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Xuanxuan was even more shocked when he saw this scene from a distance. He knew that Li Suiyun meant that his big chapter was to shock the Olympus protoss. He wanted everyone to know his government’s western determination

Li Suiyun walked up to the bound assassins. He could clearly feel their faint natural force from these people. He suddenly smiled and a strange idea came into his mind. These gods are very similar to the druids of later generations. At least they are all proficient in change.
He also disdains this matter, but with a wave of his hand, his brain is a great force that will go out and directly shake these assassins into dust, but he sends someone to pack up those assassins’ weapons and send a fine gift to Zeus.
Hera silently watched Li Suiyun finish this, and her face was full of worries. She didn’t know that Li Suiyun had made a decision, and she didn’t know whether her wish could be achieved. If Li Suiyun really happened with her, she was more sure, but now it seems that hope is so slim.
Li Suiyun laughed and went to a few enemies, but it was a great test. He saw Hera’s appearance of being swayed by considerations of gain and loss, but shook his head slightly and sighed, "If you go there, I will think about it. If you make sense, I will give you an answer. If you are here, it will also increase your variables."
Hera sighed a little, and she couldn’t say much, especially some words from Aphrodite’s field, but her slow pace showed how reluctant she was.
Aphrodite was relieved to see Hera go. She was not a stingy woman, but she loved Li Suiyun too much. She was afraid of losing her appearance. She was not outstanding and fat. Sometimes love was really blind. She sighed lightly and just waited to speak when Li Suiyun shook her head gently.
Li Suiyun obviously has his own thoughts. He shook his head at Aphrodite and said, "You rest. I have something to think about, but I need to fix something important."
Aphrodite saw that Li Suiyun spoke solemnly. Although she was unhappy, she didn’t say much. She nodded silently and went back to the tent. Yu Di saw that Li Suiyun looked unhappy, and she also thought about going back one by one. Yu Li Suiyun paced back and forth alone.
Chapter 23 Think hard and break things up again
Li Suiyun thinks that things are simple to say, but extremely complicated to operate. He thinks that if we can get beyond the realm of saints, we can truly become immortal. After all, when saints face saints, they will die if the gap between the two sides is large enough.
There are several roads in front of him. One is to prove the Tao, but it needs him to practice and temper constantly to cause qualitative change through quantitative change. The other is to practice the Tao and prove the Tao and realize the heaven, so that the mood can finally be integrated into the heaven, thus transcending the present state. The third is to prove the Tao by external forces, but to rely on factors such as weather, geography, human harmony or magic weapons to hold on to it.
However, Li Suiyun doesn’t like external evidence. It seems that external evidence needs to be cut, but he is obsessed with it. He has a very angry feeling when he thinks that he will never be influenced by his feelings again in the future. It seems to him that even if a person cultivates deeply and truly lasts forever, if he abandons everything he has before, he will forget that maybe such a person is not a person in Li Suiyun’s eyes.
In the past life, Li Suiyun couldn’t help sighing secretly when he saw those people who had abandoned their homes and practiced. worldly desires was like a stone man. If even his relatives could say that they had abandoned them, how could he seek benefits after his successful practice? How can you be considerate of people’s sufferings? If abandoning home is a firm conscience, the price is not too high.
Although monks and ordinary people are graded, it seems a little too sentimental. Can a normal person do this even if he has the will to do so?
Li Suiyun, who proved by Tao, is not too sure. After all, it is against his own heart to realize heavenly heart, which is contrary to his practice achievement method.
On the surface, the heavenly heart of the world’s practice method is actually against the sky, but the achievement method created by luggage with the clouds is sometimes against the sky. Although the practice pays attention to conforming to heaven, the most important place, such as the purpose of practice, is to go against the sky. He pays attention to doing whatever he wants without being fettered by others, but if he wants to conform to heaven, isn’t it bound by heaven?
It seems that there is nothing wrong with those who are naturally weak and can conform to heaven, but if they are sexually detached, can they achieve positive results?
It seems absurd for the saints to regard Taoism as more important than life, but it is inevitable. It is an idea and an idea. What is more important for the saints to keep their thoughts alive?
The same is true of Li Suiyun. He knows that it is the best time to shape the literati who have lost their foundation. If people pass on their own orthodoxy at this time, there will be a lot of possible things in the future. Li Suiyun knows that he inherited his own strength through orthodoxy, which is the solid backing of his younger brothers. However, there is a big difference between the Tao and the inherent Tao in his heart. Although he doesn’t know who is right or who can eventually achieve immortality and eternity, he knows that he would never be as happy as he is now if he didn’t clear his own pulse.
Although Taoism may break through the bottleneck and eventually break through the realm of saints, it is much worse to protect the door in the process of Taoism, which is obviously not in his current interests
Since the road is blocked for two days, Li Suiyun’s ability to walk is also a strong proof that there is a way to go. Li Suiyun also prefers this method. He is born with a body and Pangu Jingxue. If he practices, he will get twice the result with half the effort. In this way, he will not be rebellious. His mind is still at large. If he wants to be happy, he can intervene in everything.
In particular, Li Suiyun’s heart is a pulse of his own emptiness. Although there are many magical skills, it is also said that it is all-inclusive. If he takes this opportunity to create several martial arts in his groping, he will return to that emptiness after being sealed, and his brother Tianmen will also have some life-saving tricks.
Just thinking about it, but on a whim, the sleeves take up a lesson. The eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. Although this innate psychic is very powerful, it is not so easy to deduce clearly. It is easy for ordinary people to deduce their lives, but it is not easy to deduce the safety of great events and saints.
Just now, he spied a clue from it, but it wasn’t that something had changed in the East, but that the West had a strong desire to see him. However, from this divination, he couldn’t see that the master was meditating, but he was surprised that he felt a strange force bursting out from the ground.
However, this force is not murderous, and even has no intention of killing. It seems like an invitation to invite Li Suiyun to go to a mountain opposite.
Li Suiyun finally proved the mixed fruit. He didn’t believe that there was anyone in this world except Hongjun bodhi old zu who could hurt him, but he hesitated slightly and smiled. He followed the past with the guidance of that force, but he was about ten miles away from the camp by an ordinary hill.
If an ordinary person wants to be surprised here, the hill has changed a lot, but seeing that the dust on the hill actually creeps up on its own, but it turns into a face for a moment, which is a woman’s face. Although I don’t know where the other person is, I still have to admit that the other person is a woman with elegant personality.
Li Suiyun frowned slightly thoughtfully but smiled gently "Gaia? Gaia, the goddess of the earth? "
The woman smiled slightly, with a soft but dignified voice. "The sage from the East didn’t expect you to set foot on the western land again. I wanted to meet you when you went to the west, but obviously you didn’t plan to live in the west for a long time, but this time it looks different."
Li Suiyun frowned lightly and nodded, "Tell me what you want. I need your answer. After all, you are mysterious. You appeared in the world very early. If I didn’t guess wrong, you were at the same time as my Oriental Taiyi and Di Jun. I want to know what you think of my entry into the West."

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"Go" Muna looked up and looked at Lu Xiaoya’s face. She appeared bored and said two words impatiently. She got up and staggered forward. She just stepped out and vomited in her stomach.

Lu Xiaoya’s eyebrows are wrinkly, and she wants to turn around and leave directly. She can see that Muna vomited and tore her heart out. She stepped out and shrank back, bought a bottle of water on the opposite side and handed it to Muna.
"Rinse your mouth"
"I said get out of here!" Muna was bored with a wave of his hand and dropped the bottle in Lu Xiaoya’s hand. "Bang" a bottle fell to the ground and let out a dull bone. It was so far away that water spilled all over the floor.
"Are you sick? I kindly bought you a bottle of water. How could you? " Lu Xiaoya got angry on the spot and yelled at Muna. "You deserve to be robbed of your woman."
"What did you say? You say it again. "
Lu Xiaoya’s voice just fell and there was darkness in front of her eyes. She didn’t react yet. Her neck had been tightly gripped. She felt that she had difficulty breathing and her face was flushed. She reached out and slapped Muna’s hand hard to break Muna’s hand.
"Let me go," Lu Xiaoya said hoarsely to Muna. Her eyes were filled with horror. This time, she seemed to really annoy Munan Munan, whose red eyes were shining with fierce light, which made her feel terrible.
Lu Xiaoya’s words deeply stimulated Mona. He looked at Lu Xiaoya fiercely and gradually deepened his strength. "You reckless woman, do you want to die?" Muna hate said
Lu Xiaoya’s breathing became more and more difficult, and her eyes were black. She struggled desperately, kicked her feet and kicked them around, and I didn’t know where she was breathing. Listening to Muna’s stuffy hum and pinch, Lu Xiaoya suddenly let go of others’ pedaling, took a step back and bent down painfully, clutching her crotch.
As soon as Lu Xiaoya was freed, she leaned against the wall with her hands covering her neck and greedily breathing fresh air. A feeling of the rest of her life rose from her heart. She really almost died just now.
"You dead woman" Muna looked at Lu Xiaoya and gnashed her teeth and scolded 1.
"You are crazy!" Lu Xiaoya looked at Muna and scolded 1 "Do you know that you almost killed me just now? You have no man. You have something to take back your woman. What is it that you bully me? " Road lesser hoarse voice toward Muna roars a got up and shook away.
She shouldn’t have come here. She should have let Muna die. There is no man.
With one hand, he grabbed Lu Xiaoya’s arm and pulled Lu Xiaoya back violently. An unstable figure fell directly into Muna’s arms. Her heart was terrible and she looked up at Muna, who was looking at Lu Xiaoya with a gloomy face.
"Did you say I didn’t?" Munawei squinted at Lu Xiaoya and said slowly, a sharp and dangerous light shot out of his eyes and tightly buckled Lu Xiaoyaba with one hand.
A burst of pain came from Lu Xiaoyaba, and she couldn’t say a word of pain. She regretted that she shouldn’t have angered this dangerous man just now.
Muna looked at Lu Xiaoya savagely. He didn’t give Lu Xiaoya a chance to tell, dragging her directly to the car.
The dead woman is burning with anger. He must give her some color to see what it is like to offend and annoy him.
"What are you doing? You let me go. "Lu Xiaoya was really scared. She screamed at Munan in a trembling voice and struggled to resist. At this time, what she learned in Taekwondo actually became a gesture in Munan’s eyes. She kicked out every kick and every punch was easily resolved by Munan. She was forcibly taken away by Munan and stuffed into the car, and then the car drove forward quickly.
"ah!" Lu Xiaoya let out a scream in her mouth, and her body staggered with the direction of the car. Her heart was about to jump out of her throat, and her hands clung to the handle of the car, barely holding her body steady, but her stomach was sick and churning.
Her heart is white, which really annoys Munan.
"Where are you taking me? You are quick to stop the car and let me stop. "Road Xiaoya yelled at Munan’s tip to make room for the steering wheel in Munan’s hand. The steering wheel was swaying in the middle east on the road, causing waves of car snoring around, and some people put their heads out and cursed them.
"How does Mom drive?"
"Want to die?"
Muna surly to the extreme, his hand stretched out handfuls of road Xiaoya push "do you want to die? Good I will be you. "
Munan’s foot slammed on the gas pedal and the car flew like a car. Lu Xiaoya scared her eyes and shut up and let out a scream.
About ten minutes later, the car finally stopped, and Munan dragged Lu Xiaoya’s car, which had already been scared silly.
Xiaoya finally recovered her feet on the ground and moved her eyes a little. When she found that she was in a community, her heart panicked again.
"Where did you take me?" She watched in panic as Muna tried to run away. Naimuna tugged at her arm tightly and wouldn’t let her escape. She dragged her directly into a room and let go of Xiaoya and fell to the ground.
"What the hell are you doing?" Road lesser toward Muna a roars up and looks up at Muna, and suddenly a surprised Muna is looking at his eyes gloomily with a strange light.
Lu Xiaoya moved slowly back.
He’s crazy. He seems crazy.
"Fuck you" Munan coldly spit out two words at Lu Xiaoya. He had an unspeakable evil fire burning in his chest. A woman who suddenly appeared out of nowhere dared to humiliate him. He must give her a little severe look.
Said he wasn’t well. Today he’s going to show her if he is. Muna walked step by step to Xiaoya Road. Xiaoya’s hair was tingling and she turned and ran to the door. Her hand just landed on the doorknob. Muna quickly grabbed her with one hand and dragged her backwards.
Lu Xiaoya watched the door getting farther and farther away from herself …
"You let me go. You can’t do this. Do you know what you are doing now? I don’t agree with you, which is tantamount to rape. Oh, by the way, don’t you like Qiao Huan? Don’t you think you’re sorry for her? Let me go. What are you doing? You beast … Mm-hmm … "
Lu Xiaoya is not as good as Qiao Huan. Qiao Huan Munan lost the last trace of reason in his mind. He threw Lu Xiaoya in bed, his tall body was bullied and his lips were tightly blocked …
Everything happened.
No, not dead …
☆ Chapter 12 Fear
Chapter 12
Munan, regardless of Lu Xiaoya’s pleading, ruthlessly vented this woman on her body, didn’t he say that he didn’t? He’s going to show her if he has it or not.
After some tossing and turning, the room was finally quiet.
Muna dragged herself drunk and tired into the health road. Xiaoya was lying in bed with a white and bloodless face, staring blankly at the roof. Something collapsed in her head.
Living death
Slowly, a tear dropped from her eyes, then two, and then tears poured out crazily.
Munan, this hateful king egg, how could he do this? Scumbag
What just happened flooded into her mind, and she felt so sick that she couldn’t help lying on the bed and retching.

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I was so worried that I grabbed chopsticks and ate a bowl of noodles and blinked to see the bottom.

"Would you like some more slowly?" Ye Ran handed the cup to Gu Ya’s hand.
"Haha, I can’t. I’ve gained weight recently. Dinner will be fine."
Chatting with Gu Ya for a while, Ye Ran took the bowl chopsticks building and planned to clean it.
Although she is a rich girl, she is not the same after all. She grew up in college and was full of things and kept her house in order.
There is a fragrance floating in the kitchen. Ye Ran turned the tap and listened to the current, and his thoughts gradually flew away.
I still remember the winter when I was ten years old, my stepmother lost her temper and tried to hit her. She resisted and ran out of the house at midnight.
The road was frozen everywhere, and it was freezing cold. She was shivering in the thin cold wind, and tears could condense in an instant.
She ran a long way until she couldn’t see the lights of her villa. Liang Zhou’s strong self-esteem forced her not to show her embarrassment to others.
The winter wind roared, and she curled up in the corner to take shelter from the wind. At that time, she really missed her biological mother, and the ten-year-old child had suicidal thoughts that night.
Just when Little Ye Ran didn’t know what to do next, a little boy of her age came by the roadside.
The boy Sven’s blue cotton-padded jacket, with a small face and big glasses, gave Ye Ran the first impression that he was a detective Conan.
The little man stared at her straight wait for a while for a long time, silently watching her cry, and finally stretched out his little hand and shook Ye Ran’s cold little hand.
At this time, the little boy said, "Sister, why are you crying? Are you unable to find a home or being bullied?"
Starting with Xiaoye, crying is even more fierce. The sad and miserable appearance stunned the little boy.
The boy is young but has a mature way of doing things. He took Xiaoye to his car and asked the domestic servant to take them home together. His reason was that his sister was alone and he was worried.
☆, Chapter 61 Additional conditions
Xiaoye ran slept in the boy’s house for a night, which was extremely stable. She still remembers the little brother talking to her.
The little brother said, "If you don’t want to be bullied by bad guys, you have to be strong. If you are strong, you are no longer afraid. The first step is to learn to take care of yourself …"
"Talking to you? What are you thinking? The water is about to overflow! " Gu Lengchen said as he turned on the tap.
Ye Ran suddenly woke up from his memory, and the pool in front of him was full, as if something had blocked the nozzle, and the water surface was parallel to the pool.
If it weren’t for Gu Lengchen’s arrival, it is estimated that it would be "a golden mountain full of water"
"What are you thinking?" Gu Lengchen’s face has always been black, and the feeling that people are suddenly ignored by others is really not good.
"Nothing. Did you eat noodles?" Ye Ran side head looked at the pot.
As soon as her voice fell, Gu Lengchen’s Zhang Jun face was suddenly gloomy, which showed that there was something to hide from him and she didn’t tell him that she had "eaten"
Ye Ran snorted. "It’s not cooked for you. Why do you eat it?"
"It’s just a bowl of noodles for your rent this month. Don’t be so stingy."
Cool and thoughtful glanced at Ye Ran turned out.
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and it’s been a week since the blink of an eye
Ye Ran has had the boss comfortable meal this week. There are servants to serve and chat, Gu Ya to accompany the workers, and Gu Lengchen to solve the problem. This is the first time she has enjoyed the life of a rich family.
It’s sunny in Wan Liyun on Monday.
Gu Lengchen finally settled the danger and agreed to let Ye Ran go out to work, but at the same time promised an additional condition, that is, Ben must take his car back to his house to live.
Ye Rancong promised him happily. She thought she had to be smart.
Arriving at the first floor of the company at half past ten on time, she didn’t work. In the past few days, the company’s security has been adjusted and a lot of security guards have been added. It is said that 24-hour prevention of troublemakers.
Colleagues came to the company one after another and saw Ye Ran running over to ask questions about her safety.
The editor-in-chief’s office is full of laughter and excitement. Some colleagues who like to have fun discuss going out for dinner and singing at night. Welcome the editor-in-chief to return to his post.
This discussion was naturally echoed by everyone, and the lobby on the first floor was scheduled to be there at six o’clock in the afternoon.
The position is still the same. She just sat in the chair. Assistant Xiao Song knocked on the door to inform the meeting.
Ye Ran twist eyebrow paused for a moment and got up and walked to the conference room.
At first glance, Su Zhicheng, the standard of sitting posture, didn’t seem to sleep well. His eyes were faintly blue and his face was yellow.
He is the leader of Ye Ran, who can’t turn a blind eye. He said hello first. "Mr. Su, you haven’t returned to the head office yet. Aren’t you worried about penny wise and pound foolish?"
Su Zhicheng replied, "It’s not the company, but …" and paused and said, "You know"
"I didn’t know my colleagues were in Biehu," said Ye Ran, leaning forward to the table without knowing it.
"I’ll wait for the day you forgive me."
A deep voice with sadness is almost inaudible.
And Ye Ran is clearly heard every word.
When all the editors arrived at the meeting, they formally observed Su Zhicheng, the theme. Several young girls stared at him and made stars.
Ye Ran wrote down the minutes of the meeting. There were not many words, but more colleagues discussed her and listened.
This meeting is mainly about the live shooting of the actress’s new release conference in autumn, interviewing and discussing who will be divided into several plans, and so on.
"Su Zong Ye Tong’s position in the entertainment circle is rising rapidly. According to the reliable gossip, she visited the scene and gave it to a certain media for half an hour. I think we should go through the back door to pick up this report. The magazine is sure to sell well." Wang Yan, a chubby hexagram woman, suggested.
"Well, it’s really tempting, but Ye Tong came to the company to make trouble and is not good with the editor-in-chief. Is it possible to give such a good opportunity to our company?" Another person questioned
"In my opinion, forget it. Miss Ye Tong’s temper is so exclusive that she hates it when she looks at the corners of her mouth." Xiao Li disdained to wave his hand and said forget it several times.
☆, Chapter 62 Drunk.
Section 31
"Can’t forget it. She also received an investment a few days ago. The limelight is hot. Let’s try to divide it between public and private." Sitting next to Xiao Li, Su Su whispered that she wanted to express her opinions and was afraid of offending Ye Ran.
Su Zhicheng moved his body and arms against the table and looked around. His eyes fell on Ye Ranshen with his head down. "Editor Ye talks about your thoughts."
Ye Ran stopped writing and kept his expression unchanged. "I agree with the separation of public and private affairs. Just try your best to fight for it. I will not interfere too much."
"Editor-in-chief, we want to go through the back door to see if you can find someone to help Lian Ye Tong."
"Looking for who? Almost all her friends and I don’t come forward with me. Things will be worse. You decide these things. I will go out first without other work? "
Ye Ran patted the slightly wrinkled skirt and walked out with a self-possessed gesture.
"This …" The meeting room was in an uproar.
"Just do it according to the editor-in-chief, and reward everyone if they can’t do it. Don’t force it."
Su Zhicheng finished the summary and declared the meeting closed.
Editor’s office
Ye Ran, with his back to the door, holds a cup and looks at the distance and is scattered all over.
Su Zhicheng stayed with her through the glass door for as long as he could.
Ye Ran was in a bad mood, and the thoughtful assistant coaxed her into inviting her to eat the most famous Haidilao in Xinghai.
Have a good lunch, step by step
At six o’clock in the afternoon, all the colleagues punched in and out, and Ye Ran came from the building. The hall was full of editorial colleagues.
When she went out to the party, she forgot to tell Gu Lengchen that she wanted to give him a message and looked at the crowd. She gave up the idea.

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Du Zheng is one of them, but he is destined to be an extraordinary one. His island has a complex population, but Du Zheng’s people are highly respected. So he slowly organized a team to explore the polar regions, accumulating special timber and finally building a large ship that can sail in the sea.

The advent of pirate ships naturally prompted the birth of pirates. At that time, The Ninth Continental also had three areas: Justice League, Warrior Mainland and Exile. Many players wanted to explore the sea, so they had to start from the exile port of Christa, and the supply line was relatively simple.
This Longmen family is the most arrogant one. Later, the Ninth Mainland was released one after another, and Longmen in the new area was carried by a guild in the land.
The reason is very simple. An island in the South China Sea was sent out. The Golden Bow side believes that maritime affairs should be solved by sea players, and land players had better stay out of it.
Who knows that this guild’s confidence is not enough? We won’t tell you any big truth. Whoever has a hard back is the truth.
So an unprecedented super naval battle broke out around the island, which was enough to be written into the history of the ninth continent
What Mr. Du never imagined was that the strength of this guild was beyond people’s imagination. This is the second guild in the new century.
In this world war I, the Golden Bow suffered a crushing defeat. As soon as the backbone collapsed, the trees fell apart, and Longmen, Bei Gong and other big families scattered and fled. Later, the aristocratic family and the Golden Palace department desperately escorted Mr. Du to escape
But in the end, crescent harbor was surrounded by masters of the new century today. At that time, the night king admired Mr. Du, who was passing through crescent harbor, and people usually helped him decisively
In the new century, the top players who did not believe in evil sects were wiped out by the night king. It is reported that more than one level 5 player was slaughtered by the night king alone at that time.
The new century has also been shocked. I don’t know what method to use. Please invite the northern Yan Shen to come and help Yan Shen. When he arrives at Crescent Harbor, he will find it difficult to see that his opponent is the night king.
Finally, everyone sat down to discuss a solution, that is, in the new century, the golden bow can not be held accountable, but Mr. Du must quit the golden bow family and stop intervening in the major forces in the sea
Mr. Du can accept this requirement in the new century, but it also reveals that the experts have a more objective understanding of him.
Mr. Du, a strange figure, is far more terrible than the night king and the swallow god, who have topped the sky, that is, the realm of peerless masters, but Mr. Du is different. He is the kind of leader who can shake the whole world by giving him a springboard.
Having a player like him is a great threat to the power of the coastline guild in the Hall of Genius. In the future, it will be good for everyone if he stays out of the sea power.
Mr. Du retired, and the night king took him to get through an extremely difficult situation in the deep sea. Now Mr. Du’s Taoyuan Island is still willing to follow others, so he has developed the fact here. The players who have been following him are all his brothers and a small part of the Golden Bow family.
It turned out that the Golden Bow family was presided over by a new family, but after this battle, the sea forces fell apart and it was difficult to form the threat to the mainland that year.
Although the times will create heroes, heroes are also born according to the times. It is difficult for a leader to come out to achieve reunification after such a strange figure as Mr. Du.
After all, all major forces have their own considerations or interests, or human feelings, or morality … Everyone has their own life route and development plan.
However, for Mr. Du, there is no regret in his life. The Ninth Mainland has brought him wealth and changed his real life. This journey has been vigorous and passionate. Compared with most players, he is very lucky to be continued.
Chapter five hundred and twenty Isolation Belt Pioneering Point
Mr. Du struggled all his life in The Ninth Mainland, and finally kept his promise not to set foot in mainland and sea forces, so he took his own people to develop in Taoyuan Island.
As he grows old, he only misses the love and hate of the sword and shadow. Every birthday, he invites all the big powers to get together.
The bosses of Golden Bow, Longmen, Bei Gong, Thousand Islands and Yunhui are grateful for his help. Every year, as scheduled, everyone gets together and often talks about the glory and pride of the past, which makes it difficult to give birth to some feelings.
But as time goes by, the bosses have changed one boss after another, so they don’t sell his account. In the past two years, they have sent a representative to mean that Mr. Du often gives birth to a kind of hero’s dying sorrow
I can’t help it. Now it doesn’t belong to his time. Today, the mainland is full of stars and flowers.
I have always respected him, and now there are only two families left, Hongyan and Yutian. The Golden Bow and Dragon Gate have even killed him.
It’s very simple. Now Golden Bow is a last-rate organization. When it was founded, its purpose was completely different. Now Longmen, the boss, Fang Yichen, has actually hit Taoyuan Island with his idea.
However, the Longmen family will be able to make some small moves secretly and never dare to kill here in a big way-the night king hasn’t retired yet, and anyone who wants to cause trouble has to weigh this layer. Mr. Kuangdu is also a master.
Hearing this, the sword flying snow sighed, "My master once told me that there were wars everywhere overseas years ago. I didn’t expect you to have such a glorious past! There have been several presidents in the new century, but your old man has always kept his promise that you are worthy of Jianghu morality! "

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"Dad, we will find a way." Qiao Huan looked at Qiao Zhen with a low face and felt sad. She comforted Qiao Zhen low.

"Don’t worry about the company. What are you going to do when the wedding day is coming?" Qiao Zhen didn’t want to talk about these annoying things again, which changed the subject.
This is the last thing Qiao Huan thinks of.
"Dad, you know this is not what I expected."
"Since Qiao Huan has decided to marry you, I will have a good life with Mu Bei. I have also thought that I can let your grandfather come forward. This Mu Bei is definitely not as weak as it looks, otherwise your grandfather will not force you to marry him."
Qiao Zhen persuaded Qiao Huan.
"Dad, how can you speak for him?" Qiao Huan discontentedly called a.
"Okay, I won’t talk about it, but it’s the wedding day. Anyway, you still have to prepare a …"
"Dad, you still say?" Qiao Huan discontentedly called a again
"Okay, I really don’t want to talk about it this time." Qiao Zhen quickly stopped here and got up and grabbed his clothes. "There is nothing to do today. Let’s go back together!"
"Good dad" Qiao Huanque jumped out and took Qiao Zhen’s arm and walked away together.
Qiu Ji glared at cloud flying in the private box of Kempinski International Hotel cloud flying.
"cloud flying, if you do something good, can’t you control your bust?"
Cloud flying took the glass and drank it in one gulp. "This is a normal reaction of men, and you can’t control it."
"So what now? Seeing that the boss is finally going to marry Qiao Huan, your hard work before you make a boss is white. "
"Aren’t you the happiest person if Qiu Ji doesn’t get married?" Cloud flying looked at Qiu Ji and suddenly smiled strangely.
"Don’t you like the boss?"
"The boss is good-looking and self-loving, so men will certainly be liked by many women. I am a normal woman, and I certainly like the boss!" Qiu Ji said to cloud flying with a pair of righteous samples.
"I don’t understand what you women are thinking, and you like it and push it to others." cloud flying shook his head
"This is the difference between you and me between humans and animals," Qiu Ji said seriously.
"Who are you calling an animal?" Cloud flying’s face sank
“nono!” Qiu Ji shook her finger at cloud flying. "cloud flying, don’t give me a straight face. If I get angry, I may blow you up with one gun."
"You bitch, it’s no wonder that the boss doesn’t like this world, and no man will like you." cloud flying took a long time to say such a sentence.
Cloud flying!’ Qiu Ji changed her face. "Do you have to make me angry?"
Cloud flying at Qiu Ji looks pale and hurriedly smiles "Don’t don’t be angry? I invited you here mainly to ask you to give me an idea. Please give me a way to calm down and let her and the boss’s wedding be held smoothly. "
"How should I know? I haven’t been in love. "Qiu Ji spread her hands to show her ability.
"But you are a woman. Women should know women’s minds best."
"I don’t know what Qiao Huan is thinking. I know Qiao Huan doesn’t like the boss. She likes someone else."
"I don’t know what Qiao Huan’s eyes are. Why does she like Munan?"
Cloud flying sighed, "Munagan doesn’t really love her."
"How do you know?" Qiu Ji stared at cloud flying.
"Once I broke into the boss’s room and found that his brain was broadcasting a video of Munan sleeping with another woman," cloud flying said to Qiu Ji in a low voice.
"Is this really the case?" Qiu Ji’s eyes suddenly got wide open.
"Really" cloud flying nodded to Qiu Ji "and I seem to have heard that Muna approached Qiao Huan to get shares in Qiao Huan’s hand"
"Don’t these Qiao Huan know?"
"Who is this Muna? How can he let Qiao Huan know what he is doing? Who would know if the boss didn’t monitor Munan? " Cloud flying shook his head.
"The boss should tell Qiao Huan this."
"Now Qiao Huan hates the boss so much that no matter what Qiao Huan says, he won’t believe it. Besides, Muna is the boss and he also has concerns."
Qiu Ji’s eyes sank and her lips sank, and she said nothing, frowning and lost in thought.
Cloud flying poking him in the arm Qiu Ji "you don’t stare blankly in the sight of a few days the boss is going to get married, and everyone has informed if there is no bride, what can I do?" You hurry to help do something. "
"Qiao Huan hates the boss because he gave her medicine. I think it’s important to let Qiao Huan know that the boss did it because he was forced by Nai cloud flying. Can you find Munan and other women’s bed videos?"
Qiu Ji wanted to think to cloud float in the sky and asked
"In the old brain"
"Can you get it out?" Qiu Ji’s eyes suddenly lit up.
"It’s a little troublesome to get it out." cloud flying frowned.
"You get this video out for Qiao Huan Qiao Huan. If you know that Muna is looking for a woman behind his back, she will hate Muna."
"This will make her and the boss reconciled?" Cloud flying expressed doubts.
"Not with me? If you want to get the video, I will definitely fix Qiao Huan and let her and the boss hold a wedding smoothly. "Qiu Ji assured Yun Feiyang.
Cloud flying glanced at Qiu Ji’s silence for a moment and ordered a head.
"Okay, I’ll find a way."
In the evening, Yang Qiang and Lu Xiaoya, the villa of Mu family, chatted affectionately for days and longed for North to sit on the sofa and play with their mobile phones.
Lu Xiaoya and Yang Qiang are getting better and better. Yang Qiang likes Lu Xiaoya more and more. Every time she sees Lu Xiaoya, she is always very disappointed. How good would it be if Mu Bei and Lu Xiaoya were a couple?
Yang Qiang shook her head. How did she hate it?
"Aunt, what do you think of this?" Lu Xiaoya chose a heart-shaped shape and handed it to Yang Qiang.
Yang Qiang, looking back, was a little careless.
"I feel very good for the north, do you think? But words like this "Yang qiang to MuBei called a.
Mu Bei looked up from his mobile phone and shook his head. "I don’t like this too fancy. Qiao Huan likes this simple!" Mu Bei chooses one from the tea table.
"This is simple"
Lu Xiaoya’s eyes darkened and his lips were silent.
Is Mu Bei alluding to her scheming?
"Okay, whatever you say," Yang Qiang waved her hand and she didn’t approve of this marriage and didn’t care about anything.
Section 6
"Mom, have your relatives and friends been notified?" Mu Bei asked
"I have called to inform."

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Jul 11, 2024

"I have opinions now! !” Ya Misya’s eyes are wide open, as if Mengli said one more word, and she would pull Mengli’s ears to fry a dish.

Qiu Yuan smiled at the two funny couples and suddenly felt that this mode of getting along was actually quite good.
But if his wife is such a character, I’m afraid he can’t bear it …
"Ya Misya’s sister is so beautiful, even if she is dragged down by Uncle Mengli’s genes, it must be cute to be born with a child."
"giggle, that’s for sure, but my talia and Laga are both attending Dr. Damu’s autumn camp."
"Autumn camp?"
"Yes, the summer camp for Poké mon held by former Dr. Damu received a good response, so he started the autumn camp again. Anyway, talia and Laga like Poké mon very much, so we let them participate."
"Really? A little girl in my neighbor’s house also attended summer camp. It was the first batch."
"Hey, don’t say this. Come to Qiuyuan and tell your sister if you like children?"
Chapter 19 Landlord’s wealth and calendar
PS, thank you for your support. I didn’t write a speech. It doesn’t seem to be suitable to write a speech.
I hope everyone can subscribe, recommend votes and monthly tickets to support a reward. If friends and grandfathers are in a good mood, they can also reward Mu Shen for his efforts.
After a pause, Qiu Yuan said, "It’s okay, but I think it’s easier to take care of Poké mon than children."
Especially when some troublemakers Qiu Yuan went to a classmate’s house to play, his two-year-old child ran to Qiu Yuan’s feet and squatted to get up early Qiu Yuan. After a while, Qiu Yuan looked down and found that he had more shoes.
"Yeah, I feel super troublesome, too, and every time I ask Monty to change their diapers, he says he won’t know how to boss me around!" Ya Misya complained and took a look at Mengli.
"Cough, cough, don’t say this. Is Qiuyuan full?" Mengli stripped the rice in the bowl clean and then looked at Qiuyuan Road.
"Then let’s go to the breeding house and take a walk." Meng Li said and winked at Qiuyuan as if urging Qiuyuan to hurry.
Qiuyuan glanced at Mengli hesitantly and then at Ya Misya.
"All right, you go, you go!" Ya Misya turned supercilious look unceremoniously put away Qiuyuan and Mengli’s bowls and chopsticks and drove them out like flies.
"Sister Ya Misya, thank you for your hospitality!"
"You still have a conscience!"
Meng Li took Qiuyuan to his own breeding house ecological park. At first glance, it was an ordinary beach and a big beach. At the same time, there was a small ocean with moderate depth in the park, and a small island reef was located in the middle.
"How about my ecological park is not bad!" Speaking of his ecological garden, Meng Li’s face is full of pride.
"It’s really good, but the amount of work in this ecological park should be very large, right?"
"Ha-ha, then you are wrong. This place is pure natural, but it is actually very similar to the sea lake. This small ocean side also has a small water channel to exchange water between the sea. It can be said that there is an ecological park first and then a breeding house."
Qiuyuan, hit it, hit your mouth. Isn’t this the landlord’s fortune in Guoguo Hong? I’ve circled it for you so well.
"I heard that there are many kinds of Poké mon in Baichao Breeding House?"
"It’s not too many, but there are still some Poké mon that are easy to appear in various regions." Meng Li took Qiuyuan to the ecological park and separated it by a small pool. "This is a new generation of baby Poké mon, which has just been born for ten days and is about to pass its infancy."
After hearing Meng Li’s words, Qiu Yuan carefully looked at the Poké mon in the pool.
What makes Qiu Yuan most satisfied is two frogs and five social turtles in the pond. I didn’t expect that Mengli also had three royal breeding certificates, which is great.
However, Mengli noticed that Qiuyuan’s eyes were on his own baby, Royal Three Water Poké mon, so he said, "Don’t think about them. You can also buy one as a trainer without the Alliance Royal Three Breeding Certificate."
Such an alliance carefully protects the three Poké mon families, and each alliance trainer can buy an ID card binding through the breeding house.
If a trainer buys a royal three poké mon and then goes to another breeding house to buy a royal three breeding houses, it will not be sold.
After all, except for the wild Poké mon, if you buy it in the breeding house, there is binding information, and the alliance can find it as soon as it is checked.
"Ha-ha, then you are wrong. Uncle Mengli, I also have the Royal Three Breeding Certificates!" Autumn yuan ha ha a smile
"really?" At Qiu Yuan suspiciously, Meng Li thought that this little girl wouldn’t be Monta.
"Don’t you just go to the feeding network to check the information of an autumn leaf feeding house?"
"Well, I’d like to see if you have any royal three breeding certificates. What if you deceive me?"
"If I deceive you, I will deceive you. What else can I do?"
Meng Li stared at Qiu Yuan, picked up the pager, logged in to the feeding network and entered the query of Qiuye feeding house.
"Oh, the owner of the primary breeding house, Qiu Yuan, was registered twenty days ago?"
"Keep looking and keep looking" knows that Meng Li is talking about his status as a primary breeder, and Qiu Yuan doesn’t care.
"Feeding house Poké mon foster care main goblin Poké mon breeding? Hey, you still have Jigglypuff at home, so many Jigglypuff? " Meng Li was surprised to see Qiuyuan put in the photo of the feeding house network.
Jigglypuff is a very rare Poké mon. Besides water Poké mon, Ya Misya wants Poké mon most: Jigglypuff. Unfortunately, they have never found a breeding house with Igglybuff Poké mon or eggs for sale.
"How cute? Envy? "
"When you come back to lay eggs, you must sell one to me. Ya Misya can always talk about wanting a Jigglypuff. If you don’t sell me, I won’t sell you."
"Gee, look at you like that, but there are no baby Poké mon to sell and no Poké mon eggs yet."
In fact, there are still three babies born in the breeding house in Igglybuff, but Qiuyuan is not going to start selling Igglybuff or its eggs. We should wait until a batch of eggs are born. Besides, this generation of Poké mon is the foundation of the autumn leaf breeding house.
"Ok, you must let me know as soon as you start selling." Meng Li patted Qiu Yuan on the shoulder and continued to look. If he looked, he was surprised. "Wocao won the first place in the assessment of breeders and issued a special breeding certificate for Yu Sanjia?"
"Generally, it’s just like that. Is it worth it?" Qiu Yuan said modestly.
"Don’t pretend to look at your smugness." Meng Li mercilessly exposed Qiu Yuan’s hypocritical face. "However, the first place in the previous primary breeders’ assessment didn’t necessarily issue the Royal Three Breeding Certificates. Don’t tell me with special awards. Although I was not the first place, I somehow had a second place. I know exactly what the special award is."
"Hehe, that is, I accidentally broke a record and got an 11 points."
"Blow as hard as you can." Mengli put the pager lock screen in his pocket and rolled his eyes.
Qiu Yuan said, "Believe it or not, anyway, you can see that I have three royal breeding certificates. How many can you sell me?"
"It’s for sale, but you can choose at most three, four, and three royal houses, which have been reserved, but you can choose three at will."
"Hey, hey, three is good. Three is just right." Qiu Yuan rubbed his hands. I didn’t expect to be able to turn a few more royal families back.
In fact, the breeding house can also sell adult Poké mon to each other, which can greatly shorten the time when a Poké mon is cultivated in the breeding house, but it is also illegal to sell adult Poké mon in the union law.
In general, the sale of Poké mon in breeding houses is an exchange of nominal alliances, and the alliance will not really come in and intervene. At best, it is told not to be too much. Generally, it is to turn a blind eye.
Chapter 11 Buying Social Squirtle
However, the reason why Qiuyuan doesn’t buy adult Poké mon from Mengli is not that he doesn’t want to buy it, but that he has no money to buy it.

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Jul 10, 2024

[Goddess President sakura rain’s level dropped abnormally for half an hour and fell to level 7. What happened? ! 】

【 Summer Palace Guild and Extreme Guild, dozens of small and medium-sized guilds have fierce group battles at all the city gates of Yuexi Valley, causing tens of thousands of koo players! 】
【 What happened in sakura rain level volatility; There were heavy casualties in the exchange of fire between the Summer Palace and the Extreme Guild and other guilds! 】
[Dare to guess whether they are interested in the Summer Palace guild …]
These posts got huge hits and replies in a short time. Things in the Moon Valley swept through every corner of the game. Players speculated and tried to figure out. Some people said that the top ten guilds fought against each other. Some people said that sakura rain was playing a god-class boss, and she was almost killed. She was constantly resurrected and the killing level was affected. However, if the god-class boss died, he could come back immediately and rise to level 6 in one fell swoop!
There is always any kind of speculation.
But rational people are not without their unanimous recognition that some guild wants to rise …
Moreover, the strength of this guild may exceed everyone’s expectations, and it is very likely to subvert the current balance of the top ten guilds into a real horse … Black Dragon! ! I’m afraid it’s a very, very profound question who can compete then.
The outside world is noisy and noisy. Yang Ye heard and saw him flying through the Dolson department at a high speed, moving quickly in the Woods to avoid many wild monsters, and at the same time, he made himself the highest and fastest.
Look up at the dotted line pointed by the miner’s hat-the target is close at hand! !
"Lilina, you have to give it a shot this time, or we will die twice." Yang Ye turned to Lilina and laughed.
Lilina came to concentrate on flying and immediately bowed his head and became shy when he heard his brother talking to her later. "Lilina is willing to die with his brother …"
"Would you like to head! How many people do you kill this time? My brother rewards you with 1 gold coin and the same number of clothes! " Yang Ye slapped Lilina on the head, who covered her head and shouted "Pain"
"yeah! Lilina will get everything! !” Lilina’s little fist suddenly bursts with a murderous light in his eyes-
Finally, the weapon girl is awakening … To be continued.
Chapter 292 Pan Tianyu Alliance
Xiongfeng Guild is like a boat in the vast sea of Tianyu Guild. A ship is swaying from side to side in the stormy waves and is in danger of overturning at any time. The president of this guild is called Xiongfengtian, a 51-level martial arts equipment, which is not bad. It can be mixed in front of ordinary people, but it is a bit far-fetched to deal with experts.
Xiongfeng Guild is a small and pitiful group of 70 people, more than half of whom are Xiongfengtian’s relatives and friends. The advantage of this kind of guild is that the main members know each other or are close to each other. The whole guild is very United and cohesive, and the disadvantage is that it is not easy to accept outsiders. Although it has been a long time since the establishment of the guild, Xiongfengtian has not been able to develop the guild. This is a far cry from the original vow to make Xiongfeng Guild into the top ten guilds in China. This is also a pity.
In fact, the main thing is that there is no money
Without money, the law can develop the guild economy and update the main members’ equipment. The update of the equipment law is in the wind in the competition among the chief officers. When Xiongfeng Guild can connect with other guilds, it has reached a more advanced vicious circle, resulting in Xiongfeng Guild still wandering in the bottom guilds.
But things seem to have changed the other day.
Xiongfengtian has been adhering to the concept that people don’t commit crimes against me and I don’t commit crimes. Try not to provoke them. This boat "Xiongfeng" will be overturned soon-all the guilds that are stronger than them, let alone the top ten guilds? Yesterday, Xiongfengtian received a mysterious friend to add the other party’s verification message: "Does Xiongfeng Guild want to grow into the top ten guilds?"
This statement is really inexplicable. At first, it was rejected because it was a bad drama, but the other party refused to give up and contacted him one after another, which made him more heart-passed.
In terms of speaking, all small and medium-sized guilds are led by the leader to form a huge alliance. All guilds in this alliance are equal. What we have to do is to work together! And their goal is to become one of the top ten guilds, which is more powerful than the dragon-chasing guild-
Pan-Sky Alliance!
Xiong Fengtian was really shocked when he first heard the news. At the same time, he also wondered that this practice was actually quite energy-consuming and very troublesome to manage. There were countless manpower and financial resources invested, which is why no one has said it for a long time. Who is uniting them and who is managing them?
Who is the so-called "head" of the mysterious man?
I don’t know if he knows that when the other party distributed the first batch of support funds and equipment, he already had a positive idea in his heart to follow suit!
He doesn’t know how big this guild alliance is. If he asks the presidents of small and medium-sized guilds around him, he will know that they have also joined this "pan-horizon alliance"!
Such financial resources are frightening!
Today, they received the first joint plan from the head-the war plan for the Summer Palace!
The plan is very simple. The head of the alliance already has people in the Summer Palace and has got a lot, including the position of sakura rain, the president of the Summer Palace, the number of people around them, etc. All they have to do is simply implement the deployment and then …
Kill them all!
Once upon a time, it never occurred to me that I would be able to take people to round up and kill the goddess president in the Summer Palace Guild. For them, this beautiful and enchanting woman is also unattainable … Hey hey, but I have to groan and bow in my own hands. Isn’t that the best thing for men?
Maybe that’s what the alliance wants to do, too, to drag a beautiful woman high above the ground and let the presidents of the small and medium-sized associations who have been oppressed for a long time kill her to satisfy all kinds of expectations of these guys, so that their hearts can be gathered together …

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Jul 9, 2024

The encirclement suddenly dispersed slowly, and everyone was retreating involuntarily, and everyone’s face was filled with a look of fear.

At that moment, everyone saw three kinds of damage values in their field of vision, namely, 1 and miss.
At present, this personal physical defense is so powerful that people can hardly imagine it.
Of course, France imagines that the defense is as high as 33 points, even if it is a sword flying snow, it will have a headache here now.
Looking at that white mask of a masked warrior again, everyone gets a thrill. This man is a boss after all.
Mad dog dragon took off his mask and laughed. "Why don’t you fight? Keep coming! "
These players are not retarded. I’m still talking to you. You’re such a jerk!
Just then a soldier suddenly retreated to Xiaoyan and bowed his head and said a few words in his ear. Xiaoyan nodded his head.
Not good! Mad dog dragon suddenly remembered something. At this moment, his music box vibrated, picked it up and looked at it. His face finally changed.
The message is a short line from Jiang Huafa: "Michelle hung up and I’m on my way to Hoefeld! Please hurry back to Mu Zixing! "
Mad dog dragon root spare time with this group of mixed weapon care about rev all kinds of acceleration skills and effects, the wind blows away.
This group of people haven’t reacted yet
"What speed is this fucking?"
"My mother, I didn’t even follow my eyes!"
"Is this a person?"
Mu Zixing eyes headquarters conference room Xia Xiaoqing, bachelor elder sister, autumn water Iraqis are in a gloomy cloud.
At the sight of Mad Dog Dragon pushing the door and coming in, Emma jumped at him and threw herself into his arms, sobbing.
"It’s okay, I’m back!" The mad dog Long An comforted her, "Stop crying!"
Less than 3 minutes later, the door of the conference room was pushed by people one after another, which can be said to have formed a set of super-luxury arrays, such as Jianghua, Yan Yuhua Qingcheng, Qu Zhiyan, Sunny Day, Tintin Fish, 1v3, Toilet Quick Chicken Division, Little Girl, Busy as ice, Hua Laosan, You Meng, Kouga, Tianqi, Big Tiger, Le Yishao, Eagle, Cheetah, Jackal, and so on.
Its Chinese third voice is the loudest. "Which son of a bitch? How dare you kill our sister Ai! "
Meteor crystal is also gritting its teeth. "This is a declaration of war on the exile and Loulan Empire."
Tianqi said faintly, "It doesn’t matter if you dare to start work, you must be conscious!"
Yan yuhua city looks the ugliest. Emma bathes in purple star eyes. Although people are hanging out in the suburbs, there used to be an old president here, and her face was particularly bright.
Seeing that so many fierce people have been attracted, Iraqis have long been stunned. Xia Xiaoqing is also secretly stunned. She seems to have never thought that her merchant was so well-founded and was ambushed by people. A way is so big.
This is another precursor to blood shed, she sighed secretly.
Yan Yuhua Qingcheng this meeting has already come to her. "Who did the little love little moxa hang?" to be continued
Chapter five hundred and forty-seven Something happened.
"fairy dry!" The respondent is a bachelor sister. "She’s out of her mind!"
In fact, in Casablanca, the fairy killed Emma, and Xia Xiaoqing met Emma as soon as she left the city after Mu Zixing finished talking about things.
Fairy had a high grade of 59 at the beginning, and now she is a swordsman of 64. Even though there are two pieces of eternal equipment, it is hard to resist. After all, the foundation gap is too big, and she is not as abnormal as Mad Dog Dragon.
The pressure on the level 64 swordsmen from the level 36 soldiers is really not normal.
Emma was not bad, too. It took more than two rounds for them to fall, and she was still stabbed in the throat with a sword.
That’s the disgusting thing about the fairy. This guy even whipped the body. At last, Emma exploded. The most terrible thing was that the eternal bee sting given to her by mad dog dragon was exploded and picked up by the fairy.
Emma cried because she knew what the mad dog dragon paid to get this equipment, and now she doesn’t feel bad when she falls into the enemy.
After a careful understanding of the ins and outs, a few women, such as Yan Yuhua Qingcheng, can politely comfort her.
"Mom, she’s tired of living!" Hua Laosan was very angry. "There is no need to say that you must die!"
Tianqi disdains cold hum. "She has always been the one who dares to bully the novice because of her urine. When she is harder than her, she becomes like a grandson!"
This group of people flew all the way here to put it bluntly, they all have business contacts with Jiajia Company more or less. Now Emma has been killed, and the lover can’t sit back and watch. Besides, it’s love for the boss, so it’s more time to wait if she doesn’t come at this time.
On the frown way "three elder brother, brother hui, Kouga what should you do, what to do don’t affect the operation of several companies".
Hua Laosan scratched his head and smiled. "I’m trying to help, aren’t I?"
Riverside said, "I appreciate your kindness. I’m actually a science and technology center person. This matter will come to an end. You don’t have to run so far here."
His prestige in the Eastern Dynasty is now very high, and he left many people after several persuasion.
Xia Xiaoqing sighed at this moment, "We are responsible for this matter!"
On glanced at Yan Yuhua whole slowly, "Mu Zixing’s eyes had better not make a move at this time to rise to the height of the guild."
He turned to the mad dog dragon again. "What do you think?"
Mad dog dragon has been silent and calm, but now his teeth are cold and a word "kill!"
On the end, I know others best. When I see him with this expression, I know that he is angry to the limit and is fighting back his anger at the moment.
On stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder. "Let’s talk about it after we get back to Loulan City, okay?"
No one objected to this suggestion. By the evening, the love crime of the headquarters of Loulan City of the Eastern Dynasty and the figure of Han Ying Snow actually appeared at the science and technology center at the same time.
This is rare. It’s only when something big happens that these two people are disturbed.
"Love brother Han Jie!" Mad dog dragon takes the lead in greeting others.
Love crime stretched out his hand and motioned for everyone to sit down. "I heard about what happened in Mu Zixing’s eyes during the day."

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Jul 8, 2024

Qin Zhiqiu looked at the warm and condensed face and asked, "Are you all right, Miss?"

Warmly shook his head and pressed his heart. Those thoughts laughed. "I’m fine, but you were brave enough just now. Do you know who Zhuo Mengyun is and dare to argue with her?"
Qin Zhiqiu can’t help saying, "I don’t care who she is. If she dares to treat you like that, I will dare to break her hand. If she doesn’t attack me, I will pay back ten times if she does."
This is very warm to her appetite. Raise your hand and pat her on the shoulder. "Thank you."
Qin Zhiqiu embarrassed smile "big miss welcome lift a finger"
"But you’d better be careful recently. Zhuo Mengyun is narrow-minded. I’m afraid she will retaliate against you. Try not to go out alone. You can call me at any time if you have anything."
"Don’t worry, Miss. Not everyone can bully me."
"Well, be careful."
"Well …"
Qin Zhiqiu left home after a long time of meditation, and when he came home by car with Holy, he was still full of worries, eating cashews and curiously asking, "What’s Warm’s thinking?"
"Qin Zhiqiu" said this name warmly and watched his face change strangely.
"She, what does she have to think?" The sacred complexion is naturally calm.
"She told me a lot in the afternoon, and I always felt that it was not easy for her to appear." Warm tried.
Sacred or a casual expression, but it is full of Zen. "Now it is reasonable to be warm and need this trouble. Something will happen, and when you know it, everything will come out."
Warm and relieved smile "? I just have to wait? "
Holy wink. "Well, let it be."
Smile warmly and say "You want it most"
Smell sacred but pout a depressed look "actually, I don’t think so"
Sacred stuffed a cashew nut into his mouth and chewed it up, only to complain deeply. "If I wanted to, I wouldn’t be crazy about doing waist exercises or eating 3 thousand cashews."
"Poof …" Fu Lei couldn’t help spraying.
"Are you gloating?" Sacred danger. Look past it.
Fu Lei shook his head seriously. "The imperial doctor misunderstood me and I absolutely didn’t gloat!"
"Then what do you spray spray? When you are a watering can? "
"Ahem … I’m an imperial doctor. I’m amazed and deeply admired for sacrificing my spirit."
"Well, that’s more like it."
Fu Lei sneaked a sweat, but fortunately he was witty.
Divine turned his face to warmth and continued to complain. "Warm son, you see that I have moved Fu Lei’s heart as hard as an iron man. This is all about your happiness. Are you moved?"
Warm face a red warning him "you’re enough …"
Say anything! Or in front of Fu Lei?
"Hey, hey ….." When she saw that she was annoyed and sacred, she took out a cashew nut and fed it to her mouth. "It’s more powerful than tonifying kidney and kidney-qi."
Warm "…"
She wanted to eat this and couldn’t swallow it. Her beautiful eyes were wide open and angry, which provoked him to laugh again.
Section 216
When I returned to the Wen family mansion, the servants were carefully cleaning up the rules of the Wen family in the past 100 years. Naturally, it was not as much as usual, nor did it pay attention to warmth until it was a decent day to welcome guests.
Wang Jinyuan was next to the supervisor and commander. He saw warm people coming to greet him respectfully. "Is the big lady and the Grand Duke of God back?"
Warm nodded
Sacred but curious, he asked, "Mr. Wang, what are you doing with people?"
Wang Jinyuan has been very afraid of him since he saw the divine power, for fear that he would give himself medicine and disgrace without knowing it. He was wronged when he died. He quickly smiled and explained, "I’ll take someone to clean it up during the festival."
Sacred as if puzzled, "It’s not like you still have such a big array of sticks in the New Year?"
The people at the door gathered a lot to clean the door, sort out the plaque and clean the stone lion. Even the road at the door had to be swept from beginning to end, which made a lot of noise.
Wang Jinyuan’s face was wrinkled with laughter. "The Grand Duke of God didn’t know. According to the custom of Huadu, two days before the Mid-Autumn Festival, all the married girls have to go back to their parents’ homes for reunion. Let’s marry the Wen family’s great aunt and second aunt, but they are all famous families. When they all come back, how dare we neglect them and naturally treat each other wholeheartedly?"
"Oh, so that’s it." The holy man patted Wang Jinyuan on the shoulder with an epiphany expression and warmth before entering the door. "That’s really hard work for Wang Guanjia. Let’s do it well."
Wang Jinyuan’s body froze and somehow he felt that the place he had touched was not right. He stepped back to one side with a dry smile. "The archduke of God is welcome. I should …"
"Then come on. Oh, don’t let me down."
"… yes"
The sacred hand smiled and left, leaving Wang Jinyuan with a cold sweat on his back. He was thinking about the sacred words in his head, and his face was getting paler and paler, and his heart was in a mess.
Seeing that he looked wrong, his confidant leaned in and asked, "What’s wrong with Mr. Wang, but what’s wrong?"
Wang Jinyuan forced himself to calm down. "Did you just hear the sacred words?"
"I heard it."
"Don’t you think there’s anything wrong?"
The confidant frowned and shook his head for a while. "I don’t think so."
"Isn’t he aware of something warning me not to do anything?"
"There should be no, he just got back to see what? Besides, we haven’t acted on this cough yet. Are you too nervous? Maybe he just casually said that you think too much. "
"I think even if he is an imperial doctor, it is also a high medical skill. Can he still predict the Oracle?"
Wang Jinyuan squinted and pondered for half a ring, and finally decided not to scare himself. Maybe he was really nervous. Besides, he didn’t have the final say. He had to act according to his orders, thinking that he was steadfast in his heart. Many low orders "Do it, remember to be clean and not leave any handle. Those are all fine …"
"You can rest assured that …"

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Jul 7, 2024

"Good dragon come out" nine yan frown said.

Si Nian and Tianlong ignored him. After a minute, Tianlong finally got up and smiled at Si Nian. "Hey, hey, Lord Zhuang, you can rest assured." Tianlong swept away and laughed cautiously just now, and her heart sank even more …
After everyone else walked out of the hall to watch the fight, Feng Yue kept his eyes closed and slowly opened his eyes. He said coldly to the thought of self-study with his eyes closed, "You seem to have violated the fairness of the fight."
Si Nian knows what Feng Yue said and laughs lightly. "It’s unfair to consume too much dragon power."
Romantic way "valiant soldier is to see the dragon power consumption is too large to fight"
Sinian said, "A disadvantage is not a disadvantage if it is not caught, is it?"
Romantic way "but I found"
Si nian smiled faintly like a spring breeze. "But you won’t say, will you?"
Romantic really won’t say that he doesn’t want to say that since romantic doesn’t say Si Nian and Tianlong, he won’t say it, so a valiant soldier can admit that he is unlucky …
The valiant soldier lost. He didn’t expect that Tianlong was still strong, but he didn’t understand the field. Others didn’t understand that they all saw Tianlong’s weakness after the fight between Tianlong and Thorn. It would never be fake, so his strength suddenly recovered. Everyone doesn’t understand that because of Jianghu roots, there is no instant healing medicine unless a martial arts expert adopts himself to him.
They also don’t believe that Si Nian just adopted his power when he spoke to Tianlong in his ear, because in their opinion, it is impossible.
Adoption takes a long time and can’t be completed in just one minute, and the adopter will become very weak, and there will be gas in the process of adoption, but Si Nian has never seen the above three situations.
The meeting ended hastily, and Jiuyan announced an important rule. After the meeting, no one will be allowed to provoke a fight or help the rules!
Si Nian doesn’t care that because of this, 40 million yuan is enough for the development of the villa, but he is still a little less …
And still keep a face of excitement, Tianlong walked out of the headquarters gate and Si Nian played the audio, which poured out a lot of news, but he simply deleted the news without looking at it. He said to Sheng Yin, "Give birth to that 2.3 million to the Jianghu with 1000 people with good martial arts skills. Remember not to let them know who you are."
Immediately, the student replied, "I’ll do it right away."
Si Nian turned off the audio side and asked Tianlong, "How do you feel?"
Tianlonghao laughed. "Master Zhuang is so fucking enjoyable that he can’t help showing off and humiliating those two children once!"
Si Nian responded and looked at the bluestone street ahead and said softly, "Then have a good time again …"
Chapter 43 Anger
There are still five people sitting in the conference hall of Tianxing Palace headquarters without leaving Jiuyan’s side and looking at the wind moon. "What happened to the wind moon just now?"
Romantic slowly open your eyes and say "Si Nian"
Jiuyan, they also knew that it must be Si Nian’s mischief, but they didn’t find that the rising sun raised his left hand and touched the tip of his nose. "We also know that it was Si Nian, but when?"
Feng Yue didn’t answer because she looked at the rising sun with a look of "What do you think?"
"Is that really the time?" Nine Yan can’t help frowning.
Romantic to doubt four indifferently replied "after touching the budo, you know it."
Nine Yan and others are instantly romantic, which means telling them that the state of thinking has surpassed them a lot …
Mochow stared slightly. "Martial arts?" Her mind suddenly flashed that she always looked up to the beauty-the great teacher elder sister demon Ji.
"budo don’t have a clue …" The rising sun shook his head slightly.
Cold stars also lowered their beautiful eyes. They were all conceited, but they couldn’t touch that screen for a long time.
"mom! The sky is closed! " Nine Yan shouted on striking the table, but his mind was also very clear that there were still many things waiting for him to deal with in the Palace of Heaven. He didn’t like Qingfeng to be a palace master of cutting. He didn’t have the strength and courage. Although the Palace of Heaven was founded by Qingfeng as the palace master, he was the one who made it so brilliant that no gang in the Jianghu could match him … So he was doomed to chase it unless one day he let go, but let go and talk about it again …
Si Nian and Tianlong came back to Piaoxue Mountain Villa, and they were coming face to face. The elegant wind was like a handsome man.
Life went to Sinian and said, "Master Zhuang, things have been completed."
Si Nian nodded lightly and said, "Let them wear villa clothes inside and black clothes outside and be masked. This time you go together."
From his level 47, we can see that he is also keen on martial arts, but he has to stay in the villa to deal with things. In fact, he has long been tired of this life. He also hopes to go out to fight and kill people as often as Tianlong, but he doesn’t show it because he is also a member of this villa. Like Tianlong, he may worship Qingfeng but he is not loyal to Tianxing Palace. They are loyal to Piaoxue Villa because this is their home …
Si Nian saw the change in his eyes. He said softly, "If you succeed this time, you won’t be the deputy villa owner, but the hall owner."
Tianlong wait for a while looked at Sinian with different eyes.

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