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"Go" Muna looked up and looked at Lu Xiaoya’s face. She appeared bored and said two words impatiently. She got up and staggered forward. She just stepped out and vomited in her stomach.

Lu Xiaoya’s eyebrows are wrinkly, and she wants to turn around and leave directly. She can see that Muna vomited and tore her heart out. She stepped out and shrank back, bought a bottle of water on the opposite side and handed it to Muna.
"Rinse your mouth"
"I said get out of here!" Muna was bored with a wave of his hand and dropped the bottle in Lu Xiaoya’s hand. "Bang" a bottle fell to the ground and let out a dull bone. It was so far away that water spilled all over the floor.
"Are you sick? I kindly bought you a bottle of water. How could you? " Lu Xiaoya got angry on the spot and yelled at Muna. "You deserve to be robbed of your woman."
"What did you say? You say it again. "
Lu Xiaoya’s voice just fell and there was darkness in front of her eyes. She didn’t react yet. Her neck had been tightly gripped. She felt that she had difficulty breathing and her face was flushed. She reached out and slapped Muna’s hand hard to break Muna’s hand.
"Let me go," Lu Xiaoya said hoarsely to Muna. Her eyes were filled with horror. This time, she seemed to really annoy Munan Munan, whose red eyes were shining with fierce light, which made her feel terrible.
Lu Xiaoya’s words deeply stimulated Mona. He looked at Lu Xiaoya fiercely and gradually deepened his strength. "You reckless woman, do you want to die?" Muna hate said
Lu Xiaoya’s breathing became more and more difficult, and her eyes were black. She struggled desperately, kicked her feet and kicked them around, and I didn’t know where she was breathing. Listening to Muna’s stuffy hum and pinch, Lu Xiaoya suddenly let go of others’ pedaling, took a step back and bent down painfully, clutching her crotch.
As soon as Lu Xiaoya was freed, she leaned against the wall with her hands covering her neck and greedily breathing fresh air. A feeling of the rest of her life rose from her heart. She really almost died just now.
"You dead woman" Muna looked at Lu Xiaoya and gnashed her teeth and scolded 1.
"You are crazy!" Lu Xiaoya looked at Muna and scolded 1 "Do you know that you almost killed me just now? You have no man. You have something to take back your woman. What is it that you bully me? " Road lesser hoarse voice toward Muna roars a got up and shook away.
She shouldn’t have come here. She should have let Muna die. There is no man.
With one hand, he grabbed Lu Xiaoya’s arm and pulled Lu Xiaoya back violently. An unstable figure fell directly into Muna’s arms. Her heart was terrible and she looked up at Muna, who was looking at Lu Xiaoya with a gloomy face.
"Did you say I didn’t?" Munawei squinted at Lu Xiaoya and said slowly, a sharp and dangerous light shot out of his eyes and tightly buckled Lu Xiaoyaba with one hand.
A burst of pain came from Lu Xiaoyaba, and she couldn’t say a word of pain. She regretted that she shouldn’t have angered this dangerous man just now.
Muna looked at Lu Xiaoya savagely. He didn’t give Lu Xiaoya a chance to tell, dragging her directly to the car.
The dead woman is burning with anger. He must give her some color to see what it is like to offend and annoy him.
"What are you doing? You let me go. "Lu Xiaoya was really scared. She screamed at Munan in a trembling voice and struggled to resist. At this time, what she learned in Taekwondo actually became a gesture in Munan’s eyes. She kicked out every kick and every punch was easily resolved by Munan. She was forcibly taken away by Munan and stuffed into the car, and then the car drove forward quickly.
"ah!" Lu Xiaoya let out a scream in her mouth, and her body staggered with the direction of the car. Her heart was about to jump out of her throat, and her hands clung to the handle of the car, barely holding her body steady, but her stomach was sick and churning.
Her heart is white, which really annoys Munan.
"Where are you taking me? You are quick to stop the car and let me stop. "Road Xiaoya yelled at Munan’s tip to make room for the steering wheel in Munan’s hand. The steering wheel was swaying in the middle east on the road, causing waves of car snoring around, and some people put their heads out and cursed them.
"How does Mom drive?"
"Want to die?"
Muna surly to the extreme, his hand stretched out handfuls of road Xiaoya push "do you want to die? Good I will be you. "
Munan’s foot slammed on the gas pedal and the car flew like a car. Lu Xiaoya scared her eyes and shut up and let out a scream.
About ten minutes later, the car finally stopped, and Munan dragged Lu Xiaoya’s car, which had already been scared silly.
Xiaoya finally recovered her feet on the ground and moved her eyes a little. When she found that she was in a community, her heart panicked again.
"Where did you take me?" She watched in panic as Muna tried to run away. Naimuna tugged at her arm tightly and wouldn’t let her escape. She dragged her directly into a room and let go of Xiaoya and fell to the ground.
"What the hell are you doing?" Road lesser toward Muna a roars up and looks up at Muna, and suddenly a surprised Muna is looking at his eyes gloomily with a strange light.
Lu Xiaoya moved slowly back.
He’s crazy. He seems crazy.
"Fuck you" Munan coldly spit out two words at Lu Xiaoya. He had an unspeakable evil fire burning in his chest. A woman who suddenly appeared out of nowhere dared to humiliate him. He must give her a little severe look.
Said he wasn’t well. Today he’s going to show her if he is. Muna walked step by step to Xiaoya Road. Xiaoya’s hair was tingling and she turned and ran to the door. Her hand just landed on the doorknob. Muna quickly grabbed her with one hand and dragged her backwards.
Lu Xiaoya watched the door getting farther and farther away from herself …
"You let me go. You can’t do this. Do you know what you are doing now? I don’t agree with you, which is tantamount to rape. Oh, by the way, don’t you like Qiao Huan? Don’t you think you’re sorry for her? Let me go. What are you doing? You beast … Mm-hmm … "
Lu Xiaoya is not as good as Qiao Huan. Qiao Huan Munan lost the last trace of reason in his mind. He threw Lu Xiaoya in bed, his tall body was bullied and his lips were tightly blocked …
Everything happened.
No, not dead …
☆ Chapter 12 Fear
Chapter 12
Munan, regardless of Lu Xiaoya’s pleading, ruthlessly vented this woman on her body, didn’t he say that he didn’t? He’s going to show her if he has it or not.
After some tossing and turning, the room was finally quiet.
Muna dragged herself drunk and tired into the health road. Xiaoya was lying in bed with a white and bloodless face, staring blankly at the roof. Something collapsed in her head.
Living death
Slowly, a tear dropped from her eyes, then two, and then tears poured out crazily.
Munan, this hateful king egg, how could he do this? Scumbag
What just happened flooded into her mind, and she felt so sick that she couldn’t help lying on the bed and retching.

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[Goddess President sakura rain’s level dropped abnormally for half an hour and fell to level 7. What happened? ! 】

【 Summer Palace Guild and Extreme Guild, dozens of small and medium-sized guilds have fierce group battles at all the city gates of Yuexi Valley, causing tens of thousands of koo players! 】
【 What happened in sakura rain level volatility; There were heavy casualties in the exchange of fire between the Summer Palace and the Extreme Guild and other guilds! 】
[Dare to guess whether they are interested in the Summer Palace guild …]
These posts got huge hits and replies in a short time. Things in the Moon Valley swept through every corner of the game. Players speculated and tried to figure out. Some people said that the top ten guilds fought against each other. Some people said that sakura rain was playing a god-class boss, and she was almost killed. She was constantly resurrected and the killing level was affected. However, if the god-class boss died, he could come back immediately and rise to level 6 in one fell swoop!
There is always any kind of speculation.
But rational people are not without their unanimous recognition that some guild wants to rise …
Moreover, the strength of this guild may exceed everyone’s expectations, and it is very likely to subvert the current balance of the top ten guilds into a real horse … Black Dragon! ! I’m afraid it’s a very, very profound question who can compete then.
The outside world is noisy and noisy. Yang Ye heard and saw him flying through the Dolson department at a high speed, moving quickly in the Woods to avoid many wild monsters, and at the same time, he made himself the highest and fastest.
Look up at the dotted line pointed by the miner’s hat-the target is close at hand! !
"Lilina, you have to give it a shot this time, or we will die twice." Yang Ye turned to Lilina and laughed.
Lilina came to concentrate on flying and immediately bowed his head and became shy when he heard his brother talking to her later. "Lilina is willing to die with his brother …"
"Would you like to head! How many people do you kill this time? My brother rewards you with 1 gold coin and the same number of clothes! " Yang Ye slapped Lilina on the head, who covered her head and shouted "Pain"
"yeah! Lilina will get everything! !” Lilina’s little fist suddenly bursts with a murderous light in his eyes-
Finally, the weapon girl is awakening … To be continued.
Chapter 292 Pan Tianyu Alliance
Xiongfeng Guild is like a boat in the vast sea of Tianyu Guild. A ship is swaying from side to side in the stormy waves and is in danger of overturning at any time. The president of this guild is called Xiongfengtian, a 51-level martial arts equipment, which is not bad. It can be mixed in front of ordinary people, but it is a bit far-fetched to deal with experts.
Xiongfeng Guild is a small and pitiful group of 70 people, more than half of whom are Xiongfengtian’s relatives and friends. The advantage of this kind of guild is that the main members know each other or are close to each other. The whole guild is very United and cohesive, and the disadvantage is that it is not easy to accept outsiders. Although it has been a long time since the establishment of the guild, Xiongfengtian has not been able to develop the guild. This is a far cry from the original vow to make Xiongfeng Guild into the top ten guilds in China. This is also a pity.
In fact, the main thing is that there is no money
Without money, the law can develop the guild economy and update the main members’ equipment. The update of the equipment law is in the wind in the competition among the chief officers. When Xiongfeng Guild can connect with other guilds, it has reached a more advanced vicious circle, resulting in Xiongfeng Guild still wandering in the bottom guilds.
But things seem to have changed the other day.
Xiongfengtian has been adhering to the concept that people don’t commit crimes against me and I don’t commit crimes. Try not to provoke them. This boat "Xiongfeng" will be overturned soon-all the guilds that are stronger than them, let alone the top ten guilds? Yesterday, Xiongfengtian received a mysterious friend to add the other party’s verification message: "Does Xiongfeng Guild want to grow into the top ten guilds?"
This statement is really inexplicable. At first, it was rejected because it was a bad drama, but the other party refused to give up and contacted him one after another, which made him more heart-passed.
In terms of speaking, all small and medium-sized guilds are led by the leader to form a huge alliance. All guilds in this alliance are equal. What we have to do is to work together! And their goal is to become one of the top ten guilds, which is more powerful than the dragon-chasing guild-
Pan-Sky Alliance!
Xiong Fengtian was really shocked when he first heard the news. At the same time, he also wondered that this practice was actually quite energy-consuming and very troublesome to manage. There were countless manpower and financial resources invested, which is why no one has said it for a long time. Who is uniting them and who is managing them?
Who is the so-called "head" of the mysterious man?
I don’t know if he knows that when the other party distributed the first batch of support funds and equipment, he already had a positive idea in his heart to follow suit!
He doesn’t know how big this guild alliance is. If he asks the presidents of small and medium-sized guilds around him, he will know that they have also joined this "pan-horizon alliance"!
Such financial resources are frightening!
Today, they received the first joint plan from the head-the war plan for the Summer Palace!
The plan is very simple. The head of the alliance already has people in the Summer Palace and has got a lot, including the position of sakura rain, the president of the Summer Palace, the number of people around them, etc. All they have to do is simply implement the deployment and then …
Kill them all!
Once upon a time, it never occurred to me that I would be able to take people to round up and kill the goddess president in the Summer Palace Guild. For them, this beautiful and enchanting woman is also unattainable … Hey hey, but I have to groan and bow in my own hands. Isn’t that the best thing for men?
Maybe that’s what the alliance wants to do, too, to drag a beautiful woman high above the ground and let the presidents of the small and medium-sized associations who have been oppressed for a long time kill her to satisfy all kinds of expectations of these guys, so that their hearts can be gathered together …

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It’s almost a flash of cold light, and at the same time, it’s a tree floating from the front, which is faster than god.

To tell the truth, this sword really won the sword for someone else, because the opponent chose to shine and start instantly. At this time, there is a blind spot. Because it has been in the dark for a long time, the light suddenly makes it difficult for people to adapt to you. That’s flashing, but it’s wrong. That’s killing sword light.
Fortunately, the mirror helped a lot, and the mad dog dragon rushed to the side
However, this sword is not easy to handle, twisted and turned around like a silver snake, chasing him like crazy.
At the moment, the mad dog dragon is stiff, much less sensitive than the normal state. After dodging a dozen swords in a row, the mad dog dragon feels unbearable. After all, Arihoshi is helping in the dark.
The mad dog dragon stomped on the ground in situ. This is the special effect of leggings trampling. The ice broke as soon as it crashed.
Splashed ice slag not only interferes with the other party’s sight, but also makes the other party’s footsteps unstable, so this sword is a bit crooked.
This kind of opportunity, Mad Dog Dragon won’t miss it. He suddenly bounced up in the same place and wiped out the whole army. At the same time, he started his boots to hit the fly.
"Bang" a muffled sound.
The sneak attacker was hard enough, but he was swept to the ground for two laps, and then he quickly turned over and did some somersaults far away.
"Ha ha, good, good. Gu Xiaoyue’s husband really has two!" Violent Xiao Haijian laughed
Mad dog dragon has never seen a violent sea, but the message sent by Zheng Xiaoxue has reached this man, a 77-level swordsmen.
Killing Dad, Violent Xiaohai and Wonderful Yan are the masters of the bloody elite Tiger Hall, and they still cooperate with each other.
The ice rink must be wonderful and violent. Now that Xiaohai has appeared, the deadly father must be nearby.
The mad dog dragon heart keeps sinking. This place is the return path of the base at the eastern end of Devil Mountain. These three men have been here for a long time to prove that Hongwu guessed his retreat route.
At this time, if it is held off by the three of them for no more than five minutes, Hongwu is expected to chase it, and then it will be reimbursed if it is stuck by Hongwu.
Mad dog dragon has faced danger many times, but none is worse than this one.
Violent Xiaohai smiled again. "I have heard about the reputation of hard cucumber for a long time. I must learn it tonight!"
After that, he killed another man with a sword. His style is very similar to that of Xiaojia. When a man floated up, a mass of dense sword light seemed to be offensive, but in fact it was defensive.
If you don’t know how to do it, you will retreat, because this kind of attack and defense will always force you to retreat and make you breathless. For the violent sea, he doesn’t have to say that it consumes the mad dog dragon, but the mad dog dragon is finally in a passive situation
So he rushed mad dog dragon also recoil hand night shadow has been flashed.
"Good-"Violent Xiaohai shouted.
As soon as the voice fell, the mad dog dragon stopped abruptly, and the whole person slipped a few feet to the flank. These feet were the ultimate distance and also a life-saving response.
Because at this moment, a fine snow sword went out from the ice on the ground.
If Mad Dog Dragon flashes this sword from time to time, it will probably go through the soles of his feet, his thighs and his insides.
This sword is the real one. If it is lost, it will be suspected, but it has been hidden by the mad dog dragon.
Violent Xiaohai stopped attacking and retreated several meters. His eyes were full of surprise. The three of them were hurt by this cooperation. Only the mad dog Dragon Sword escaped.
Of course, he didn’t know that the mirror reconnaissance system and the magic skill "Jedi Survival" were really Jedi survival this time.
The ice broke through the ground and people really killed Dad. Dad also looked surprised. "There are two good things."
Violent Xiaohai laughed. "What if there are two? Dare to land all over the world alone? Is it true that there are a group of dead people in our bloody elite? "
Mad dog dragon suddenly smiled, "you seem to be a group of dead people!" "
Torre’s face and violent Xiaohai’s face changed at the same time, not because of mad dog dragon’s words, but because they found that the situation was wrong again. The temperature seemed to be rising and the original frozen ice seemed to be melting …
Sister Miao had an accident? The two men looked at each other.
The fact can’t come. A white shadow was swept out of the forest behind them. The white shadow was not fast, but the momentum was like Taishan coping.
Violent Xiaohai was about to wield a sword, but the deadly old man lost his way. "It’s Miao Jie!"
The sword of violent sea abruptly stopped. The flying white shadow is really wonderful, but the problem is that it is wonderful. Now it is not a living person, but a corpse with a lot of blood oozing from the corners of its mouth.

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I must have refused because I knew that my purpose was to be peaceful.

Think of this world of mortals drunk fairy also don’t want to continue pestering lingyun, but he will let people note YingChuan lingyun support not to live when the time comes when he is out, presumably to sell Taiping Yaoshu scraps to himself or let people kill and rob Lingyun Cong will definitely choose the former.
Chapter 14 Kill again
Rejected the help of drunken mortals, Lingyun continued to guard outside the Yellow Scarf Army camp.
The yellow turban insurrectionary army in the camp has fallen out of the tent, and the players around it are gathering more and more. One by one, they want to be patient and watch the camp silently belong to their prey.
It wasn’t long before Lingyun heard the sound he didn’t want to hear.
"Hai Ge, I stayed at the gate of the city last night. I really didn’t see them go out of the city." It was yesterday in Yingchuan that I kept shouting to kill Lingyun. It was a blessing to walk in front of him.
Happiness is like the sea. It was just dawn when the line was on time at twelve o’clock in the evening. I heard the player who was guarding the city gate say that he didn’t see Lingyun leaving the city. He waited at the city gate with several brothers for a while, but he didn’t wait for Lingyun to come out with two players and let others continue to guard.
Hearing the player’s words, Lingyun realized that the player was sleeping in the corner when he was out of town before, and he hated himself for not killing him with a sword.
Is also his lucky face to the corner didn’t let lingyun recognized.
But now I hear that he swore in front of happiness that he didn’t see himself out of the city, and Lingyun was amused.
"They didn’t go out of the city? Don’t they have a line yet? Do you think it is possible? " Fu ru hai Dao
"Maybe they were too scared to come out when they saw Brother Hai posting in the forum." They followed Fu Ruhai and tore their underpants.
Fu Ruhai thought for a moment and nodded, "It’s possible that you might have known that you were posting a wave in a few days."
Just then Lingyun confirmed that there were three people in the other party and walked out of the weeds with wind and dance. He looked at the three people as happy as the sea with a smile.
Happiness as the sea after watching lingyun one leng, the horse turned back and slapped it on the head in charge of guarding the city gate. "Didn’t you say you didn’t see them out of the city?" Why are they here now? How dare you, him and mom say you didn’t sleep? "
Clap a hand in the hand and tear the underpants, and then turn your head to Lingyun with a grimace of a grin. "Little Paradise has a road. You don’t have to go to hell. It’s not my fault for hiding. Just jump out and let me kill the chick. Today, your luck won’t be as good as yesterday."
Today, they came out as happy as kelp, but they were not killed by the wind yesterday. Yesterday, they were killed as happy as the sea, and the two players were left at the gate as happy as the sea.
Yesterday, Fu Ruhai saw the two players follow him after his death in the resurrection array, but they were so angry that they could not even pick up two small fart children.
Although the two players have been talking about the wind and dance, they can’t believe it until they see the happiness as the sea.
Although he also died in the wind dance knife, he is as happy as the sea, but he is not as willing to admit that he is not as careless as a female doll. If he dies again, he will never be himself.
And today he brought out hand-torn underpants and hand-torn bras, but he didn’t see the wind dance slaying the other two people yesterday, which is naturally a shoo-in.
But their confidence did not last long before it dissipated.
See three fierce like a tiger rushed to lingyun is very natural and unrestrained retreated behind the wind dance, don’t hide behind a woman and feel ashamed.
Happiness is like a sea rushing at the forefront, vowing to avenge yesterday’s shame.
However, when the steel knife in the wind dance hand ignited a flame, the horse lost most of its courage and rushed to the body and just stopped to let the two brothers, the hand-torn underpants and the hand-torn bra, rush ahead.
Holding a flaming steel knife and dancing in the wind is two knives, which results in the lives of two brothers, the hand-torn underpants and the hand-torn bra.
Although they have all blocked the wind and dance steel knives.
However, they are all ordinary iron knives with a sharpness of 1, while the sharpness of wind-dancing fine steel knives is 3. With the addition of flame knives, the sharpness is increased by 1, reaching a distance of 4, and the sharpness of purple weapons is 1 point less.
When two weapons collide with a weapon with high sharpness, it is possible to cut off the weapon with low sharpness. The greater the difference in sharpness, the higher the probability of cutting off, and the power attribute of the messenger is also great.
Even if it is not cut off, the durability of weapons with low sharpness will drop faster than those with high sharpness.
Therefore, when the two iron knives, the hand-torn underpants and the hand-torn bra brothers collided with the wind-dancing steel knives, the durability of their white iron knives instantly broke into two pieces.
The wind dance steel knife castration does not decrease in an instant. Although there is no physical separation between the two heads, the neck and throat are cut off because the steel knife carries flames, but there is no blood flowing out of the wound.
Seeing the hand-torn underpants and the hand-torn bra turned out to be as happy as the sea. I know that the delicate girl in front of me is really strong, and he is no match at all.
Yesterday, the wind dance didn’t have such skills, and it was naturally white. The girl must have learned the skills of yesterday’s paper.
I’m hot and jealous in my heart. After all, it’s a game. Can I talk about fear?
"You …" Fu Ruhai wanted to say a few words about the scene, but the wind dance didn’t give him the chance.
Without resistance, the body fell to the ground.
The flame knife consumes two points of physical strength every second, and now the strength can last for two seconds. In the ninth second, it will be exhausted and die. Naturally, it will not be as happy as the waves.
It takes about four seconds to kill three people, and the battle is over before many players nearby can react.
Lingyun once again took away the weapons of the three men, but this time he found three steamed buns and a copper coin in Fu Ruhai. He didn’t want to come, and the three men didn’t have any money when they left the city.
After the resurrection, I was as happy as the sea, knowing that my brothers probably couldn’t stand Lingyun.
Brothers collected twelve taels of silver to shout on the state channel.
"If you want Taiping Yaoshu, hurry to the former brother of the Yellow Scarf Army camp outside Yingchuan. I have just been killed by accident. The hero should have seen it just before the Yellow Scarf Army camp. It is the woman who made Taiping Flame Knife and the man behind her."
Fu Ruhai shouted on the state channel and the whole player in Yuzhou could see it.
If the world channel, then all the players in the world can see it.
However, the world channel propaganda is ten times more expensive than the state channel, and it takes one or two gold to be as happy as the sea, but the brothers are reluctant to give up the money.
Lingyun also saw the happiness as the sea in the state channel propaganda is also the first time to know that this big fellow who has just been killed is called happiness as the sea.
But he doesn’t care about happiness now.
Just after he took away the happiness as the sea, the Yellow Scarf Army camp suddenly rushed out of a team and surrounded Lingyun Fengwu.
Chapter 15 The Yellow turban insurrectionary canal handsome Guo Tianyou
Lingyun wondered why it was okay for others to fight and kill in front of the camp. When it was their own time, these yellow turban insurrectionary troops rushed out.
Before the camp, those players who saw Fu Ruhai shouting on the state channel regretted it.
Former Lingyun and Fengwu have been hiding in weeds. Although others can see them, they can’t see their faces clearly.
Those players didn’t react when they saw the two sides fighting before, associating Lingyun and Fengwu’s appearance with the forum. After all, the photos of the two men are still a little different now with their heads wrapped in yellow scarves.
In front of the Yellow Scarf Army camp, the first goal of players is to wait for opportunities to kill some leaders of the Yellow Scarf Army. Subconsciously, they don’t recognize that they will meet the player who won the Taiping Skill in the forum.
It was not until I saw the happiness as the sea propaganda one by one that I came over and sighed in vain and said how to look at this man and a woman so familiar.
But it’s too late to come here for nothing now
Ling Yunfeng dance two people have been surrounded by hundreds of yellow turban insurrectionary army. Those players who have ideas can be rushed in from a distance and will definitely be killed by the yellow turban insurrectionary army, even if they are wearing yellow turban insurrectionary.
Soon Lingyun Fengwu was taken to the camp by this group of yellow turban insurrectionary army.
Lingyun received the news again in this issue, but it was seen by the law
His state has changed now. Capturing many players can turn all functions into spells.
He can’t chat with friends and make the world channel and the state channel shout.
Although lingyun was taken into the yellow turban insurrectionary army camp, the outside world turned upside down with a word of happiness.
I didn’t believe yesterday’s forum post, and more than half of the players believed it.
Before Canada, in front of the Yellow Scarf Army camp, players complained that everyone knew that Fu Ruhai was not lying on the state channel, and everything was true.
So many players saw the wind dancing steel knife burning fire, which further confirmed that she would be peaceful and skillful.

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"Green!" At this moment, Li Dalong’s courage is cracked, screaming and jumping to be continued.

Chapter four hundred and one Sad death
It is ten meters high from the river bank to the river surface. Green and the engineers fell on the rocky beach next to the turbulent river.
Green was lying in a pile of rocks, and his forehead knocked out a blood hole the size of an egg. The blood was gurgling and breathing, and there was no air left.
"Die old bastard!" Engineers descended from the side to draw a surprised arc with the army thorn in their hands.
He also hit a blood hole in his forehead, but his physical fitness is much better than that of an old man in his sixties.
When the key was pressed, Li Dalong did not hesitate to jump from the river bank, and a swoop fell on the engineer. The two men quickly wrestled and rolled.
Engineers really underestimated Li Dalong’s fighting capacity. After several tumbling, Li Dalong occupied the wind and rode on his belly to stop his wrist.
The army thorn quickly turned and pointed at the engineer’s throat.
Engineers face changed desperately struggling "you! If you kill me, you will definitely regret it! "
"I want you to regret it now!" Li Dalong was furious. Old Green lay dying, but it didn’t quell his raging anger at all.
"Chi" a rumbling army stab instantly pierced the engineer’s throat without a handle!
The engineer’s body bulged out like a dead fish with his eyes loose, and he was finally killed by Li Dalong.
At this time, the lights on the shore were bright, and a large number of police officers finally arrived at Ai Ruowei and shouted, "This is Li Dalong, a suspect of the Tai Police Brigade, who put your weapon in your hand and surrendered. You have no way out."
Li Dalong didn’t pay attention to her and ran to the old Green’s side and knelt down and shouted anxiously, "Green, hold on, hold on, shake it up!"
Old Green looks paler than ever, and he has his last breath left.
He looked at Li Dalong and gave a weak smile. After all, he was not mistaken about Li Dalong and Li Dalong, and he was the kind of person who would never abandon his friends.
"Aaron, don’t worry about me. Listen to me …" Old Green has been breathing so hard that even his chest is fluctuating violently. "You and the … are good kids … I’m lucky to know you … I can’t help you anymore, Aaron …"
Li Dalong’s eyes suddenly turned red and shook him desperately. "Green, you can do it. You will be fine. We agreed to leave together …"
On the old green shook his head and sighed, "Aaron, you and … stop wasting your lives … put your talents on the right path … I have to go … my gentle wife … lovely daughter … they are waiting for me … I’m going to see them now … Aaron …"
He still couldn’t finish his last words, and his eyes closed with a tilt.
"Green-"Li Dalong a roar.
There were tears in his eyes, and he shook old Green’s body wildly, but old Green would never answer him again.
It seems that it took a century for Li Dalong to calm down and choked back tears. "Green, you stubborn and lovely old man, you shouldn’t die like this …"
As soon as the voice fell, the hot tears finally flowed, but the cold rain came from all over the sky, and he couldn’t tell whether his face was rain or tears
"Li Dalong, you are under arrest. Put your hands up!" By this time, the police had surrounded him in all directions with more than 20 guns on the beach.
Chou came away with an energy cuffed chain, which seemed to handcuff Li Dalong.
Who knows that Li Dalong roared "Get out of here!"
Xiao Zhou didn’t expect this guy to be brave and abnormal. Although he caught this punch in the palm of his hand, that powerful force actually shocked him to "Chengcheng" and turned back several steps.
This guy is so strong, Chou is surprised.
The police around could raise their guns, but Li Dalong looked at the shore very calmly. "Officer, I have something to say!"
Uncle waved and the encirclement around Li Dalong immediately expanded a lot.
Li Dalong took a deep breath and said with no doubt, "I’ll go with you after I bury Green’s body in the manor! If you don’t agree, I don’t mind pulling a person! "
Uncle was silent for a few seconds and said, "Good! I can grant your request! "
Watching Li Dalong pick up the old Green’s body and slide towards the manor, Ai Ruowei doubted, "Do you trust him to ask for such a dangerous fugitive?"
The rainstorm also wet uncle’s face and blurred his vision. He said coldly, "When we arrived just now, he could have chosen that boat to escape, but he didn’t do that!"
Ai ruowei said coldly, "So what?"
Uncle said faintly, "What kind of person is he? I think I know him better than you!"
You!’ Ai Weiwei is furious that you would rather believe in fugitives than colleagues.
But uncle didn’t bother to look at her expression and turned around and said, "Close the team!"
It rained heavily all night in Rosty Yi and still didn’t stop.
Old Green’s body was covered with a white cloth and placed in the middle of the hall.
The rain didn’t stop, which meant that the body couldn’t be buried, while Li Dalong was sitting in a daze. He stayed up all night and sat so numb.
Around the police don’t talk, some people sigh, some people show disdain, some people look up at the weather outside, and some people secretly admire Li Dalong.
Anyway, this guy had a chance to escape, but he would rather be arrested than bury the old man’s body.
Maybe this kind of person is very stupid, but you have to admit that there are very few such people in this world nowadays.
In the hall, a man rushed in, a short woman with some dark skin, but it was such a woman that Xiao Zhou didn’t hold on.
"Who are you?" A policeman stood in her way immediately.
The short woman, dressed in a professional suit, has an indescribable momentum. She took out a Zhang Gong’s statement: "My name is Wang Lin, the lawyer building of Happy Star Guanghui City. I am an old lawyer Green. He entrusted me to take care of his legacy before his death. This is the entrustment."
The entrustment was quickly sent to the uncle, who looked at it and nodded his head to signal the release.
In fact, he doesn’t need to look at the entrustment, because Wang Lin is also quite famous in Tianxing. Many people know that Brilliant City is not only worse than the Major League Law Firm, but also knows that Wang Dazhang, a newly rising lawyer, is a well-known lawyer who speaks for the disadvantaged groups in recent years.
Uncle can’t be tough in the face of this person.
Wang Lin went to the center of the hall, lifted the white cloth and looked at it. "How did he die?"
"Tianlong troops!" Uncle vomited four words with a heavy heart.
Wang Lin said coldly, "How can such a kind old man have anything to do with Tianlong troops?"
After a night of silence, Li Dalong suddenly said, "No, it’s my fault!"
Wang Lin looked at him. "Who are you?"
Xiao Zhou came. "Wang Dazhang, he is a fugitive. We caught him last night."
Wang Lin stared at Li Dalong. "Did you kill old Green?"
Xiao Zhou explained with a wry smile, "It’s not that he killed the old man’s murderer last night, but that he got revenge on the spot."
Wang Lin seemed relieved, but Li Dalong murmured, "Thank you, Wang Dazhang. Thank you for coming out bravely. We will always remember this kindness!"

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Chapter one hundred and seventy-one Drunk

PS, um, shame on asking for a ticket.
The girl didn’t stop until she ran away from the villa. Tears in her eyes could not be wiped. Do you hate her? She doesn’t know that Qiao Qiao did it to protect her. Is it love? But it is really love.
I don’t know if the light of the street lamp in the distance is milky white lampshade, but now it is dim, and the night wind blows in my heart, but I can’t shake it, so I can’t calm down.
Staggering to the road, the money girl looked at the cars passing by coldly. Here is the rich cloud villa area. It won’t be the bus that glanced at it and wanted to pass by a white BMW girl and reached for the parking door.
As she spoke, the BMW suddenly braked on the tire ground with a slight harsh sound and slowly hit the door. The driver was a woman in her twenties with heavy makeup on her face and a little alcohol smell in her nostrils. The girl thought of wine when she moved in her heart.
People always need this kind of thing, whether they are in the heart or when they are sad.
The girl sitting in the passenger seat slammed the door and took me to the bar.
The white BMW started driving again, except for the motive. There were only two people breathing slightly in the faint roaring car, looking at themselves. The woman’s face, which was completely uncontrolled as if she were driving the vehicle’s arms and legs with my consciousness, was horrified, accompanied by shortness of breath and dignified, while Janice looked out of the window coldly, her face was constantly changing, and she didn’t know what she was thinking. The only constant was her pale face.
At night in K city, neon lights are shining everywhere, and the bright crescent moon is staring at the earth coldly. Compared with rural cities, the pollution is really serious, and I don’t know how many times the lights have compensatively become a distant echo. Cars and sidewalks are crowded with people, and men and women are dressed in fashion. This is a standard modern city in K city.
Although the girl didn’t point out which bar she stopped at, the BMW kept driving and finally stopped at the door of a bar called Night Song, which is located in Wenshan Road, and Guangwu Road is two blocks away.
With the car door, the girl cast a lazy glance at the door of the bar. The neon lights kept flashing, and a rebellious pleasure gradually came into being. She waved at the BMW impatiently and went home. She turned and walked into the door of the bar.
The decoration style of Nocturnal Bar is westernized, but it has a relatively fashionable flavor. The music reception is mixed with a pleasant atmosphere. Colorful lights and neon lights are flashing. People are talking loudly and entering the young men and women. Everyone has an ambiguous smile on his face and an indescribable breath on his body.
On the first floor is a hall where people are drinking and dancing, and there is a good platform. At this time, two or three women with sexy clothes are sticking to the steel pipe, constantly twisting the microphone and hanging on their mouths, and occasionally spitting a seductive whisper. The owner is a woman of about 2067 years old with a black microphone in her hand and a light black foundation in her eyes, which is abnormal. Leng Yan, but the words in her mouth are not connected at all.
Dear audience, my friends told me that you are happy or not. I am so happy. These three beautiful women’s voices didn’t make you want to release something. Let’s scream with me. As soon as the words fell in the hall, I immediately thought of a loud scream. With the help of this screaming DJ, I tuned a heavy bass style music at the right time. The strong vibration in the hall will make people feel that their hearts will vibrate with it.
Breathe a sigh gently. The girl rubbed a few times in her chest and walked to the bar. She sat down on the high stool with her hands gently covering her ears, and her brow could not help but wrinkle up. My voice was so noisy. I didn’t want to hear such a loud murmur, which immediately became a reality. The powerful vibration and explosive music shrank several times in an instant.
Glanced at the bartender girl casually lying on the bar and casually looking at the wine cabinet behind the bartender to give me wine.
She wants to drink now.
A girl with an ice cream in her hand gently licked a mouthful of silver in the ice cream and quietly looked at this strange world. Although she has been here for two days, her freshness to this world has not diminished at all. Whether it is the famous magic guide or other magical props in this world, she is surprised and shocked. People here are very weak, and their physical quality is not even a magician. But they rely on wisdom to create such a colorful world.
Eating cold and sweet in hot summer days is definitely not a simple thing in that world, but here a civilian can eat this kind of sweet ice cream if he wants to, which she never thought of.
Holding that soft little hand, Tang Yi scattered his face with a satisfaction that everything was enough for her to be around, but he was very willing to stay by her side for a generation like this. Thought of this, the slender palm could not help but slightly force a few minutes, one silver and one black, and two pairs of eyes gently matched together.
Such a pair of handsome men and beautiful women will be somewhat noticeable when they walk together. Of course, it is not anthomaniac, but Feili’s waterfall usually falls to her knees and has always been the focus of many women and men’s eyes. This beautiful head is smooth, dark and shiny, and with that pale and delicate face, she takes a sip of ice cream in her left hand, which is really close to the point of lethality. That pair of silver eyes is not so noticeable these days. There are quite a few kinds of contact lenses.
Looking at a cake shop next to it, Tang Yi scattered his hand and pointed to the lovely cakes behind the transparent glass. Shall we go in and buy some and take them back?
Looking at a row of shapes along Tang Yi’s scattered fingers looks better than the cake greets the girl’s eyes.
I waved my head vigorously. When I was drunk for the first time, Janice felt that my head was groggy, and my heart seemed to have faded because of my brain. Everything in front of me seemed to be no longer as clear as it was at first. The girl at the bar just looked at the cocktail glass in her hand.
Qiaoqiao me, I am the same as you now. I am no longer an ordinary girl, so you should not refuse me again.
Miss, you don’t seem to be in a good mood. Is it something on your mind? A calm man around me woke up Janice, who was alone in his own world.
As soon as I turned my head, the girl saw a pair of bright and deep eyes. The man’s face was slightly rough, but he was also handsome and extraordinary. His head was erected. inch plate gave people a strong and aggressive feeling. He was tall, wearing a lead-gray shirt and a beige vest shirt. Two stars were unbuttoned to reveal a strong chest.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two A slap in the face loud thrust
PS: well, I just finished writing it. I wrote too much because I was a little late. It’s compensation. I’m ashamed to ask for a ticket
Well, reverse the name
Who are you? You gently rubbed your forehead, and the girl blinked vigorously, so you can see the man clearly.
I think you seem to be drinking alone. Is it something that bothers you? The man said, sitting on a high stool next to him, holding the cocktail in his hand and shaking it gently, but seeing the amber wine churning like the unpredictable sea during the storm, I might give you an idea.
Is that right? Put your hand on your forehead. Damn it, the headache will disappear quickly.
The girl who felt the headache disappear quickly finally smiled with satisfaction. Although her brain was still a little groggy, the headache feeling had completely disappeared. Hehe, uncle, I don’t have any money with me now. If you want to help me, just pay for my drinks.
I am very honored to be able to help you. The man has been a gentleman very gracefully. He gently snapped his fingers at the bartender with his right hand and said, Miss, everything is on my account.
Got it. Brother Kuan was wearing a small black vest, and the bartender nodded respectfully. His right hand pinched three or four strips in the counter and put them in a light green box.
Thank you, uncle. Well, it’s getting late now. I’m going to go home and sleep. Bye-bye. I nodded brightly at the man called Kuan Ge. Janice gently jumped from the bench and glanced at the stage where he was dancing striptease. Suddenly, a little hongxia appeared on his face and felt that he should not come to such a place.

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The doorman’s face smiles politely even more.

"You go, Mr. Gracie. Watch the glass. Watch the steps … Goodbye, Mr. Gracie."
Kate Gracie walked out of the revolving door in his courteous greeting.
Behind him, there was a lot of talk about him
"Mr Gracie is so handsome!"
"I heard that I graduated from Harvard University in the United States …"
"All-powerful on Wall Street just came back recently …"
"Rich and handsome, I would do anything if I had such a boyfriend …"
"Wake up somebody else’s girlfriend in new york is beautiful! The same is Harvard University high flyers … "
"Ah handsome young … this is tianjiao? On what to do can always make people jealous. "
Walking out the door, Kate Gracie still heard those people talking. He smiled wryly and looked up at the blue sky in Madrid.
Tianjiao …?
When Chang Sheng returned to his apartment building after a day’s training, he found many people outside the apartment building.
He didn’t take it seriously, but came to him for autographs and photos with the fans.
He is used to this scene and can see these people every day when he comes back from work.
But there seem to be more fans today than in the past … not much more.
Does Changsheng think that his influence is getting bigger and bigger?
But why did they see that they didn’t run towards them?
But looking up to heaven …
Do they have nosebleeds?
And why are there so many police cars and fire engines?
It’s not like you’re looking for your autograph …
The fire truck had a searchlight to lift and shoot at the roof.
Is there a fire in the apartment building?
But I didn’t see the fire …
There was a lot of noise at the scene, and the police were building to disperse the crowd and pull the cordon.
Everyone is looking up at the sky, so Changsheng also looks up at the sky, and then he is startled!
There is a man on the edge of the roof of the apartment building covered by searchlight beams! He is covering his eyes with his hand because the light beam is too dazzling.
Mom, jump! ?
This is the first thought that pops out of Chang Sheng’s mind.
Someone has already seen Chang Sheng, the enthusiastic aunt Maria. She obviously just came back from supermarket shopping with a bag in her hand. When she saw Chang Sheng, she squeezed over. "Oh, you often come back?"
"Aunt Maria, what is this?" Ever-victorious pointed to the roof and asked
"I don’t know … that is, someone wants to jump off a building. The police and fire fighters are alarmed …"
Ever-victorious looked at the crowd and found that Lemmon, the porter, was receiving inquiries from the police. "He told me that he was going to rent a house, so I took him to see it … I didn’t think that he would go straight to the rooftop and then say that he would jump off a building … I was scared … and I called the police …"
Looking around, Chang Sheng heard a familiar sound "Chang!"

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In front of him, this mighty black super-large gun is an anti-equipment sniper rifle with a caliber of 127mm, which is a recently developed killing weapon. The prototype of this gun is based on the famous m93 sniper rifle, and its tactical way is to attack a long-distance target and it is difficult to see the enemy nicknamed Black Arrow.

Of course, the black arrow sniper rifle can’t shoot as long as 17 meters like the real world black arrow, but in the ninth continent, the black arrow also has a range of 5 meters, which is a great threat to the profession.
After the special bomb was loaded, Yuanfei’s finger slammed the trigger, and "bang" was a shocking gunshot. The bomb roared and penetrated the branches and leaves, and it hit the trunk accurately. Suddenly, a huge fierce flame swallowed that piece.
"One!" Flying far away doesn’t bother to care whether the archer is dead or alive, because he knows that even if the fire doesn’t kill him, the mad dog dragon and others will clean up the threatening enemy.
At present, the sacred peak flying far away is like a fixed fort at the top of the mountain. All kinds of bombs indicate that there are many enemies there, gas bombs indicate that this place is a great threat to us, and frozen bombs mean that there are too many soldiers …
His artillery cooperated with the mad dog dragon hidden in the Woods, and his record was very impressive. He has killed more than two enemies, and the Coalition forces have suffered very heavy deaths.
There are too many traps in the forest area, which is especially troublesome. There are many powerful gas traps in the depths of the forest, and experts from all walks of life in the Eastern Dynasty are interspersed among them. Dynasty Port is close at hand. You can look at it but you can’t rush it.
Another burst of flames rose into the sky in a forest. Half a minute later, the body screamed repeatedly and lay prostrate all over the floor.
In the fire, the trees broke and hit a group of hunters, and the players exclaimed that the Coalition team could be withdrawn again.
Mad dog dragon and Tatsu Yamashiro’s blade have been dyed red with blood for a long time, and even a layer of dry scab has formed.
Future soldiers have already used up their energy and endurance in the large-scale battle in the west area, and now others are slashing and killing at the sacred peak.
There was a sudden sharp sound in the sound box. Jiang Huayin "Go to the rear mountain side road to support it. It has been lost."
"What?" Mad dog dragon was startled. "Brother Leng didn’t keep it?"
On the silence for two seconds, "Yan eldest brother, Qu elder sister and Xin elder sister have been killed, and Brother Leng and Ghost elder sister have been seriously injured."
Mad dog dragon was silent, too. Is this sacred? Such a powerful array can’t stop each other. Who? Who are the newcomers?
"Who did it?" Mad dog dragon asked.
Jianghua said, "A total of six people have come. Brother Leng has killed one Tianqi. They have killed one and held off one. They are on the mountain road. You must go over and stop the remaining three."
Waters paused. "The guild war will be over in ten minutes, and the front can’t be transferred without me. Now you have this card left in your hand. Do you understand me?"
Mad dog dragon silently replied, "I am white!" "
The battle has been fought until now, and many people have sacrificed their skills and entered the war zone. Now it is his turn to face the dangerous moment of sacrifice.
On the meaning he knows very well that even the cold front can’t resist the strong enemy, and the mad dog dragon is estimated to be even more unable to resist it. This is when he wants to fight for his life and finally win.
The side road on the north side of the mountain is very dangerous, that is, a narrow path is close to the cliff, and it almost turns around the mountain at a 45-degree inclination. The road is only three meters wide and looks like a bottomless black abyss.
In such a dangerous path, let alone fighting, players who have the courage to take this road are not ordinary people
Leng Feng is sitting on a rock and breathing. He was badly hurt by Feng Chaohuang’s Ice Power.
He didn’t know the situation of ghost Wuji. When the last three ice swords fell, he couldn’t hold on to Qu Zhiyan. His first reaction was to retreat quickly.
An assassin should really have such a reaction and consciousness.
During the actual retreat, he didn’t realize that the water mage was a big move. Now his health value is hindered, but the four attributes of physical magic resistance, physique, strength and spirit have dropped to 3%
He’s still like this. Qu Zhiyan, it’s normal for them to be killed in seconds.
Jiangnan Dao’s three-man mountain is very fast, and the cold front doesn’t retreat any more. He also knows that its retreat consumption attribute is not as good as another fight in place.
The footsteps soon sounded Jiangnan Dao, Tai and Fei came even faster than he expected.
The cold front is decisive, and at the same time, it shines with two wrist blades.
Jiangnan knife looked at him. "The young man is good in strength, but now you think you can fight again?"
"He can!" A deep voice arrived when the mad dog dragon sounded from the intersection.
Looking at the mad dog Longjiang Nandao wearing the mask of masked warrior, he couldn’t help saying, "Are you the guy who won’t sell his wrist?"
"I am!" Mad dog dragon is also holding the determination to die at the moment, and the tone is horribly cold.
"Then let me taste the power of wristbands!" Jiangnan swordsmen are very sensitive when they rush at the princess, but they shoot renju arrows with swish.
Archers have an advantage in this kind of terrain, especially at this level. The archer mad dog dragon got an arrow in his thigh when he rolled, and his health value actually fell by more than 3 points. Imagine that if there is no 17-point high defense, he would not get an arrow.
The mad dog dragon used his quick wits to pounce on the mountain road. Is there a bag for this cargo skull? It’s not your way to jump on a cliff and die.
But Jiangnan Dao was alert and turned "Be careful behind!"
With the artifact Peter Pan, how could a mad dog dragon fall off? In a moment, it rose from the cliff behind two people to call the Qinglong knife directly from a remote knife light.
Jiangnan Dao carried the knife hard, and it didn’t appear any damage value even in his armor.
However, Jiangnan Dao has become too bunker, too crazy archery behind it.
The mad dog dragon disappeared after landing. This was a flash, but this time he was not only too strong but also always cooperated with the enemy.
Just as she appeared on the mountain road, Princess rushed out of the cold front and stabbed mad dog dragon sword with a long knife. Before she arrived, there was a cool breeze.
Mad dog dragon’s breath suddenly stagnated, and he knew that this knife definitely had terrible skills attached to the surface, and his boots hooked the blade.
Princess slammed a knife and tried to throw him off the cliff. Who knows that the local dog dragon was very clever and turned over and turned to the mountain road.
After landing, the competition bow was already drunk in hand, and the silver arrow "boomed" and blew up bursts of fire in front of the Jiangnan Knife. At that time, the cliff flames burst and a large area of smoke filled.

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Jun 15, 2024

"The soul is pale; I killed you "say that finish; The winged demon disappeared in an instant when the reason appeared again later; It is already to the devil who provokes him, and there is a fierce glare in his eyes. Directly, it is the devil’s tail that draws toward the other side.

In the face of that winged demon attack; The other party did not sneer at the meaning of fear; However, it seems that I have already known that the winged flying demon will attack him like that, and I will also throw my tail; Just before the winged demon hit him, his tail blocked the winged demon’s attack.
In the first round, it can be said that neither side has suffered anything, but since it is already a move; Then the two sides will not want to solve today’s things peacefully, just like fighting j: and: The two sides looked at each other in hostility for a while, but it was a sign and did not move at the same time; Directly toward each other will be around in the past.
According to the original two fiends’ actions at that time, the final result of both sides should be that they met halfway; Then show a battle.
Depending on the situation at that time; Even if the rest of the demon kings work together, they may not be able to stop them from fighting, but good luck is; At that time, there was a third fiend in the field. Although it was very reluctant, before the two fiends collided, he forced the attack on both sides to stop.
"That’s enough; Aren’t you ashamed? Now that you’ve lost someone, find the other person quickly. Now fighting here is not only useless; Instead, give a person a joke and don’t come back with me quickly. "It seems that the status of the last fiend is higher than that of another fiend who blocked the winged fiend after their attack; Is directly in anger to drink a will also directly to their orders.
I don’t know if I’m looking for this opportunity or if I’m listening to the magic myth. After listening to the magic myth, another fiend didn’t say much. After honestly nodded at that time; As the fiend led the rest of the demon king, he drove back together.
Originally in the three fiend want to come; Even ran away on Sunday; According to the eyes of the demon clan, if the world power in this side really reaches the order and then tries to search for Sunday; Then Sunday even wants to find a place to hide; I’m afraid it will be quite difficult.
And the three fiends don’t do it themselves. They need an order to get to the surface. The Lord and the Lord will help them do things well. What the three fiends need to do is to wait for the news at home and wait until the position on Sunday is determined. Then you can get up and tidy up Sunday.
In such a situation; In a bad mood, the fiends returned to their original headquarters as they did, and when they arrived at the headquarters; What you see will not be the original scene of the compound, but the willow demon doesn’t know that it’s already done anyway. It’s too different to do too much, but the willow demon almost destroyed the whole demon army. Not only did he take all the valuable things, but those demons were killed by a group of demons controlled by their talent and ability.
What was the station like when you went? When I came back, I looked like that and faced such a picture. It is conceivable that those demons who came back at that time were waiting for anger.
If the willow demon is still there; Or Sunday was caught by them, so maybe even if they saw the situation when they left, they wouldn’t feel much. After all, no matter how many low-level demons die, it is impossible to make those three fiends feel heartache.
But now, because they didn’t catch Sunday before, the three fiends’ hearts have already brought some internal heat more or less. In such a situation, when they returned to their original headquarters, they found that their hometown was taken by people, and they naturally thought that these things were done on Sunday.
Not only did they not catch it; Instead, they stabbed them in the rear. When this line fell on the three fiends’ eyes on Sunday, they naturally felt that they had been fooled by Sunday.
The three fiends are waiting for their identities. What kind of opponents do they have to deal with at ordinary times will suffer such losses? Now, on Sunday, the three fiends are naturally furious because of this series of events.
Root didn’t ask Sunday whereabouts meaning after induction to the station; The three fiend anger directly ruined the area where the demon army was stationed at that time; In-situ induction for a while when the surrounding situation was discovered and harvested; The three fiends stormed off with the rest of the demons.
Don’t say that the demon Alice, the willow demon, is hiding from the outside and fighting guerrilla warfare with those demons, just say Sunday, after watching the performance of those demons; But I was so happy that I couldn’t keep my back straight.
To speak Sunday dialect; Actually not from the three fiend side if if before; Sunday, of course, is to leave when you want; According to the ability, you need to hide inside on Sunday, then spend seventeen years inside, and it is estimated that the devil outside will leave directly
Unfortunately; However, Heaven later restricted Sunday’s ability and made Sunday lose its biggest card. Without help, it is absolutely impossible for the original three fiends to round up Sunday and disappear under their noses.
The reason why all the demons couldn’t find Zhou Tianren was not that Sunday had fled away, but that Sunday was hiding in a place that the demons would never have thought of, which made the demon army finally unable to find Sunday.
Sunday knows that it is unlikely to escape from the three fiends according to their own strength, so when they had a brainwave, they also thought of a way to get out. Last Sunday, they came back and raided the winged flying demon with a punch, not really wanting to use that punch to force the winged flying demon to go as it did on Sunday. There is one effect that we want to achieve, and that is to make the winged demon lose his mind for a moment.
And then in the wings flying magic lost his mind; Sunday did one thing at that time, that is, turned into a bug; Then, while the winged flying demon does not pay attention to the situation, it will directly hide in the winged flying demon body.
Whether it’s winged flying demon or other demons, what they thought at that time was where they would hide on Sunday, but no one would think of it; Since Zhou Tiandan is so big, he directly hides in the winged demon body, which makes those demons find him.
Worse; Don’t say that those demons wouldn’t have thought that such a thing would happen. Even if they really thought that there would be such a possibility, it is estimated that it would not be easy for them to find Sunday. The seventy-two changes will have such a great reputation not because of how strong the magical power is; But because the seventy-two changes of the Dungeon will become corresponding objects, except that this powerful creature can’t simulate its strength, the changed creature will be exactly the same as the original creature in both appearance and breath. Even if the creatures in the celestial world generally face this magical power, they will often recruit those demons. Don’t say the root, they won’t understand this magical power. Even if they know that the avatar of seventy-two changes in the underworld is estimating that they want to defend against Sunday’s plot; It is still not an easy thing.
Since we managed to hide in the winged demon body and the demons didn’t notice the abnormality; On Sunday, naturally, he won’t do anything superfluous, and then the demons will find out where he is hiding. According to the anger of those demons’ eyes, he will look straight at it. If really, if those demons find him, I want to know what I will end up in on Sunday.
Stay quiet all the way in the body of the winged flying demon. On Sunday, I saw the process of those demons being beaten. Then on Sunday, when the three fiends discussed how to arrest him as a layout; On Sunday, I went to the willow demon in the dark and believed that I had mental arithmetic. Plus, the strength of the willow demon in the heart of the tiger is not weak. It is estimated that not only the layout of the demons can’t be too big, but it may suffer a lot in the plot against the willow demon in the heart of the tiger.
Of course; Eye those things can’t have who knows what the props have developed into, so after discussing the layout of the other two fiends, they will break up with the other two fiends and go back to their homes.
Sunday should be thankful; Fortunately, the three fiends seem to be resident in this world. Otherwise, if the three fiends came to deal with him specially, they would not have cleaned up the situation on Sunday. If the winged flying demon returns to the demon clan’s hometown that Sunday, it will definitely be a tragedy.
I really want to go to the hometown of the demon family; Regardless of what kind of danger will be encountered on Sunday, just say that it is like going back to the celestial world; I don’t know what I will worry about on Sunday, but now it’s good; Because the three fiends are resident in this world, Sunday not only doesn’t need that kind of thing, but it is because of this situation; And gave Sunday a chance to plot against the winged demon.
Under normal circumstances; Sunday is naturally impossible to be the opponent of the winged flying demon. After all, how about the winged flying demon is also a fiend? If you don’t say that the speed it shows can’t make Sunday endure, he will say that how much the winged flying demon has not shown its strength, so you have to know its details. Sunday is not afraid of it.
However; That is to say, it can only be established in general; There is mental arithmetic, although Sunday is not as good as the winged demon in terms of strength, but there is no preparation after the winged demon is finished. If Sunday really wants to plot against the winged demon; It’s not an easy thing for Winged Flyer to escape Sunday’s plot against him.
Because the three fiends have always been together, although Sunday wants to plot against the three fiends; But I knew that I couldn’t have that strength, so on Sunday, I would have been fighting back and didn’t start work
But now that the winged demon has been placed; At the same time, there is no defense against Sunday in such a situation; On Sunday, it is natural to say that nothing can let go of the winged flying demon.
I don’t know whether it was because I didn’t catch Sunday or because of another fiend’s conflict. When I returned to my home, Feimo lost her temper and directly killed several female demons who served him. After venting in the martial arts field again; The winged flying demon was quiet.
Maybe it’s because the previous actions made the winged flying demon feel a little consumed, or because he wanted to go to a quiet place to think about what happened today. In the end, no matter what the reason, the winged flying demon actually entered its usual closed place. While recovering their own consumption; One side is already thinking there; He exactly is what kind of way to Sunday this let him lost a monster to find out.
Doubt; According to the flying state of the wings at that time; Its nature is impossible to think that there will be an attack at that time. After all, the winged flying demon outside has made a lot of arrangements. Even if he wants to break into it, he needs huā to be such a closed place for several days. Wings flying demon nature is to admit that you can’t meet any danger.
It is obvious; The idea of the winged demon was to let it finally die.
There is nothing wrong; Arranged according to the winged flying demon; Don’t say that Sunday’s strength is not as good as his, even if it is Sunday’s strength, it is impossible to break into the place where he closed, but the situation is quite special and Sunday has no ability to sneak in; But the winged flying demon didn’t know that he had more "worms"; Although I don’t have that ability on Sunday, if I want to enter its closed place on Sunday if I fly my own way, it is natural and there will be no problem at all.
In the wings flying devil unguarded situation; On Sunday, he suddenly showed his true colors, and then when he changed his human form willy-nilly, he slammed his head towards the winged flying demon.
Wings flying magic root is unguarded in that situation; How can it be possible to escape the Sunday attack when it is suddenly attacked by Sunday? On Sunday, several attacks on the winged flying demon were successfully killed, and the winged flying demon was directly knocked out.
Subsequently; On Sunday, no matter whether you attack or not, you will continue to attack the winged flying demon directly until the winged flying demon reacts; It has already been hit hard by Sunday’s attack
At the first moment when the reaction came, the winged demon wanted to stay away from Sunday and stay away from Sunday at that time; According to the speed of the winged demon, he has absolute confidence to pull his distance from Sunday to Sunday and ask both sides to pull the distance; He can also be said to be safe
Yes; Will Sunday give Wingfly that chance?
On Sunday, he wanted to plot against the winged flying demon because he knew that he was facing the winged flying demon and there was no chance of winning. This will make his eyes deal with the winged flying demon in this way. Now he has made some achievements. Knowing that the winged flying demon is very fast, Sunday naturally said that nothing can give the winged flying demon a chance to leave his side.
In the situation that the winged demon is ready to fly away from Sunday; On Sunday, however, with his own brute force, he pulled the winged demon back to its original place at that time to say something powerful; Maybe that winged demon is better than Sunday, even if the eye is badly injured, it’s really impossible for Sunday to get a good job if you want to fight hard on Sunday.
But because the winged flying demon didn’t want to die on Sunday, the winged flying demon has already lost its fighting spirit. If you want to get away from it, there is no possibility of success. Who let XuanGong first avatar is power?
Compare words with strength; Even if two winged flying demons are put together, it is impossible to compare with Sunday; When Sunday Siming pulled the winged flying demon back to its original position; Even if the winged flying demon wants to escape again, it is impossible.

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Jun 14, 2024

"We haven’t got any smoke bombs and flashlights yet. Why don’t we throw two flashlights and we’ll rush?" Yanyue suggested that

"There is still something wrong with throwing smoke bombs, but it is too risky. If one of them is not flashed, it is very dangerous for us to rush over. We can’t take the initiative to rush over." Jiang Yuhan is very cautious and tunnel.
"What shall we do?" He month touching his head is very depressed tunnel
"There is no other way! I got it! I’ll rush out and take a risk. If they come out to stop me, I can kill them! Of course, it may be that I was killed by the other party! " Jiang Yu cold determined that this time also has his most suitable others are not sure.
So Jiang Yuhan flashed out from behind the box, and then slowly moved forward. The people there thought the same thing, and they also decided to let 7kg go out to gamble. So the two snipers echoed in the main road and they saw each other!
"bang!" Without hesitation, he shot 7kg without thinking. At the moment he saw each other, his hand had already pressed the left mouse button, and so did Jiang Yuhan. Everyone’s eyes were consciously focused on the right side of the screen. Jiang Yuhan and 7kg both closed their eyes at the moment they finished shooting. They had given their fate to God.
"wow!" The audience burst into cheers. Jiang Yuhan took the lead in opening his eyes. He saw that the game had ended in the statistical picture. Their team wrote failure in English. When he saw that line of English, he knew that he had lost his best shot!
7kg also opened his eyes at this time. He immediately took off his headphones excitedly after seeing the screen, and then hands in the air got up. His teammates had already rushed to him and surrounded him. "Good job! What a beautiful job! "
"7 you kill them! You are being killed by God! Ha ha ha … You are awesome! "
"Xiao Pang, I knew you would play your lethal role at the key moment! Great! "
7kg teammates are very excited to praise 7kg7kg with a shy smile. "The last shot has a lot of luck. I will lose! But now we are too happy, and there is a map! "
"The third map is actually a confrontation between the two snipers. If the snipers play well, we can win it. You killed them at the end. I believe you can do the same in the third map!" The whole city is very confident in 7kg.
Chapter 45 Return to the field and continue to watch
Ye Qing and Da Mi went back to the hotel. Meteors and others all went out for a stroll. Dong Laoer was still chatting in the room, watching Da Mi go back to his room to have a rest. Ye Qing ran to find Dong Laoer. They chatted for a while and thought it was very interesting to stay in the hotel, so they decided to go out for a turn.
Usually something happens when they go out for a walk, which seems to have become a law, but this time they wandered around for a long time and nothing happened. They didn’t cause trouble and no one bothered them.
They just walked and chatted. Later, Dong Laoer received a call from Zhao Junzhu and talked very much in love for a long time. Ye Qing dropped her goose bumps all over the floor and took out her mobile phone to call Su Yanbing. Su Yanbing also stayed in the room at this time and didn’t go out. She thought a lot about her and Ye Qing. She thought everything was ridiculous, but she just ended this absurdity again, not because she didn’t dare, but because she didn’t want to.
When she received Ye Qing’s words, she panicked for no reason. She didn’t know what state of mind to treat Ye Qing’s dumping. She felt that she had no tone. She calmly told her that she was wandering around outside and chatting a little, and suddenly she remembered her, so she gave her a call.
Su Yanbing couldn’t help feeling a little secretly pleased when he heard this, because Ye Qing must be wandering alone now, otherwise he wouldn’t dare to talk to himself, and Ye Qing remembered that she didn’t call his girlfriend or accompany her in the hotel. She felt that she was more important than Da Mi in Ye Qing’s mind.
They chatted for a while. Su Yanbing said that she would leave the sea in the next day, and she had to go back to Chengdu whether Ye Qing walked or not. Because there was some trouble in the coffee shop, she had to go back and deal with Ye Qing. She hurriedly asked her if she needed her help. Su Yanbing smiled and refused his kindness, saying that this matter could be handled by her, not because there was a * * * * disturbance, but because the Health Bureau was looking for trouble and said that they were hygienic, but asked them to suspend business for rectification.
Ye Qing doesn’t have any official power to help in this respect, but he knows that Jiang Yuhan can definitely help, but he doesn’t want to bother Jiang Yuhan. He owes people enough, and it’s not good to bother people all the time. He said to Su Yanbing to call him again if he can’t solve it, and he’ll do something again.
Su Yanbing seemed very relaxed. She said that she had dealt with this matter, but it was not very complicated to spend some money. After she got back, Ye Qing felt that she was hanging out and chatting to death. He was still very worried about the results of the S team competition. He saw that Dong Laoer was still chatting with Zhao Junzhu, so he went over to Dong Laoer and said, "You continue to talk to Honey outside after the call, so I said to hang out with you. If she calls you, don’t spill the beans, do you hear?"
Dong Laoer chatted with her heart and heard Ye Qing’s words without thinking, so she nodded. Ye Qing patted him on the shoulder and went to the side of the road to get a taxi. Dong Laoer hurried after Ye Qing and said, "Boss, where are you going now?"
"I went back to watch the game before I finished watching it, and I was pulled back by Mel. You continue to talk about your words!" Ye Qing said that there was already a taxi coming over and stopped firmly beside him. He pulled the door and got out of the car. After the car started, it quickly left and soon disappeared into the vision of Dong Laoer.
Dong Laoer scratched his head and then said to the mobile phone, "My boss talked to me just now. Is what you just said true?" My dad really looked for you? "
"How can it be fake? I don’t know what model a Mercedes is. Anyway, it looks luxurious and there are several bodyguards. I think your father is like a triad brother." Zhao Junzhu said at the other end
"It depends on your dad just like underworld eldest brother. Can you speak? That’s the boss’s style, understand? By the way, what did my dad say to you? "
"Your dad said that you like to play since junior high school and often take different girls home. You’ve never been serious about any girl, and it’s no exception to me. He also advised me to leave you or I’m sure to get hurt! Hey, is what your dad said true? I can’t believe you are such a person! " Zhao Jun bamboo some worry tunnel
Dong Laoer suddenly felt embarrassed. He is definitely the kind of person that his father said was not adulterated at all. He felt that he had failed Zhao Jun’s bamboo letter. He quickly said to Zhao Jun, "Of course I am not such a person. I am the most single-minded man in the world. My boss has told me to treat you well. I can’t live up to what you have. I dare to play with you. I will definitely marry you and have children after I am serious about you. It will never be a joke! I said that you were really able to hold your breath when chatting with you just now. It took you so long to say this! "
"I can’t always say it as soon as I say it. It’s too abrupt. Can’t I create an atmosphere first? What else do you want your boss to tell you? If your boss doesn’t tell you, will you fail me? "
"Are you bored? I said I was serious about you. No boss confessed, too, but the boss confessed that I can’t live up to you. Are you white? I have always regarded my dad’s words as farting, and you should also fart whatever he says to you. Don’t pay attention to him, "Dong Laoer said with some chagrin."
Zhao Junzhu felt a lot better when he heard this, and his tone eased a little. "Your father also said that when you return to Chengdu, you will leave the team and go back to the company to help, and he will arrange a blind date for you. It is his business. A friend’s daughter’s family is in very good condition, and the girl is beautiful, saying that you will definitely like it."
Dong Laoer was a little beaming at Zhao Junzhu’s words. In fact, he didn’t object to his father arranging his own blind date. The most important thing is that the blind date is a beautiful woman. He has always been open to beautiful women. After returning to Chengdu, he really wants to meet that beautiful woman to see if she is really beautiful.
"I told you to take his words as fart. Why do you still ask? Do I need a blind date for my good looks in Dong Tiancheng? You can’t afford to lose this man. Don’t you think your man is handsome? " Dong second is very confident tunnel
Zhao Jun bamboo smell speech can’t help giggling "handsome my man is the most handsome! I don’t think you will go on a blind date either, but your father said so firmly that I don’t think you can refuse! "
"I can’t refuse my dad can’t refuse blind date? When the time comes, I will dress up ugly on purpose, and then act worse to make the other party have no good impression and give up automatically! This little thing is not difficult for me! " Dong Laoer couldn’t wait to slap himself when he finished. Why is Mom so cheap? What a shame to say such a lie?
After he returns to Chengdu, he should not only dress up very handsome for blind date, but also behave perfectly so that the other party will love him deeply when he sees him. Then he will spend another three to five days to make the girl * * * * and then find an excuse to kick her afterwards. This is the highest state of picking up girls. The so-called "never touching a leaf among thousands of flowers".
Zhao Junzhu didn’t know that he had a career in his heart. Actually, she had been with Dong Laoer for so long and still didn’t know Dong Laoer at all. She knew that Dong Laoer was a rich second generation with money at home, and then she usually played around. I really didn’t find him a * * * embryo.
After listening to Dong Laoer’s words, she was deeply moved. It was really a simple sister. She said to Dong Laoer emotionally, "It’s very kind of you to have you in Tiancheng. I’m relieved to have these words. Well, I want to see it. Let’s wait until you come back."
"ok!" Dong Laoer hung up, and his face could not hide his excitement. He was very much looking forward to his father arranging a blind date for him. He had a girlfriend before and was in trouble with his father. He was used to it, but Zhao Junzhu was really important to him because he thought Zhao Junzhu was a very suitable marriage partner.
Zhao Junzhu’s thought is simple, and it’s not his family’s money. Because Zhao Junzhu didn’t know his real identity when they were dating, he thought he was an ordinary professional player. Zhao Junzhu is also a virtuous and capable woman at home. He always takes good care of Dong Laoer. He likes such a woman as a wife.
When Ye Qing arrived at the game site by car, the third map game had been finished, but it was not finished at last. Yuzryha Qing felt very lucky. He looked at the big screen score after entering the stadium. The third map was turn-based and there were 7 rounds at half-time. Now it has reached the fifth round at half-time. The score between the two sides was 2-2, but the overall score was 6-5.
In the fifth round, the whole city competitor directly killed the past four machine gunners from the middle road. The sniper covered the S team in front and behind. It seems that people didn’t expect the other party to come directly from the middle road. A machine gunner was surprised to see several enemy machine gunners rushing over and was drowned by several bullets.
The people on both sides of the S team immediately killed a comeback, and then they fought with each other in the middle of the fire. The snipers on both sides also showed their great power. The machine gun strafe made the gunners on both sides pay a painful price, and every sniper shot sounded like a death knell, which made people desperate and someone fell down.
Soon the gunners on both sides were killed and wounded, leaving the snipers who are the soul of their respective teams. This is the scene that the audience most wants to see! Ye Qing is also very glad that this kind of scene can be seen without wanting to see it. Unfortunately, there are still so many rounds ahead. Judging from the intensity of this round, there is no doubt that the previous rounds were also very intense, and the games must be brilliant.
Chapter 451 s got the match point again
At the peak of Jiang Yu’s cold, he rarely met snipers who could last until the end, because most snipers would be killed by him during the game, but 7kg made him feel a little pressure. It was not good to kill two people when it was less in the game. On several occasions, they were left to fight each other in the end, and the team would win or lose.
7kg actually doesn’t like this feeling very much. He likes to fight freely and doesn’t want to bear too much responsibility, but he can’t escape these responsibilities because the soul of this team is him. He must do more for the team and share more with his teammates.
Now the two teams have left a sniper Jiang Yuhan leaning against the wall to listen to each other’s movements, and 7kg also leaning against the wall, both of them retreated to their own bases! They moved! Almost at the same time, the two men flashed out from behind the wall, moving almost the same and shooting almost at the same time.
Screen instantaneous brush out a death message Jiang Yuhan being killed 7kg7kg some incredible to look at the right side of the screen and secretly said, "How did this happen? I’m about the same as him, and I feel like I’m shooting very accurately. What, he’s not dead and I’m dead? "
Jiang Yuhan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the news of death, and then smiled and said to his teammates, "Fortunately, I haven’t lost face for too long. It’s really a setback, but the feeling at my peak seems to be slowly coming back. I believe it won’t be too long when I return to the peak!"
"That’s great. If you want to get back to the peak, then our team will have nothing to be afraid of. Teams can’t beat us." Shining is very excited. He has a deep understanding of how severe Jiang Yuhan’s peak period is. At that time, he led Longteng team and Jiang Yuhan led the team to compete.
Jiang Yuhan modestly waved his hand and said, "That’s not to say that teams can’t beat us. Snipers are better than machine gunners. This is a long-standing law, but I think someone may break this law in the future. Everyone knows that machine guns and pistols are much faster than snipers because they don’t look in the mirror and they are also accurate. Shooters are not only fast, but also have an advantage over snipers. If there is a machine gunner who can shoot his head off, then I will not be his opponent even if I return to the peak."
"Gungun headshot gunner? Ha ha ha ….. How can there be such a powerful machine gunner? It’s scary that my headshot rate has reached 15%. There are only a handful of people in the whole professional circle who can reach this headshot rate, even if K is about 90%, which is not much higher than me. I’ve never really seen the headshot rate as high as 90%. What is the concept of a machine gunner’s condition? This means that the headshot rate is 100%. If there are such people, how can we all retire? If you face each other, you will die. Even if you don’t have a chance to fight back, the sniper will be even worse. If you shoot a fatal advantage, you won’t be able to mix it up! " He month said with a smile
Jiang Yuhan unexpectedly has a dignified expression. "It’s not impossible to shoot a gun in the head. Maybe there will be such a person in the future. If K can reach 90% of the head shot rate, then someone will definitely surpass him, and this person must be ak47. It is possible to practice the performance and trajectory of a gun in the head shot."
K couldn’t help showing surprise when he heard Jiang Yuhan’s words. He took a look at Jiang Yuhan and tentatively asked, "Maybe you have found such a person? It’s not that Ye Qing, is it? He seems to be ak47, and you asked me to point him out! "
Jiang Yuhan nodded his head, but he didn’t deny it. Instead, he was very straightforward. "Yes, that’s him. I think he is a very talented player. I heard that he was born in an Internet cafe without formal training, but he can practice his ak47 marksmanship to perfection. If another famous teacher gives advice, he will become a top machine gunner in time. I believe he may enter the highest level of that kind of shooting, and then the whole F world will be dominated by him. At that time, if we want to continue to hang out in the professional circle.
"Will you think too highly of him? In my opinion, his current strength is generally less than one-on-one confrontation with me. I can completely explode his talent. This problem is that we can’t see that as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. It is normal for him to practice more when playing F. Maybe he is a little talented, but he is not as awesome as you said. You are a little too shocking! " K doesn’t believe in tunnels.
No one in Yanyue has ever heard K’s words and immediately echoed, "How can there be such a great person? If someone can reach that level, it should be among us. How can it be that small?"
Shine also interjected curiously, "I haven’t seen that little game, but I don’t think anyone can achieve the goal of shooting a gun in the head. It is an ideal state, and no matter how talented a player is, it can’t be achieved. After all, it takes many factors, such as technology, luck, hand feeling and improvisation at that time. Even so, I believe that even if he can’t reach that goal, he is still a talented professional player, and his future achievements may not be K!"
Jiang Yuhan nodded his head. "It is really an ideal state to shoot a gun in the head. No one can do it yet, but I hope to see someone reach that level, so there will be no regrets in my career. K If he is a few years younger, he is expected to reach that level, but now he can’t. He is old, unresponsive and his hands are not stable. Hahaha … Ye Qing’s young career is just now, but he has many opportunities to hit that level!"
K smell speech immediately expressed dissatisfaction "I depend on my hand when unstable! Besides, I’m not yet thirty years old. I’m still very young. I’m not too slow to react. I can still kill people. "
"Come on, don’t talk about it. Continue the game. We’ll talk about things in the future. If Ye Qing’s little guy is really that great, then we’ll just draw him over." Shining hurried to round the field

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