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Baihui Mountain stands at a steep peak. Thorns are everywhere all year round, and beasts are swarming. Those who are not strong enough can’t move, but at the top of this mountain, the first ray of sunshine will shine every time the morning sun rises and becomes humorous.

At the top, a woman in white stood in the corner of the steep wall for a long time, but her face moved slightly, but it was a little more indifferent. "Do I really want to go back?"
There is also a handsome man standing behind the woman. Although he is middle-aged, the traces of time have not affected his appearance at all. He said slowly with a sigh, "It is also good for you to be a so-called female university."
What else did the woman want to say, but the words came to her mouth and she swallowed. When the man saw that she stopped talking, she sighed and turned away [
Yes, this woman in white was born here in those years. Jiu-Er should call the water ripple on the moon.
At that time, she had just been reborn, and it was not until she was brought back to Baihui Mountain by Master that information gradually emerged in her mind.
The body owner called Shui Lianyue is the four daughters of Shuifu in the three big families of Jinxi Dynasty. She also has a mother who is the four ladies of Shuifu. The real life is not as good as that of the humble servant girl. There are countless images of being bullied and humiliated in her mind.
When I was in a brothel, it was also the first lady who arranged to be married by the royal family because of the water ripple. The first lady married Yu Wang Zhengfei, and she also had a daughter who would never let a humble ordinary girl become a princess and thus have a higher status than her daughter.
So the housekeeper, Dark Hand, sold Shui Lian Yue to Long County, 300 miles away from Kyoto.
What makes Shui Lian endure most is that the brothel sold in those days was thirteen years old, and the value of cardamom was only fifty taels.
My thoughts are numerous and complicated, and the birds’ chirping brings me back to the watery moon, but seeing her mouth hook up with a strange sneer runs counter to the extreme scenery.
Shuifu is very good
I didn’t stay long. The next day, the water was rippling, and the mountain returned to Kyoto. Baihui Mountain is still far from Kyoto, and it takes more than ten days to travel day and night.
"Just send it here." Water ripple on indifference looked at the side of people holding the reins Zhuge solitary walk, not far ahead is the road. If you send it again, I’m afraid there is no end.
Zhuge Gu also looked at the water in his eyes, but there was no emotion in his deep eyes. When he heard her speak, he stopped and raised his arm to hold the little black hawk with wide shoulders on her shoulder and slowly said, "Take the full moon with you. If you have anything, Master and I can know."
Water ripple month didn’t speak is the default slightly failed and looked at the full moon just smile and said, "you this guy recently gained weight again? Go to the sky to lose weight. "
The full moon seems to be able to understand people’s voice just fell on the black wings and roared and then flew to the sky.
Zhuge lonely is quietly watching the water ripple on without a trace of emotion. She seldom smiles, even if she smiles, it has a beautiful feeling, but he still likes to look at her cold expression and think about it. His mouth has a little more subtle smile.
Jumping into a horse’s water and a moon covered with a white gauze hat is like a refined fairy, but riding a horse and whipping all the way to leave dust.
After seven days of running around, I came to Long County at noon the next day.
Shui Lianyue’s white dress is particularly eye-catching, and the pedestrians on the street stop to talk about it, which makes her somewhat uncomfortable. She thinks that this dress is already very low-key, but she doesn’t want to attract people.
Speaking of Long County for three years, she was familiar with it and led the horse directly to the brothel, but it has been changed into a restaurant and changed hands.
As soon as she entered the door, someone came to meet her and took her to the backyard. The elegant room was particularly chic and decorated according to the preferences of the water ripple. She liked the white house, but all the white objects she could get were placed outside the courtyard, and two Qionghua trees were planted, which were warm and could slightly resist the cold [
Yes, she is one in a million with a cold constitution. The master said that her cold constitution was brought out from the womb. In vernacular Chinese, congenital can’t cure anything to keep warm, so it’s also when the yin is extremely heavy during the full moon.
Yin-cold constitution can’t transport frequently, otherwise Yin-cold will come forward.
"Miss, miss, miss"
Shui Lianyue just took a sip of tea and before she swallowed it, she flashed a yellow shadow. After she swallowed it, she casually said, "Why are you still so restless to be steady?"
See water ripple on the side of a girl’s age but 15 or 16 a goose yellow water skirt powder blush embellish nifty cute eyebrow eye is much a few minutes more pure color "miss somebody else how steady, you know this month’s profits but doubled?"
Shui Lian Yue Nai shook his head and smiled faintly. "I know you are the most important thing, miss. I can’t live without you."
Speaking of red tassel, it was two years ago when Shui Lianyue came to Long County to rescue her. Maybe she was in the same boat. At that time, Red tassel was only eleven or twelve years old, and her family was poor and poor. Nai’s parents sold her to a brothel, but she didn’t want this girl to escape abruptly. If Shui Lianyue arrived later, I’m afraid she would be beaten to death by those thugs.
Since then, the red tassel has followed her little girl and looked at her with a simple mind. In fact, the ghost point is the most clever and capable. Only the year before last did she come out of the mountain to run the restaurant in Long County. Of course, the water ripple month is the real owner of this restaurant. Chapter 5 Tea Conference.
Red tassel smiled wittily, but her eyes caught sight of the package on the fairy table. She smiled and pointed at the package and said, "Miss, are you going out of town?"
Shui Lianyue poured a cup of tea and put the teapot gently for a moment. "Yes, miss, you know my life. There are some things that I need to go back and solve myself."
Red tassel slightly locks her eyebrows, her pink mouth purses up, and before she opens her mouth, Shui Lian added, "Don’t worry, I will take you with me."
Sure enough, Red tassel smiled at this sentence and rolled up her arm. She was very close. "Miss loves Red tassel the most."
In fact, red tassel still has a little fear of water ripple on the moon. It’s not always so coquetry and intimate. If you don’t touch the bottom line of Miss Yang, remember that Mammy Yang was as dead as life. She is still concerned. If Miss Yang launches a malicious attack, really not everyone can bear it. Although Red tassel doesn’t know what Miss Yang has suffered [
Death is the best way to get rid of it, but no one can afford to die slowly, having his spine cut off and watching the bone marrow flow all over the floor.
And the late magistrate of a county in Nalong County has dug a grave and dug a grave, which has turned into a pile of bones. She still has to bear the anger of the young lady, hang the gate and be exposed to the hot sun.
Now when I think about it, my scalp will tingle and cold sweat will drop.
They rested for one night and explained to the shopkeeper, then rode away the next day.
Long county is 320 miles away from Kyoto, and it will take two days to get there quickly. However, it is almost time for Shuilian Moon to stop and go, and the red tassel will enjoy the scenery from time to time, which just took five days to reach Kyoto.
Kyoto is really busy and bustling, and even the small traders and hawkers have frequent visits to send silver into their pockets like running water, so that Shui Lianyue has the idea of opening another shop here.
Moreover, Kyoto is also magnificent enough, with carved corridors and painted columns everywhere extravagant, even small families’ palaces are luxuriously decorated, let alone the three great families of Jinxi Dynasty.
"Miss, look over there. It’s so lively. Let’s also go and see." Red tassels are as busy as small farmers entering the city, and even the water ripple on the moon is secretly praising Kyoto, not the kui is Kyoto.
In addition to Long County, Baihui Mountain has fewer contacts and fewer places to visit. Now it’s really an eye-opener to come here.

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Jun 13, 2024

I love gold coins, but I still didn’t react. wait for a while said, "Are you sure the Avengers want to auction off the’ help token’? You know, with this’ help token’ and the strength and reputation of your Dragon Soul Gang, if you create a gang now, it will definitely have a good development prospect. Is your boss crazy? "

"This is our Dragon Soul Help Department. We don’t need to worry about the boss. What the boss needs to do now is to sell the’ help token’ to a big price, which is enough to shock the world’s big price of Shuo."
I love gold coins, sighed, and slowly raised my hand to build a gang token, and said, "Well, since you have chosen my money auction house, I will definitely help you auction a good price. With the’ build a gang token’, you can be the first to create a gang with great influence. Those bosses who want to dominate are sure to win. This is definitely a fierce competition."
"The money exchange system will be released in the early hours of the morning. For those big gangs, money is not a problem. I estimate that it should not be a problem to sell this’ help-building token’ to millions of gold coins." At the same time, I love gold coins and secretly muttered that with this help-building token, my money auction house can finally have a bright future. Merchants will know that one day I will definitely step on you.
"… millions of gold coins? So much? " I cried in surprise. Millions of gold coins are converted into millions of cash. It’s too extravagant for a player to be willing to spend millions of gold coins. You know, when playing games before, the highest equipment for private auction was only two or three thousand cash. This is too crazy.
"More than a million? This is my conservative estimate. "I love gold coins," he said flatly. Suddenly he seemed to think of something and said, "Avengers, do you mean that one of the best players has any advanced equipment? Auction out together and you can get a good price then. "
I nodded and said, "There are a few pieces in my warehouse, but they are all outdated equipment. Well, there is also a set of assassin’s second-class silver suit, spike-tooth flurry suit and ………………………………………………………………………………………………………
I love gold coins. After receiving all the equipment department, I sent an advertisement to the unified display toilet. Soon, the first’ help-building token’ in the world will be auctioned at the money auction house at 12 noon. If you want to be the first gang hero in Shuo and want to develop your own gang first, then what are you waiting for at the money auction house at 12 noon? At the same time, there are many silver-class equipment waiting for it. The owner hopes that you will not miss this opportunity.
This time, I love gold coins so much that I made three announcements to the system, and he didn’t charge me. Oh, you broke it.
Just when I was feeling that I love gold coins, I saw him take out a card from his bag and handed it to me. He said, "This is an auction membership card. With this card, you can enter the auction without tickets. I have to go to work on the auction. You can sit here for a while."
"No, I still have some things, so I won’t bother the boss." After I left, I went to Xuanyuan Imperial City to rely on sending the array. For a while, it was the first martial art meeting in the day. Although Qinglong and I also have some friendship, I prefer coke with ice to win. I don’t know if coke with ice has come up with a solution.
During the competition, coke with ice and Qinglong were sent to the arena. Just like the second time, I started Longxiang to pray and helped coke with ice to strengthen the life limit by more than 100 points.
"Coke with ice, although your magic power is very strong, but there is no defense shield, is it necessary for the magician to fight in close combat than you think?" Tsing lung said simply that it is really difficult for the Magic Warrior to hang up Tsing lung with coke and ice. After all, I thought that Tsing lung was a super man.
"Qinglong" Although I know that it is almost impossible to beat you, I still want to try. "Coke and ice magic staff quickly revealed the spell of Qinglong." Great ice goddess, please spread your cold to people and freeze the enemy in front of you! "
Qinglong said contemptuously, "You look down on me too little. This freezing magic can’t do anything for me!"
(There are three conversion methods to convert the magic warrior’s conversion skill to consume 1 mana. One is to convert 25% attack power into 3% magic attack and 3% physical attack; The second is to convert 25% attack power into 2% agility; The third is to convert 25% attack power into 2% vitality. The three transformations cannot be reversed, and one can be transformed at a time for 3 minutes)
Although the fiend force has reduced the attack power by 25%, whether it is in exchange for 3% magic physical avoidance or 2% speed or 2% vitality, it is anti-people’s ability to fight in the competitive ring is not better than the spike ability.
If both sides kill their opponents, the last thing to compare is the ability to fight and the medicine they carry. It is difficult for today’s strong players to kill their opponents. After all, everyone has a good thing, so the last thing to compare is the ability to fight.
Tsing lung’s own blessing is 13% speed. In addition to speeding up the movement, it also speeds up the attack speed. It seems that coke with ice is in danger this time. After all, the attack speed is strengthened, although the attack power is weak, but there is almost no gap between the attack power one by one.
2% moving speed reveals the suspicion that coke and ice roots can’t even capture the shadow of Qinglong, let alone release magic. Qinglong is fast, and even a player with high agility can see a rough outline clearly.
"Alas, the defeat of coke with ice has been decided", although it is a rough look, judging from the gap between the two sides, the chance of winning coke with ice is slim. After all, a magician’s magic that you can’t even capture the player has been locked in, so you have a passive beating. Unless there is some miracle that can immediately reduce the speed advantage of the other side, it is a matter of time before coke with ice dies.
Coke with ice, looking at the blue dragon figure flashing around, frowned, and took out a sky-blue bead from the baggage with the staff in his hand. He said lightly, "I came here to prepare for dealing with the god eater, but your strength is beyond my imagination. The first battle plan to deal with you can make it necessary to make this secret weapon the ice goddess spear!"
Air conditioning quickly gathered around Coke and ice, and gradually formed a sky-blue spear. Even sitting in the audience seat, I felt a huge cold current. I’m afraid this power is still in frost wyrm. I don’t know if Qinglong can resist the ice goddess spear.
But my eyes almost jumped out when I saw Coke with ice taking out the beads. That … that turned out to be a watery bead. Zhao Linger, a watery bead is Coke with ice. How can it make a watery bead? Isn’t it possible to mobilize the power of the spirit beads only when the descendants of Nuwa dictate spells?
In fact, the most puzzling thing in my heart is where did you get the watery beads with coke and ice? Well, when the battle is over, we should have a good chance to ask him. Haha, I didn’t expect that my luck is so good today. First, I found the fiery beads in the assistant, and then I suddenly broke the’ help token’ in the assistant. Now the coke-iced hand is the watery beads. Is my luck coming?
Chapter sixty-one The origin of watery beads
Tsing lung looked at the spear, the goddess of ice and snow, and felt a little crisis. When he didn’t dare to neglect the magic sword in his hand and swept it forward, it was the right time to clean up a large number of players’ half-moon swords.
Half-moon black gas waves came out through the sword and rushed to Coke with ice, and the ice goddess spear beside Coke with ice also gathered quickly and stabbed Qinglong. The past two big moves were all killer skills. It seems that now is the time to compete. If the half-moon sword hits Coke with ice first, Qinglong will win, but if the ice goddess spear hits Qinglong first, the winner will be Coke with ice.
The sword of the half moon of death and the spear of the goddess of ice and snow crossed halfway, and boom rang. The whole competitive arena trembled. Coke with ice and Qinglong floated almost at the same time. Coke with ice was 156, while Qinglong was 1679. The power was amazing. There were 100,000 injuries to the spear of the goddess of ice and snow. It was really abnormal.
Although the damage was output together, the coke with ice fell down. It seems that the dragon died and the half moon sword won the coke with ice and the snow goddess spear and won.
"ding! The third semi-final game of Magic Warrior Qinglong VS Magician Coca-Cola winner Magic Warrior Qinglong will hold the semi-final game at 5: 00 pm on Sunday. The fourth Avenger VS Magic Kill will make everyone not miss it. "The announcement of the end of the battle was sent.
The battle is over, but no one on both sides of the battle knows that coke with ice almost won, but Qinglong is different. He won the game.
Tsing lung couldn’t get up, didn’t it? It was a string of great injuries that floated behind him because of coke and ice? Hundred thousand, that’s hundreds of injuries. If it weren’t for the competitive battle just now, I’m afraid the result should be both sides. It’s only right to hang together. Four Holy Beasts’s boss was almost defeated by the dragon soul to help a wannabe hand. How can he get along with Qinglong if he goes out?
Coca-cola and I hurried forward to comfort ourselves when we lost the battle with ice. Coca-cola suddenly asked, "What’s that bead you just took out with ice?" The abnormal power of the ice and snow goddess spear should require that pearl to be able to display the killer skill. "
Coke added freezing point and nodded and sighed, "This is a watery pearl. However, I don’t know what it is, but it is said that the snow demon is sealed in it, but the water and ice level 1 top BOSS is said that the strongest attack on the snowy mountain is the snow goddess spear."
"How did you make water beads with ice? I have a fire spirit bead here that belongs to me, but it can’t make me remember the spear of the ice goddess just now. If I can make the fire spirit bead have a Vulcan blessing or Vulcan anger, wouldn’t it be a big kill?
Coke with ice suddenly lit up in front of me and exclaimed, "You mean this watery bead is yours?"
"Well, what’s the matter?" The reaction of coke with ice makes me a little unnatural. Is there any problem in it?
"Haha, it’s you. I’ve been looking for you so hard." Coke with ice quickly took out the watery beads from my bag and gave it to me. Seeing the success of the transaction, I finally breathed a sigh of relief and said to myself, "It’s too difficult to never pick up this kind of almost impossible after I finally finished this pervert."
It turns out that Coke and Ice Field is a water magician who accidentally bumped into an alcoholic NPC when he went out to train. The alcoholic NPC told Coke to add ice and he could change ice to water-ice, but he had to help him finish one before.
This is that the limit for handing over the five spirit beads and one water spirit bead to the player who is playing the’ Save Zhao Linger’ game is one month (that is, my final time). If the water spirit bead is handed over to the player with coke and ice in one month, the game will be judged to have failed, and the level will be reduced by one level and the magic will be changed back to water.
The Ice Goddess Spear is a stunt that the drunkard NPC attached to Coke with ice. It can be used three times before it is completed, and the water beads need to be taken out each time. However, if it is completed, the ice goddess Spear will be lifted and the water beads can not be taken out after it is used.
(The Snow Goddess Spear is an advanced skill. If there is no auxiliary, it will have a certain pair.)
Whoo! Fortunately, if coke with ice doesn’t find me for a month, the punishment for his failure will be reduced to level 1. Don’t change back to water, but I will be different. The level will return to level 1. The equipment department will drop gold coins and the recycling department will rely on these punishments. I can delete the number and stop playing.
Thank God for letting me find the water pearl.
In ancient times, the five gods of water, fire, wind, thunder and mountain came to people. They loved this land and didn’t want to return to Tianshui. They clapped their hands and laughed in the huge waves of Hong Tao and didn’t hear the people crying. Vulcan dances in flames, regardless of whether people’s bones burn into fly ash in the fire; Fengshen blew up houses and collapsed cattle and sheep trees, killing many people; Raytheon kept playing drums but scared the disabled people to hide in the cave and hug together in fear; The mountain gods kept jumping and the earthquake destroyed the people’s homeland, the goddess Nuwa, to protect the people. Finally, from nine days, the five gods of water, fire, wind, thunder and mountain were collected into five spirit beads, and the snow demon was placed with the water spirit beads. Only when the Nuwa clan cooperated with the spell can it be possible to mobilize the strength of the spirit beads and snow demon. It is required that the descendants of the Nuwa clan wear the attributes +2 to display the power of water magic and increase by 1% and never wear the weight 2 to attach skills to the snow demon.
The Snow Demon’s primary spell consumes 5 mana, summoning the Shuilingzhu Snow Demon to carry out a large-scale Wan Li mountain closure, causing 25 times of ordinary magic attack damage to the enemies in the range, while freezing the range by 1%. All players become ice sculptures and freeze for 5 hours when the skill cools down for seconds.
"By the way, boss, did you see today’s news that there is no money auction house? I love gold coins. I plan to auction the help token at the auction in the day. Should we prepare it? After all, this is the first help token in Say." At this time, Coca-Cola suddenly played the recent unified broadcast.
I nodded slowly and said, "I know, so what? We didn’t agree to create an organization that would make the major gangs feel frightened." Here I smiled mysteriously. "Besides, it’s not that members of the organization can’t join other gangs, but they can’t create their own. If we want to cultivate our own gangs, we don’t have to be the main helpers. What’s the point?"
"BOSS, I always feel that this help-building token came too suddenly, as if it was born after the vice. I suspect that it was brought out by a player in the vice." The more Coca-Cola thinks about it, the more suspicious it is. After all, the help-building token needs a level 3 BOSS to come out. Now it is too sudden for players to kill BOSS on a large scale.
"This building help token was brought out from the vice-captain." Looking at Coca-Cola and Coke with ice, I smiled and explained, "It’s not your boss. I went into the vice-captain and killed seven players from all levels. Finally, I broke out this building help token. You mustn’t leak it or Xiaoqiang will ask me for a statement."
Coca-cola and coke with ice showed understanding and promised me to keep this secret.
Then the three of us went to the ant nest again. Thunder magic and ice magic exploded frequently in the ant colony. It was so cool to watch the brushing experience. So after playing for a long time, Coca-Cola and Coke with ice rose to level 21 successively. Looking at the ranking list, it was hard to imagine that the level was 2 after the fourth place.
Huh? The first bite god broke through the 23 rd line of defense and stepped into the 24 th threshold. It seems that it is really difficult to chase him. Damn it, Dark Dragon, if you hadn’t failed me, how could I have been dumped by the bite god? One day, I will peel your dragon skin as a cotton-padded jacket and whip your dragon classics as a whip.
I spent the rest of the day upgrading …
I slept until 11 o’clock the next day, ate some instant noodles quickly and entered the game with my helmet. You know, it’s 12 o’clock, but I can’t just miss and accommodate the auction meeting, which specially adjusted the semi-final of the First Martial Art Association to 5 o’clock in the evening.
Just now, I appeared in Nuwa City, and immediately paid to Tong. I came to Xuanyuan Imperial City and walked towards the auction venue. This time, the money auction house became famous. I love gold coins, but I spent a lot of money at the arena auction center. What day is this? The first martial art will be adjusted until late. The noon time has been taken over by the auction.
Chapter sixty-two Auction Assembly
Along the way, Xuanyuan City has a sea of people, and the players are jostling with each other. The auction house has been packed with money. This auction has become the hottest activity in the world of Shuo. This auction has attracted the attention of all players. After all, the birth of the first guild token has laid the foundation for the establishment of the first gang.

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Jun 12, 2024

When the tsunami approaches people, as the end is approaching, the scene is worse than a dim sun.

Xiao Yuetu asked, "The bell ringer is not in the chaotic world. What about the spiritual master in the chaotic world? Director, are we going to save people? "
Yuan Ling hasn’t spoken yet. The other side of the meeting also received a distress signal. The spiritual master said, "We can’t go. Some spiritual masters who just escaped from the chaotic world said that the silent Lord is now in the chaotic world. That’s the most powerful dark spiritual master. Isn’t He Li’s bone gone and asking for a dead end?"
I don’t know which one the spiritual master is, but now he has hid in Lingjiaofang.
Xiao Yue image heard what a big joke swearing "line meeting to discuss is to deal with the silent Lao things this original is not chaotic burial discussion you started to silence the Lord anger to chaotic burial body regardless? The chaotic burial bell ringer is blocking the tsunami, and the remaining people are blocking the dark spiritual master. If you stay in Lingjiaofang and do nothing, forget it. It’s easy to say sarcastically. Are you shameless? "
The man shan shan said, "what’s wrong with what I said? If you want to help, go. I’m afraid you’ll come back dead if you go. "
Yuan Ling said coldly, "Shut up!"
He asked, "Has the think tank figured out a solution to the tsunami?"
Yuanjiang: "If a hundred three water-attribute spiritual masters can control the waves at the same time, but …"
But in this world, there are no 100 water-attribute spiritual masters, let alone three water-attribute spiritual masters.
Yuan Ling: "How many water spiritual teachers are there in Mincheng?"
"There are still two people who don’t ring the bell, but they won’t go." Huajiang manipulated the man-machine to drop the image and showed it to Yuan Ling. "It’s not only water but also fire. Now the temperature in the sea is probably a thousand degrees, and they will die if they go."
Xiao Yuetu "How can there be a fire in the water?"
Huajiang pointed to the man-machine back pattern.
Behind the waves are seven magic dumplings with huge bodies.
"The monster’s body and soul are nine babies, and nine babies are fire and water monsters. Now no one can stop it except the bell ringer."
Talk to the waves, a bright blue light flashed across the 100-meter wave, and it was pushed down again.
Yuan Ling was quiet. "I’ll go to the chaotic world to save people. You stay here. Huajiang will report the progress of the tsunami to the government departments at any time. Others will help evacuate the roads and refugees."
Xiao Yuetu "I’ll go with you"
Yuan Ling waved his hand. "No one can suppress silence when He Li is dead. You will die if you go."
"Then you are not going to die?" Xiao Yuetu asked
Yuan Ling said lightly, "My brother died there."
He was about to turn around, but the spiritual master shouted, "Director, look-"
See the direction of chaos, the sky is blustery, and suddenly burst into light.
A deep purple and a red blood burst through the center of chaos.
In an instant, the boundary of chaos has become completely broken.
All the spiritual masters looked up at the place.
Although they can’t see clearly what happened there, they can feel that there are two powerful forces that they can’t imagine crashing and spreading throughout the city.
There is a spiritual master on a high place, and he looks at that place with the power of spells.
"There is such a powerful spiritual master in the world. She must be the silent master. It seems that the chaotic tomb is really finished this time." He told the spiritual master about what he saw.
Behind that purple cloud woman, a vein floated.
All the energy of heaven and earth seems to be mobilized by her and remitted to the top of the chaotic world.
The psychic said that the whole person froze.
It was not until people called him that he murmured, "How … Maybe …"
Yuan ling also leng when holding a telescope in sight to the chaotic boundary horizon.
After a long time, he came to his senses. "Nine strains …"
He put the telescope in disbelief. "Who is that man?"
Chapter 15 Chapter 15
Although saints die, there are more roads than roads
The silent Lord is dead?
Mysterious and powerful, one hand will kill two five spiritual masters, and the silent Lord will die like this?
In the eyes of all people, the silent head rolled to the ground with horror.
The yard was full of charred ashes after the fire, and all the ashes were blown by the wind at the fracture of her head and neck.
The dark masters did not move, and at first they did not return to their senses.
After coming to my senses, I couldn’t help looking at the man who suddenly appeared. It was this pair of eyes that made them unable to move and froze in place.
A man has a beautiful face, but his eyes are full of blood.
When I bumped into his eyes, I could see a touch of cold, biting cold, skipping like an abyss, purgatory, fire and shura, which was nerve-racking.
The cold spread over their bodies.
Although the silence is full of cruelty and blood, this man is nothing compared with his flesh and blood.
The dark eyelids of Nangong dust are stained with a deep night in the thick clouds.
He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, the color in his eyes became thicker.
When his eyes opened and closed around the yard, evil things suddenly twisted, and before they could react, what happened to him, he heard several clear bangs like something exploded in the calm.
Falling into Shinto’s evil body swelled, instantly exploding blood fog, and even Cui Xuanyi and the dark psychic behind him were also affected by the wave.
It was they who built a higher building. Although there was no direct explosion, they were also covered in blood.

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Jun 11, 2024

Xia Suo asked this question because she woke up with a smile, reminding her that when she was robbed of the royal elder sister’s long dress by the boat from shallow water, she said that she "didn’t share the clothes attributes with her." Xia wanted to ask someone what this "attribute sharing" was about, but she forgot it after a long time.

"This is a very simple little rose" smiled and said enthusiastically, "You can have a little’ share’ on your personal image by clicking on the personal information panel."
After clicking "Share", a row of options appeared, namely, sharing to current friends, sharing to family, sharing to teams and even sharing to Weibo, forums and other options. When it was time to share in summer, the family immediately saw that their game characters had turned into a photo and flew to the family’s text barrage.
Then the family blew up, and both men and women shouted.
"Wow, np face!"
"Newcomer Newcomer, is this your own pinch?"
"How is it possible that anyone can pinch it like that unless he is a sculptor?"
"Newcomer younger sister you are random to? I’m so lucky! I envy and hate! "
"Envy, jealousy and hate plus 1"
"Add mobile phone number"
"Add ID number"
Summer is dizzy by the reaction of these people in the family. I can’t help but ask Wu Gou Frost and Snow to see Wu Gou Frost and Snow. There must be no family voice.
"Hero," Xia pointed to his face and said, "Is it difficult for np Luo Xi’s face to arrive at random?"
Wu Gou Frost and Snow nodded. "Luo Xi’s face belongs to ss level, and the probability is very low. Most random faces are a little flawed, so generally no one will be random."
"So that’s it." Xia mused and finally thought about a question: Why is he so lucky in the game? She looked back blankly at Wu Gou Frost and Snow, and suddenly remembered that she asked tentatively about his gender guess.
"Hero, is your face random?"
Wu Gou Frost and Snow slightly shook her head and said, "I didn’t pinch it myself."
Xia was awed. "Hero, you are really amazing. Are you a painter?"
"No," said Wu Gou Shuangxue. "Do you read comics?"
Comics? Xia shook her head. She took the exam in Dashun High School, a key high school. After three years of studying hard, she kept looking for a part-time job and doing part-time writing. Where did she squeeze out to read comics sometimes?
She usually knows that those novels are influenced by Tao Yaoyao to read or listen to Tao Yaoyao in class.
Wu Gou Shuang Xue said, "There is a comic book called" Rose Song "and I just pinch it according to the characters in it."
Xia shook her head again and said that she had never heard of it, but she thought the name was very nice. Because of the rosa multiflora Children’s Welfare Institute, she also felt that the name was very kind.
"It’s normal that this cartoon is not popular and has never been heard," said Wu Gou Frost and Snow with a smile.
If Wu Gou Frost and Snow were more enthusiastic and told Xia something about this cartoon, or Xia was more curious and asked a few more questions, even if he asked the cartoonist’s name, the story might develop in another direction, and Xia’s life would be more joyful and less regrettable.
It’s a pity that "if" can be if something is missed, there will be no chance again.
"Where’s the new girl?" Heads of thunder sound up.
Summer hurriedly reply.
"(Family) Summer Xia Xia Rose is here. What can I do for you, Chief?"
"Sister is so polite, haha." Thunder laughed heartily and continued. "Nothing is just to ask Sister Dora to bring some friends into the family. After all, the family has just been established and needs everyone’s joint efforts!"
"Yes, yes, yes, Dora, come in." "That man" followed.
"I’m still pulling my sister, and the yin is flourishing and the yang is declining. Dora, come in!" Others say
Xia nervously said, "Well, I don’t have many friends. Let me ask them."
Xia’s response was quickly drowned out by all kinds of family sounds.
Some people say, "That’s the man. You still want to pull your sister. Be careful that the little moon hits you."
The man replied, "Why did you hit me? I’m not sharing my worries for the patriarch. The patriarch is embarrassed to say that I’ll just say it for him, right, patriarch? "
Thunder replied, "You guys make fun of me every day as a patriarch, even if Xiaoyue said everything. She is my buddy, okay?"
"Yo-"There was a hush in the family.
Summer see what’s the matter without her also put the voice message with a sigh of relief.
It’s almost time to forget about the valley of sorrow. At the end of the summer, I sent a message to her friends list. Except for Wu Gou Frost and Snow, although she thought it might be polite for the heads of families to call her to pull people, since she promised to be a family, she had the responsibility and righteousness to ask.
In a short time, she received replies from her friends.
Chapter 36 You are like my brother
Bai Shanshan was the first to reply to the text message, "Believe me, which family I join will be challenged and destroyed by other families. It is impossible for me to be dealt with by the family law before that."
"Poof" Xia smiled. It seems that this white sparkle deceives people. Many of them dare not join the family. She smiled and replied to Bai sparkle, "Sorry, my hand slipped just now and I didn’t want to invite you."
"…" White sparkle back to six points.
Then how could the voice message come over? "Are you on the basketball team?"
Xia hasn’t answered yet. How could Grandpa send another message "This hunder naion isn’t the hunder naion I think?" The hunder naion, the world’s first guild in Aize and the second trade union in the League of the Helpers? "
Xia has heard of those two games, but don’t be unclear. "I don’t know. By the way, the patriarch’s name is hunderlord."
How could the big ye be a little excited? "Really? Little fool, you’re amazing. You even entered this guild. "
"Wu Gou frost and snow dragged me in. Do you want to come?" Xia Wen
"Not going"
Uncle, how can you answer that Xia leng for two seconds? This guy won’t still be angry with Wu Gou Frost and Snow? "What? Didn’t you say that they are very powerful? "
How can uncle reply "this kind of family management is strict, which is not suitable for me?"
"…" Summer have no words this time.
Wu Gou’s frost and snow brought summer to the entrance of Forgotten Valley. Just after Maxia received the consent of the family patriarch hunderlord Friend Request, Xia said a sentence of "Good patriarch" out of courtesy.
"The new girl sounds young. Is it the first time to play games?" Thunder asked.
Xia just remembered that she forgot to tune the whole card.
After learning that she was playing the game for the first time, Thunder gave her a popular science lesson. At the end of the glorious history of other large-scale online games, Thunder said that due to the "illegal meeting", hunder naion got up late and needed much-needed talents.
Hearing a patriarch say this so skillfully, Xia guessed that he might have said the same thing to several people several times, and he couldn’t help but admire him for his hard work. One goal is to surpass that "money piled up" and illegally become the first in all aspects.
"I really have a few friends who have just sent messages to them," Xia said.
"What did they say? Do you really want to come in? "
Xia hesitated for a moment or chose to tell a white lie. "My friend didn’t say that he thought the family name was hard to pronounce."
"…" There was silence.
Summer is a little uneasy. Suddenly I saw the voice barrage of the heads of families on the family channel, so I listened to it.
"What do you think about the cough?"
Then "the man" said, "What is it, chief? Oh, I remember. Is it a name change? "

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Jun 10, 2024

Hearing this, Ye Guchen did not dare to stop for a moment and quickly trained. However, it is not an easy thing to combine two different things, namely, knife cutting and posture. Worse, both Ye Guchen are not so skilled. It is definitely not a moment to want to integrate, but it can be achieved by constantly practicing in the constant pointing and shouting of the two elders. It is a lot of gains to come one day.

In the evening, a few talents returned to Tianxiang Courtyard and their own rooms. When they were alone, they saw a round barrel rising with hot air. I don’t know when it had been placed in their room. There was a fire burning in it. If it wasn’t for the round barrel bread wrapped in a thick layer of iron, it would have been lit now. Besides, there was a table of hot meals.
After wolfing down the meal, Ye Guchen practiced cross-legged every day for "The Emperor’s Extremely Magical Work". Although he is tired today, he will not leave him cross-legged. It has been a month since he made a breakthrough. Now, with his rich aura, Ye Guchen has entered the middle of the seventh floor, but it is not a moment to complete it. It takes a buffer, and sometimes it will take at least a few months and even longer. After all, it is more and more difficult to practice hard. Although Ye Guchen’s speed is amazing, according to common sense, he wants to enter the seventh floor.
Ye Guchen sat cross-legged in the practice. I don’t know how long it took before Ye Guchen’s door was slammed. At this time, Ye Guchen slowly woke up from the practice and saw this yellow elder with a smile on his face. He saw himself and smiled calmly and said, "Wake up?" Well, it would be nice if we woke up. "
“? Why? " Ye Guchen consciousness asked.
So yellow elders frowned and then some unhappiness said, "what else can I do? Remember the cultivation method of the golden bell jar, then undress me, remember the exercise route, and then enter it to keep exercising and absorbing it for me for at least two hours. If you can persist for as long as possible, the better. You don’t want to wave me. There are hundreds of medicinal materials in it, including the Millennium Shouwu 500-year-old Ganoderma lucidum, which is eaten by ordinary people, but it can increase your skill for several years. Even if there are not many royal guards, you can’t wave. If you can’t persist, I’ll throw you in. It’s best not to force me to
Chapter one later, chapter one. I hope everyone will support me. Thank you.)
Chapter 40 Layer state ()
"Shouwu in one thousand? Five hundred years of ginseng? Centennial ganoderma lucidum? " I don’t know what other medicinal materials have, but these three things alone are staggering. Which of these three things is not crazy? Baby fighters can add years of skill and strengthen their bodies to treat the wounded. Although they don’t say the same, these things will cause a bloody storm, but they are rare. Elder Huang put these things together to make a medicine bath, which shows how precious this barrel of medicinal materials is.
Ye Guchen has no doubt that if these medicinal materials are placed in front of him slowly, it is not impossible for him to raise his strength to the level of nine levels. The medicinal power contained in these medicinal materials is enough for a strong master to get a continuous rise, but these medicinal materials are used to make medicinal baths, which is really a bit of a sense of squandering.
"Well the leng wear stem? Go in after reading it! " There, Elder Huang frowned and said coldly, Ye Guchen didn’t hesitate to pick up the secret book "The Golden Bell", which is not thick. After watching it for a few times, he immediately recorded it and then slowly entered the round barrel that has been up.
When I first entered it, I didn’t feel anything except a faint burning sensation. At one time, the temperature of the medicine bath around me was very high, and Ye Guchen somehow adapted to it. He held his breath and slowly closed his eyes to suppress the heat and pain and let himself immerse himself in it. After a while, when Ye Guchen gradually adapted to the temperature, he felt a limp and numb itch, and a tearing pain also spread to make people adapt to it at one time.
Ye guchen has an impulse, an impulse to rush out of this medicine bath, but in the end he still endured it, so it would be too rough to go out. Ye guchen also knows that this is a process of upgrading his own strength, and he will avenge himself in the future. Ye guchen told himself that he must endure what others can’t, so that he can improve himself as soon as possible so that he can complete his goals.
Ye Guchen gritted his teeth and insisted on it, trying to calm his mind and ignore the pain caused by the body, slowly recalling the movement route of the Golden Bell Hood before and then running.
The movement route of the golden bell jar is a little different from the general circulation route on Sunday. He actually absorbs the external forces around him through several acupuncture points and constantly strengthens his physical strength through energy operation. Moreover, this practice does not conflict with the practice of work and has complementary effects. Of course, things are not that simple.
It is beneficial to strengthen the body, but strengthening the body will disperse most of the energy absorbed from the outside world and give it to the body through continuous operation to absorb energy into the body. It is suspected that this is a steady and rising process, but the problem is that if you do this, it will greatly slow down the cultivation speed, which is not a good thing for people to improve their overall strength.
This is why the Golden Bell Jar is cultivated peacefully, and there are almost no mistakes. In the early stage, it takes a lot of medicinal materials to stabilize the foundation, and it will achieve some results. But there is still no reason why people are willing to practice. After all, human life is limited, and the practice of other methods may not be as good as the Golden Bell Jar in the end. However, if someone practices the Golden Bell Jar for ten years, it may be a small four-story and five-story effort, but another person may have been a six-story or seven-story master in the same practice of other methods for ten years.
If you practice the Golden Bell Hood for 20 years at the same time, people may have five or even six levels of repair, but if others have good talent, they may have reached the top of the tenth floor and may have broken through to the innate realm. This is the gap, so many people are unwilling to spend time in the middle of this door. Because of the normal life span, it is really difficult to achieve anything in this kung fu. After all, there are so few people like Elder Huang.
However, Ye Gu-chen didn’t feel any pressure on this. He was confident that his cultivation speed and abundant aura supported him. Even if he cultivated the Golden Bell Hood, his cultivation speed would not be slower than others. Practicing the Golden Bell Hood could improve his strength and his overall combat effectiveness, which would be better for him in the future and for his revenge.
Ye Guchen slowly runs the "Golden Bell Hood" exercise route, gradually immersed in it, absorbing the strong energy in the medicated bath, making his whole body adapt to the medicated bath, and constantly absorbing the essence of those drugs through exercise. There is still some numbness and itching feeling, but gradually with the continuous operation of Ye Guchen, that feeling disappears, and he feels that there is a pure energy entering his body through the skin, slowly transforming his body, making his body clearly feel that it is constantly strengthening, and those drugs also enter the abdomen through the body to form a fierce energy, which is slowly accompanied by the continuous operation of Ye Guchen’s energy.
Ye Guchen feels that he is improving all the time when he is practicing, and his physical strength is constantly strengthening. I don’t know how long it will be before when Ye Guchen wakes up, the dark medicinal bath on his side will be clearer than that of others, and the strength of others has actually increased a lot, which is close to the end of the seventh floor. This is more than Ye Guchen’s practice alone for half a month, and his body has been significantly strengthened. The first layer of "The Golden Bell" has been practiced with it.
Chapter 49 Layer state ()
There is no doubt that the Golden Bell jar is not easy to practice. Although it is peaceful and steady in practice, it takes a lot of time to practice, especially in the first few layers. Although there are a lot of precious and rare medicinal materials, Elder Huang didn’t want Ye Guchen to break through the first layer overnight. Elder Huang guessed that it would take four or five days for him to break through the first layer in the middle of the year, and then it would take him another month to break through the first three layers of golden bell jar with precious medicinal bath. That is enough, but Ye Guchen’s performance obviously surprised Elder Huang. He didn’t.
"Well, you have reached the first level? Entering the country soon, frankly speaking, your body’s absorption ability is really beyond my expectation, and you actually lay in it all night. I remember the first time I gritted my teeth and insisted on it for two hours. You are very good. "Elder Huang looked at Ye Guchen and said quietly, although the expression was still lifeless, but there was a hint of appreciation in his eyes.
"I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m obsessed with it unconsciously." Ye Guchen replied shyly that he is not good at being praised and complimented by others. Although Elder Huang is not the first to praise others, Ye Guchen is always embarrassed and shy whenever he hears this, because Ye Guchen feels that his success is inseparable from his own jet. A large part of his success depends on jet, but no matter what others say, his own affairs are always the clearest.
"Well, don’t talk about it. You have talent, but it’s not necessary to be modest in front of me. The second brother and the fifth brother are both waiting for you. You still train me with them during the day. We will prepare a medicine bath for you later. We will continue for a month." Elder Huang lightly said that after saying this, he calmly looked at Ye Guchen, then turned and left Ye Guchen’s room, strode across the threshold and turned and disappeared at the end of the quaint corridor.
Ye Guchen didn’t hesitate too much to come out and stretch his bones and muscles. He was surprised to find that his body was stronger, his body was more agile and his strength was significantly enhanced. This Yuzryha Guchen was very excited, and his body had not been strengthened again for a long time. It seems that it has reached an almost critical point, and it is difficult to make a breakthrough. But now "The Golden Bell" and Yuzryha Guchen feel a significant increase, which is really good news for Ye Guchen.
Get dressed and then go out quickly. The two elders of heaven and earth can wait for themselves there. For these two Ye Guchen, I don’t want them to wait much. That is very impolite. I turned and left here and went straight to the back forest. After about ten minutes, I arrived at the location of this forest. I saw the elders dressed in black and dressed in blue. Two people were there side by side early. After seeing them, Ye Guchen came to them and bowed and said, "I have seen two elders and kept them waiting."
When the two elders of heaven and earth saw Ye Guchen, they were a little unhappy. After all, being late is not a good habit, and young people should always be diligent. In the early morning, they should let two people wait here. Naturally, they will not be happy, but then after two people took a look at Ye Guchen, their eyes shot up and the elders came to Ye Guchen and looked at it carefully. Then they stretched out their hands and grabbed Ye Guchen’s wrist. After a long time, they exclaimed, "Did you practice the first layer of the golden bell? And the strength has also made a breakthrough? !”
"It was a careless breakthrough." Ye Guchen implicitly said, to be honest, this time it was really puzzling. He traveled in a circle according to the line of work and didn’t do anything special, but the result was so unexpected that he actually made a breakthrough in a fog.
But when he said this, he made the two elders really talk about how hard it is to practice the golden bell jar, and how much it takes to make a breakthrough. They all know that Ye Guchen made such a breakthrough overnight, and even a "careless" came, which really made the two elders have some words.
"Ahem ~ ~ well, let’s not talk about it. You continue to practice monty’s art of using saber and it’s near the world. This month, we three old guys will try our best to train you and then see yourself." At this time, Elder Tian coughed for two times and then turned around and said that he didn’t want to continue to entangle with Ye Guchen on this issue.
As a result, Ye Gu-chen needs to practice Monty Knife during the day, as well as practicing these two stunts at a distance. Secondly, he also cultivates his artistic conception so that he can gain continuous understanding. This is not only good for his future, but now Ye Gu-chen obviously feels that his repair speed is getting higher and higher, while Ye Gu-chen follows Elder Huang to practice the golden bell almost without any stop.
A month’s talk about fast, slow, slow is the end in a flash. Time is rushing like running water, and it always goes by inadvertently. This month, Ye Guchen was very tired, but at the same time he was very full. He had never been so full. Every day he spent hard training and continuous breakthroughs, but every day he made different breakthroughs. This not only won the appreciation of several elders, but also Yuzryha Guchen gained great benefits.
In a month, Ye Guchen’s golden bell jar was cultivated to three levels, and both physical strength and quality agility have improved by leaps and bounds. Not only that, but the most important thing is that Ye Guchen’s hard work has also been improved due to the continuous infusion of powerful medicinal materials, and Ye Guchen finally broke through a acupoint again and entered the level realm.
Although the level is not a master of decision, it is already very good. He is a real master in this way in Qianjiangzhou. Except for a few people, few people are his opponents. People like him can already be a strongman in a small place.
However, Ye Guchen is not satisfied with this. His goal is more ambitious. The strength he needs is definitely not just a layer of strength. He still needs to constantly break through because the strength is far from enough now.
Chapter 50 A Royal Guards Blood Prison
A month’s practice soon ended, and Ye Guchen got a day’s rest. The next morning, Ye Guchen’s door was hit by someone. A dumb servant came to Ye Guchen’s room, bowed respectfully, and then pointed to the central hall. Ye Guchen immediately felt in his heart and lived here for more than a month. Although the dumb servants could not speak, they were able to understand something about Ye Guchen. He knew that the dumb servant meant that the elders invited him to the central hall.
Nodded and left a "I know" and then turned and walked towards the central hall.
When I came here, nine elders had been sitting there in turn. When Ye Guchen came in, they looked at Ye Guchen, two elders from heaven and earth, and Elder Huang nodded slightly at Ye Guchen when Ye Guchen came in. Although they didn’t say much, their eyes already contained too many things, including praise, satisfaction and comfort, as if telling Ye Guchen that "your opportunity has come."
"See several elders" Ye Guchen came to this central position and then handed it to several elders in front of him and said.
"Well," nine elders nodded one by one, and then blazing with anger looked at Ye Guchen in front of him, then looked at each other unconsciously and nodded with satisfaction. Then Ye Guchen grew old and looked at a group of elders in front of him. Lang said, "Everyone has seen Ye Guchen’s progress. In a month, he actually broke through from the seventh floor to the third floor, and the repair of the golden bell cover also entered the third floor. I think you should agree with me that Yuzryha Guchen should enter that place to continue his practice!"
"I’m reconsidering ~" said the old man, who followed closely. He taught Ye Guchen a month and was very satisfied with this half brother of Ye Guchen. He was very supportive of Ye Guchen and wanted to help Ye Guchen.
"I also reconsider ~" Elder Huang followed closely.
"I also reconsidered ~" The elders hesitated for a moment and then nodded and said that it seems that Ye Guchen’s cultivation speed makes the elders very satisfied, so they all chose to support Ye Guchen and give him a hand.

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Jun 9, 2024

Lotus Yan Jing chuckled and reached out to play with Dong Wei’s waist. Yu Pei "I have known you for a long time and have been paying attention to it."

"Always note?" Dong Fengling’s eyes widened, except what she has done over the years and the bottom of others’ eyes.
After thinking about it, Dong Yuling is glad that he is very careful every time he enters or takes things in and out, otherwise his little secret may not be exposed early?
Nowadays, it’s different to be close, but everyone has their own secrets, which is normal.
"Remember that year participated in the food contest? I saw you arguing over the drunken building from beginning to end, and at that time, the emperor "Lian Yan Jing still felt interesting in retrospect" or the emperor asked Lotte to help you "
If I remember correctly, she didn’t speak so well at that time. Chapter 5 Confessions of the 20th century.
Not only did it take a while, but it also pulled the emperor, who was seriously ill at that time, and was heard by the emperor.
Dong Yuling, while embarrassed, is glad that the times are less and some speeches are still free, otherwise she would have been guilty of blasphemy.
"Speaking of which, it seems that the drunken building has not been seen since then?" Dong Fengling suddenly
How can a drunken building end up well after being seen by the emperor? At that time, the emperor had only been in the throne for two years, which was the time of ambition, and he was definitely punished when he met the drunken building.
"If you don’t know that Zuixianglou has always been the object of our suspicion, you think that he is the king of Hunan who stayed in the capital city, but there is no real evidence." Lian Yan Jing explained that "the emperor came to the scene of the food contest to see the situation of the February 2 nd festival and to rush to Zuixianglou."
Dong Yuling blinked. "So I helped the emperor by mistake?"
"It’s not that the emperor is worried about rectifying the drunken clouds building, but that you have stirred it up and let Lotte destroy the name of the festival and take it away, which has relieved the emperor of a big worry." Lotus Yan Jiing recalled that the self-righteous small plate was really ridiculous.
Dong Yuling continues to be embarrassed. So that’s it. If the emperor lets Lotte take the root, it won’t be her, okay? I just rushed to the drunken building to help her out, but it was just passing by.
"No wonder I said Lotte was too eccentric. I still think he had a grudge against Zuixiaolou!" Dong Yuling lamented the truth. What was really exciting?
Saying that she is not the Virgin Mary Su’s physique did not help the aura because of people’s reasons. Dong Yuling also breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t know where there was a problem and once "Su" herself.
Fortunately, fortunately, everything is normal.
"Is there any revenge? It’s mainly because the emperor wants to justify putting people in prison." Lotus Yan Jiing lamented that it was not a human heart that Dong Wei gave a helping hand with the continuous loss afterwards!
Fortunately, he made it to the end.
With a chuckle, Dong Fengling also sighed, "It turns out that I hung up the number before the emperor so early!"
With a strange look in Dong Yuling’s eyes, he glanced at Lian Yan Jing. "Did you have a heart for me so early?" Maybe the world likes Lori?
"First, I think this little girl is very interesting, but I don’t know if you are owned by anyone!" Lian Yan Jing said that everyone was very suspicious at that time.
The emperor just ascended the throne, and the emperor gradually recovered it. The emperor still controls some emperors, and everyone looks like a spy!
"Where?" Dong Yuling’s eyes continue to be weird. Note? That’s fair. Actually, that was called surveillance.
"Hey hey!" Lotus Yan Jiing doesn’t mean laughing too much. Even he himself is not expected. "The fact is that your daily life has not crossed the line, and I have helped you deal with some coveted troubles when you develop Butterfly Love Villa."
Dong Wei’s heart was stuffed, but he felt intimate and couldn’t help but say, "That’s really thank you!"
No wonder she wondered how the development of the villa could be so smooth. After all, there are some exotic flowers and plants in the villa, even if there is no valuable daughter, the hundred gold is everywhere, and it didn’t attract the young generation Dong Yuling. I feel very magical.
Fortunately, the world didn’t pay attention nearby, otherwise how could she not notice?
"Hehe, you’re welcome." Lian Yan-jiing’s face is very thick, and she completely relaxed when she saw Dong Yuling’s lifeless heart.
"I said that when I first met you, how could you be so good? Thanks to me, Qin Ruwang was good at sex!" Dong Yuling was upset and said that she was so "cheated". Did she? Besides, it also makes sense why those hands met her so early and had a good attitude, that is, they knew the situation early.
"Poof my sex is bad? Not good? " Lian Yan Jing twisted her head and rubbed her legs.
"What’s wrong with being weird and unpredictable?" Dong Yuling rolled his eyes. "That is to say, even if I didn’t find Lotte, my second brother would be fine!"
It’s the responsibility of the world, and he won’t wronged anyone casually.

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Jun 8, 2024

Gu Jin was scared silly by Gu Man for a while. Gu Man poured strength on them. They all knew that at the moment, Gu Man really launched a malicious attack. She was arrogant and immediately ran to the outside of the cloud nine. She was busy dragging Gu Man’s hand and started to cry. She began to shout for help.

The twins brought a few girls waiting outside. At the moment, she cried sharply. Do you still have to live? All rushed into the room to see Gu Jin was covered with Gu Man’s head and his face was scattered in a double-ring bun. There are also many blood stains. Have you seen this scene when people are n: m?
At that time all stood on the spot.
Or the biggest Pingchun ran more calmly to persuade Gu Man to "Nine Girls! Nine girls, please let go. Twelve girls are still young. "
Gu Man turned around and stared at her, her eyes were red and white, her neck was shocking, and several blood prints looked terrible. Ping Chun got up and stepped back.
Fortunately, Pei Yin, Pei Qin’s reaction is fast and busy, so he quickly pulls Gu Man to see her neck, forehead and face, and her mouth is red, and her eyes are red at Gu Jin’s nu way "Twelve! You are simply deceiving others! "
Gu Jin at the moment being protected by people will not be afraid of Gu Man, so he sneered at the spat of "Bah! I insult others too much? What did I do? I just poked you where it hurts! You guys are ready to start work. You have a father and no father. "
Once again, she didn’t finish. Gu Man had already broken free. Gu Zhao raised his right leg and put it in Gu Jin’s lower abdomen. She kicked Gu Jin out a few meters away and couldn’t climb up.
This is really a big deal! Ping Chun was almost ready to cry, but he grabbed Gu’s face and pleaded with Gu Zhao. "Three girls! Third girl! Please stop nine girls quickly! "
"Gu 12! Don’t you dare say that I want you dead! " Gu Man is also full of grievances. She is born again, and she can bear it. But she is not a robot, and she is not omnipotent. Every day, Gu Chengdong’s mouth is poisonous. I didn’t expect twins’ mouths.
If it’s not clean, if you dare to curse Wang and Xiao Shi, she’ll beat them up! Until a generation dare not say it again!
Look at it, it’s really not like a few girls who just took advantage of their master’s meeting, and they panicked and ran to the spring to find reinforcements.
The noise of this head has already alarmed the Wang family on the west side. Just after li finished the kitchen, the old ladies just came and drank a glass of water, and they listened to the purlin, and they frowned and took people to the purlin.
As soon as I entered the door, I saw Gu Jin, whose long hair was full of scars, crying in the girl’s arms, and Gu Man was even more scarred. This girl Gu Jin was different. She pouted and silently looked at Gu Jin’s crying, and the hatred in her eyes made Wang shudder.
I didn’t expect to see such a scene when I came in. I was still worried about how to tell the old lady about the kitchen personnel change. Wang felt a headache and turned to ask Gu Man, "What’s the matter? !” The tone is very dissatisfied.
Gu Man didn’t answer. He straightened his back and stared at Gu Jin intensely. His eyes looked at Gu Jin like a knife, and he felt frightened.
Gu Jin was staring so hard that he lost his mind. There was a noisy footsteps outside, followed by the sound of the fifth wife Liu’s voice. "Jin Er Jin Er!" Unfinished words have already flashed through the door. When I saw it, I cried a snot and a tear. My daughter suddenly felt distressed and ran over and held her daughter in her arms before turning to stare at Gu Man! You have done such a thing to make Brocade look like this again. There are still some Hou Fu girls in n m:? !”
LiuShi anger and hate to see Gu Man is motionless and doesn’t reply. Still resentful, staring at Gu Jin is even more angry. I don’t care if I pull Gu Jin up and go out angrily. "Go! Go! Go! If the old lady doesn’t take our place today, let’s go back to Runingbo House. This Hou House is really impossible to live in! I have never seen such a brave family in my life for decades! "
Wang was impatient to reach out and try to hold Liu’s hand, but Gu Man grabbed it first. She glanced at Gu Man Nai in disbelief and said, "Aman!"
Gu Man ignored her. A few steps ago, she stood in front of Liu Shi and glanced at Gu Jin first. "Good! Aunt Wu said yes, I’ve never seen such a bitter heart, such disrespect for elders, such unkindness to brothers and good family! Let’s all go to the old lady’s! "
Gu Jin was angry when she said that she couldn’t help pointing at her nose. "What did you say? You are crazy, you started it! "
Didn’t even put their mother and daughter in the eye, Gu Man sneered, pushed Gu Jin to the ground and looked at Liu Shi defiantly and asked, "Who are you?" You’re number twelve, I’m number nine, and I’m your sister! How dare you say such heinous things? I dare to teach you a lesson instead of your parents! Don’t you dare say that both of us have fathers, and I’ll tear your mouth off without them! My dad is still alive, so you curse him to death? "
The fifth wife, Liu’s mouth, has never accumulated virtue, which has influenced her children. At this moment, listening to Gu Man’s words, she knew that it must be Gu Jin’s prevarication. She knew that her daughter was wrong first, but she really couldn’t swallow this tone when she looked at Gu Man’s arrogance. "A Jiu! You can’t talk nonsense about this. Her parents are in the hall. Do you have to teach her a lesson? "
Gu Zhao told all the ins and outs of the matter before seeing Wang standing there motionless.
Wang’s metal gray face looked at LiuShi eyes is not good-those who what life with Gu Man that unborn brother’s past are all their talents know Gu Jin a child n m: to know? Didn’t Liu say that? It can be seen that there has always been a lot of abuse behind the scenes.
One hundred and thirty disputes
Wang’s confrontation with Liu’s was defeated again and again without exception.
But this time, it’s different. She’s been pushed into a hurry now, and Gu Boqi has forced her to lose her dignity. Now I hear that the twins are talking about the past, and they want to curse her newborn. This tone can’t be swallowed.
Glanced at still adamant4 LiuShi she closed her eyes firmly way "good! Today, let’s go to the old lady and invite her to be the old man! "
She said and went out with Gu Man’s hand and people first.
The remaining twins and Liu looked at each other in the room.
Gu Jin was a little afraid that she had never seen her second aunt so harsh and stern, and her eyes were flustered. She asked her mother Liu with tears, "What shall we do, mother?"
What should we do? LiuShi bullet pull Gu Jindao "go! Let’s go too! See who the old lady is helping! "
Mrs. De ‘an Curie Gu had just finished her nap and was drinking ginseng soup when she heard Tinglan report that it was Wang.
She didn’t like to think of Wang swearing at Gu Boqi like a bitch a few days ago, so she got bored and frowned and told Ting Lan to "just tell her to let her go back."
Who is patient to see her?
Ting Lan attached her face to the old lady’s ear and said a few words, which made her look even uglier. "Then let her in!"
In a short time, Ting Lan led people in, and the old lady glanced at it. Sure enough, she saw Wang’s ugly face and led Gu Zhao and Gu Man into the room.
Gu Man is wearing a green robe today, with a honey-colored substrate and a white silk skirt. It looks refreshing, but his head and neck are hurt and his face is scratched like a jade carving.
No matter how you don’t like it, it’s also your granddaughter Gu’s old lady who frowned. "The second child’s house! What’s going on here? A good girl is treated like a demon. Others don’t know that when she is around, the wet nurses and girls are dead! "
Wang is not as afraid as before to see the old lady standing on the sidelines without asking her to sit down. When she heard the old lady ask, she smiled at herself first and said softly, "It’s just that I’m coming to tell the old lady about this."
Gu Jin? The old lady was worried after one leng. She wasn’t worried. Gu Man was worried about Gu Jin. Who doesn’t know that Gu Man’s provocative injustice can’t stand it? I don’t know what kind Gu Jin is!
She snorted and sneered, "You are a carefree mother. Aman was brought up like this, but someone in N m: dares to ask her? It’s true that Hou Fu’s first daughter didn’t have any first-class bearing all day long, and she was so competitive that she stretched out her hand to fight and kill when she was unhappy. "
She said, glancing coldly at Gu Man and growling, "Kneel!"
Gu Man glanced at Wang Yi-yan and knelt on the ground, with tears in his eyes. He bit his lip stubbornly and said nothing.
Gu Zhao looked at not already wronged eyes tearfully followed Gu Man kneeling in the tunnel "Old lady Jian! A Jiu will fight with twelve because twelve is rude first. "
Words haven’t say that finish was still outside LiuShi speak interrupted "insulting first? Why did our twelve appear to be lame? Little three, don’t be like your sister! "
LiuShi dragged Gu Jin came in and came in with twins pouncing on the old lady crying and pulling Gu Jintou beside the old lady with a face of injustice crying "the old lady, look! Look what happened to Brocade. A Jiu’s hand is too heavy! What should I do if I leave a scar? ! It’s just that Pingchun said Aman kicked her in the stomach a few times, but I wouldn’t have stopped if I hadn’t pulled Aman in the past and I was afraid I would kill Brocade! "

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Jun 7, 2024

Many Real Madrid members who voted for him may have this mentality-we will see if he can bring Figo to us!

And he did bring it.
Then this summer he brought Zida, which shocked the world football.
Is there anything that he can’t do in this world now?
Isn’t it a piece of cake to realize just one "Zidaga Pa Wen policy"?
If Pa Wen starts in the opening game, the winner has already thought about it.
This is where he win.
Zidaga’s Pa Wen policy was a complete failure later.
Now Chang Sheng feels that he may speed up this process …
On whether it is physical or technical, Ibrahimovic can finish blasting inexperienced Pa Wen.
Changsheng circled Pa Wen’s name in the Real Madrid player list and then drew a cross.
In fact, Pa Wen’s performance in his first two seasons at Real Madrid was still good, which made Real Madrid raise the idea of selling Iván Campo.
If the development momentum is good, he may really grow into a figure like Yero, Raul and casillas
His failure is a combination of various reasons.
For example, Makelele’s departure left him unprotected, such as the last five crashes of Queiroz era, such as florentino’s "brainwave"
Now it may be necessary to add the factor of constant victory.
Chapter 34 Wonderful Policy
Although Changsheng still remembers that Pa Wen played the main force this season, I can’t remember when he played the main force.
If the opener is not Pa Wen but veteran helguera, it won’t be a second.
The winning plan is aimed at Pa Wen. Pa Wen must be present. To put it bluntly, Pa Wen is the Achilles heel of Real Madrid, the enemy giant.
Without Pa Wen, they have no weakness.
But how can we know if Pa Wen will be there?
There are still three days before the league.
Maybe even Bosco hasn’t decided on the starting list yet.
How can he know?
But it doesn’t really matter whether you know it or not, because there are ways to get Pa Wen to start …
It’s a strange thing to say, as if winning always has some magic.
But it is actually a very simple challenge.
I often beat it once in Hertha, and it worked well.
Winning in Valencia is going to do the same thing again.
It is very important to make the goad method have a very important meaning. Before he targets, he must be confident and conceited, and he will not listen to other people’s opinions and think that he can decide all gods.
Coincidentally, Mr. Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid Club, just meets this requirement …
Florentino is very beautiful but also very depressed.
Most people see his scenery in front of people, but they don’t care about the criticism from the media and football circles.

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Jun 6, 2024

"What’s this class for?" Li Yi really doesn’t know what he should do.

"I still don’t want to practice." This old man came out to urge Li Yi to practice again.
"It’s a good idea to do it in this class," said Li Yi.
Li Yi was surprised to find that his magic spirit seemed to be twice as much as before after the big Sunday exercise.
"The old man what’s the matter? How come I have more magic? "
"This is the result of your practice." He smiled and said.
In this way, Li Yi spent an afternoon practicing.
"Boss, school is over at noon. Let’s go!" state
"Go" Li Yi stopped practicing and was ready to go home.
"Boss, why are you sitting still in class?" This is a problem that Chen discovered after observing a class of Li Yi.
"I’m practicing," Li Yi replied.
"Boss, can I practice in class?"
"You should listen to the class well," Li Yi said.
"Boss, how do I feel that this sentence is strange from your mouth?"
"How strange?" It’s weird to say something for yourself
"Eldest brother, don’t you think it strange that a person who doesn’t attend classes every day educates me to attend classes well?" Chen said with a smile
"Yes, it’s a bit strange." Li Yi thought about it.
"Then I will practice after class," Chen said.
"What’s the title of the Chinese teacher’s essay … what’s your ideal for me?" Li Yi said
"My ideal is to be a national social people …"
"sop, don’t tell me what we are. To tell the truth," Li Yi has guessed that Chen Ideality is of course the people’s teacher.
"To be honest, my former dream was to be a gangster," Chen said.
"What the hell? Box lunch boss? Are you going to sell a box lunch to someone? " Li Yile estimated that Chen was the first person to fix the truth with a box lunch.
"Eldest brother, the People’s Bank of China can’t cure your ears by giving you loans," Chen said faintly.
"It’s a joke. Your former ideal was to be a gangster. What is your ideal now?"
"Boss Pepe, you should learn more reasoning. Your reasoning ability is too poor," Chen said.
"What do you mean?" Your reasoning ability is not bad.
"Boss, you have taught me to fix the truth. My ideal is of course to be a fix the truth, so it is better to pick up girls."
"How did I meet you two in my life? One doesn’t care at all about fixing the truth, but it’s not good for him to get off to a start after hitting on a girl! " Extremely sound in Li Yi ear again.
"Old people should complain later, and we should talk about ideals first," said Li Yi.
"How nice it is to talk about life!"
"Fuck the old man. I’m not gay."
"Chen, if you really become a practitioner, do you still want to be a gangster?"
Chen smiled and waited for a while and said, "If the boss is available, I will be a gangster. After all, this is my first ideal. I am afraid I will regret it if I don’t complete it, but I won’t be a gangster if the situation doesn’t allow me."
"Don’t leave regrets in life!" Li Yi said after hearing Chen’s words
"The boss said for a long time, but you haven’t said your ideal yet."
"my ideal is very simple: I want to go to a place where no one bothers me, but I don’t worry about everything."
"I’m telling you, you can’t fix the truth. It’s your only way out." What should I do if you and your lover go to a place where there is no one?
"Did the old man say that this is an ideal or something to be done?"
"If you can’t find the signs, you will lose KO." Li Yi didn’t want to say anything after hearing this sentence.
"Boss, this ideal is good. If you find it, can you take me?"
"By taking you? To be a light bulb? " Li Yi said with a smile

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Jun 5, 2024

Suddenly, I smiled like an idiot and walked past Donglang, pushing Donglang aside and stroking the belly of the moon with one hand. "My daughter, my daughter!"

Xuan Lin immediately squeezed into the right side of the moon invitation and reached out to touch the belly of the moon invitation. "Baby, touch it!"
Stop and Donglang were stunned for a few seconds and flew into a rage. "What do you mean by surname Xuan? What’s the matter with my daughter?"
Xuan Lin raised his eyebrows and chuckled. "It’s not necessarily your daughter. Inviting the moon also promised to help me have children."
Looking at everyone, you fight for me and grab a sloped smile. Everyone will be crowded and hurt the baby in the belly of the moon. "You are …"
Inviting the moon is also a sloped smile. It turns out that in her world, women and men are reversed to have children, unlike the Millennium countries, where men can have children.
This sentence came as a thunderbolt! Every man has a strange expression on his face, staring at the moon!
Mu Yan immediately pestered the invitation to the moon and asked if he would like to have a baby to invite the moon. He wanted to make a verbal commitment, but he didn’t expect Mu Yan to clap his hands and shout that it was good to invite the moon! Then it’s a deal!
After inviting the moon to listen, I stayed for a long time and asked with a smile, "Do you think my baby will be twins? I always feel that there are two babies in my belly, one on the left and the other on the right …?"
"Twins? What’s that? " Every man in Millennium can have one child at a time, because every man in Millennium can inseminate one success at a time.
"Er … twins are two babies appearing in the pregnant woman’s stomach together, and two babies will be born one after another in the future!"
"Ha ha how is it possible? You won’t have fetal movement for only a month! Maybe it’s your psychology! But who is this child … "
A word made the atmosphere at the scene tense, and the party was relieved and put on a look!
"But when the baby is born, I can help you tell who it is," added the meaning.
Several parties were relieved to hear this, if only they had made a mistake!
But suddenly he frowned. He didn’t pay attention to Dong Lang, a duck who can’t lay eggs. He is still dissatisfied with Xuan’s neighbors. It’s disgusting that this smelly man should come to grab a place with my daughter because his belly is so small!
Since then, our family has become a national treasure when we invite the moon. Whether we are sitting, lying down or leaning against someone, when we walk, our neighbors and the baby will accompany us left and right to walk faster, and then they will be pulled by them. Finally, they urged, "Be careful with the baby!"
Inviting the moon suddenly felt that this life was really boring, and it was not as free as before. I kept saying, "I will never be pregnant again!" Several husbands vent with her in a good temper. Anyway, after they are pregnant, they don’t want to run away and look at the invitation to the moon. They have already counted the days. After the invitation to the moon to have this baby, they can rest for about half a year to help them have children. Looking at the invitation to the moon not far away, they are so fine and smiling … Hate to turn their eyes. She knew this would happen!
In a blink of an eye, spring is coming. It’s the tenth birthday of Inviting Moon. A group of assistant ministers are at home to celebrate with her. Suddenly an unexpected visitor comes to the mansion-Chu!
Seeing the arrival of Chu, it’s okay not to introduce yourself arrogantly, claiming to be invited to the moon and destined to be "xianggong". What are your brothers? Several husbands are dissatisfied with the invitation to the moon, but they are stupefied and unresponsive. They haven’t seen each other since the bottom break up. How did this guy come back by himself?
Looking at Chu’s bad complexion, I know this guy is a man who won’t stop until he reaches his goal! He doesn’t even want his own life to get beautiful things!
Chu to invite the front composed tunnel "I said I take a fancy to people or things are bound to get! I’ll give you two years to think it over! I won’t come to you again for two years, but I’m back after two years … Either you marry me or I marry you! " Chu’s eyes scanned a circle of people who were ready to go. "No one can stop me from marrying you!" After that, I smiled lightly and invited the moon to kiss me so quickly that several vinegar husbands didn’t respond. "It’s still as sweet as the bottom of the valley that day … I’ll give you two years!"
Several vinegar husbands have turned away smartly before their hair, leaving a shy smile and inviting the moon to come. It’s very good! He has been killed by these "xianggong"! He must find someone to inspire a group of elm xianggong! Hum, I’m worried about her baby all day! When she is angry!
Donglang raised his eyebrows and asked with a lazy smile, "As sweet as that day! What day is Xiaoyue Yue? "
It’s hard to answer this question, but the advantage of pregnant women is-"Oh, my stomach hurts …"
When I heard that my daughter had something to stop and Xuan Lin was not in the mood to be jealous, the two of them were busy lying down with her, and several of them rushed aside and never dared to stimulate her again.
In October, when I was pregnant, I invited the moon to give birth to a pair of twins.
The delivery room just hugged her daughter happily from ear to ear. After handling the wound of inviting the moon, she turned her head and smiled at him. "Your daughter is a neighbor, but you are!"
On hearing this, Xuan Lin quickly exchanged the little people in his hand. "My daughter is so beautiful! She looks like a moon!"
When the two dads became grandfathers, they were more happy. Men and women were more happy to find the north.
Stop staring at the wrinkled little guy and ask him repeatedly, "Are you sure?" Smile vaguely, "I will never make a mistake."
He had to give Xuan Lin a bad look. How dare this dead man rob his daughter!
He firmly believes that this daughter would definitely be him if it weren’t for the neighbor Gasser! Since the back porch neighbors have been at the top of the list of the most annoying people for 60 years!
When the child reaches the age of one, it is customary to grasp the week! In ancient times, it was a grand ceremony, and many officials came to the royal garden of the palace to congratulate the emperor and daughter.
After lunch, the Zhou Grasping Ceremony was officially paved with various objects symbolizing the future fortune. Two chubby and lovely people crawled around the Dad’s porch and were very nervous.
Leng Mingxuan (Zhier) climbed for a while and grabbed a piece of gold seal in his hand, which indicates that he will be in politics in the future. Officials congratulated him on stopping and proudly picked him up and gave him a loud kiss.
While Lengyouyou (the daughter next to Xuan) crawled and missed the invitation to the moon and quickly called "Youyou, come here".
But I didn’t hear it when I was cold and faint. I climbed a few steps and grabbed someone sitting in a chair and munching on snacks. Someone vaguely called out, "Want to … Want to …"
The audience looked at each other. Is this … that the monarch of Li Chang chose her husband?
They looked down the trouser leg-Lengfeng! !
Lengfeng struggled to be cold and faint, held her in her arms and fed her a mouthful of mung bean cake. She frowned slightly and looked at her for a while. The so-called nod said, "Well, since you chose me, I will wait for you to grow up and marry you like my uncle married my mother!"
"Leng Feng, you little stinker, live for me and run for a while. I’ll catch you and see how I tidy up you!" Inviting the moon to swear and sound from a distance, I want to go crazy. Is this cold maple a monkey? Is it used to being only four years old by Chu Feng? I learned a little basic martial arts and light industry with Chu Feng, and I took it every now and then. Today, Chu Feng didn’t want to teach him a lesson. Who knows, he turned and ran and didn’t look at her mother! Although inviting the moon also has flying skills, I am pregnant for more than five months and I can’t jump up.
In these four years, I invited the moon to give birth to two more twins.
For the first time, I made Muyan’s baby Donglang partner pregnant. After pregnancy, it has always been that each person gave birth to a pair of daughters. Who knows what it means? Xiaomuyan fainted on the spot with joy. Since then, Xiaomuyan has become the most jealous man in the family. Once he has two daughters!

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