that time, Shu Fei angered the emperor and was nervous.
The emperor didn’t come, but they looked at Cui An with a cold face and asked, "Who made this list?" ! Are all the people in the ritual department dead? "
Shu Fei didn’t know what she was doing when she knelt on the ground. She glanced at the book and saw the emperor open the page, which happened to be the bottom of Zhao Wangshi’s name and the names of several girls. Suddenly, she understood where the emperor’s anger came from and knelt on the ground.
Cui An hasn’t come to answer, and the emperor has already said coldly, "Go! Ask the Ministry of Rites who made this list and then bring that person to the Taiji Hall for me! "
It was none other than Chen Jiyuan’s adoptive father and assistant minister Li Rui who made this list. He was suddenly announced and didn’t know what it was. He tried to be brave and ask Cui An several times, but he was scared by Cui Anna’s smile. He finally swallowed his words back. When he got to the Taiji Temple, he felt that his legs were weak. When he saw the emperor, he was busy kneeling on the ground and screaming for fear that the emperor was Chen Jiyuan. Although he kept arguing that he didn’t know Chen Jiyuan’s true identity, he took him in. However, the emperor seemed to believe it if he was reported by a willing heart.
"A few years ago, I began to ask the Ministry of Rites to prepare for the selection of school-age women to marry the emperors and grandchildren. Did you make this list?"
Li Rui hung his head and didn’t dare to look at it. He nodded, "Going back to the emperor is a minister’s office." He was stunned by the head-on fall to the roster, and a hot nose actually shed nosebleeds.

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"Well, I like to make my own coffee …"

"Oh …"
Jiang Xue Bud picked up a magazine and leafed through it after seeing him drink coffee.
As he leafed through the magazine, he whispered, "I don’t know your name yet. My father has never asked me to take care of women. I’m curious about which big consortium you are?"
He didn’t see a trace of emotion in his black-and-white eyes to look up and glance at her lightly.
Jiang Xue Bud couldn’t stand the temptation of delicious coffee and drank a few eloquences and said, "I’m not the daughter of a big consortium …"
"Is that the daughter of an important political figure?"
Jiang Xue Bud shook his head again. "No, I’m just an ordinary person …"
Han Yunxi’s expression finally showed a surprised look. "Ordinary people?"
There was an undisguised surprise in his tone.
He has never taken care of any woman since he was a child.
If the background is not very great, how can the family master pay so much attention to it?
He thought for a moment, and then a light smile came from the corner of his lip. "Then do I know who brought you the date?"
Jiang Xue bud thought he was a little strange.
Just now, although his attitude is amiable and polite, his expression and eyes are light and somewhat indifferent.
Now that he smiles, those feelings of indifference and alienation disappear.
This smile is really like a spring breeze.
"Of course, but I’m Leng Ao Xuan …"
Han Yunxi was slightly stunned and then his eyes appeared. Section 1848: It turned out to be me.
"Of course, but I’m Leng Ao Xuan …"
Han Yunxi tiny one zheng immediately eyes out of the eyes.
No wonder the master asked him to take care of her personally.
It turns out that she is a cold and proud woman.
That one is very popular in black and white [
The man who is called a business geek.
He had heard of Leng Aoxuan a long time ago.
His name is not only well-known in China, but also a very resounding name abroad.
As loud as his name, and his woman.
It is said that that woman is Leng Aoxuan’s baby pimple, and Leng Aoxuan is extremely kind to her.
After being with her, Leng Aoxuan has never seen another woman around him.
"Excuse me … are you Miss Jiang?"
Jiang Xue bud nodded "hmm".
Han Yunxi sloped a smile.
He’s completely relaxed. If he didn’t know what his mood was just now, it would be obvious now.
He smiled with absolute pleasure.
Eyes corners of the mouth are hung with a shallow smile.
It’s completely different from Han Yunxi’s expression that makes people feel a little alienated and indifferent.
His attitude change quickly surprised Jiang Xue Bud.
"Turns out to be … I also …"
Speaking of which, he smiled again.
He also said that this woman is a blind date deliberately arranged by the master.
He is also twenty-three this year, not too old, but it is really abnormal that he is twenty-three and has no women around him in this circle.
Because she arranged a blind date for him, his attitude was a little bad [
Now that he is a cold and proud woman … His heart will naturally relax.
"What do you want?"
Jiang Xue bud looked at him with a puzzled face.
Han Yunxi shook his head gently, and his slender white fingers gently stroked the edge of the coffee cup with a gentle voice. "It’s nothing, Miss Jiang. Isn’t that a special gift for your neck chain? Section 1849: A quick knock at the door.
Han Yunxi shook his head gently, and his slender white fingers touched the edge of the coffee cup gently. "It’s nothing, Miss Jiang. Isn’t that a special gift for your neck?"
Jiang Xue Bud followed his eyes and looked at his chest and smiled. "I like this chain very much and I have been wearing it …"
Han Yunxi seems very interested in this chain.
He stared at the chain for a while and smiled. "Can you bring it to me if it’s convenient?"
Jiang Xue Bud paused again and listened to him and said with a smile, "It seems a little strange for me to make such a request … just pretend I didn’t say anything" [
"There’s nothing you want to see."
This chain … just come. I’m looking for you to wear it …
Jiang Xue Bud stretched out his hand and took the chain and handed it to him. "This is Aoxuan begging for me in a temple …"
Han Yunxi stretched out his hand and took the chain with a hint of warmth, which made him a little embarrassed and his cheeks were radiant with a faint glow.
To have returned to normal state chain in the moment he took over suddenly bursts with strong white light.
The small bottle-like pendant flickered like a flame.
Han Yunxi was surprised that the white light enveloped him all.
He screamed and fell down on the sofa.
A wisp of penetrating body slowly pulled away from his body.
That’s … the soul of the stream …
Jiang Xue Bud was surprised, and his heart thumped like a drum roll.
Seeing that the soul of the silent moon is about to be pulled out of his body, there is a sudden knock at the door.
Then I heard someone outside worrying and shouting, "Young Master, are you all right?"
This burst of shouting is about to be pulled out of Han Yunxi’s body, and the soul will return to the other body as soon as it comes.
White light … Suddenly disappeared …
Han Yunxi still holds her chain in her hand, but the whole person is already in a coma on the sofa.
Knocking on the door is getting more and more urgent. "Miss Jiang … Section 185: Guilty and hanging his head."
Han Yunxi still holds her chain in her hand, but the whole person is already in a coma on the sofa.

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Tang Luoling’s speculation is unreasonable. After all, these two methods are only available in Lei Bangguo.

Bamboo nodded with shame. "I was poisoned in the fierce weather. Can I tell you that I didn’t know until today?"
"Don’t worry, I didn’t don’t believe you and I didn’t doubt that it was you. After I stayed with the female emperor, I didn’t know that it was all about Zunyuan’s female emperor hiding from you. It was also because of your elder sister’s floating willow to serve wine. I want to ask what is floating willow Yanjun? She wants to kill Xu Ruoyuan? "
She spoke softly but made them all hear clearly.
"I’m still looking into this matter."
Bamboo bitter smiled so replied.
"Don’t check that Xu Ruoyuan is pregnant with Yan Junhai and not holding an eagle."
The speaker was Xu Yuan 1548 Chapter 1548 Discuss 3
Everyone is one leng, they didn’t expect it to be like this.
The most nervous person is bamboo.
"Yuan Mo, this matter is very big. You can’t talk nonsense."
Xu Yuanmo looked like "bamboo, I’m not talking nonsense. I don’t have the ability to inherit. How can Xu Ruoyuan be pregnant with other children!"
Tang Luoling looked at each other with a sigh in a fierce day. "I can prove that the eagle leader is really incapable of inheriting."
Is YanJun should be a statue of yuan female emperor Toy Boy will Xu Ruoyuan hook up?
And what role does floating willow play here?
Bamboo frowned. "Listen to your one-sided statement on this matter, and you are still not sure whether Yanjun Xu Ruoyuan really has an affair."
"Xu Ruoyuan died of a purple snake, which is a poisonous snake in Leibang country and three purple snakes in Piaoliuju. Who killed Xu Ruoyuan if he wasn’t killed by Piaoliu?"
Tang Luoling frowned. "Do we need to believe what we see before our eyes instead of denying it?"
There are too many matches in this matter!
Yun Lietian analyzed in the side, "If Grandfather Linger says it is true, aren’t you afraid of any accidents with floating willows around Zunyuan female emperor?"
When the words came out, his face changed slightly.
Once the female emperor really has an accident, Zunyuan country will be in chaos!
Tang Luoling took his hand and comforted, "Don’t worry, they are sisters and will be fine."
Bamboo nodded and his face was reluctant. "Don’t worry too much about this matter. Let’s think about it first. If you want to leave the floating frost castle, my sister will send someone to my Qiuju Xiangyuan again. Once the female emperor is tough, I can’t resist it."
"Master Bamboo and Fierce Day and I will leave tonight. I called you here to tell you that if you think the floating frost castle can’t stay with you, we can go to Fierce Spirit Peak together. Although the surface still attaches great importance to your younger brother, in fact, what they have done has put you out of her world. Otherwise, you will only be aware of the fact that you are poisoning Fierce Day?"
Her words silenced Zhu.
Xu Yuanmo echoed in the side, "You and I know each other, and I am by no means your opponent. If you go to Lie Lingfeng, Xu Yuanmo will definitely protect your life and won’t let you get hurt!"
It’s impossible for Xu Yuanmo to talk without convincing Zhu Hua.
It’s Zhu who has his own plans. He can’t leave at this time.
He can’t leave until the storm has calmed down.
So he bowed his hand and smiled. "Thank you for your advice. I will think about it carefully. If I really go to Lingfeng, I will definitely seek you."
Yunlie appreciated seeing his one eye.
Bamboo deserves to be a wise man. He is in a difficult situation now. He has spent much time in Piaoshuangbao.
"Now that things are about the same, I can’t say anything more. Do you really want to leave here? I also want to tell you that it is necessary to remember to guard against floating willows and Yanjun. Whether the two of them have a hook or not is unknown. Even if you want to leave, you’d better get the will of the statue of Yuan female emperor and then leave … 1549. Chapter 1549 Discuss 4.
Tang Luoling didn’t say much later.
Bamboo news is not worse than himself, he knows the situation better than himself.
Take out a blue symbol from the box and give it to the bamboo.
This is when Tang Luoling woke up and found that he had been promoted again. There are many Taoist symbols in the room, and the most important one is this Taoist symbol.
So he took it out.
Hold the Taoist symbol Tang Luoling to explain to him, "This is a thousand-mile symbol. If you want to burn the Taoist symbol at the Fierce Spirit Peak, a blue door will appear to enter it. You need to pronounce the word’ Fierce Spirit Peak’ and it will take you away. The Taoist symbol can accept three people to remember!"
If she had this symbol before she was injured, she wouldn’t have hurt herself.
Everything is predestined
Yunlie helped Tang Luoling up on a fierce day and said to Zhu earnestly, "It’s getting late. I believe there will be an imperial edict to search the other hospital later, so I won’t bother you. We have to leave first tonight. There are still about 20 days left for this effect. Think about it."
Twenty days?
Time is enough.
Zhu got up and sent them off. Zheng nodded at them. "Take care of yourself. We will meet at Lieling Peak in 20 days if there is an accident!"
"Well, then it’s a deal!"
Xu Yuanmo bowed his hand at him and said goodbye.
"Grandpa, let’s go!"
The blue operator has burned out Tang Luoling Yunlie’s figure and entered the blue door.
Xu Yuan’s ink flashed into the blue door when it was extremely extreme, and the blue light on the door was dazzling.
After the dazzling blue light, there was no one in the room.
Bamboo will be in the hands of blue operator in mind low way "I will be careful to thank you! I am lucky to know you! "
Say that finish bamboo looked up and showed a firm look.
It took them half a cup of tea to reach the fierce peak.
When Tang Luoling and Xu Yuanmo returned to the fierce peak, it was already midnight, and they found that the whole fierce peak had changed a lot.
Strolling around the rows of fierce beasts, one by one, their faces look serious as if something big had happened.
Yunlie Tian Tang Luo Ling glanced at each other or went back to see Xiu Chen’s uncle to sound out the news before making plans.
"Brother-in-law sister! You can finally come back! "
The bearer was none other than Tang Yu.
He was dressed in a dark blue cloth and just walked out of the side door of the hall. How did this little boy get out of bed in the middle of the night?
Yun Lietian was shocked and surprised. "Xiaoyu, why are you here?"
Looked around Tang Yu bitter with a face look very wronged "brother-in-law, sister, grandfather, this is not a place to talk, you come with me."
Yunlie hugged Tang Luoling for so long that he just wouldn’t let go.
As Tang Yu steps into the Dutch courtyard.

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"Hey hey, being original means ordinary. After these people leave, being original will let you try again. What do you think?" Wang Guang’s grin was big, and his eyes showed yoshimitsu’s hard stare at Dan Shi, a thin black robe, but he was thinking about how to kill each other for a while.

Eight _ zero _ power _ sub _ book _ w _ w _. t _ x _ t _ 8 _ 0. _ c _ o _ m
"Haha, friends are joking. You and I are both allies. We don’t need to watch each other’s means. Being original believes in your strength." The thin black-robed Dan teacher laughed again and again, and even the two puppet Dan teachers around him gave a harsh and strange laugh, which really made people feel gloomy.
"You believe in being original, but being original doesn’t believe in your strength." Wang Guang shook his head, flicked his fingers, and his scarlet nails clanked, as if they would fall off from his fingertips at any time.
"Let Taoist friends see it today." When the black-robed Dan division heard the sneer, he ignored Wang Guang, jumped forward and reached out to give directions. The Dan divisions shouted, "That one came out to fight with us? If you don’t have the skills, don’t come out and make a fool of yourself. If you don’t tell jokes in vain, you may even lose your life. "
"You are a Yin-Yang clan." In one case, Master Dan frowned and suddenly said, "No wonder I know you so well. I didn’t expect you, a traitor of Yin and Yang Sect, to hide here. It’s really surprising."
"Ha ha, Yin and Yang is a shit, it also deserves our defection? It’s just that rubbish, and we’re too lazy to stay. " The thin, black-robed Dan Shi was told his heel, and immediately became angry from embarrassment and pointed out to the Dan Shi who was talking: "Do you dare to come out and fight with this seat?" If you don’t have the guts, just shut up and roll aside and lie down. Don’t come out and complain. "
Every Dan teacher has his own dignity, and they can’t be abused by weak practitioners. Even if there is a master of Yuan God to suppress them, they all have the determination to resist. Now I am cursed by a Dan teacher who is also practicing, and no one can stand it.
It is not for people to insult and curse at will, if they really have a skill and let people curse at will, it is better to die happily.
"This seat cuts you." It was a blue face of Dan Shi’s anger, and he carried a flying sword and stabbed the Dan Shi who defected from Yin and Yang. "Since we became a practitioner, everyone who insulted us has died, even our master. You are such an arrogant traitor. Today, I want to see what you can do."
"You can’t do anything about this seat without any skill." Dan Shi, who defected from Yin and Yang Sect, grinned repeatedly, but he didn’t start work. He just opened his mouth and whispered, and the left and right puppet Dan Shi were greeted by his opponent like a strong wind.
Two naked puppets, Dan Shi, don’t know how they were refined, but they used their arms to resist each other and used their hands and feet as weapons. Flying swords cut into them, sparking, and they only scratched each other with bleeding holes.
The two puppet Dan divisions are extremely skilled in martial arts, and they are flanked by two people, only to push back the one that is a Dan division repeatedly, and they can’t get the upper hand at all.
"Haha, even the two puppets in this seat can’t cope, and they want to fight with this seat. It’s really a brain-brain." Dan Shi, who defected from Yin and Yang Sect, was rampant. He stretched out his hand and shook Huang Zan in his hand, hanging paper money on Huang Zan, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into countless soldiers.
There are cavalry who rode horses to charge, experts who drove chariots, and even dead people who marched on foot. These paper money soldiers will cooperate with two puppet Dan divisions to surround and kill a Dan division, which makes the Dan division unable to support it.
"Hum, a defector is a defector, and there is no dignity that a Dan teacher should have." Unable to resist, the Dan teacher was afraid of losing face in front of other students, so he opened his mouth and said, "This seat is for one-on-one fight with you, not for you to fight in groups. If there was a group fight, I would have rushed up together and killed you two demons." Let these two Dan divisions go down, and you and I will fight alone. "
"If you say you are stupid, you are stupid. These two puppets are made by our Taoism. You can’t resist our Taoism. Instead, you mumble and shout, which is really rubbish." Master Dan, the black-robed master of Yin and Yang Sect, grinned again and again, but his movements did not slow down at all: "Do you think there are many of you? I’d like to see if there are many people in this seat. "
While speaking, the black-robed Dan teacher of Yin and Yang Sect screamed again and again, and in a moment, light came out of the cave. These lights are distributed left and right, standing beside him, and looking carefully, it is more than a hundred Dan teachers.
"Yoko, why are you here?" After those Dan divisions came out, dozens of Dan divisions immediately became confused, because they all saw their own classmates appear among the enemy. "Don’t you also take refuge in these evil ways?"
"Ha ha, dear brothers, don’t talk like this. I am a Yoko, but I have a cooperative relationship with them. How can I say that I take refuge? You shouldn’t be here. You really shouldn’t be here. " This Yoko has a healthy face and three wisps of beard floating, which really looks like a fairy. However, seeing his fierce eyes, he is blind to that good skin.
"Dan Shi, Feitian Sect, Tianresin Sect, Baicrack Sect of the Fire Sect … I didn’t expect that there were people in dozens of sects who were interacting with this demon. When it was really killable, it was really killable." One is a Dan division gnashing around the hundreds of Dan division, body trembling slightly, if it weren’t for someone pulling aside, hard he would have rushed up to start fighting.
The fight with the black-robed Dan division of Yin and Yang Sect was a case in which the Dan division saw so many helpers coming out of the place at once, and suddenly its mind trembled. That is the trembling, was the puppet female Dan teacher to find the opportunity.
I saw this puppet female Dan teacher quack, her hands mercilessly pierced the man’s chest and abdomen, and then her arms were hard, and she was torn in half by this Dan teacher. A then went round and round in the air, trying to escape, but it was blown into the dream world of then by Wang Guang.
"Daoyou, what does this mean?" The black-robed Dan division of Yin and Yang Sect saw that Wang Guang had robbed his booty, and his already ugly face suddenly became even uglier. "I treated Taoist friends well. Why did Taoist friends rob me?"
"Do less here with being original, being original want to do what you want to do, you can stop? Hey hey, this elixir is just the compensation you gave me. Don’t think that having two elixir puppets is crazy. Even if you have more than a hundred elixir puppets, being original can kill you. " Wang Guang looked disdainful, but he turned his head and wanted to leave.
"Give my brother then back, or you won’t want to leave." Dan Shi, a black-robed teacher of Yin and Yang Sect, was thinking about how to correspond to Wang Guangshi when someone jumped out and shouted loudly in that positive case.
"Want then?" Wang Guang gave directions to the Dan teacher with a strange face.
"However, if you don’t hand over the elixir, today is your death." While speaking, the Dan teacher shook his hand and brushed the dust. He jumped to the front and wanted to kill Wang Guang.
"Be merciful when you are being original today, and let you get together with your brother." Wang Guang grimaced again and again, and without waiting for the other party to use his means, he opened his mouth and spit out a puff of smoke.
This smoke is strange, flying out of the Taoist population, and the breathing room is wrapped around the Dan division. Then I saw the smoke rolling back and drilling back down the nose of the Taoist priest, but the famous Dan teacher disappeared.
"What a sorcery! Give me my brother." A female Dan Shi jumped out and ran towards Wang Guang. As usual, Wang Guang took another puff of smoke and made the other side disappear.
"Good means" swept away two Dan teachers in a row between breaths, which made all the Dan teachers present stunned. You know, it’s normal to fight between Dan and Shi for three to five days or even a year or two. Although you can solve each other quickly by using ruthless means, you’ve never seen it so fast.
After losing two companions in succession, no one jumped out and shouted, while Wang Guangze grimaced and pointed out to them one by one. "Why? Are you still unconvinced? If you are not convinced, you will come out and fight with the poor, and see who we are. "
After some advice, just as one Dan division retreated again and again, Wang Guang reached out to give advice to the black-robed Dan division of Yin and Yang division and sneered, "Is it so interesting to tease being original and let it be cannon fodder?" Do you want to try being original? "

Chapter one hundred and eighty-eight Then crazy means in the world
Chapter one hundred and eighty-eight Then crazy means in the world
"Don’t want to. (Niu Wen’s novels ~ reading novels online) "Master Dan’s face in black robes of Yin and Yang Sect couldn’t help changing, and then he said with a wry smile:" I don’t think these secret methods can be used too much, but I don’t know how Taoist friends cultivated them. " When he said this, he didn’t care about the taboos among the practitioners, and he wanted to know where Wang Guang got the Taoist skills: "Have you ever been willing to exchange? What do you think of my exchanging the puppet-making method with you? "
"This doctrine can be cast many times, you can have a try. As for how to be original, hehe, it was dug up your mother’s grave and deprived from the world. " Wang Guang grinned again and again, and the other party actually asked about the origin of other Daoism, which immediately made him feel angry. "You can exchange this skill with being original with your soul and then. As for the puppet technique, forget it. Being original is not in your eyes."
"Taoist friends talk too much." The face of the black-robed Dan teacher of Yin and Yang was so ugly. He didn’t expect Wang Guang, as a Dan teacher, to talk so shamefully. "My mother raised me hard, and I practiced magic, but I didn’t ask you to insult my mother. If Taoist friends don’t die, how about that?"
Wang Guang, the "Great Goodness", gave a strange laugh, and opened his mouth to spit out smoke and wound it around each other. Not to be outdone, Dan Shi, a black-robed master of Yin and Yang Sect, mobilized two puppets of then to pounce on Wang Guang, while he shook his hands with yellow banners, and ten million pieces of paper money turned into all kinds of fierce creatures to pounce on Wang Guang. And he himself opened his mouth to spray his own elixir, which turned and gave off boundless splendor, trying to resist the entanglement of Wang Guang’s smoke.
"wishful thinking is just a vain struggle." Wang Guang sneered repeatedly, but ignored each other.
Sure enough, after the smoke wrapped around the black-robed Dan division of Yin and Yang, it immediately contracted, and finally rolled back to his then disappeared, and the Dan division and his two puppets did not know where they went.
All the Dan teachers were scared out of their wits by this means. No one expected that the Taoist priest would kill them if he said so, but he didn’t say anything. And kill people so happy, this is the first time they see.
"Get out of my way, don’t whine here. If you come here to ink again, I’ll kill you all." The diabolical way grimaced, reaching out and pointing around, and hundreds of Dan teachers roared.
"This is a madman. I can’t afford to hide if I’m not to be taunted?" A Dan teacher who came out of the cave saw Wang Guang’s appearance, and immediately thought that Wang Guang’s practice was stupid, so he hurriedly pulled several familiar companions to escape in the distance. Other Dan teachers also think that this demon road is crazy and unreasonable, and they don’t know what is propriety, justice, honesty and shame, and what is implication. So when others left, they took the opportunity to run away.
Hundreds of Dan division just left a clean after a few breathing hours, which is not without Dan division’s humbled heart to kill Wang Guang, but worried that he was swept away by the smoke, so after thinking about it, he gave up all.
After more than 100 Dan teachers had gone clean, Wang Guang was secretly relieved. He found that he couldn’t control his emotions, he often lost control, he was careless, his words were upside down, and he couldn’t tolerate others being half strong in front of him. His smoke looks extremely tough, but it can’t trap and kill those Dan teachers indefinitely. If more than 100 Dan teachers rush in, even if he is tough again, he will end up without a skeleton.
It turns out that since he got the information in the red sand bursts, some strange images kept popping up in his mind during this time.
In these images, a figure shrouded in a black robe appears constantly, carrying a gorgeous and unusual scepter in one hand and a thick book in the other. Some silver patterns kept coming out of his eyes and flying back.
In almost every displayed image, Wang Guang will find the figure in black robe fighting with others. Sometimes he manipulated the boundless giant to fight with other giants, and sometimes he shuttled through strange spaces alone to fight with people who were almost dressed like him.
In just a few hundred years, everything that appeared in those images was all related to killing and fighting. After watching the black figure, Wang Guang realized that his killing was nothing compared with each other.
The figure killed, no matter right or wrong, but also asked each other good or bad, just stuffy head killing. Killing for mercy, resisting and escaping, he is like a killing machine.
It is also in this case that Wang Guang’s temperament has been changed little by little. Although he was aware of it, he couldn’t control the change.
From the first time, the black-robed figure was frightened by his change, and then it didn’t matter, and then he was happy. Wang Guang gradually got used to this situation, and even when there was no image of the man in his mind for a period of time, he would feel uncomfortable all over.
"Infinite Buddha just doesn’t know when that person will have the means." Recalling the scene of tearing the space, carrying the mainland as a weapon and extracting the ocean as water to drink, this fellow was excited.

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