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For example, if you are afraid of angering Zongjin, this preferential treatment will disappear; The man no longer mocked him for "reneging on his word" and touched his finger on his wound.

It’s even more frightening to look at those injuries closer.
Zong Jin wanted to concentrate on taking the medicine for him, but there was always a flash in front of him. He Lianheng was covered in blood and looked distressed. Anger is still very strong, and I can’t wait to cut the beast’s head into sections and hang it on the tower as bacon.
He touched the hard and dead meat with his fingertips, and carefully smeared the ointment into a thin layer.
Soon, Zong Jin got up with a medicine bowl and sat in front of him and pulled his arm to deal with another wound.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Doubts abound
He Lianheng directly looked at his words but asked, "Your hands are so light, but it’s not like you."
"What’s not like me?"
"Do people in Weichi House serve you?" The man said, "It’s time for someone to do these things for you. You don’t like a natural handy person … "
He Lianheng’s words were so difficult that he was taken away and read smoothly. He replied, "I’m not a worshiper … I mean, my brother likes to be served, but I don’t like it."
"But you are the master after all."
"Do housekeepers have to have women to serve them?" Zong Jin asked. "Women are too much trouble, and I think it’s in the way."
"… I didn’t say it was to be waited on by a woman."
Zongjin glanced at him, full of unhappiness.
Of course, he will think of women from the words of He Lianheng-he is full of men asking him if he didn’t marry. When he thinks of marrying, he thinks of He Lianheng’s long-dead wife. If he loved him for many years, how can he marry with peace of mind?
ZongJin more think more feel not frank simply way "LianHeng … I see your name is lotus"
"While talking about admiring me for many years, I married my wife’s house early," Zong Jindao said. "Now I still have the cheek to secretly spy on my privacy, and it’s annoying to pretend to be this pair of clear water and white lotus."
The man was dazed, his eyes widened for a few minutes, and then he suddenly smiled and bent his eyebrows.
"What are you laughing at? You’re laughing at me. I’m scolding you. Can’t you hear it?"
"Laugh that you care so much about my marriage."
"… always say a word about it?"
"You say you and me and listen to me."
"Wang Du"
With Zong Jin’s foul words, Lian Heng’s smile never diminished. At the end, he explained, "I, she, have been engaged since childhood. She was terminally ill. Originally, I wanted to break off my marriage. I insisted on marrying and doing my best as a householder … so I stopped forcing myself to be kind to him, but I found out your privacy was just curious."
"curious about what?" Zong Jin didn’t good the spirit. "I’ve been injured everywhere since I was a child and I don’t like others touching me. I’m used to dealing with injuries myself. What’s wrong?"
"There’s nothing wrong. That’s right."
Rao is He Lianheng who answers his words without refuting him. He still feels that he has the wind.
Anyway, He Lianheng can’t get a good argument for him-the other party is ashamed and likes to be hypocritical; He is upright and outspoken, and naturally he can’t win.
Zong Jin’s hand didn’t stop stroking in his head. This is like leading to these things. In hindsight, he felt that he was being led astray. Then he reiterated fiercely, "I just talked to you. Did you listen to it? Don’t stand in my way for me. I’m not tied up …"
Like afraid of HeLianHeng retort he went on to say "… besides, you have to block you for me. Isn’t that unnecessary? Knowing that I’m wearing a soft armor and I have to block the backstabbing for me won’t hurt me … "
As he spoke, he suddenly blessed his heart. "Oh, I don’t understand you. Is this to make me owe you? You are so insidious … "
But he didn’t expect that it was He Lianheng who asked a sentence "… what soft armor?"
“?” Zong Jin also lost his hand and looked up at him. "In the tower, you ordered someone to prepare a dress with a gold silk soft armor in it … Isn’t that what you gave?"
"… I have no idea"
"ha? Don’t play with me, "said Zong Jin, tearing his neckline with one hand." This is it … "
But he was wrapped in gauze at the neckline, and there was no sign of soft armor.
"Come on, don’t pretend," said the little boy impatiently. "I’m sure you ordered someone to take it off when I changed my clothes … It’s a pity that you love acting so much that you can’t sing."
"I really don’t know."
He Lianheng said seriously and frowned.

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"If it is now, can you speak in white?"

Gently move the lotus step and walk to the truth. The woman is no longer strange and unpredictable … That face is familiar to Zhenyong. Its owner is called Uchihiro vulture …
"It seems that you already know a lot of things."
Cold and cold-faced vultures just spoke faintly across from Zhenyong.
"What do you mean?"
It’s brave to suppress the anger in my heart and almost bite my teeth to say these words.
"How much do you know about uchiha madara?"
"Ha, do you mean the undead who died in the final valley or the immortal who hides in a corner?"
The silence lasted for a moment, and the ink on the horizon deepened.
"You are very clever. You know how to guard against and hide the enemy … and you know how to eradicate the roots."
"vulture" shook his head. "But what you did is not good enough for uchiha madara. You still underestimate your opponent … The plan started a long time ago, and I did leave a flaw before … but you are too soft-hearted."
"Yes," the vulture nodded. "Although it is possible to control bijuu with pupil force, it was too hasty at that time and I failed."
But then the vulture corners of the mouth took up a smile.
"But it’s a pity that you didn’t make up your mind even if you received this information through your roots, as I expected."

"Now you really have the confidence to subvert Konoha?" It’s really brave, and the voice is deep and terrible. "Watergate horse will show up at this time for four generations. What’s good for you?"
"Four generations?" Griffin tone with some ridiculous irony "if you don’t horse, there will never be four generations of Huoying … you actually have a guess that the ostrich is indeed a spotted person … and he will certainly be Watergate when he comes to Konoha".

"What’s the matter? So you have given up? "
The vulture shook his head in disappointment. "That’s all you have to say."

"Are you finished?"
The morning light tore open the canopy, and the dazzling light dispelled all shadows in an instant!
Leave a hand to stab the wood, and the sharp wooden bar will block the penetration of the "vulture" body …
"You are right. You did leave a flaw in Shukaku, but you are wrong about one thing."
Zhen Yong smiled confidently and then pulled out the wooden thorn without hesitation … like a torrent, blood was sprayed at will.
"You leave too many flaws …"
Ps second more! ! Roll around and beg for everything! ! ! Chapter two hundred and fifty, hidden in a mirror
Zhen Yong smiled confidently and then pulled out the wooden thorn without hesitation … like a torrent, blood was sprayed at will.
Those enchanting blood drops scattered on Zhenyong’s cheek were influenced by the ghosts, and he added a little evil and bloodthirsty …
"Don’t hide any more. Can you really fool me?"
After seeing the "corpse" lying at his feet, he was really brave and aware of the surrounding situation-yes, he knew all this was Uchihiro’s plan for a long time.
Perhaps he has been particularly sensitive to the name "Uchibo" since the day he crossed over.
Don’t go back to the village at this critical moment.
According to the analysis report obtained from Shukaku’s column force, it was the brave wife, Uchihiro Vulture, who tried to hypnotize Shukaku in that war.
On the surface, whether it is sharingan’s pupil force or family ambition, vultures do have motives for action-before people lacked an important piece of information.
The world has awakened to a kaleidoscope. There is no Uchihiro vulture in sharingan …
Somewhere in the deep darkness, there is a remnant of an era, and his terrible eyes are quietly watching what is happening in the world.
-In the final analysis, even taking pictures out of Shukaku’s mind is not absolutely reliable. It is necessary to have a strong pupil force, even things like memory modification can be easily done.
This seemingly clever cover-up method has given Zhenyong a vague indication since then-uchiha madara has found a new agent outside the country.
In this case, when Uchiha Obuchi appeared after that, he immediately became the biggest suspect.
Besides, the wrong Nagato power is the second mistake of Uchibo!
Maybe even she didn’t think that Vortex Nagato didn’t become an important chess player in their hands as expected, or that he was much better than they thought.

Judging from the ruins of the Rain Country, the Yahiko Three-Man Xiao Organization must have had a fierce conflict with the allied forces of the three countries, and finally, judging from the situation in Pingdingshan, it is natural that the three countries won.
However, Yahiko didn’t die in the war, but lived with peony and Nagato.

The point is that Pain Tendo said that sentence that was obviously out of place …
-"After all, the weak will never get fate."
This is Zhen Yong’s last advice to Yahiko in those days, that is to say, if Heaven is really controlled by Nagato, he has no reason to say such a thing at that time … Although theoretically, it is absolutely impossible for Yahiko to have the ability to make six forces, if he boldly assumes that the other five channels of Heaven are not harmonious, he can make the best explanation …
So here comes the question
If Nagato has been pulled by a thief boat, why should they deliberately make such a meaningless temptation when they have sent spies into Konoha?

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The three men went outside the club, Zhao Xiayang went to the toilet, and Thomas lay prone on the balcony of the corridor to see the scenery. Ye Qing went to the stairs and took out a pack of cigarettes, then smoked a cigarette in his mouth and a zippo lighter burst into flames.

Ye Qing lit a cigarette and took a drag. He closed his eyes for a long time in enjoyment before spitting out a string of light smoke. He put the smoke in his finger and squatted down. He needed to be quiet because he felt that he faced too many * * * *.
Just now, when I was helping Pearl Krabs find contact lenses, he almost got stuck in it. He almost couldn’t help jumping into Pearl Krabs’s arms. There are too many beautiful women around him, and they all have different tastes and are very attractive. Men like beautiful women and try to resist the temptation of beautiful women. Most men will unconsciously look at beautiful women twice.
Ye Qing, after all, is still a layman, and he has no infection with beauty. He was so dead-set that he liked Su Yanbing because Su Yanbing was so beautiful that he was so thrilling. He shook his head hard and felt that he was such an asshole.
Now he has a big honey, and he has also got the big honey’s father to admit that Su Yanbing must solve the problem. Now he can’t provoke Pearl Krabs any more. He has been very firm, but Nai has been shaken by too many * * * * so that he can’t help but shake. Now he finally has a hard time.
Ye Qing felt better after smoking a cigarette, and many other thoughts in his brain were dispelled. He once again woke up in his heart that he should be good to Da Mi and single-minded about Da Mi, and he must never be tempted by other women again.
After putting the cigarette butt out and throwing it into the garbage can at Loudaokou, he got up and patted his cigarette ash to go back. At this moment, he heard Dong Laoer shouting in the corridor that it was a box lunch. He immediately went out from the stairs and looked at Dong Laoer’s back and said, "I’m here, Laoer. Take yourself. I want to choose one!"
"Well, I’ll take it and eat it first. I know you want to help Pearl Krabs get it back. I’ll give it to you. Hey, hey …" Dong Laoer smiled slyly. Ye Qing flew up and prepared to kick his ass. This guy jumped forward very flexibly and even touched his ass and looked back. "Early prevention of your hand!"
After Dong Laoer took the box lunch, he went straight back to the training room to eat. He didn’t like to eat in the lounge. Because Zhao xia yang and Thomas both liked to watch it there, it was too noisy. At this time, Zhao xia yang and Thomas had not come to pick up the box lunch, so there was still a choice. He looked at all the boxes and then chose a box lunch with potatoes and roast beef for Pearl Krabs and a box lunch with kung pao chicken for himself.
Walking back to the training room with two boxes of lunch, Ye Qing saw that Pearl Krabs was still wearing headphones and seemed to be listening to music. The screen picture was not F, but a qq music player. He put Pearl Krabs’s box lunch on the coffee table and said, "I’ll get it back for you when Pearl Krabs has dinner."
"Thank you!" Pearl Krabs thanked Daoye without looking back. Seeing that she didn’t want to eat, she couldn’t help but say, "Eat quickly, it won’t taste good if it gets cold."
"When I finish listening to this song, I’ll eat it. You eat it first," Pearl Krabs said faintly.
Chapter 556 Touch the scene injury
The training room is full of the smell of box lunch. Ye Qing and Dong Laoer are eating soundly, but Pearl Krabs is still listening to the song with headphones and has been facing Ye Qing. Ye Qing urged her twice, but she said that she would not eat until she heard this song. But is this song so long?
"Pearl Krabs you haven’t heard? We are almost finished! " Ye Qing looked up and asked Pearl Krabs, who shrugged his shoulders but didn’t answer him. He immediately got up and went to Pearl Krabs’s side and looked at the music player on the brain screen, only to find that there was a song in it that was constantly circulating in a single …
He feels a little strange. Why is there a song in her music player? When he looked at Zhenzhen’s face, he was suddenly surprised. That beautiful face was covered with tears. Pearl Krabs actually cried and became a crybaby.
He didn’t have a love dearly hurriedly put a lunch box from his trouser pocket and took out a pack of paper towels, hastily pulled out a piece and handed it to Pearl Krabs, then gently tunnel "what’s the matter with you? Who bullied you? "
Pearl Krabs took the paper towel and wiped her face with tears, then sobbed, "I’m fine. I just remembered something after listening to the song."
"Listen to the song heard tears so serious! ? You are really sentimental … "Ye Qing is very authentic.
"I suddenly feel that I have been too tired these years and have never relaxed for a moment, but I have never got anything. Is it a tragedy to live like this?" Pearl Krabs said, suddenly staring at Ye Qing’s eyes, tears are still spinning and shining.
Ye Qing smell speech Zheng, he didn’t expect Pearl Krabs to suddenly ask him such a profound life question. Before training, Pearl Krabs was still very stable and didn’t see any signs of her carelessness. Will she be sad like this in a short time?
He thought for a moment and then said to Pearl Krabs, "Giving doesn’t necessarily pay off, but if you don’t pay, you won’t get anything. That’s a tragedy. You are still very young. If you think you are too tired, you might as well change your lifestyle and relax yourself a little. Don’t push yourself too hard. After all, you are a woman. You don’t need to be so tired!"
Ye Qing said that he felt that these words were quite beautiful. It seems that he has great potential as a spiritual mentor, but Pearl Krabs suddenly turned cold and was very dissatisfied with the tunnel. "What do you mean? Look down on women, right? What if I’m a woman? I won’t be worse than you men! "
Ye Qing saw that Pearl Krabs reacted so much that he didn’t know how he stimulated her. The girl’s self-esteem was too strong. He waved his hand and said, "I’m sorry, I don’t know what I said wrong. You care so much. I don’t look down on women. I think women don’t need to be so tired!"
"I know what you mean. You said that women don’t have to be so tired because women can rely on men, right?" Pearl Krabs asked.
Ye listened to her question and finally figured out where she was wrong, so she immediately said, "I know you are an independent woman and don’t want to rely on men, and you think you will never be worse than men, but you can’t let yourself be so tired. Don’t carry everything by yourself. If you trust your teammates, let them share a little."
"That a few idiots? I really can’t believe it … "Pearl Krabs looked at Dong Laoer, who was sitting on the sofa for dinner. Dong Laoer felt her eyes but didn’t hear her voice and smiled at her.
Ye Qing smell speech was just about to ask me? As a result, Pearl Krabs looked at him and said firmly, "I believe you!"
At that moment, Ye fell in love and was touched-he looked at Pearl Krabs’s beautiful face and couldn’t help laughing. "Thank you for treating me so highly!"
"You are the only person in this team who has the ability to take us to the finals. Although I really want to win the championship through my own efforts, F is not a one-person game after all. I think I can give you a lot of help. After winning the championship, I will do my part. I will try my best to help those three guys if they don’t drag their feet. I don’t expect them to perform well. The sniper is more reliable." Pearl Krabs whispered to Ye.
Ye Qing was very happy to see her so high in her heart, but she said, "Don’t say that. They can also help even if they don’t give force when attacking, but they can rarely contain some enemy firepower, right?" Besides, Zhao Xiayang and the second child still have great potential. They are constantly growing and I believe they will become mature after competition experience. "
"No matter what you say, I believe in you and myself. I hope you won’t let me down!"
"Thanks to your respect, I won’t let you down. By the way, listening to less sad songs will affect your mood, and mood will affect your mood. State will affect your grades …"
"What will that result affect?"
"Results will affect the mood in reverse! I don’t want to see … "Ye Qing said that he felt that there was something wrong with the noodles. He immediately shut up and then picked up his lunch box and continued to eat.
Pearl Krabs looked at him very keenly and asked, "What don’t you want to see? Don’t want to see me? "
"No … if I don’t want to see you, why do I invite you to join our team? Isn’t that a hindrance to myself? " Ye Qing is very authentic
"That you don’t want to see? You say it! " Pearl Krabs forced.
"I don’t want to see you cry …" Ye Qing embarrassed tunnel.
Pearl Krabs blushed when she heard the words, but she didn’t expect to say this. Her heart was also touched. She knew that Ye Qing was a girl friend, so she said, "I don’t want to cry in front of you yet. It seems that I am very fragile! I won’t cry after you rest assured. Today is an accident! "
"Well, it was an accident. You should eat quickly! If you don’t eat, it’s no accident that you will definitely be hungry in the afternoon! " Leaf tilt said with a smile
Pearl Krabs nodded and then picked up the box lunch from the coffee table from her seat. After she covered it, she could not help but be shocked by her eyes. She could not help but feel puzzled by the tears on her eyes. Which one did this sing again? Does Meng Jiangnv cry about the Great Wall?
"You are not just said after all won’t cry? Is this the reason why the sluice is not good? " Ye Qing joke tunnel
Pearl Krabs "sloped" laughed out and then tried to hold the tears in her eyes without falling out JiaoChen way "hate! I won’t cry! "
"That’s good! I also want you to eat porridge and add some water yourself! " Leaf tilt said with a smile
"It’s not funny! Let me ask you a question. Did you take this box lunch at hand or did you choose it for me on purpose? " Pearl Krabs twist a head to look at Ye Qing with red eyes and asked.
"I specially help you choose! Is there any problem? " Ye Qing looked at Pearl Krabs curiously.
Pearl Krabs looked a little gloomy. "How do you know that I like roast beef with potatoes?"
"I don’t know. I think the food in this box lunch is better!" Leaf pour simple and honest laughed
Pearl Krabs smell speech in the mind suddenly felt touched that Ye Qing was really good for her. She smiled faintly and said, "Thank you. This is my favorite dish. Although you mean it, I still want to thank you. It reminds me of my grandmother."
"Er … reminds you of it. No wonder you want to cry again …" Ye Qing felt that Pearl Krabs was really touching the scene at any time. Before she was too sentimental, she felt that she was a very strong person and could not show her weakness. But today she doesn’t know what happened, like a helper.
It is said that a person who is very strong in front of others should not easily expose his weakness in front of others, unless that person is her most trusted person or her lover. Ye Qing can’t help but think that he is Pearl Krabs’s most trusted person. Otherwise, she would be so fragile in front of me.
Pearl Krabs chopsticks picked up a potato and put it in her mouth. She chewed it for a few times and then looked up at Ye Qing. "It’s far from my grandmother’s taste. This potato is not tasty and a little hard. I will probably never eat my grandmother’s cooking again in this life!"
After listening to her, Ye guessed that her grandmother should have died. No wonder she was hurt by the scene. He quickly comforted, "Maybe it is because you can’t eat anything anymore that you miss this taste so much. People always know that cherishing the tree is quiet and the wind is more than filial piety. We should cherish our relatives who are still around."
"Well, you’re right!" Pearl Krabs nodded solemnly and then began to eat seriously. Ye Qing felt that this noon was a little weird and actually saw the big beauty crying. Although her eyes were a little red when she cried, she was still beautiful.
He feels that he knows Pearl Krabs better than before. She turned out to be such a sentimental girl, just like the girl described in your deskmate. I don’t know who will marry this sentimental girl in the future. Maybe she will cry when she sees the yellow leaves in autumn. Sad spring hurts autumn, just like Daiyu. She is a contradictory complex. She is very strong and strong on the surface, and likes to compete with men. She is not afraid of all challenges. However, after throwing the game, she is easy to get hurt. It can be said that she is actually a very emotional person in her bones, but she is well disguised on the surface, so people can’t
Chapter 557 Like being single
After eating lunch, Pearl Krabs felt so fragile in front of Ye Qing that she was very embarrassed, so she left the club alone and said that she would go around the floor. Ye Qing knew that she wanted to calm down and didn’t follow.
He and Dong Laoer went to the stairs to smoke again. Thomas and Zhao Xiayang must have dozed off while watching in the lounge.
"Boss, do you really have an idea about Pearl Krabs?" Dong old two vomitted an one mouthful smoke twist a head to look at leaf tilting way
Ye Qing also spit out the smoke in his mouth and put it in his fingers. "Didn’t I say that I didn’t want you to hit her?" Second, after I figure it out, I must give up on Mier and even Su Yanbing. You can swear that I can’t do it if I don’t go out and have a good time alone after loving Zhao Junzhu? "
Dong Laoer frowned when he heard Ye Qing’s forceful words. "But I regret it now … I must have been hot-headed at that time to say that. How could the greatest lover in history like me plant a tree and give up the whole forest? This is quite stupid. If God gives me another chance, I want to say three words,’ I quit!’ "
"Idiot, these are four words!"
"Don’t care about these details! The point is that I regret it … "
"You don’t want to think about how Zhao Junzhu treated you. You were so moved at that time. Second, I tell you that people can’t live in this life, and you have to think about it yourself!" Ye Qing, with a cigarette, looks very old-fashioned
Dong Laoer sighed and then took a puff at the flue. "I know that although I regret it a little, since I am a man, I must do it. Besides, you supervise me, and you have to be my role model. If you are single-minded to Dami, I will definitely be single-minded to Zhao Junzhu. If one day even you are half-hearted, what will I insist on?"
Ye Qing smell speech can’t help but be very annoyed. A slap in the face of Dong Laoer almost made Dong Laoer swallow a mouthful of smoke into his stomach. He hurriedly coughed a few leaves and shouted, "Are you missing a string in your brain?" Why do you want to take me as an example? Aren’t you cheating me too? "
"Eldest brother, you talk like that, which means that you may also love someone in a forensic way, right? I think we are still great minds think alike. There are so many women in this world and there are so many beautiful women among them. Shouldn’t we reap their beauty? Life is short and we should do something to make ourselves happy. "Dong Laoer was very excited and tunnel.
"Depend! Don’t take the opportunity to make excuses for yourself. I didn’t mean that. I don’t want you to take me as a standard. You have to discipline yourself! " Ye Qing is very authentic
He felt that Dong Laoer’s will was not firm at all. When he was moved by Zhao Junzhu, he made a vow. How long did it take before he went back on his word and wanted to return to the flowers?

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A purple-gold sword fern seems to be shattered, and the strength of the purple mansion in the later period is mighty and goes to the old man in brown robe.

"Looking for death!"
Feel the edge of the forest sword mans attack toward yourself, and a long sword, a black sword, appears in the hands of the brown robe old man. The same sword directly collides with the edge of the forest attack.
"Hey, hey!"
The two swords and awns collided instantly, and the forest edge was as steady as Mount Tai, motionless. The old man in brown robe went back three steps directly and looked at the forest edge with a face of shock.
"This is qualified!" Lin Yuan smiled at the old man in brown robe without moving his feet.
"Hum!" The old man in brown robe knows that the other party is a strong enemy, and there is not much to say about Yan Yunlong, who has also stopped fighting.
Suddenly, the whole area was calm, and everyone looked at Tianyuan holy tree at dusk, and Tianyuan holy tree was getting more and more imposing.
Tianyuan sacred tree is wonderful, and every time the result is that it has accumulated enough by itself, and the later it is produced, the better the effect of Tianyuan sacred fruit. If it is the first result, then this is the second result.
Tianyuan sacred tree is red in green, Tianyuan sacred fruit gives off a strong fragrance, and the color is slowly red. When it is completely transformed into red, it is mature. However, four groups of people nearby did not look at Tianyuan sacred fruit that was about to mature, but looked at each other and the atmosphere was tense.
"There are four groups of people present, so I think we should divide the fallen fruit into four parts, one for each batch?" If the old man in brown robe still wants to drive away the young men, then a group of people can share Tianyuan Shengguo with Yan Yunlong, but now there is no such idea.
No matter which group we deal with, the four groups of people will be opposed by another group of people. After all, who knows if it will be their turn? Even the old man in brown robe is a little worried at this time, so he came up with a way to divide Tianyuan Shengguo into four parts. No war, no war.
The young man sneered, "It’s good to divide it into four parts, but don’t forget that you have a person, and that young man also has a person who wants to share the Tianyuan fruit. Do you think we are fools?"
"It’s true that you are not qualified to divide Tianyuan Shengguo." Say that finish, you didn’t look at the old man in brown robe, but looked at the forest edge.
They make it clear that he is not qualified and neither are you.
That young man is even more welcome. Tianyuan’s sacred fruit is invaluable. It’s a good thing to be less suspicious. After all, there are too many people. There are three or four of them here.
The old man in brown robe was gloomy on the spot. "It seems that you take yourself too seriously? Since you said that you didn’t have my share, then everyone relied on means. "
In addition to the edge of the forest, the strength of these people present is the fighters in the late stage of the purple mansion, especially in the late stage of the purple mansion.
"I agree with you by all means."
Yan Yunlong’s tone is indifferent, and he doesn’t want to share Tianyuan Shengguo with others. A Tianyuan Shengguo, which contains energy, is huge. If the spirit beast Danzhu is integrated, its effect will be more obvious.
"I have no problem with it."
Lin yuan said with a smile, among them, perhaps Lin yuan’s realm is the lowest, but Lin yuan’s own strength may be the highest
"Then each by means!"
Young men know this solution.
In this way, everyone’s eyes rested on the half-medium, waiting for Tianyuan Shengguo to mature and fall from the branches.
"There is a chance that a Tianyuan sacred fruit plus a dragon ball will make me miss the late stage of the purple mansion. It is impossible to ascend to the late stage of the purple mansion without penance for half a year or even a year or two. This time, I must win a Tianyuan sacred fruit."
It is very difficult to repair every liter in the purple mansion, and now the garden urgently needs to improve its strength, which he must not miss.
If you can get a Tianyuan holy fruit and successfully rise to the later stage of the purple mansion, then the comprehensive strength will rise by more than a little bit, which will definitely make his combat power rise greatly.
"Tianyuan Shengguo can’t let go"
Slightly spit out a sigh of relief, and Lin Yuan’s eyes gradually became sharp.
There are dozens of Tianyuan holy trees, half of which are still pale blue, and the remaining half are very early. Three of them tend to be green and red, and they can be completely matured in one step, and one of these three tends to be red. Tianyuan holy fruit is already shaking and may fall at any time.
Finally, that day, Yuan Shengguo fell and hit the ground and rolled several times.
Strangely, no one moved and seemed hesitant.
"Brown robe old man, don’t you want Tianyuan holy fruit? Go grab it! " The young man smiled at the old man in brown robe.
The old man in brown robe snorted, "I’ll give you the first Tianyuan holy fruit. Go and get it!"
"Are you so kind?"
"Are you kind?"
On the other side, Yan Yunjian looked at Tianyuan Shengguo, who fell to the ground, and then calmed down.
"It seems that no one dares to take the risk!"
Yanyunjian fighters behind way
"Who dares to take risks? If Tianyuan holy tree still attacks people close to it, it will be doubtful. A Tianyuan holy fruit has put itself in a mortal situation, and no one will do it. Now it is just a temptation to ask someone to pick up Tianyuan holy fruit and not be attacked by Tianyuan holy tree, which means there is no danger. "
"If that’s the case, don’t just wait and go?"
Yan Yunjian frowned. "The second Tianyuan sacred fruit is almost ripe, but no one wants to be the first bird."
Lin Yuan said in his heart, "Even if there is no danger in the first past, it may not be a good thing. If I used to be a target, I would definitely be attacked by everyone."
As time goes by, no one is the first to go, and everyone seems to be waiting.

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Jun 28, 2024

He came to Julong Internet Cafe today in order to find a machine gunner for the team. Now he has achieved his goal. Of course, there is no need to stay. He has to go back to the club to see if those guys are lazy.

Li Xiaozhe saw that Ye Qing was determined to leave. He immediately jumped forward and hugged Ye Qing’s thigh like a fool. He looked very sad and angry. "Ye Ge, you can’t do this to me. I am a young man with dreams. I need your help to be my dream ambassador, okay?"
"This is a Chinese dream show. Don’t pester me or I’ll beat you!" Leaf tilting flick the fist way
Li Xiaozhe saw that Ye Qing was so determined that he let go and then said angrily, "It’s not enough buddy!"
"I’ll tell you the truth. It’s not that I’m not a buddy, but that you don’t have the talent. Even if I teach you, you can’t play well. Can you play ak47 for everyone?" Ye Qing is very nai to Li Xiaozhe way
Li Xiaozhe eyes a stare way "how is it possible? When I was in primary school, my Chinese teacher praised me for my talent. I memorized all the poems in the class. "
"That’s right. You can’t play ak, a violent gun!"
"Who said I was a civil-military double? When I was in the sixth grade of primary school, I played three first grades and my department was put down. From then on, those primary school students didn’t dare to provoke me! " Li Xiaozhe looked back and felt that he was awesome and couldn’t help showing a nostalgic expression.
Ye Qing suddenly said, "You were also a primary school student at that time … and you have nothing to be proud of as a sixth grader. Maybe you go to the second grade! "
"Don’t say that I played one in the second grade and the third grade!"
"To put it bluntly, I haven’t played with you at the same level. You are bullying younger than you. You might as well go to kindergarten to find an opponent. It is estimated that the whole kindergarten children will be put down by you!" Ye Qing’s equivalent tunnel
"If you don’t brave Brother Ye, just teach me. If it’s really my talent, I don’t blame you!" Li Xiaozhe is very persistent tunnel
Ye Qing is very Naide. "Ok, I will teach you another day!"
"That’s great! Ye Ge Pearl Krabs has joined your team now. Can I visit your team? You sometimes teach me to play ak in your team, okay? " Li Xiaozhe ecstatic tunnel
"I’m really defeated by you. You can come then, but if you are kicked out of the house by Pearl Krabs, it’s not my fault. Besides, I’m not creating opportunities for you to get close to Pearl Krabs. Do you really want to learn to play ak before you can know?"
"I really want to learn! You watch. I will be very serious then. I will play master ak47 well! " Li Xiaozhe immediately shouted, "Who is your master? I didn’t say I would accept you as my apprentice. I won’t teach you to play ak if you call me master again."
There is an apprentice in Ye’s heart, and that is Nalan, who is the only apprentice recognized by him, and he consciously owes Nalan too much and doesn’t want to accept any more apprentices.
Chapter 534 The return
Li Xiaozhe was so frightened by Ye Qing that he immediately dared not call Master Ye Qing again. He had to continue to call Ye Ge Ye Qing, saying that sometimes he would call him and ask him to go there. Li Xiaozhe stopped pestering Ye Qing and finally walked out of Julong Internet Bar.
After returning to the club, Ye Qing saw Zhao Junzhu playing with his mobile phone at the front desk, and he joked, "You have to deduct money for playing with your mobile phone during class!"
Zhao Jun bamboo was startled and looked up to see that Ye Qing breathed a sigh of relief and patted his chest. "Ye Ge, you are trying to scare people! I have nothing to do with my mobile phone now! "
Ye Qing ha ha a smile "you should say that money is deducted. My man has money! This is much more domineering! "
Zhao Jun bamboo white leaves a glance Chen way "I’m not that vulgar, no matter how rich he is, it’s his money, not mine! I just want him to be nice to me. "
"Don’t worry, if he dares to treat you badly, I will punish him." Ye Qing laughed.
"Thank you Ye Ge Ye Ge is the best! By the way, where have you been just now? " Zhao Jun bamboo smiled at Ye Qing way
"Go out to do something. Your big honey sister didn’t go out, did she?"
"Didn’t it seem that the team has been in the office all the time?"
"The horse is going to have a race, and there are many things."
"I envy you for playing games everywhere. Where did you play this time?"
"Regionalization is to play each district champion in Chengdu and go to Fujian to participate in the finals."
"Oh, Fujian seems to be by the sea, right?"
"Then you must see the sea. I have never seen the sea. I want to go!" Zhao Junzhu looks forward to it.
"When the time comes, you can come with us. Before that, we have to win the regionals championship." Ye Qing said with a smile
"Really? Can I really go with you? " Zhao Junzhu was ecstatic to see Ye Daodao unable to hide his excitement.
"Of course it’s true. You are also a member of our club. Besides, your man has the money to buy a round-trip plane ticket!" Ye Qing joke tunnel
Zhao Junzhu suddenly lost his spirits and was very depressed. "I’m still paying for it by the club. Forget it. I don’t want others to say that I saw his money."
"Have a backbone! What a good girl! I was just teasing you. Of course, it’s the club that pays the money. It’s not his turn for the second child to want to pay! " Leaf tilt set up a thumb praise way
Zhao Jun bamboo just smiled again JiaoChen way "Ye Ge really hate old tease somebody else"
"Ha ha good don’t tease you. I’ll go to the training room to see what those guys are doing." Ye Qing turned and walked to the training room with a smile.
Walking outside the training room, Ye Qing heard a brotherhood of the Wolf coming in. It turned out that Dong Laoer and others were singing, and it was Sun Nan’s "Come back soon". As we all know, Sun Nan’s songs were very high, and this group of people sang all kinds of broken sounds and out of tune, and they didn’t have any consciousness at all
Ye Qing really couldn’t listen to it. He immediately pushed the door and went in, and then he saw Lin Qiuye actually training. At this time, Lin Qiuye was like an angered rooster, and even his hair stood on end. Obviously, Dong Laoer was satirizing Lin Qiuye when they sang.
"Come back quickly. I can’t bear it alone. Come back quickly. Life is wonderful because of you!" Dong laoer and others sang to * * * * and all of them couldn’t help laughing. Ye Qing patted the palm of his hand and the earth stopped. "Stop! Stop singing. I don’t know if we are haunted here! "
Dong Laoer and others immediately stopped when they heard the sound of Ye Qing, and then laughed their heads off one by one. In the middle, Lin Qiuye was livid and trembling with anger, and his hands clenched, as if he could go wild at any time.
Ye Qing looked at Lin Qiuye and asked calmly, "Why are you back again?"
He really didn’t expect Lin Qiuye to return, but he guessed that Lin Qiuye had no backbone to come back and ask for his salary these two days after all.
Lin Qiuye eyes fierce as a hungry wolf, he kept staring at Ye Qing eyes. "Can’t I come back?" The team has not officially terminated the contract with me. I am still a member of the team now, and I suddenly remembered that the signing period was three years when signing the contract, that is, I was a member of the team for these three years. Why do you terminate the contract with me? I don’t agree! "
Ye Qing smell speech suddenly language, he didn’t expect Lin Qiuye to play around with him and want to stay. Of course, he won’t allow him to stay, because he has already agreed with Pearl Krabs that Lin Qiuye must go and go before the day. He left Pearl Krabs to take his place.
"I don’t care if you agree or not, you have to go to our team. Don’t you, the great god Lin Qiuye, I have to be damned to meet people like you. Is there nothing I can do if you don’t play tricks on me?" Leaf tilt is very contemptuous tunnel
Dong Laoer heard it and immediately woke up at a side. "Eldest brother, he is no longer surnamed Lin …"
"Stop interrupting!" Ye Qing grumpily rebuked Dong Laoer and vomitted to stick out his tongue bitterly and then closed his mouth.
Lin Qiuye’s expression when he saw Ye Qing was full of anger. You know, he used to look at people like this before, but he didn’t dare to get angry. Because Ye Qing’s physique was so intimidating, he knew that it was definitely not Ye Qing’s opponent who started his hands. It is estimated that one punch will be ko.
He pointed to Ye Qing’s nose and said, "I won’t leave. What can you do to me? If you dare to do it, I will call the police and report you to jail. Believe it or not? "
Hearing Lin Qiuye’s childish remarks, Ye Qing couldn’t help laughing. Dong Laoer and others laughed with him. Their laughter made Lin Qiuye even more angry from embarrassment. He shouted hysterically, "What are you guys laughing at? What are you qualified to laugh at?"
"I laugh at you idiot! Aren’t you going to sue me I’m touching you now, so sue! " Leaf directly pushed Lin Qiuye a look is very provocative tunnel
Lin Qiuye took two steps back, and his eyes were almost bursting with fire, but he didn’t dare to strike back. He knew that once he struck back, Dong Laoer would definitely rush to help, but he couldn’t beat Ye Qing alone, and if he added Dong Laoer, he would be beaten into a pig’s head.
"Say you stupid you still don’t believe that you want to sue me and tell me the evidence. Where is your witness? You shouldn’t be so naive that you are the only one who will help you prove it? " Ye Qing is a language sample.
Lin Qiuye looked at both Thomas and Zhao Xiayang and said, "I didn’t see anything. Did something happen just now?"
Lin Qiuye finally realized that he was under siege and alienated from his relatives, so he angrily flew up and kicked a chair to the ground and then rushed away.
"I lost money on this chair!" Ye Qing shouted at Lin Qiuye’s back that Lin Qiuye had run away like a mad cow.
Ye Qing knows that Lin Qiuye was offended this time. That guy is narrow-minded and won’t let it go. Who knows if he will play any dirty tricks? Ye Qing should pay attention to it immediately after waking up several other people in the team, especially when he comes home from training. Be especially careful to be attacked by Lin Qiuye. This unscrupulous guy will do anything.
Thomas said that he was not afraid of Lin Qiuye. He was tall and standard in Europe and America, but Lin Qiuye was thin and short. Zhao Xiayang, his opponent, was also very awesome. "How long has my brother been wandering outside? Who hasn’t met him?" If he dares to mess with me, I will let him know what pain is! "
Ye Qing saw that they didn’t take Lin Qiuye seriously, so he sighed naively. "You should always pay attention to it yourself, or you won’t regret it if something happens."
After that, he suddenly remembered Pearl Krabs, and his mood improved as soon as he relaxed the atmosphere in a training room. He smiled and said to everyone, "The most unpopular person in the team has left. This is good news. Besides, I want to tell you a piece of good news. Do you want to hear it?"
"I don’t want to!" The other three people are almost different from each other. Ye Qing was very surprised to see them and asked doubtfully, "What? It’s really good news! "
Zhao Xiayang looked at Ye Qing contemptuously. "There’s no way you want to fool us. Are you sure you want to say that I’m going to tell you a good news?"
"Shit, am I that kind of person?" Ye Qing is very authentic
"Yes!" Three people and different mouth replied.
Ye Qing nai shook his head and said, "well, it seems that you are not interested in the new members of our team at all, so I won’t tell you that she is a beauty!" "

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Jun 27, 2024

It happened that they got a secret of Monty from Master Lianshan in the fire of Moon Island. The combination of good and evil in the sand tunnel of God is really powerful. Ziyun Palace is also hidden in the sea, and it is difficult for the immortals to fly into Qi Daoyou. I knew that they had only three ways out, and that the three girls also had the eldest daughter You Housuo and the reality of bliss all meant to let them go.

The first way is for us to give water to them when we arrive. The second way is to change our minds after giving water. The third way is to be generous and not to do the opposite.
The people we will go to are divided into two cases: Yan Daoyou and I are in the dark, double clouds, double heroes and golden cicadas. They have been practicing Buddhism for many years before, or they will not be rebellious and openly enemies.
After we went, a golden cicada rushed into the stone to save the mother, eager to break into the palace and hurt the god beast. Two, many things arrived together by mistake, causing a dispute. I didn’t expect Song Daoyou to come, but we forgot that you were Xu Feiniang’s sworn brother, and it was really a pity!
But you saved them. What about this time? Nowadays, the era of the end of the law and the end of the robbery is getting closer and closer. People’s aura base disappears and the end of the robbery is entangled with various causes and effects. How can they hide in the past? If they are sheltered by Emei’s luck, it’s okay, but it’s no good if you step in and wait for them. I’m afraid everyone knows what it is. "
Volume 27 Ziyun Feast Chapter two hundred and sixty-four Jin Ting Yu Zhu
After Song Chang Gung hesitated, he said to Chu Feng and others, "You all heard what Bai Daoyou said just now. You have to choose from yourself, but the things in the center jade pillar must be taken out. Not only do you promise me that you have heard others’ thoughts, but you will send someone to take us there sooner or later."
Chu Feng nodded silently. She also knew that the jade pillar in the center must be given. What can I do after that? She got up and led everyone to fly all the way to the center of the palace with others, but before they got to the center, everyone took a fancy to a thick golden light standing there, and the halo flowed faintly. Everyone visually showed that the pillar was probably tens of thousands of meters long and hundreds of meters thick.
After all, a few young players are shallow, and they are gradually lost by all kinds of wonderful palace buildings along the way. Fortunately, the road is not far away. Everyone will soon be here. Everyone knows that it is a forbidden law to operate. Just look at this appearance and you will know how powerful this forbidden law is. No wonder the scattered fairy has lived here for so long and can’t fight it.
Chasing the clouds and laughing, "The ancients are really not comparable to us. So is the forbidden law of such a jade pillar. We can just break it. I’ll come first and pick it up later!" With that, a hundred-meter-long lightning bolt was produced, and then more than a hundred mines were produced one after another. Friction gas produced Chihiro lightning fire.
These thunder and thunder fire went directly to the jade pillar, and the forbidden method of the jade pillar was Guanghua. After the thunder fire burned and shook, it became a golden flame, and it seemed to burn brilliantly. Although the power was forbidden, everyone could still feel the powerful power. The ban was touched, and the power really made them sigh.
After a hundred thunders, chasing after the clouds can’t help but be exhausted for a while. He accepted his hand and smiled. "Hehe, the old man is old. I can get out of this land. It depends on the two places. I didn’t expect such a jade pillar to be so powerful in defense and prohibition. It’s been running for ten thousand years. It’s really amazing!"
While he was nagging, he suddenly heard Yan Yingheng shout, "Don’t show off your breath here, Bai Daoyou. I’ll try!" As he spoke, he instantly changed his hands by a thousand hands, and an obscure spell spit out a handprint. As soon as he raised it, a blue cloud shone in the light of the temple, and a blue 100-meter hand was catching at Yuzhu.
The jade pillar was chopped by the fire of chasing clouds, mines and even burning belts. The brilliance of the hundred pillars has been declining from prosperity to decline. The underground thunder rumbled to Yan Ying, and the blue hundred-meter-long hand grabbed the brilliance of the back pillar and suddenly turned dim and almost disappeared. After a while, the blue hand has gradually shrunk. When the hand shrank to more than ten meters, the golden light of a pillar completely disappeared.
As soon as the golden light ban disappeared, it revealed the same quality as white jade. Yan Ying Heng took a look at Song Changgeng and said, "Now the ban has been broken to see how Daoyou lifted the column to get the treasure. People don’t know who Daoyou intend to let go? If you have a candidate, you will be asked to turn it over and lose the opportunity. "
From chasing clouds and thunder to Yan Ying’s blue 100-meter hand, both of them don’t have a magic weapon to do it by virtue of their physical ability spells. What they mean is to compete with this method here. Song Chang Gung knows that if he has a magic weapon, he will definitely make them look down on them and don’t know what to do then.
Although he knows that his magic weapon is still a treasure, these two people have been practicing for so long, but they always have one or two things, that is, they are fighting with him, Song Changgeng.
Song Chang Gung looked at the others and laughed. "Lingyun and Ziling are both golden mothers, so let them go. Everybody stand back and wait for me to lift this main pillar, and then you will go in." Said and called two people to secretly tell the general situation and what to do inside, and then they will continue to command something.
At this time, the ban was broken, and the main column was released with a faint brilliance. All the other pillars supporting the palace in Ziyun Palace were also shining. When I saw what was going to change at this time, I called out, "Don’t say hurry up. There is not much time for the ban to be restored. Hurry up and lift it up. If you want to break it again after the ban is restored, you will be in trouble."
Song Chang Gung shouted, "Stand back and look at us!" Said his hands clenched fists and drank a whole body burning with a purple flame. Several fine mines were circulating in the surface. His body suddenly grew up like blowing. He was a big man nearly two meters, and now he has grown to more than ten meters when he turned to see it. Everyone was dumbfounded.
The magic of this changing body has long been lost because it is too abstruse. There are still some figures in the myth. I don’t want to appear here now. Everyone looks up at this growing giant chasing clouds. Two people are even more horrified because Song Changgeng grew up not naked, and they feel that Song Changgeng’s strength is also increasing.
I haven’t felt it just now. As he grew up to 100 meters, chasing the clouds, two people couldn’t feel the strength of that power. It felt as unfathomable as the sea. Both of them looked at each other and saw a fear in each other’s eyes. They knew that if they just started, I’m afraid it was unknown whether they could get out alive. After all, this guy is so mysterious and powerful.
Song Chang Gung grew to a height of 1,000 meters in everyone’s surprise. This is his ancient occult science from [blood neurology]. djinn’s body of blood god has reached its limit. This spell is very difficult to test. To say the other places, it is mainly strength. If the strength is not enough, it is also a shell. But if the strength is enough, it is common to move mountains and fill seas.
At a height of 1000 meters, he glanced at Ziyun Palace and saw that the glory of other supporting columns in the palace was ruined because of the ban of the main column. It seems that both of them are connected. Although the jade column Guanghua has retreated, its roots are thick and clear. It is really magnificent and solemn, and it has its own splendor when you look at it from a height.
Yi Jing saw that the jade column Guanghua had gathered materials, and it was put in the near future. Please sit around and transport Xuangong to prepare for one thousand. Although there is a magic weapon to fly out to intercept it, there is always a one thousand. At this time, the underground thunder is getting more and more prosperous, and then everyone listens to the sound of gold and iron, and the main column suddenly turns.
When everyone was busy, they immediately stood up and released the magic weapon flying sword to prevent the treasures at the bottom of the column from flying. Seeing that the main column was turning faster and faster, the jade pillars in the palace also followed the rotation and suddenly shouted "Stop!" The column stopped immediately, and the thunder and lightning in the underground was much lighter. Everyone just breathed a sigh of relief.
I saw the mountain-like giant approaching, holding the main pillar in both hands and yelling "Get up!" " The column was slowly lifted up and gradually held about three feet from the ground. Everyone looked at the base of the column and found a deep color inside. Everyone else in Ziyun Palace was mixed. They didn’t expect that they had lived here for so long and didn’t know there was treasure.
Qi Lingyun and Qin Ziling were ordered to get ready early. Qi Lingyun was busy borrowing from the golden cicada to take a deep look at the bottom of the column. Qin Ziling didn’t neglect an exhibition of dust, and wrapped them in the mirror light and flew away.
When they got to the bottom of the cave, they all transported mana to their eyes. When they looked around, it was a ball with a diameter of more than ten meters. The inside of the sample was extremely hot, and they knew that it was the earth pulse.
In the middle of the cave, there is a brilliant round jade box. In front of the box, there is a plate of cigarettes as thin as silk thread, and there are twelve grotesque magic weapons hanging on the walls. When they see those magic weapons, they are both stunned. There seems to be something to come out in their memory, but it is vague.
After two people froze for a while, they quickly followed the advice given by Song Chang Gung beforehand, and then they took the same magic weapon in a flash. See you later when they finished taking the magic weapon. When they first arrived, there was still more than half of the dish. This treasure was burned in a flash, and most of them were added. Although the two people had dust and insulation, it was still unbearable.
Especially when picking up the treasure, the hand is as straight as a chestnut in the fire, and it hurts to bake. When the magic weapon of the wall is taken out in turn, the incense has been burned for two laps. Two people know that the most important incense in the jade ball is put together as soon as it is burned. This is the true place of the center of the earth. If it is buried in the sky, it will never be seen.
Qi Lingyun was in a hurry and couldn’t help but reach out to hold the jade box. Who knows that the jade ball is as heavy as Mount Tai, and you can’t move it with all your strength. Qin Ziling suddenly remembered that he forgot to kneel down and hurriedly pulled Qi Lingyun to turn over and prostrate himself. When the fragrance was burned, there was only a half-ring crisis.
The two men rushed up and grabbed Qin Ziling’s hand and hugged the ball. They felt light, surprised and happy. When they turned around, the fragrance was left with three or two inches to dazzle.
Ji Lingyun took the coral case, Qin Ziling, wrapped in a long trail of dust, and flew out. As soon as they saw Song Chang-geng, the giant turned into a land, their hands were clasped around the main jade pillar, and they were flushed and white as steam. When they came out, they immediately loosened their hands. As soon as the jade pillar landed, they heard the bottom ring slightly and didn’t move.
When you look at it again, you will see a golden light on the jade pillar from weak to strong, and then it becomes a thick piece. The white jade pillar has turned into gold as if it had not disappeared just now.
When they looked up again, the giant of Song Chang Gung Hua had disappeared. His positive color was as usual, and he looked at Yuzhu there as if there were any treasures there, which made everyone draw their souls straight.
Volume 27 Ziyun Feast Chapter two hundred and sixty-five Affectionate
In fact, Song Chang-geng’s surface is fine, but there is something wrong with his body. Therefore, he just understood himself after thinking. He didn’t take a dive like tian hu for a while to straighten out his body and get familiar with new forces because of various things. As a result, he has been suppressing various problems and suffered a little injury when Yuanjiang broke the ancient ban.
After this huge body was enlarged by various forces, many problems of pre-suppression were reflected after the body was enlarged. In fact, the method of cultivation by Song Chang-geng is not the same as the popular method now, and the problem of cultivating Taoist and Buddhist methods is even more serious by improving the characteristics of [blood nerve].
You know, in today’s Chinese practice world, after several evolutions, a popular basic practice mode is that from the foundation period, it goes through the refining period of heaven and earth, reaches the innate period and can communicate with the aura of heaven and earth, and then produces the aura of heaven and earth, but freedom makes the aura of heaven and earth. Although each method has its own emphasis, the base mode has not changed.
Then Dan broke and gave birth to Yuan Ying, and then Yuan Ying’s out-of-body experience coagulated like a stranger, so he could step into the stone in a thousand miles, but get into the water without drowning in fire or burning, gather and disperse at will, or simply unite with the flesh as a normal person, so this process is especially true of Buddhism, Taoism and magic.
Now, both good and evil are cultivated in this way. Even Buddhism has the practice method of sarira corresponding to the golden body of the golden elixir and corresponding to the Yuan baby. But in ancient times, it was not so practiced. The improvement of blood nerve by Song Chang-geng is an ancient practice method. The strength in his body is stronger than that of a man who robbed him, but there is no Yuan baby.
You know, he has absorbed the skill for three or four thousand years, but according to the popular cultivation method, if the method is correct and perfect for more than a hundred years, Yuan Ying can achieve a high degree of robbery, although his skill is very low. Liu Bo is an example, but such cultivation is fast and fast, but his strength is weak, which is different from that of Song Chang-geng’s cultivation method, which has absorbed thousands of years of vigorous strength.
According to the popular cultivation method now, although the skill is very low, it is very safe. After all, this is the safest method that has evolved after several years. Song Chang-geng’s improvement of cultivation [blood nerve] is the pursuit of fast magic teaching, and the hidden danger is great, which is also the case with the improvement of ancient life. If it is not for his accidental robbery that changed the strength geology, I am afraid that a long fault will be revealed.
However, on what type of method he practiced, he should dive for a while when his physical strength changed after the robbery. Now the problem came out when he didn’t go to dive for a while. When he was in the East China Sea, the bliss reality knew that he should be told to dive, but he didn’t say it because he was afraid of him.
Fortunately, after his strong body can suppress the residence to return to normal size, he is trying to suppress the body’s improper thinking. He wants to quickly end things here and go back to Qianxiu, and his sample and state are surprised by what he has just brought. Yun Sou and Yan Ying Wei didn’t even find it wrong now. They are now looking at Qin Ziling’s things and want to divide them.
But Qin Ziling didn’t pay attention to the sign of chasing clouds, but came to Song Chang Gung with Qi Lingyun. Just now, his giant made two women feel uneasy, and a wisp of affection was unconsciously tied to his body. This is also a shameful thing. After all, people’s ability is to pursue long-term peace and security, so they took shelter measures such as clothes and houses.
And women have a kind of attachment to powerful men because of congenital reasons. How can they not be tempted to see Song Changgeng’s appearance like a giant spirit? Conditions are affectionate to him.
A woman’s instinct is very strong. Qin Ziling doesn’t have any obvious signs now, but her intuition Qi Lingyun seems to have a little special idea about her husband, which makes her confused and doesn’t know what to do. After all, Qi Lingyun was born in Tianyi Jinmen a few years ago, and even after her reincarnation, her memory was suppressed, but the sisterhood is still here, which makes it difficult for her to choose.
Two people came to Song Chang Gung’s side. Qi Lingyun will take a magic weapon and give it to his avatar. He even praised Qin Ziling, but he carefully asked, "Just now, it was very difficult for you to hold the jade pillar and it was steaming all over. It was even more anxious when it was put. So? But what hurt? "
Ji Lingyun was jealous and envious of Qin Ziling’s little wife’s appearance. Song Chang-gung simply suppressed his body and said, "This main cylinder is really straight-through. In those days, the Golden Mother made a small hole in the cylinder to hide her treasures."
When she was soaring, she calculated that there was a dish of water incense in the future, which burned very slowly in the middle. As soon as the wind saw it, it could burn out in an instant, and as soon as it went out, it closed itself. On the theory that the characters were all in harmony, I couldn’t save it even if I closed the ash hole. How can you not be in a hurry? "
Qin Ziling listened to her husband’s worry, and her heart was very sweet. She was looking at him with emotion and wanted to say a few thoughtful words. Qin Han Calyx and Shuangying had rushed over and cried, "What are you talking about? Show us what you’ve got here, baby. See if there are any things we can hide for thousands of years. "
Stared at her Qin Ziling said with a straight face, "You see how old you are and still so crazy? So many people here don’t know how to pay attention to the image. Do you have a magic weapon? We are the magic weapon of the then period, and there is no amount that can divide your inner earth and increase your strength and moral heart is the root. "
Qin Han calyx and Shuangying both shrank their necks and vomited small tongue’s eyes. They just didn’t look at Qin Ziling because they knew that Qin Ziling said good things, and they also didn’t want to refute Li Yingqiong. They looked at Song Chang-geng and winked at her eyes, constantly gesturing to Qi Lingyun’s magic weapon. It was cute and weird.
Song Chang Gung told Qin Ziling with a smile, "Well, now they don’t have a good magic weapon at this stage. Let’s have a look. If they do, it’s not a great thing to give them points. How do you say Lingyun is here? When the old people will copy the method, they will get her a magic weapon and thank her for taking risks with you."
Qi Lingyun’s heart warmed up and quickly refused, but Song Changgeng shut her up with a word. Song Changgeng said, "Sister, these are all my little gifts. Don’t you think we can’t have them?"
Several people cajoled the copy method to see the magic weapon. All the people in Ziyun Palace were hung aside. These twelve magic weapons are extremely magic weapons. In addition to Shuangying and Qin2 sisters, they each took a piece of Qi Lingyun and Zhou Qingyun, and they also took a piece of Zhou Qingyun, or Song Changgeng personally sent it to her and forced it to make Zhou Qingyun blush with shame as a bigger red cloth, but My Sweetie did.
However, Qin’s sisters and Qi Lingyun were a little tasty. Finally, they were given a set of round jade balls to Yan Ying Heng and Zhuiyun Qi Lingyun. Even Shi Sheng and Liu Bomu each gave a magic weapon. Finally, he put away four magic weapons and looked at them himself. Six people in Ziyun Palace were in a blaze. In Song Changgeng’s eyes, it was nothing.
At the beginning, he got more than a dozen treasures in Yuanjiang, but he didn’t arrange them. How low was it? It seems that there are a lot of things. Four pieces are really not in his heart. But in the eyes of the six people in Ziyun Palace, it is the highest-grade magic weapon they have seen. You know, none of them have been jealous until now.
But don’t say that any one of the three people chasing the clouds at the venue can twist their six to death. Just now, Song Chang-gung showed that the giant avatar was enough for them to be shocked, but the six people didn’t want to rob them. When the previous six people discussed it, Huizhu and Jin Xunu discussed the submission to Song Chang-gung. Now this heart is even hotter.
Even Chu-feng, with a proud and gentle attitude after many things, knows her own shortcomings and has a strong sense of joining, but San-feng and Dong-xiu are reluctant to join them. Things they want will always pass, and when these people leave, they can still dominate the house, although they will dominate the palace.
However, once they joined the party, someone took care of the good things, so they didn’t have their share, and so on. They thought much more, but in any case, everything had to be solved. After they were all distributed, they saluted Chu Feng and said, "It’s a lucky day for a few of them to come here. How many of them stayed for a glass of water and wine on my three sisters’ birthdays?"
Chasing the clouds, they knew that Song Chang-geng was trying to seize Ziyun Palace here, but it couldn’t happen. Everyone got something, so they refused, "Hehe, we appreciate the host’s kindness. We still have to hurry back. After all, there are too many things to do in Emei, and we don’t know each other. I’ll ask a few people to attend the ceremony then."
Before everyone could answer, Qi Lingyun interjected, "Speaking of which, our misunderstanding is also my younger brother’s recklessness. Since the three palaces mainly celebrate their birthdays, how can we leave now? Although we came here in a hurry without a gift, we have to do our best. Senior Bai and Senior Yan have something to do first, so we can take Tianyi Zhenshui back after drinking Shoujiu."
Make track for the cloud barbary eyes narrowed and looked at the spirit cloud and looked east and west. Song Changgeng suddenly turned white. The old bark squeezed out an ugly smile. "So I’ll walk first, and the spirit cloud and the light cloud will take the golden cicada here to wish you a long life. Is there anything else for Yan Daoyou? Shall we go together? Master, please put the sacred sand tunnel. "
At the beginning of the phoenix, it quickly choked the tactic and hit the tunnel to ban Yan Ying Heng. She nodded her head in a masterful manner and swept the crowd at a glance and turned into a golden light. She took her apprentice Xuejun Jiang to break and chase the clouds. After a meaningful look at the double clouds, she also turned into a golden light and chased them out through the sand tunnel to return to Emei.
Volume 27 Ziyun Feast Chapter two hundred and sixty-six Peach Blossom Demon
Looking at the back of Yan Ying’s mentoring, Xu Fei Niang’s eyes are faint with hatred, but she also knows that now is not the time to retaliate. Fortunately, people in the science of uniting the land don’t lack most is the situation and she has a lot of help.

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"Green!" At this moment, Li Dalong’s courage is cracked, screaming and jumping to be continued.

Chapter four hundred and one Sad death
It is ten meters high from the river bank to the river surface. Green and the engineers fell on the rocky beach next to the turbulent river.
Green was lying in a pile of rocks, and his forehead knocked out a blood hole the size of an egg. The blood was gurgling and breathing, and there was no air left.
"Die old bastard!" Engineers descended from the side to draw a surprised arc with the army thorn in their hands.
He also hit a blood hole in his forehead, but his physical fitness is much better than that of an old man in his sixties.
When the key was pressed, Li Dalong did not hesitate to jump from the river bank, and a swoop fell on the engineer. The two men quickly wrestled and rolled.
Engineers really underestimated Li Dalong’s fighting capacity. After several tumbling, Li Dalong occupied the wind and rode on his belly to stop his wrist.
The army thorn quickly turned and pointed at the engineer’s throat.
Engineers face changed desperately struggling "you! If you kill me, you will definitely regret it! "
"I want you to regret it now!" Li Dalong was furious. Old Green lay dying, but it didn’t quell his raging anger at all.
"Chi" a rumbling army stab instantly pierced the engineer’s throat without a handle!
The engineer’s body bulged out like a dead fish with his eyes loose, and he was finally killed by Li Dalong.
At this time, the lights on the shore were bright, and a large number of police officers finally arrived at Ai Ruowei and shouted, "This is Li Dalong, a suspect of the Tai Police Brigade, who put your weapon in your hand and surrendered. You have no way out."
Li Dalong didn’t pay attention to her and ran to the old Green’s side and knelt down and shouted anxiously, "Green, hold on, hold on, shake it up!"
Old Green looks paler than ever, and he has his last breath left.
He looked at Li Dalong and gave a weak smile. After all, he was not mistaken about Li Dalong and Li Dalong, and he was the kind of person who would never abandon his friends.
"Aaron, don’t worry about me. Listen to me …" Old Green has been breathing so hard that even his chest is fluctuating violently. "You and the … are good kids … I’m lucky to know you … I can’t help you anymore, Aaron …"
Li Dalong’s eyes suddenly turned red and shook him desperately. "Green, you can do it. You will be fine. We agreed to leave together …"
On the old green shook his head and sighed, "Aaron, you and … stop wasting your lives … put your talents on the right path … I have to go … my gentle wife … lovely daughter … they are waiting for me … I’m going to see them now … Aaron …"
He still couldn’t finish his last words, and his eyes closed with a tilt.
"Green-"Li Dalong a roar.
There were tears in his eyes, and he shook old Green’s body wildly, but old Green would never answer him again.
It seems that it took a century for Li Dalong to calm down and choked back tears. "Green, you stubborn and lovely old man, you shouldn’t die like this …"
As soon as the voice fell, the hot tears finally flowed, but the cold rain came from all over the sky, and he couldn’t tell whether his face was rain or tears
"Li Dalong, you are under arrest. Put your hands up!" By this time, the police had surrounded him in all directions with more than 20 guns on the beach.
Chou came away with an energy cuffed chain, which seemed to handcuff Li Dalong.
Who knows that Li Dalong roared "Get out of here!"
Xiao Zhou didn’t expect this guy to be brave and abnormal. Although he caught this punch in the palm of his hand, that powerful force actually shocked him to "Chengcheng" and turned back several steps.
This guy is so strong, Chou is surprised.
The police around could raise their guns, but Li Dalong looked at the shore very calmly. "Officer, I have something to say!"
Uncle waved and the encirclement around Li Dalong immediately expanded a lot.
Li Dalong took a deep breath and said with no doubt, "I’ll go with you after I bury Green’s body in the manor! If you don’t agree, I don’t mind pulling a person! "
Uncle was silent for a few seconds and said, "Good! I can grant your request! "
Watching Li Dalong pick up the old Green’s body and slide towards the manor, Ai Ruowei doubted, "Do you trust him to ask for such a dangerous fugitive?"
The rainstorm also wet uncle’s face and blurred his vision. He said coldly, "When we arrived just now, he could have chosen that boat to escape, but he didn’t do that!"
Ai ruowei said coldly, "So what?"
Uncle said faintly, "What kind of person is he? I think I know him better than you!"
You!’ Ai Weiwei is furious that you would rather believe in fugitives than colleagues.
But uncle didn’t bother to look at her expression and turned around and said, "Close the team!"
It rained heavily all night in Rosty Yi and still didn’t stop.
Old Green’s body was covered with a white cloth and placed in the middle of the hall.
The rain didn’t stop, which meant that the body couldn’t be buried, while Li Dalong was sitting in a daze. He stayed up all night and sat so numb.
Around the police don’t talk, some people sigh, some people show disdain, some people look up at the weather outside, and some people secretly admire Li Dalong.
Anyway, this guy had a chance to escape, but he would rather be arrested than bury the old man’s body.
Maybe this kind of person is very stupid, but you have to admit that there are very few such people in this world nowadays.
In the hall, a man rushed in, a short woman with some dark skin, but it was such a woman that Xiao Zhou didn’t hold on.
"Who are you?" A policeman stood in her way immediately.
The short woman, dressed in a professional suit, has an indescribable momentum. She took out a Zhang Gong’s statement: "My name is Wang Lin, the lawyer building of Happy Star Guanghui City. I am an old lawyer Green. He entrusted me to take care of his legacy before his death. This is the entrustment."
The entrustment was quickly sent to the uncle, who looked at it and nodded his head to signal the release.
In fact, he doesn’t need to look at the entrustment, because Wang Lin is also quite famous in Tianxing. Many people know that Brilliant City is not only worse than the Major League Law Firm, but also knows that Wang Dazhang, a newly rising lawyer, is a well-known lawyer who speaks for the disadvantaged groups in recent years.
Uncle can’t be tough in the face of this person.
Wang Lin went to the center of the hall, lifted the white cloth and looked at it. "How did he die?"
"Tianlong troops!" Uncle vomited four words with a heavy heart.
Wang Lin said coldly, "How can such a kind old man have anything to do with Tianlong troops?"
After a night of silence, Li Dalong suddenly said, "No, it’s my fault!"
Wang Lin looked at him. "Who are you?"
Xiao Zhou came. "Wang Dazhang, he is a fugitive. We caught him last night."
Wang Lin stared at Li Dalong. "Did you kill old Green?"
Xiao Zhou explained with a wry smile, "It’s not that he killed the old man’s murderer last night, but that he got revenge on the spot."
Wang Lin seemed relieved, but Li Dalong murmured, "Thank you, Wang Dazhang. Thank you for coming out bravely. We will always remember this kindness!"

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Chapter one hundred and seventy-one Drunk

PS, um, shame on asking for a ticket.
The girl didn’t stop until she ran away from the villa. Tears in her eyes could not be wiped. Do you hate her? She doesn’t know that Qiao Qiao did it to protect her. Is it love? But it is really love.
I don’t know if the light of the street lamp in the distance is milky white lampshade, but now it is dim, and the night wind blows in my heart, but I can’t shake it, so I can’t calm down.
Staggering to the road, the money girl looked at the cars passing by coldly. Here is the rich cloud villa area. It won’t be the bus that glanced at it and wanted to pass by a white BMW girl and reached for the parking door.
As she spoke, the BMW suddenly braked on the tire ground with a slight harsh sound and slowly hit the door. The driver was a woman in her twenties with heavy makeup on her face and a little alcohol smell in her nostrils. The girl thought of wine when she moved in her heart.
People always need this kind of thing, whether they are in the heart or when they are sad.
The girl sitting in the passenger seat slammed the door and took me to the bar.
The white BMW started driving again, except for the motive. There were only two people breathing slightly in the faint roaring car, looking at themselves. The woman’s face, which was completely uncontrolled as if she were driving the vehicle’s arms and legs with my consciousness, was horrified, accompanied by shortness of breath and dignified, while Janice looked out of the window coldly, her face was constantly changing, and she didn’t know what she was thinking. The only constant was her pale face.
At night in K city, neon lights are shining everywhere, and the bright crescent moon is staring at the earth coldly. Compared with rural cities, the pollution is really serious, and I don’t know how many times the lights have compensatively become a distant echo. Cars and sidewalks are crowded with people, and men and women are dressed in fashion. This is a standard modern city in K city.
Although the girl didn’t point out which bar she stopped at, the BMW kept driving and finally stopped at the door of a bar called Night Song, which is located in Wenshan Road, and Guangwu Road is two blocks away.
With the car door, the girl cast a lazy glance at the door of the bar. The neon lights kept flashing, and a rebellious pleasure gradually came into being. She waved at the BMW impatiently and went home. She turned and walked into the door of the bar.
The decoration style of Nocturnal Bar is westernized, but it has a relatively fashionable flavor. The music reception is mixed with a pleasant atmosphere. Colorful lights and neon lights are flashing. People are talking loudly and entering the young men and women. Everyone has an ambiguous smile on his face and an indescribable breath on his body.
On the first floor is a hall where people are drinking and dancing, and there is a good platform. At this time, two or three women with sexy clothes are sticking to the steel pipe, constantly twisting the microphone and hanging on their mouths, and occasionally spitting a seductive whisper. The owner is a woman of about 2067 years old with a black microphone in her hand and a light black foundation in her eyes, which is abnormal. Leng Yan, but the words in her mouth are not connected at all.
Dear audience, my friends told me that you are happy or not. I am so happy. These three beautiful women’s voices didn’t make you want to release something. Let’s scream with me. As soon as the words fell in the hall, I immediately thought of a loud scream. With the help of this screaming DJ, I tuned a heavy bass style music at the right time. The strong vibration in the hall will make people feel that their hearts will vibrate with it.
Breathe a sigh gently. The girl rubbed a few times in her chest and walked to the bar. She sat down on the high stool with her hands gently covering her ears, and her brow could not help but wrinkle up. My voice was so noisy. I didn’t want to hear such a loud murmur, which immediately became a reality. The powerful vibration and explosive music shrank several times in an instant.
Glanced at the bartender girl casually lying on the bar and casually looking at the wine cabinet behind the bartender to give me wine.
She wants to drink now.
A girl with an ice cream in her hand gently licked a mouthful of silver in the ice cream and quietly looked at this strange world. Although she has been here for two days, her freshness to this world has not diminished at all. Whether it is the famous magic guide or other magical props in this world, she is surprised and shocked. People here are very weak, and their physical quality is not even a magician. But they rely on wisdom to create such a colorful world.
Eating cold and sweet in hot summer days is definitely not a simple thing in that world, but here a civilian can eat this kind of sweet ice cream if he wants to, which she never thought of.
Holding that soft little hand, Tang Yi scattered his face with a satisfaction that everything was enough for her to be around, but he was very willing to stay by her side for a generation like this. Thought of this, the slender palm could not help but slightly force a few minutes, one silver and one black, and two pairs of eyes gently matched together.
Such a pair of handsome men and beautiful women will be somewhat noticeable when they walk together. Of course, it is not anthomaniac, but Feili’s waterfall usually falls to her knees and has always been the focus of many women and men’s eyes. This beautiful head is smooth, dark and shiny, and with that pale and delicate face, she takes a sip of ice cream in her left hand, which is really close to the point of lethality. That pair of silver eyes is not so noticeable these days. There are quite a few kinds of contact lenses.
Looking at a cake shop next to it, Tang Yi scattered his hand and pointed to the lovely cakes behind the transparent glass. Shall we go in and buy some and take them back?
Looking at a row of shapes along Tang Yi’s scattered fingers looks better than the cake greets the girl’s eyes.
I waved my head vigorously. When I was drunk for the first time, Janice felt that my head was groggy, and my heart seemed to have faded because of my brain. Everything in front of me seemed to be no longer as clear as it was at first. The girl at the bar just looked at the cocktail glass in her hand.
Qiaoqiao me, I am the same as you now. I am no longer an ordinary girl, so you should not refuse me again.
Miss, you don’t seem to be in a good mood. Is it something on your mind? A calm man around me woke up Janice, who was alone in his own world.
As soon as I turned my head, the girl saw a pair of bright and deep eyes. The man’s face was slightly rough, but he was also handsome and extraordinary. His head was erected. inch plate gave people a strong and aggressive feeling. He was tall, wearing a lead-gray shirt and a beige vest shirt. Two stars were unbuttoned to reveal a strong chest.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two A slap in the face loud thrust
PS: well, I just finished writing it. I wrote too much because I was a little late. It’s compensation. I’m ashamed to ask for a ticket
Well, reverse the name
Who are you? You gently rubbed your forehead, and the girl blinked vigorously, so you can see the man clearly.
I think you seem to be drinking alone. Is it something that bothers you? The man said, sitting on a high stool next to him, holding the cocktail in his hand and shaking it gently, but seeing the amber wine churning like the unpredictable sea during the storm, I might give you an idea.
Is that right? Put your hand on your forehead. Damn it, the headache will disappear quickly.
The girl who felt the headache disappear quickly finally smiled with satisfaction. Although her brain was still a little groggy, the headache feeling had completely disappeared. Hehe, uncle, I don’t have any money with me now. If you want to help me, just pay for my drinks.
I am very honored to be able to help you. The man has been a gentleman very gracefully. He gently snapped his fingers at the bartender with his right hand and said, Miss, everything is on my account.
Got it. Brother Kuan was wearing a small black vest, and the bartender nodded respectfully. His right hand pinched three or four strips in the counter and put them in a light green box.
Thank you, uncle. Well, it’s getting late now. I’m going to go home and sleep. Bye-bye. I nodded brightly at the man called Kuan Ge. Janice gently jumped from the bench and glanced at the stage where he was dancing striptease. Suddenly, a little hongxia appeared on his face and felt that he should not come to such a place.

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The rabbit nodded again and again, and he was busy agreeing to this, and he naturally knew it. Yang Muyu went to the ghost servant’s side and took a look. Seeing that all the three silver needles he inserted into his body were turned into lacquer black, he knew that he was forcing poison at a critical moment, and maybe he would recover for a while.

Seeing that the jungle is getting darker and darker, I think it’s getting dark and his stomach is growling with hunger. There are pythons around here, so naturally there will be no small animals. After all, there are very few small animals with so little energy as medicine slave rabbits. Yang Muyu couldn’t help but smile and didn’t dare to walk around. He immediately found some dead branches and few trees next to the pool. He immediately found out that flint had made a fire.
The flickering light reflected on his face next to the ugly face of the ghost servant, while on the other side was the huge body of the python. Yang Muyu suddenly looked up and saw the man hanging from the tree.
I don’t know why he couldn’t say how uncomfortable he was when he saw such a man hanging from a branch. He thought about it and grabbed the rabbit and said, "Do you think the man up there … is alive or dead?"
The rabbit touched its ears with its claws, twisted its head and shook its head. "I don’t look like a living person."
Yang Muyu nodded: "I don’t look like it, but how can I look weird when he is hanging on it like this …"
"You are not afraid of being haunted in the middle of the night, are you?" Rabbit medicine slave tilted his head and looked at him.
"Fuck you. Ghosts are ghosts, too. I want to catch you a rabbit for a midnight snack!" Yang Muyu didn’t good the spirit said that he looked up again and finally made up his mind to ask, "Do you think-should we put him down and let him be buried?"
"If you are afraid of being haunted, go and put him down!" The rabbit jumped on him twice and jumped to the ground. "Don’t ask me for such manual work. Rabbits can’t climb trees."
"Oh, can’t rabbits climb trees?" Yang Muyu smiled twice. "I don’t know if other rabbits can climb trees, but I know you can definitely climb trees." (Hey, hey, I don’t know if rabbits can climb trees and the moon, but my evil rabbit ate all my chlorophytum … Hey, there is a difference between novels and documentaries. )
"I’m not going, absolutely not!" The rabbit jumped far away and looked up at the man hanging from it for a long time before saying, "Touching the dead will be infected with evil spirits."
"Forget it, forget it if you don’t go!" Yang Muyu didn’t force him to touch the dead and get infected with evil? He doesn’t know, but if he doesn’t put this man down from above, he will be really unhappy. He will definitely have nightmares at night.
Yang Muyu took out the dagger again and walked towards the tree. The rabbit hesitated for a moment or followed the past. The tree was very big with oval green leaves, and countless parasitic vines hung down from it. It was easy to climb.
Soon Yang Muyu grabbed the vines and climbed to the branch where people were hanging. Now the sky is getting darker and darker. Although he lit a fire below, the man hanging from the tree in the light of the fire is even more strange and unpredictable.
Yang Muyu carefully grabbed the vines on the tree and slowly moved along the stem-
"Master …" The rabbit followed, shrinking its head and shaking.
"Oh, are you finally willing to call me master?" Yang Muyu looked back at him and couldn’t help shaking his head. This rabbit is really timid. Even a rabbit can talk, so it’s a coward. Isn’t it a dead man? He is not afraid of the living and the dead?
The rabbit nodded again and again, while Yang Muyu was not paying attention, he climbed up to him quickly and saw his head hidden in the bag around his waist.
"This little thing … is really not ordinary cowardice." Yang Muyu reluctantly shook his head and smiled bitterly. Originally, he was thinking of finding a rabbit to lay a hand on. Now this attention is still dismissed as early as possible.
Soon Yang Muyu had climbed to the top of the hanging person. He wanted to think hard and tried to pull the person hanging on it, but it took the boss a lot of effort, but now the vine was unusually heavy. And because he stood on the trunk and didn’t help himself, he accidentally almost fell from the tree.
Yang Muyu looked at it by himself, maybe here is above the pool, but if the square inch is well held, then the vines may fall to the ground. Thought of here, I was busy pulling out the dagger and cutting it hard at the vines.
Now that he wants to cut off the vines, the man will naturally fall. But to his surprise, the humble vine didn’t even cut off when he cut it with one sword … There wasn’t even a little scar left.
Yang Muyu was taken aback. What is this? The vines are so hard. The root he just cut has only the finger thickness, and there are many others with a lot of arm thickness beside it. Wouldn’t it be more difficult to cut the thick one if all the thin ones are cut continuously?
As he thought about it, he pulled out a night pearl from the starfish soul and held it in his hand-because it was already dark now, although he had a fire in the far jungle, he just saw a vague one, and he didn’t care to watch how this vine was different from ordinary vines just now.
Now, under the light of the night pearl, Yang Muyu just looked at it and suddenly changed his face. The vines all showed a faint golden color, but on this golden color, there were black lines wrapped around them, and the leaves showed the same golden color as pieces of gold casting.
Is it true that this vine is actually recorded in an ancient book-iron wire and golden ge?

Chapter 31 Faking a corpse?
No, no, no! Yang Muyu immediately denied his own idea. How could it be an iron wire? According to the records in ancient books, the growth of iron wire and kudzu is extremely slow. A finger-thick iron wire and kudzu must grow for at least a hundred years, and an arm-thick iron wire and kudzu must grow for tens of thousands of years. So isn’t this tree older? Tens of thousands of years old trees are fine enough.
Moreover, according to ancient books, the iron wire is as hard as iron and as flexible as rope leaves, which can be used as medicine to treat rheumatism. This plant is not amazing. Yang Muyu was a hundred to ten thousand years old! I didn’t pay much attention to it when I said it. Now I can’t judge whether this vine is recorded in ancient books-iron wire and golden ivy.
Look at the man hanging below by the light of the night pearl. What do you think of those vines? They all seem to naturally catch the "man" and grow into this strange feeling. It seems that the purpose of these vines is to hang the man below and hang him from a tree to be eaten by rain, wind and sunlight.
Yang Muyu couldn’t tell why he had such a strange idea. If this vine is really an iron wire, how many years has that man been hanging here? Didn’t the body rot long ago, even the bones rotted? How can it remain intact?
Although he can’t see the whole picture of the "man" hanging below, he feels that he should have died recently.
Don’t want to be so much. Holding the dagger, Yang Muyu slammed it at the vine again, but it was still as if the dagger had been cut down just now. I didn’t cut off the vine that was thin but looked at the finger thickness.
"It’s amazing? It won’t really be an iron wire? " Yang Muyu in the heart andao immediately put away the dagger, took out the magic sword from the starfish soul and cut it hard at the vines.
Not the kui is a magic weapon "bang" sound, a vine directly broke Yang Muyu. Looking at the incision of the vine, I can’t help secretly losing my mind … The incision of the vine is not like the ordinary wood texture, which reflects a faint metallic luster under the brilliance of the night pearl. It seems that this should be the legendary iron wire Jin Ge.
Yang Muyu held out the magic sword and hacked all the iron wires and golden branches. Without the bondage of vines, the man below attached himself to countless iron wires and golden branches and fell down with a bang.
Yang Muyu held the magic sword in one hand and grabbed a long iron wire Jin Gexun, which had been prepared in one hand, and slipped down. Others are busy in mid-air rolling the vines in their hands around the person who fell first.
Yang Muyu’s luck is still relatively good. The man was entangled in vines at the moment when he was about to fall into the pool.
Yang Muyu, a vine hanging down from the tree, fell to the ground first, and then pulled the vine hard, and finally pulled the man over.
"Damn it, it’s heavy enough!" Yang Muyu sighed and wiped the sweat on his head. What is this? He’s dead. Why did he go to all this trouble?
"You dead rabbit, come out and help me!" The rabbit just poked its head out of the bag and wanted to see the excitement. Yang Muyu couldn’t help but scold.
"No, I don’t want to touch the dead. I’m a rabbit … I don’t want to be evil!" The rabbit shook his head savagely and refused to go out.
"I won’t let you touch the dead when you come out. Take this for me!" Yang Muyu’s night pearl gives it.
Unwilling and unwilling, the rabbit climbed out with two front paws holding beads far away from Yang Muyu. Yang Muyu didn’t have time to see the hapless dead man who was entangled in the wire and the golden ge.
But he can’t see clearly why it’s too dark. The rabbit is holding the night pearl and dare not get close to it. Secondly, the whole body of this man is wrapped in vines as if he were put in a bag woven by vines, with only his head slightly exposed and messy.
This should be a tall man by feeling.
Yang Muyu thought for a moment, sighed and muttered, "I can’t let you go to the grave like this when I do a good deed." As he spoke, he carefully cut off all the iron wires and golden branches on the dead man while holding the magic sword.
"Shit, I said, why is it so heavy? So you’re still wearing armor?" It took a long time for Yang Muyu to remove all the vines from that person, and the true face of this person gradually emerged. If it weren’t for his magic sword in hand, it wouldn’t be easy to remove the vines from "that man".
As Yang Muyu expected, this is a very tall and burly man. Judging from his figure and face, his age should be small. He is only about thirty years old and looks ordinary in his prime. Wearing copper armor, but today’s armor has long been worn out, which seems to be old.
"The rabbit is probably a mercenary?" Yang Muyu has heard people say that there are some mercenaries in the mountain and sea world who specialize in some special tasks, such as treasure hunting, exploration, etc. I want this person to come here alone. Otherwise, what is he doing on this desert island?
Qishu. com w w w. q i s u w a n g. c c
But this desert island doesn’t look like a treasure, and even if he wants to break his head, he can’t figure out how this man can be hung on a tree by vines. Moreover, it is also a rare vine such as the iron wire golden ivy.
The rabbit’s two front paws holding the night pearl nodded and shook his head but didn’t speak.
Yang Muyu was too lazy to pay attention to the rabbit. He found a clean place by the pool and stretched out his hand to drag the man over to bury him. He was not afraid of touching the dead and getting infected with evil spirits.
But at the moment when his hand touched the man, his face suddenly changed as if he had seen a ghost. He even jumped away from the man and stood at a distance looking at the rabbit. He was so scared that he left the night pearl with a "hey" and ran away.
The night pearl rolled round and round to the side of the "dead man". Yang Muyu stood four or five paces away from the man and watched for a moment. Finally, he got the nerve to go to the man again.
"Master how … what’s the matter …" The rabbit stammered after him.
"Cheat corpse!" Yang Muyu didn’t good the spirit nu way.
"Can’t …? Master? " The rabbit is shaking with fear. It’s a rabbit. He’s timid … No, he’s a notoriously timid rabbit!
Hesitated for a long time, Yang Muyu once again took out the magic sword for self-defense, but the other hand was carefully buckled on the man’s pulse-

The first chapter is actually a living person
Said Yang Muyu once again took out the magic sword for self-defense, but the other hand was carefully buckled on the man’s pulse-for a long time he looked at the man with a strange face.
The rabbit finally couldn’t help shivering and asked, "What’s going on, master?"
"He is still alive!" There is an indescribable eccentricity in Yang Muyu’s tone.
This man … is still alive? His hands and feet are cold and his head is covered with dust and fallen leaves, but-this man is really alive and he has a weak pulse, very weak.
If an ordinary pharmacist encounters such a situation, I am afraid that he is dead directly.

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Jun 25, 2024

Ji Dong found the biggest shop and went in. This shop has a floor of 100 square meters, which is absolutely land-intensive. This area is already quite rich.

As soon as he entered the door, a young magician greeted him. His chest was hung with the Samsung logo of the Magic Masters Association. When he saw Ji Dong, he was very polite and said, "Dear Mr. Magic Masters, what can I do for you?" Of course, his eyes also Ji Dong chest four-star badge slightly for a.
Ji Dong said, "Do you accept crystal nuclei here?"
The young man laughed. "Of course, not every store here accepts crystal children, and the price is absolutely fair. You can shop around. If our price is lower than others, then I am willing to pay ten times."
Ji Dong went to the front of the counter and lifted a finger. Suddenly, ten third-order crystal nuclei and ten fourth-order crystal nuclei appeared on the counter, and the magic fluctuation was very obvious.
Young people didn’t feel surprised, but their eyes didn’t stop at the crystal nucleus. Instead, they stared at Ji’s colorful phoenix light ripple rosefinch bracelet. "Dear Mr. Magic Master, do you sell this bracelet?" I am willing to buy ten seven-order crystal nuclei. "
Ji Dong heart "you are a profiteer! Is my bracelet worth ten seventh-order crystal nuclei? If you switch to the ninth order, maybe I will consider one. "
Youth look slightly reveals a little embarrassed "sorry, maybe I didn’t see it clearly.
If you really want to sell it, we can discuss it. Ji Dong shook his head. No, it’s a friend’s increase. He won’t sell a spoon joke. This Suzaku bracelet is condensed by Suzaku’s divine power. It’s hard to estimate the value, not only the material, but also the fire magic and the increase effect. Plus the gorgeous appearance of Suzaku’s unique flavor, is it a seventh-order crystal pole that can measure Ji Dong’s price of ten ninth-order crystal nuclei casually, but it is also quite reasonable.
Some young people regret that "if you have any plans to sell later, you must come to me."
I have received five hundred gold coins for the third-order crystal nucleus and one thousand gold coins for the fourth-order crystal nucleus. "
Ji Dong glanced at him. "Take a closer look."
The young man paused and picked up a crystal nucleus. As soon as he started, he suddenly shook his body and his eyes suddenly revealed a surprised light. "Is this a third order?" Is it? "
Ji Dong smiled indifferently. Don’t you guess right? It’s all from the evil island of Warcraft. The price doesn’t seem to be what you just said. "
Young people respect. I’m sorry to respect Mr. Magic Master. It’s my carelessness. Please wait a moment. I’ll ask the teacher to come out and talk with you personally. "And he immediately ran out of the shop to see the sample, and he was not afraid that Ji Dong would steal something from him.
Ji Dong naturally won’t wait for his eyes to sweep over all kinds of things in the shop. Soon, his eyes are attracted by an area on the side. There is no magic fluctuation in the things in this area, but the price is high, but it is not inferior to magic weapons at all. Because it is a simple sheepskin, some are mainland scripts, and some are as ancient as the scroll mystery map that Xiteng snake gave Ji Dong. In addition to the picture, more than ten magic scrolls are displayed on the other side. These scrolls look a little broken, but they can feel the magic fluctuation every day. He is not interested in the scroll Ji Dong Road, and his horse is about to try out his own magic wine
Once the achievement will be subversive, but those ancient sheepskins are of great interest to him. These ancient records are magic skills and are all killer skills. Some records are some cultivation experiences, such as the notes of the magician. These notes are all remembered, and the cultivation experience is as expensive as that of a teacher. It’s a pity that the best one in the notes is just that the crown magic master did not respect the strong. Ji Dong’s own teacher is the crown and the strong grandparent, but also respects the strong. These notes are naturally not too big for him to be in those magic skills, and he won’t think much about it. He has already learned a lot of magic skills and has not yet practiced to the peak.
However, his eyes were still attracted by the fact that it was a price tag that was as high as the notes of the Crown Magic Master. The sheepskin is the four characters written on the surface of the mainland circulation characters, namely "Fusion of Magic"
Ji Dong carefully turned over a page to watch it, and suddenly his heart was shocked. Just as he continued to flip, an old voice came from behind, "I can try to read a page."
For commutation ticket recommended votes Chapter two hundred and eleven Fusion magic.
Ji Dong was reading the name "Fusion of Divinity", but suddenly he came to the old place behind him to stop the sound. When he looked back, he saw the young man and an old man come in together.
Ji Dong’s memory is excellent. He immediately recognized that the old man was the practitioner on the third floor of the former Magic Master Association. A few of them made him unable to see through the strong crown magic master, and the star logo on the old man’s chest also showed such an identity.
Ji Dong said, "I’m thinking about buying this. Can I read a few more pages, three at most?"
The old man glanced at the ten crystal nuclei on the table and nodded. "Look at the sample. You should have been on the battlefield of sacred evil, otherwise you can’t come up with so many people who have been on the battlefield of sacred evil with the same order. They are all heroes in our magic division. Let you read three pages again."
Thank you, "Ji Dong immediately turned back some forced not to turn it over. In the process of continuing to look at it, his eyes kept popping up in clouds, and his eyes were full of surprises that could not be concealed.
Is to turn over two pages Ji Dong will solemnly this I bought "the old man slightly one leng, he obviously didn’t expect Ji Dong will make a decision so soon, you know this price is the most expensive in his shop, he has read it in detail, but he feels that it is extremely accumulated because of some characteristics that he deliberately put the price elevation more for window dressing and didn’t intend to sell it.
You have seen the price of ten-step crystal nucleus, you same-step crystal nucleus. I can give you double the price of ordinary crystal nucleus. Ten three-step crystal nuclei, ten ten thousand gold coins, and ten four-step crystal nuclei, forty thousand gold coins, totaling fifty thousand gold coins. The price of step crystal building ranges from three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand gold coins. It depends on the quality. If you have crystal nucleus, it is best to have ten step crystal children. I will charge you four million gold coins if you are cheaper. "Listen to the old man’s words, Ji Dong can’t help but practice frowning. This is definitely a lion
But if it falls into his hands, the effect is not comparable to that of four million gold coins.
The highest value of Ji’s departure should be that the thorn thunder dragon dropped the double-attribute ninth-order crystal nucleus. Although this crystal nucleus can’t be compared with the artifact thunder prison axe, it is absolutely comparable to the value of the tenth-order crystal nucleus, and the double-attribute variation of the ninth-order crystal nucleus is stricter than the value of the sacred island.
However, this crystal nucleus is also of great significance to Ji Dong, and it is important for him to study the combination technique of fire and Lei Shuang. He is really reluctant to take it out.
Seeing Ji Dong thoughtfully, the old man smiled slightly. "I’m afraid I can’t sell it for a while. You can go back and raise money and I’ll keep it for you."
Ji Dong looked up and saw his one eye. With a wave of his right hand, a mass of red light came out of generate’s rosefinch bracelet. When he opened his palm again, there was one more thing in it.

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