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Du Zheng is one of them, but he is destined to be an extraordinary one. His island has a complex population, but Du Zheng’s people are highly respected. So he slowly organized a team to explore the polar regions, accumulating special timber and finally building a large ship that can sail in the sea.

The advent of pirate ships naturally prompted the birth of pirates. At that time, The Ninth Continental also had three areas: Justice League, Warrior Mainland and Exile. Many players wanted to explore the sea, so they had to start from the exile port of Christa, and the supply line was relatively simple.
This Longmen family is the most arrogant one. Later, the Ninth Mainland was released one after another, and Longmen in the new area was carried by a guild in the land.
The reason is very simple. An island in the South China Sea was sent out. The Golden Bow side believes that maritime affairs should be solved by sea players, and land players had better stay out of it.
Who knows that this guild’s confidence is not enough? We won’t tell you any big truth. Whoever has a hard back is the truth.
So an unprecedented super naval battle broke out around the island, which was enough to be written into the history of the ninth continent
What Mr. Du never imagined was that the strength of this guild was beyond people’s imagination. This is the second guild in the new century.
In this world war I, the Golden Bow suffered a crushing defeat. As soon as the backbone collapsed, the trees fell apart, and Longmen, Bei Gong and other big families scattered and fled. Later, the aristocratic family and the Golden Palace department desperately escorted Mr. Du to escape
But in the end, crescent harbor was surrounded by masters of the new century today. At that time, the night king admired Mr. Du, who was passing through crescent harbor, and people usually helped him decisively
In the new century, the top players who did not believe in evil sects were wiped out by the night king. It is reported that more than one level 5 player was slaughtered by the night king alone at that time.
The new century has also been shocked. I don’t know what method to use. Please invite the northern Yan Shen to come and help Yan Shen. When he arrives at Crescent Harbor, he will find it difficult to see that his opponent is the night king.
Finally, everyone sat down to discuss a solution, that is, in the new century, the golden bow can not be held accountable, but Mr. Du must quit the golden bow family and stop intervening in the major forces in the sea
Mr. Du can accept this requirement in the new century, but it also reveals that the experts have a more objective understanding of him.
Mr. Du, a strange figure, is far more terrible than the night king and the swallow god, who have topped the sky, that is, the realm of peerless masters, but Mr. Du is different. He is the kind of leader who can shake the whole world by giving him a springboard.
Having a player like him is a great threat to the power of the coastline guild in the Hall of Genius. In the future, it will be good for everyone if he stays out of the sea power.
Mr. Du retired, and the night king took him to get through an extremely difficult situation in the deep sea. Now Mr. Du’s Taoyuan Island is still willing to follow others, so he has developed the fact here. The players who have been following him are all his brothers and a small part of the Golden Bow family.
It turned out that the Golden Bow family was presided over by a new family, but after this battle, the sea forces fell apart and it was difficult to form the threat to the mainland that year.
Although the times will create heroes, heroes are also born according to the times. It is difficult for a leader to come out to achieve reunification after such a strange figure as Mr. Du.
After all, all major forces have their own considerations or interests, or human feelings, or morality … Everyone has their own life route and development plan.
However, for Mr. Du, there is no regret in his life. The Ninth Mainland has brought him wealth and changed his real life. This journey has been vigorous and passionate. Compared with most players, he is very lucky to be continued.
Chapter five hundred and twenty Isolation Belt Pioneering Point
Mr. Du struggled all his life in The Ninth Mainland, and finally kept his promise not to set foot in mainland and sea forces, so he took his own people to develop in Taoyuan Island.
As he grows old, he only misses the love and hate of the sword and shadow. Every birthday, he invites all the big powers to get together.
The bosses of Golden Bow, Longmen, Bei Gong, Thousand Islands and Yunhui are grateful for his help. Every year, as scheduled, everyone gets together and often talks about the glory and pride of the past, which makes it difficult to give birth to some feelings.
But as time goes by, the bosses have changed one boss after another, so they don’t sell his account. In the past two years, they have sent a representative to mean that Mr. Du often gives birth to a kind of hero’s dying sorrow
I can’t help it. Now it doesn’t belong to his time. Today, the mainland is full of stars and flowers.
I have always respected him, and now there are only two families left, Hongyan and Yutian. The Golden Bow and Dragon Gate have even killed him.
It’s very simple. Now Golden Bow is a last-rate organization. When it was founded, its purpose was completely different. Now Longmen, the boss, Fang Yichen, has actually hit Taoyuan Island with his idea.
However, the Longmen family will be able to make some small moves secretly and never dare to kill here in a big way-the night king hasn’t retired yet, and anyone who wants to cause trouble has to weigh this layer. Mr. Kuangdu is also a master.
Hearing this, the sword flying snow sighed, "My master once told me that there were wars everywhere overseas years ago. I didn’t expect you to have such a glorious past! There have been several presidents in the new century, but your old man has always kept his promise that you are worthy of Jianghu morality! "

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"Good dragon come out" nine yan frown said.

Si Nian and Tianlong ignored him. After a minute, Tianlong finally got up and smiled at Si Nian. "Hey, hey, Lord Zhuang, you can rest assured." Tianlong swept away and laughed cautiously just now, and her heart sank even more …
After everyone else walked out of the hall to watch the fight, Feng Yue kept his eyes closed and slowly opened his eyes. He said coldly to the thought of self-study with his eyes closed, "You seem to have violated the fairness of the fight."
Si Nian knows what Feng Yue said and laughs lightly. "It’s unfair to consume too much dragon power."
Romantic way "valiant soldier is to see the dragon power consumption is too large to fight"
Sinian said, "A disadvantage is not a disadvantage if it is not caught, is it?"
Romantic way "but I found"
Si nian smiled faintly like a spring breeze. "But you won’t say, will you?"
Romantic really won’t say that he doesn’t want to say that since romantic doesn’t say Si Nian and Tianlong, he won’t say it, so a valiant soldier can admit that he is unlucky …
The valiant soldier lost. He didn’t expect that Tianlong was still strong, but he didn’t understand the field. Others didn’t understand that they all saw Tianlong’s weakness after the fight between Tianlong and Thorn. It would never be fake, so his strength suddenly recovered. Everyone doesn’t understand that because of Jianghu roots, there is no instant healing medicine unless a martial arts expert adopts himself to him.
They also don’t believe that Si Nian just adopted his power when he spoke to Tianlong in his ear, because in their opinion, it is impossible.
Adoption takes a long time and can’t be completed in just one minute, and the adopter will become very weak, and there will be gas in the process of adoption, but Si Nian has never seen the above three situations.
The meeting ended hastily, and Jiuyan announced an important rule. After the meeting, no one will be allowed to provoke a fight or help the rules!
Si Nian doesn’t care that because of this, 40 million yuan is enough for the development of the villa, but he is still a little less …
And still keep a face of excitement, Tianlong walked out of the headquarters gate and Si Nian played the audio, which poured out a lot of news, but he simply deleted the news without looking at it. He said to Sheng Yin, "Give birth to that 2.3 million to the Jianghu with 1000 people with good martial arts skills. Remember not to let them know who you are."
Immediately, the student replied, "I’ll do it right away."
Si Nian turned off the audio side and asked Tianlong, "How do you feel?"
Tianlonghao laughed. "Master Zhuang is so fucking enjoyable that he can’t help showing off and humiliating those two children once!"
Si Nian responded and looked at the bluestone street ahead and said softly, "Then have a good time again …"
Chapter 43 Anger
There are still five people sitting in the conference hall of Tianxing Palace headquarters without leaving Jiuyan’s side and looking at the wind moon. "What happened to the wind moon just now?"
Romantic slowly open your eyes and say "Si Nian"
Jiuyan, they also knew that it must be Si Nian’s mischief, but they didn’t find that the rising sun raised his left hand and touched the tip of his nose. "We also know that it was Si Nian, but when?"
Feng Yue didn’t answer because she looked at the rising sun with a look of "What do you think?"
"Is that really the time?" Nine Yan can’t help frowning.
Romantic to doubt four indifferently replied "after touching the budo, you know it."
Nine Yan and others are instantly romantic, which means telling them that the state of thinking has surpassed them a lot …
Mochow stared slightly. "Martial arts?" Her mind suddenly flashed that she always looked up to the beauty-the great teacher elder sister demon Ji.
"budo don’t have a clue …" The rising sun shook his head slightly.
Cold stars also lowered their beautiful eyes. They were all conceited, but they couldn’t touch that screen for a long time.
"mom! The sky is closed! " Nine Yan shouted on striking the table, but his mind was also very clear that there were still many things waiting for him to deal with in the Palace of Heaven. He didn’t like Qingfeng to be a palace master of cutting. He didn’t have the strength and courage. Although the Palace of Heaven was founded by Qingfeng as the palace master, he was the one who made it so brilliant that no gang in the Jianghu could match him … So he was doomed to chase it unless one day he let go, but let go and talk about it again …
Si Nian and Tianlong came back to Piaoxue Mountain Villa, and they were coming face to face. The elegant wind was like a handsome man.
Life went to Sinian and said, "Master Zhuang, things have been completed."
Si Nian nodded lightly and said, "Let them wear villa clothes inside and black clothes outside and be masked. This time you go together."
From his level 47, we can see that he is also keen on martial arts, but he has to stay in the villa to deal with things. In fact, he has long been tired of this life. He also hopes to go out to fight and kill people as often as Tianlong, but he doesn’t show it because he is also a member of this villa. Like Tianlong, he may worship Qingfeng but he is not loyal to Tianxing Palace. They are loyal to Piaoxue Villa because this is their home …
Si Nian saw the change in his eyes. He said softly, "If you succeed this time, you won’t be the deputy villa owner, but the hall owner."
Tianlong wait for a while looked at Sinian with different eyes.

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"If it is now, can you speak in white?"

Gently move the lotus step and walk to the truth. The woman is no longer strange and unpredictable … That face is familiar to Zhenyong. Its owner is called Uchihiro vulture …
"It seems that you already know a lot of things."
Cold and cold-faced vultures just spoke faintly across from Zhenyong.
"What do you mean?"
It’s brave to suppress the anger in my heart and almost bite my teeth to say these words.
"How much do you know about uchiha madara?"
"Ha, do you mean the undead who died in the final valley or the immortal who hides in a corner?"
The silence lasted for a moment, and the ink on the horizon deepened.
"You are very clever. You know how to guard against and hide the enemy … and you know how to eradicate the roots."
"vulture" shook his head. "But what you did is not good enough for uchiha madara. You still underestimate your opponent … The plan started a long time ago, and I did leave a flaw before … but you are too soft-hearted."
"Yes," the vulture nodded. "Although it is possible to control bijuu with pupil force, it was too hasty at that time and I failed."
But then the vulture corners of the mouth took up a smile.
"But it’s a pity that you didn’t make up your mind even if you received this information through your roots, as I expected."

"Now you really have the confidence to subvert Konoha?" It’s really brave, and the voice is deep and terrible. "Watergate horse will show up at this time for four generations. What’s good for you?"
"Four generations?" Griffin tone with some ridiculous irony "if you don’t horse, there will never be four generations of Huoying … you actually have a guess that the ostrich is indeed a spotted person … and he will certainly be Watergate when he comes to Konoha".

"What’s the matter? So you have given up? "
The vulture shook his head in disappointment. "That’s all you have to say."

"Are you finished?"
The morning light tore open the canopy, and the dazzling light dispelled all shadows in an instant!
Leave a hand to stab the wood, and the sharp wooden bar will block the penetration of the "vulture" body …
"You are right. You did leave a flaw in Shukaku, but you are wrong about one thing."
Zhen Yong smiled confidently and then pulled out the wooden thorn without hesitation … like a torrent, blood was sprayed at will.
"You leave too many flaws …"
Ps second more! ! Roll around and beg for everything! ! ! Chapter two hundred and fifty, hidden in a mirror
Zhen Yong smiled confidently and then pulled out the wooden thorn without hesitation … like a torrent, blood was sprayed at will.
Those enchanting blood drops scattered on Zhenyong’s cheek were influenced by the ghosts, and he added a little evil and bloodthirsty …
"Don’t hide any more. Can you really fool me?"
After seeing the "corpse" lying at his feet, he was really brave and aware of the surrounding situation-yes, he knew all this was Uchihiro’s plan for a long time.
Perhaps he has been particularly sensitive to the name "Uchibo" since the day he crossed over.
Don’t go back to the village at this critical moment.
According to the analysis report obtained from Shukaku’s column force, it was the brave wife, Uchihiro Vulture, who tried to hypnotize Shukaku in that war.
On the surface, whether it is sharingan’s pupil force or family ambition, vultures do have motives for action-before people lacked an important piece of information.
The world has awakened to a kaleidoscope. There is no Uchihiro vulture in sharingan …
Somewhere in the deep darkness, there is a remnant of an era, and his terrible eyes are quietly watching what is happening in the world.
-In the final analysis, even taking pictures out of Shukaku’s mind is not absolutely reliable. It is necessary to have a strong pupil force, even things like memory modification can be easily done.
This seemingly clever cover-up method has given Zhenyong a vague indication since then-uchiha madara has found a new agent outside the country.
In this case, when Uchiha Obuchi appeared after that, he immediately became the biggest suspect.
Besides, the wrong Nagato power is the second mistake of Uchibo!
Maybe even she didn’t think that Vortex Nagato didn’t become an important chess player in their hands as expected, or that he was much better than they thought.

Judging from the ruins of the Rain Country, the Yahiko Three-Man Xiao Organization must have had a fierce conflict with the allied forces of the three countries, and finally, judging from the situation in Pingdingshan, it is natural that the three countries won.
However, Yahiko didn’t die in the war, but lived with peony and Nagato.

The point is that Pain Tendo said that sentence that was obviously out of place …
-"After all, the weak will never get fate."
This is Zhen Yong’s last advice to Yahiko in those days, that is to say, if Heaven is really controlled by Nagato, he has no reason to say such a thing at that time … Although theoretically, it is absolutely impossible for Yahiko to have the ability to make six forces, if he boldly assumes that the other five channels of Heaven are not harmonious, he can make the best explanation …
So here comes the question
If Nagato has been pulled by a thief boat, why should they deliberately make such a meaningless temptation when they have sent spies into Konoha?

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The three men went outside the club, Zhao Xiayang went to the toilet, and Thomas lay prone on the balcony of the corridor to see the scenery. Ye Qing went to the stairs and took out a pack of cigarettes, then smoked a cigarette in his mouth and a zippo lighter burst into flames.

Ye Qing lit a cigarette and took a drag. He closed his eyes for a long time in enjoyment before spitting out a string of light smoke. He put the smoke in his finger and squatted down. He needed to be quiet because he felt that he faced too many * * * *.
Just now, when I was helping Pearl Krabs find contact lenses, he almost got stuck in it. He almost couldn’t help jumping into Pearl Krabs’s arms. There are too many beautiful women around him, and they all have different tastes and are very attractive. Men like beautiful women and try to resist the temptation of beautiful women. Most men will unconsciously look at beautiful women twice.
Ye Qing, after all, is still a layman, and he has no infection with beauty. He was so dead-set that he liked Su Yanbing because Su Yanbing was so beautiful that he was so thrilling. He shook his head hard and felt that he was such an asshole.
Now he has a big honey, and he has also got the big honey’s father to admit that Su Yanbing must solve the problem. Now he can’t provoke Pearl Krabs any more. He has been very firm, but Nai has been shaken by too many * * * * so that he can’t help but shake. Now he finally has a hard time.
Ye Qing felt better after smoking a cigarette, and many other thoughts in his brain were dispelled. He once again woke up in his heart that he should be good to Da Mi and single-minded about Da Mi, and he must never be tempted by other women again.
After putting the cigarette butt out and throwing it into the garbage can at Loudaokou, he got up and patted his cigarette ash to go back. At this moment, he heard Dong Laoer shouting in the corridor that it was a box lunch. He immediately went out from the stairs and looked at Dong Laoer’s back and said, "I’m here, Laoer. Take yourself. I want to choose one!"
"Well, I’ll take it and eat it first. I know you want to help Pearl Krabs get it back. I’ll give it to you. Hey, hey …" Dong Laoer smiled slyly. Ye Qing flew up and prepared to kick his ass. This guy jumped forward very flexibly and even touched his ass and looked back. "Early prevention of your hand!"
After Dong Laoer took the box lunch, he went straight back to the training room to eat. He didn’t like to eat in the lounge. Because Zhao xia yang and Thomas both liked to watch it there, it was too noisy. At this time, Zhao xia yang and Thomas had not come to pick up the box lunch, so there was still a choice. He looked at all the boxes and then chose a box lunch with potatoes and roast beef for Pearl Krabs and a box lunch with kung pao chicken for himself.
Walking back to the training room with two boxes of lunch, Ye Qing saw that Pearl Krabs was still wearing headphones and seemed to be listening to music. The screen picture was not F, but a qq music player. He put Pearl Krabs’s box lunch on the coffee table and said, "I’ll get it back for you when Pearl Krabs has dinner."
"Thank you!" Pearl Krabs thanked Daoye without looking back. Seeing that she didn’t want to eat, she couldn’t help but say, "Eat quickly, it won’t taste good if it gets cold."
"When I finish listening to this song, I’ll eat it. You eat it first," Pearl Krabs said faintly.
Chapter 556 Touch the scene injury
The training room is full of the smell of box lunch. Ye Qing and Dong Laoer are eating soundly, but Pearl Krabs is still listening to the song with headphones and has been facing Ye Qing. Ye Qing urged her twice, but she said that she would not eat until she heard this song. But is this song so long?
"Pearl Krabs you haven’t heard? We are almost finished! " Ye Qing looked up and asked Pearl Krabs, who shrugged his shoulders but didn’t answer him. He immediately got up and went to Pearl Krabs’s side and looked at the music player on the brain screen, only to find that there was a song in it that was constantly circulating in a single …
He feels a little strange. Why is there a song in her music player? When he looked at Zhenzhen’s face, he was suddenly surprised. That beautiful face was covered with tears. Pearl Krabs actually cried and became a crybaby.
He didn’t have a love dearly hurriedly put a lunch box from his trouser pocket and took out a pack of paper towels, hastily pulled out a piece and handed it to Pearl Krabs, then gently tunnel "what’s the matter with you? Who bullied you? "
Pearl Krabs took the paper towel and wiped her face with tears, then sobbed, "I’m fine. I just remembered something after listening to the song."
"Listen to the song heard tears so serious! ? You are really sentimental … "Ye Qing is very authentic.
"I suddenly feel that I have been too tired these years and have never relaxed for a moment, but I have never got anything. Is it a tragedy to live like this?" Pearl Krabs said, suddenly staring at Ye Qing’s eyes, tears are still spinning and shining.
Ye Qing smell speech Zheng, he didn’t expect Pearl Krabs to suddenly ask him such a profound life question. Before training, Pearl Krabs was still very stable and didn’t see any signs of her carelessness. Will she be sad like this in a short time?
He thought for a moment and then said to Pearl Krabs, "Giving doesn’t necessarily pay off, but if you don’t pay, you won’t get anything. That’s a tragedy. You are still very young. If you think you are too tired, you might as well change your lifestyle and relax yourself a little. Don’t push yourself too hard. After all, you are a woman. You don’t need to be so tired!"
Ye Qing said that he felt that these words were quite beautiful. It seems that he has great potential as a spiritual mentor, but Pearl Krabs suddenly turned cold and was very dissatisfied with the tunnel. "What do you mean? Look down on women, right? What if I’m a woman? I won’t be worse than you men! "
Ye Qing saw that Pearl Krabs reacted so much that he didn’t know how he stimulated her. The girl’s self-esteem was too strong. He waved his hand and said, "I’m sorry, I don’t know what I said wrong. You care so much. I don’t look down on women. I think women don’t need to be so tired!"
"I know what you mean. You said that women don’t have to be so tired because women can rely on men, right?" Pearl Krabs asked.
Ye listened to her question and finally figured out where she was wrong, so she immediately said, "I know you are an independent woman and don’t want to rely on men, and you think you will never be worse than men, but you can’t let yourself be so tired. Don’t carry everything by yourself. If you trust your teammates, let them share a little."
"That a few idiots? I really can’t believe it … "Pearl Krabs looked at Dong Laoer, who was sitting on the sofa for dinner. Dong Laoer felt her eyes but didn’t hear her voice and smiled at her.
Ye Qing smell speech was just about to ask me? As a result, Pearl Krabs looked at him and said firmly, "I believe you!"
At that moment, Ye fell in love and was touched-he looked at Pearl Krabs’s beautiful face and couldn’t help laughing. "Thank you for treating me so highly!"
"You are the only person in this team who has the ability to take us to the finals. Although I really want to win the championship through my own efforts, F is not a one-person game after all. I think I can give you a lot of help. After winning the championship, I will do my part. I will try my best to help those three guys if they don’t drag their feet. I don’t expect them to perform well. The sniper is more reliable." Pearl Krabs whispered to Ye.
Ye Qing was very happy to see her so high in her heart, but she said, "Don’t say that. They can also help even if they don’t give force when attacking, but they can rarely contain some enemy firepower, right?" Besides, Zhao Xiayang and the second child still have great potential. They are constantly growing and I believe they will become mature after competition experience. "
"No matter what you say, I believe in you and myself. I hope you won’t let me down!"
"Thanks to your respect, I won’t let you down. By the way, listening to less sad songs will affect your mood, and mood will affect your mood. State will affect your grades …"
"What will that result affect?"
"Results will affect the mood in reverse! I don’t want to see … "Ye Qing said that he felt that there was something wrong with the noodles. He immediately shut up and then picked up his lunch box and continued to eat.
Pearl Krabs looked at him very keenly and asked, "What don’t you want to see? Don’t want to see me? "
"No … if I don’t want to see you, why do I invite you to join our team? Isn’t that a hindrance to myself? " Ye Qing is very authentic
"That you don’t want to see? You say it! " Pearl Krabs forced.
"I don’t want to see you cry …" Ye Qing embarrassed tunnel.
Pearl Krabs blushed when she heard the words, but she didn’t expect to say this. Her heart was also touched. She knew that Ye Qing was a girl friend, so she said, "I don’t want to cry in front of you yet. It seems that I am very fragile! I won’t cry after you rest assured. Today is an accident! "
"Well, it was an accident. You should eat quickly! If you don’t eat, it’s no accident that you will definitely be hungry in the afternoon! " Leaf tilt said with a smile
Pearl Krabs nodded and then picked up the box lunch from the coffee table from her seat. After she covered it, she could not help but be shocked by her eyes. She could not help but feel puzzled by the tears on her eyes. Which one did this sing again? Does Meng Jiangnv cry about the Great Wall?
"You are not just said after all won’t cry? Is this the reason why the sluice is not good? " Ye Qing joke tunnel
Pearl Krabs "sloped" laughed out and then tried to hold the tears in her eyes without falling out JiaoChen way "hate! I won’t cry! "
"That’s good! I also want you to eat porridge and add some water yourself! " Leaf tilt said with a smile
"It’s not funny! Let me ask you a question. Did you take this box lunch at hand or did you choose it for me on purpose? " Pearl Krabs twist a head to look at Ye Qing with red eyes and asked.
"I specially help you choose! Is there any problem? " Ye Qing looked at Pearl Krabs curiously.
Pearl Krabs looked a little gloomy. "How do you know that I like roast beef with potatoes?"
"I don’t know. I think the food in this box lunch is better!" Leaf pour simple and honest laughed
Pearl Krabs smell speech in the mind suddenly felt touched that Ye Qing was really good for her. She smiled faintly and said, "Thank you. This is my favorite dish. Although you mean it, I still want to thank you. It reminds me of my grandmother."
"Er … reminds you of it. No wonder you want to cry again …" Ye Qing felt that Pearl Krabs was really touching the scene at any time. Before she was too sentimental, she felt that she was a very strong person and could not show her weakness. But today she doesn’t know what happened, like a helper.
It is said that a person who is very strong in front of others should not easily expose his weakness in front of others, unless that person is her most trusted person or her lover. Ye Qing can’t help but think that he is Pearl Krabs’s most trusted person. Otherwise, she would be so fragile in front of me.
Pearl Krabs chopsticks picked up a potato and put it in her mouth. She chewed it for a few times and then looked up at Ye Qing. "It’s far from my grandmother’s taste. This potato is not tasty and a little hard. I will probably never eat my grandmother’s cooking again in this life!"
After listening to her, Ye guessed that her grandmother should have died. No wonder she was hurt by the scene. He quickly comforted, "Maybe it is because you can’t eat anything anymore that you miss this taste so much. People always know that cherishing the tree is quiet and the wind is more than filial piety. We should cherish our relatives who are still around."
"Well, you’re right!" Pearl Krabs nodded solemnly and then began to eat seriously. Ye Qing felt that this noon was a little weird and actually saw the big beauty crying. Although her eyes were a little red when she cried, she was still beautiful.
He feels that he knows Pearl Krabs better than before. She turned out to be such a sentimental girl, just like the girl described in your deskmate. I don’t know who will marry this sentimental girl in the future. Maybe she will cry when she sees the yellow leaves in autumn. Sad spring hurts autumn, just like Daiyu. She is a contradictory complex. She is very strong and strong on the surface, and likes to compete with men. She is not afraid of all challenges. However, after throwing the game, she is easy to get hurt. It can be said that she is actually a very emotional person in her bones, but she is well disguised on the surface, so people can’t
Chapter 557 Like being single
After eating lunch, Pearl Krabs felt so fragile in front of Ye Qing that she was very embarrassed, so she left the club alone and said that she would go around the floor. Ye Qing knew that she wanted to calm down and didn’t follow.
He and Dong Laoer went to the stairs to smoke again. Thomas and Zhao Xiayang must have dozed off while watching in the lounge.
"Boss, do you really have an idea about Pearl Krabs?" Dong old two vomitted an one mouthful smoke twist a head to look at leaf tilting way
Ye Qing also spit out the smoke in his mouth and put it in his fingers. "Didn’t I say that I didn’t want you to hit her?" Second, after I figure it out, I must give up on Mier and even Su Yanbing. You can swear that I can’t do it if I don’t go out and have a good time alone after loving Zhao Junzhu? "
Dong Laoer frowned when he heard Ye Qing’s forceful words. "But I regret it now … I must have been hot-headed at that time to say that. How could the greatest lover in history like me plant a tree and give up the whole forest? This is quite stupid. If God gives me another chance, I want to say three words,’ I quit!’ "
"Idiot, these are four words!"
"Don’t care about these details! The point is that I regret it … "
"You don’t want to think about how Zhao Junzhu treated you. You were so moved at that time. Second, I tell you that people can’t live in this life, and you have to think about it yourself!" Ye Qing, with a cigarette, looks very old-fashioned
Dong Laoer sighed and then took a puff at the flue. "I know that although I regret it a little, since I am a man, I must do it. Besides, you supervise me, and you have to be my role model. If you are single-minded to Dami, I will definitely be single-minded to Zhao Junzhu. If one day even you are half-hearted, what will I insist on?"
Ye Qing smell speech can’t help but be very annoyed. A slap in the face of Dong Laoer almost made Dong Laoer swallow a mouthful of smoke into his stomach. He hurriedly coughed a few leaves and shouted, "Are you missing a string in your brain?" Why do you want to take me as an example? Aren’t you cheating me too? "
"Eldest brother, you talk like that, which means that you may also love someone in a forensic way, right? I think we are still great minds think alike. There are so many women in this world and there are so many beautiful women among them. Shouldn’t we reap their beauty? Life is short and we should do something to make ourselves happy. "Dong Laoer was very excited and tunnel.
"Depend! Don’t take the opportunity to make excuses for yourself. I didn’t mean that. I don’t want you to take me as a standard. You have to discipline yourself! " Ye Qing is very authentic
He felt that Dong Laoer’s will was not firm at all. When he was moved by Zhao Junzhu, he made a vow. How long did it take before he went back on his word and wanted to return to the flowers?

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Jun 25, 2024

Although they haven’t happened yet, they are really like a couple when they are lying in bed. Lingyun will not always face Zhang Xue with his back.

Re-entering the game Lingyun came to Zhang Xuefang to watch it for a while, and then studied it for a while before getting ready for bed.
The balance is the second operation, the water operation, and the nine-type lingyun has also learned that the difference is the temperature.
Although Jiushi looks like nine skills, it is actually a skill difference in water control.
Similarly, the first type of fire meeting may condense a mass of water, but mastering the ninth type can control this water to form a water dragon, and even dozens of water dragons have increased their power many times.
After the second operation department learns, the third operation is fire, that is, fire
Lingyun is now developed three types.
Lingyun, the former second operation, was also studied in Huangpu Song’s help department.
It’s a pity that now that Huang Pusong has gone, Lingyun can rely on himself to send it to the net. Except for the first technique and the first type, the rest Lingyun has never considered finding a netizen to answer.
One sentence may not attract others’ attention, but if there are too many, someone will definitely connect.
If Taiping Yaoshu is leaked out like this and becomes a rotten street like Chinese cabbage, Lingyun really wants to cry to death.
To ask Huang Pusong is the best. Although Huang Pusong’s ability may not be clear for a while, he can still understand its meaning when he studies it for a while.
But the former Lingyun also didn’t want to be known by Huang Pusong that this was Taiping Yaoshu, so he didn’t show Taiping Yaoshu to Huang Pusong.
Is to show Huang Pusong a few words that he still can’t read in the nine trials of water art.
After all, at that time, Huang Pusong was still an important official of the Han Dynasty. His character knew that Lingyun was in the hands of Taiping, so Lingyun must give it to the Han Dynasty.
Now that Huang Pusong has been quilt, Lingyun is no longer worried that Huang Pusong will let him hand over the Taiping Yaoshu to the court, but it’s a pity that Huang Pusong has gone back to his hometown and Lingyun can’t ask even if he wants to.
to be continued
Chapter 2 items
Nowadays, Lingyun, a small town in Zhending, is still very satisfied.
Although he soon followed Huang Pusong when he first entered the game last year, Lingyunji was in a learning process.
By Huang Pusong’s side, it is impossible for Ling Yun to develop his own army base and be discovered by Huang Pusong.
There were millions of troops in the Han Dynasty. What do you want to do by recruiting soldiers yourself? Want to rebel?
Although Huang Pusong had another 150,000 military forces at the beginning, it was originally allocated to his generals by the court, and the possession of military forces was the constitution of the court and the permission of the court.
Lingyun is not allowed to own a private army.
Although many squires recruited their own soldiers because of the yellow turban insurrectionary last year, they still claimed to be guards guarding the manor in name.
Moreover, after the Yellow Scarf Rebellion, these private armies were also disbanded. Of course, there were also fish escaping from the net, but they all had a formal identity. For example, the thousands of soldiers in Liu Bei’s hands are no longer private soldiers, and they are also considered imperial troops.
At the beginning, Lingyun seemed to be doing well with Huang Pusong, even if those satrap saw Lingyun, they would be diffuseness.
But now that Huang Pusong has been lost, Lingyun knows that it has been more than a year and nearly two years, but there are not many people at his hands except for the fact that he has gone up.
Chui fook and others are not his hands now. They are more like friends and brothers.
Therefore, I chose to really decide Lingyun to build an army that really belongs to me while the Lingdi was still alive.
In a few years, after the death of Emperor Ling, Dong Zhuo will be punished by the ten-way princes, and he will play a scene of hegemony.
At that time, Lingyun didn’t want to be attached to other people’s hands, as it is now, and he would become one place as soon as the dependent person fell.
Like history, Liu Bei is constantly attached to others. Gongsun Zan, Yuan Shu, Yuan Shao, Tao Qian, Liu Biao and others want these people to fall, and he runs around like a lost dog.
Although Liu Bei had to rely on others because he had no territory, at least he said that it is better to rely on others than on himself
Moreover, Lingyun now has its own territory, and it would be a wave if it doesn’t want to develop its own strength.
Although the county seat is small, there is still no problem in getting tens of thousands of troops. It is also worth seeing if Lingyun has the money to support them.
Of course, the quality of refugees is definitely not good, and Lingyun and others need to practice. Anyway, the spirit emperor will not die for a while, and recruiting some refugees will become a good soldier after a year or two of practice.
Lingyun is not interested in hegemony, but the physical changes make Lingyun more and more sure that this is a real world and the earth is a parallel world. The two worlds may be linked through the game cabin.
What can connect the two worlds in the game cabin? This is not something Lingyun should consider.
Up to now, there are certainly many people who want to study the game cabin, but up to now, there are still Longyou companies that can make it.
It has been confirmed in my heart that this world is also real. If I want to restore the real world, my body will become strong in this world. Only when I am strong enough can I know the final secret. If I connect the two worlds, I can restore my body on the earth.
In this world, although personal strength is strong, it is impossible for a person to kill and heal the legion.
Therefore, to be strong, you need not only your own strong hands, but also a strong legion.
No matter how strong a person is, he can easily destroy a team of 100 people and a brigade of 1,000 people alone. He can barely kill seven in and seven out of ten thousand people, but even Lu Bu, the god of war, can lose his temper when he is surrounded by a million-strong army of 100,000 troops.
Lingyun’s purpose is to develop his own army. In the past year or two, he will have a good soldier in his hand, and he will not be favored.
Lost Huang Pusong Lingyun except its own strength Lingyun now Xiancheng identity and those who are also mixed in officialdom players are not better than them.
Don’t say that Lingyun is now a county magistrate among Xiancheng players, and there are many players who work in the hands of various satraps, Cao Cao and Liu Bei, and there are countless players.
There are so many players’ vassals that there are always a few players who are deeply appreciated by those celebrities.

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Jun 24, 2024

In the end, Sue’s second daughter went on hunger strike and had to compromise.

I heard that Su Xiuwen suddenly married Zhou’s parents and felt guilty for several days without smiling.
On this afternoon, the breeze slowly blew, and Zhou Mu sat on the couch and sighed lightly. "It’s been a few days, sir, but my heart still feels ashamed of Embroidered Vivian."
Father Zhou advised, "Let’s stop thinking about it now that we are married!"
"It’s my fault. If I hadn’t promised my in-laws to get married again and created opportunities for that girl and Yang Er, that wouldn’t have happened." Zhou’s mother looked at Zhou’s father’s eyes full of shame. "It’s too soon that her in-laws married Xiuwen in January!"
Zhou Fu listened to her without interrupting.
"Especially if that girl likes Yang Er in her heart but marries someone she doesn’t like. Can her generation care?"
"Embroidered Vivian like again? We can’t make a couple unhappy, can we? " Even if it didn’t happen a month ago, but if you don’t like Sue’s daughter, Create won’t be forced to do it.
Mother Zhou said, "No, but Embroidered Vivian got married in a hurry and my son couldn’t take it off."
"Don’t take responsibility for yourself and don’t take responsibility for Yang Er casually." Zhou Fu frowned.
"…" Zhou mother looked at him puzzled.
Zhou Fu explained, "If the in-laws didn’t get married again and didn’t let you give Embroidered Vivian and Yang Er a chance to be alone as much as possible, how could that girl have calculated that Yang Er had hit the wall and committed suicide?"
"Sir, do you mean that embroidered Wen’s hasty marriage originated from her in-laws?" Deliberate the Zhou Fuyan Zhou Mu thoughtfully asked
"Yes" Zhou Fu nodded.
If it weren’t for Sue’s doting on her daughter, how could she blindly follow her children’s thoughts and ask for creating opportunities for the two younger generations to promote their feelings?
Back channels, Zhou Fu got up and often walked outside. "I’ll go to the room for a while. If you’re tired, just lie down." Zhou Mu "well" looked at him and disappeared outside.
Time flies, and three years pass like water.
"I won’t marry you!" The sea breeze caressed the sea, and a big reef turned and stared at a slender, handsome man with a smile on his mouth.
She’s going to see brother Luo. She has to go!
Male language moist looked at her and asked.
Haiyou’s mouth is full of thoughts about whether to have a showdown.
I haven’t seen her for a long time, and the man added, "We have been engaged for more than three years. It’s time to get married!" He is the eldest grandson of the family, and his grandfather is the four elders. No matter his family background or appearance, he can be worthy of the king and queen’s favorite princess Youyou. Three years ago, Wang’s daughter chose Xu Ma, and speaking of it, he did not want to run for Nai Wang. He liked it early. He told his grandfather that he would attend a banquet to choose Xu Ma, so as not to cause trouble to the family, so that he could promise his grandfather to attend the banquet.
Princess Youyou is very beautiful, which can be called the most beautiful female island family in Jiao Ren. The man does not want to be her husband.
And he didn’t take it to heart because he was involved in whether he could choose the root.
At the end of the banquet, Princess Youyou didn’t pick out her favorite man to be a husband.
The king looks very pale.
Thinking about it ended like this, but something unexpected happened-Wang directly ordered him to wait for the horse the next day.
Before he recovered from the shock, it was so decided, even the wedding date was set.
It is an honor to marry a princess’s wife.
However, when the wedding day was coming, Princess Youyou asked him not to marry him, saying that they didn’t know each other well, that they had no feelings for him, and that they wanted to ask the king to cancel his marriage.
Will Wang Jinkou’s jade words go back on his word?
Princess Yu Youyou’s request failed.
But the wedding date was postponed three years later, that is, in July this year.
Seeing that they will get married in less than a month, this woman, who is several meters away, still refuses to marry him.

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Jun 19, 2024

For my idea, Uchihiro ice cloud can think of it after a little thinking. After all, the serpent has now been entangled by those high-level guards, and this is the palace courtyard. Every five minutes, four magic guns in Dongdu Imperial City will launch heresy. I believe that the serpent’s life value will be directly dragged down before long.

Once the serpent is hung up, it will be my best chance to seize the species of life and activate the universal mirror sharingan. I don’t want to be missed for nothing. It’s a super artifact. With it, I can understand that Harle’s strength can be described as a higher level.
"ice cloud, how much damage can you do to the serpent with one blow?" Only when I finally hang up the serpent can I pick up the species of life and put it in the bag, so the last blow must be actuarial accurate and there can be no mistake, otherwise stealing chickens will not be a bad thing.
Uchihiro ice cloud estimated it slightly and said slowly, "The damage caused by the strongest ice explosion after the transformation of magic weapons in front of sharingan should be around 150,000. After all, the serpent’s defense is not low, and my non-power output damage is less."
"Well, one hundred and fifty thousand? That’s not bad. My ice explosion damage should also be able to output more than 50,000 numerical values. The life value of the equivocal serpent is reduced to 20,000. You and I will release the ice explosion attack together and immediately pick up the life species and leave. "
Uchihiro ice cloud shook his head and said, "If you and I explode together, I’m afraid we will all explain it here. Don’t forget the ice explosion pair, but the physical property value is *15 times of damage. If you kill me, my life value will be reduced by about three quarters, leaving the life value to support us from the palace."
"What should I do?"
"Why don’t you let me attack sharingan and Harle? I should be able to force Harle to be able to barely catch the power of ice explosion skills." sharingan, a wanhua mirror, is so powerful that Harle’s mysterious dreamland is even more unpredictable. To deal with the power of super-Warcraft serpent, it should be able to barely catch the ice explosion skills.
I thought it over carefully, and finally shook my head and vetoed, "I’m afraid that the attack of sharingan and Harle on the universal mirror is not good for us. After all, there is a second in the Harle world. In this second, those palace high-ranking guards and 9-level guards always have enough to make traps and ambushes."
Although Harle’s attack is good, it is not an instantaneous output of attack damage. When the waves in the palace are in this race against time for 1 second, Harle attack on the super-Warcraft serpent is purely for hanging up.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-four East Capital Battle ()
When Uchihiro ice cloud and I were discussing in the secluded valley, the serpent in the imperial palace was fighting independently, and the guards always led the first group of guards, seeing that the head and tail were dancing constantly, but they were unbeaten by themselves against a large number of guards in the palace, showing doubts about the power of Warcraft.
"You are quick to give up, otherwise don’t blame me." The life value of the ambiguous serpent is ten times that of the original one. It is also a quick victory to rush into the imperial city of Dongdu. At this moment, two of your targets don’t know where they are hiding, and they are pinned down by a large number of masters. They can’t bomb the life value in the care gun. It is in jeopardy.
It’s true that the serpent growled angrily as soon as its health was reduced to 5%. At this moment, it naturally knows that staying here for a long time is not good for itself. The angry tail swept slowly towards the bedroom door. It knew that if it wanted to break out of the emperor’s bedroom, it would fly directly into the blue sky and worry that it could not escape.
The super-Warcraft power is amazing, and the serpent is even more ambiguous. There is no room for survival. The interlocking head of a basilisk has released overwhelming magic for the first time, telling many guards how terrible it is to be super-Warcraft.
Uchihiro ice cloud discovered the Serpent’s madness through a crack, frowning and saying, "It seems that we still underestimate the Serpent’s strength. Originally, it was only physically powerful. Now it’s ridiculous to think about it."
"What happened outside?" No, I can’t help but ask in doubt.
Uchihiro ice cloud said wryly, "You and I have both misjudged the serpent’s super power of Warcraft. In addition to its strong physical strength, its magical accomplishments are even more surprising. The serpent’s head contains water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, light and dark metal. Now the serpent is furious, and the guards will suffer from external magic."
"You mean … the serpent disambiguation now holding up the guards to attack? So what is its goal now? Do you want to destroy and force us out? But it shouldn’t be able to destroy the valley we are in? "
"This is dominated by me. Unless the outside world is parallel, this place is suddenly squeezed by force to destroy me. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to be destroyed." Uchihiro ice cloud said that sharingan continued to observe the external dynamics and suddenly exclaimed, "Oops! The serpent got mad and was able to escape. Its health is still 49%. I’m afraid our attack plan won’t work. "
"What? Escape? " It’s my turn to be surprised that the serpent should run away. What is this world? I’m afraid I’ll laugh my head off if it gets out.
"Bad!" I suddenly thought of something. I patted my forehead and quickly said to Uchihiro ice cloud beside me, "If we let the serpent leave the emperor’s bedroom, then there will be no one to help pin down the big bodyguard. Then we will definitely hang up and hurry up. We’d better go out with the serpent."
Now the bodyguard department in the emperor’s bedroom is pinned down by the super-Warcraft Serpent. We can fish in troubled waters and sneak out, but once the Serpent leaves the 9-level bodyguard general, a wave of people will be set up to guard the emperor’s bedroom to monitor me and Uchihiro ice cloud in the valley.
When the time comes, it will be much more difficult to escape from ascension than the difficulty of Shu Dao.
After I woke up, Uchihiro ice cloud naturally reacted and saw that the serpent was about to step out of the palace gate and escape. When the jade hand waved, we directly appeared in the emperor’s bedroom.
"Hey? What a surprise! You two have returned to the emperor’s bedroom? " The serpent who is about to leave disambiguation naturally sensed the breath of sharingan’s successor in the bedroom. He was originally prepared to step out and suddenly slowed down. He looked at the sudden appearance of the cold sound of the two people present and immediately swung from the bedroom. "Since I’m here, I’ll give you a statue to die."
"Fire dun, fly to fireball! ""Water dun, ice assault! 」
In the serpent spell, one of the snake-shaped heads turned red quickly, and then immediately, a lux energy breath was spewed out from Shekou, attacking Uchihiro ice cloud’s position as quickly as a rocket was ignited, and flying away like flying to fireball in the sky.
On the other side, another snake-shaped head turned blue quickly, followed by a spray of sky-blue energy fluctuation, which immediately spewed out and attacked us quickly. In an instant, it has surpassed the attack and flew to Uchihiro ice cloud to fireball. This is the sudden ice assault. It is a word’ fast’ that can be said to be a preemptive strike.
"Long Lin array wall! 」
In the case that I don’t know how strong the Serpent’s magic attack is, I dare not rashly meet the sudden ice assault, so I was wrapped up directly by Long Lin’s quick start at the moment when the sky blue energy attacked me rapidly.
"Ice sigh! 」
The speed of flying to fireball is not slow, but Uchihiro ice cloud’s fairy tactic is even faster. Therefore, when flying to fireball and arriving in front of Uchihiro ice cloud, the ice sighed that the wall had already waited for a long time, and directly blocked Uchihiro ice cloud from flying to fireball.
"Illusion extreme fear! 」
Just around the NPC guards, the serpent watched the anxious ice assault VS Long Lin array wall flying fireball VS ice sighing. Uchibo ice cloud had quickly simulated the hand tactic and directly released the illusion extreme fear while everyone was not paying attention.
The so-called extreme fear is actually to make the enemies around you feel fear and get away from you quickly. The beauty of this function can only be reflected in group warfare.
Imagine that you are surrounded by a large group of players, and there is no way to escape. When you are in extreme fear, your players will be far away from you and automatically give you a free way. That is when you wait for a leisurely agreement, those players who give way will be mad in retrospect.
"Hurry up!" Uchihiro ice cloud was extremely afraid of a disambiguation serpent and bedroom guards. Naturally, they immediately became confused, and they scattered around in succession. At this special time, Uchihiro ice cloud immediately rushed out of the emperor’s bedroom with me and went directly to the palace courtyard.
534, 535, 546, MISS, 543, MISS, 571 … Just arrived at the Palace, a list of injuries immediately floated from my head, and the huge square outside the bedroom of the Emperor was already crowded with people. All of them were 35 lowest-class guards.
It’s hard to imagine that so many guards have gathered in the huge square outside the emperor’s bedroom in an instant. Looking from the door, you can almost imagine how horrible the number is. If you want to kill from the land, I really don’t know if you can reach the main entrance of the palace until June.
"Don’t look at it and go quickly, or you and I will not be able to leave when the serpent comes out." Uchihiro ice cloud knows that the situation is not optimistic now. When he is high-handed, Teng Shu’s blessing is followed by his feet, and he quickly paddles from it like a meteor and rushes out directly to the west.
After Uchihiro ice cloud woke up, I immediately woke up. When my hands pressed the sword tactic to lead the way, the sword was immediately sacrificed. The drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu quickly stepped on the broad sword and the flying skill of the imperial sword was immediately released and followed Uchihiro ice cloud to leave for the west.
"You two little dolls take a break!" Just as I just went west to the imperial sword, the huge figure flashed out at the entrance of the emperor’s bedroom. The serpent rushed into the sky like a spring and followed it directly to the west.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-five East Capital Battle (in)
"Bad disambiguation the serpent is coming" Looking at the roaring in the rear and chasing the disambiguation serpent, my face changed greatly. It’s really worthy of super Warcraft. I didn’t expect to wake up from extreme fear so soon.
"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!"
At this time, four care guns at the four gates of Dongdu Imperial City bombed again and shone brightly. Immediately, they rowed toward the sky like a meteor. Two of them aimed to chase the giant serpent in the rear, while the other two aimed to run quickly ahead, Uchihiro ice cloud and me.
"Damn it, what about ice cloud? I can’t resist the magic guided gun attack at all?" Looking at the approaching magic guide gun, I can’t help dripping sweat from my forehead. Now I have no ability to resist the attack at the attribute state root. 11 magic guide gun and the only absolute defense skill, Long Lin array wall, was also dropped when I resisted the serpent’s sudden ice assault just now.
Uchihiro ice cloud has condensed into a glittering and translucent ice shield in the jade hand at the moment. When he heard my anxious inquiry, he immediately said, "Make all your defense skills even if you carry them hard, you must carry them for me."
"Fox petticoats! ""Long Lin armor! ""Drunk and dreaming! 」
If you want to talk about defense skills, I also have two stunts, namely, the fox type and Long Lin armor. Because this skill can greatly increase the attribute value, it will naturally increase the health defense in disguise, so I have to make it out.
"The pentagram guard! 」
The first three skills are blessed, but I still dare not relax. Immediately, I will directly replace the income burden of the blade of grass in my hand with the Japanese regional national protection artifact Zhen Cunzheng, and immediately draw five or five twenty-five purple rays in front of me before I hold it tightly, and directly combine them into five dazzling pentagram guards to resist in front of me.
True village is attached with skills. Although the strength of pentagram guard is not high, it is better than that in Japan. The limit is five times, and it can be very convenient anytime and anywhere without cooling.
Therefore, at this critical moment, with a wave of my hand, I squandered it directly, and Zhencun made the opportunity department exhausted five times, and directly combined it into five pentagram guards for defense magic to resist the coming artillery bombardment.
"Light shield! ""dark guardian wall! 」
While the care gun was still in flight, I immediately summoned the Blood Winged Flying Dragon, and the two high-order defense skills of light and darkness were immediately blessed on the periphery of my body to make my resistance stronger.
When the skill was released, I was reluctant to take it into my pet immediately. Oh, I’m sorry, brother. The artillery bombardment is not what you can resist now. There is a good way to take you into your pet’s position. Don’t say that I am killing the donkey. I am also hello.

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Jun 16, 2024

"Master Bai, just wait to hear my good news!"

"hmm!" Jiugong Great God nodded and hung up, and then went straight to the outside.
That night, in the real world, Tao Feng and Tao Luan were at the airport of the city.
Miyazawa Liangchen personally waited at the airport for about half an hour, and finally he waited for someone to walk out of the airport with four people.
These two old men are dressed in simple figure, their faces are rickety, and they are all leaning on crutches. Everything is so inconspicuous, but there is only one thing that stands out, that is, the hair of the two old men is red, blue and red, like Karan water.
"Two ancestors, you have finally arrived!" Seeing these two old men trembling from the inside out, Miyazawa Liangchen immediately bowed and greeted them with a grin.
A moment later, I heard a scream in the villa, followed by Miyazawa Liangchen and others outside the villa, and saw that the villa in the courtyard was screaming to a screeching halt in the frozen villa.
Followed by a wall on the front of the villa suddenly broke a hole and a pillar of fire rushed out of the villa. Miyazawa Liangchen and others were stunned. Two old men with red and blue hair had appeared in front of them with a woman in their hands. At this time, they were unconscious.
"Go!" Blue-haired old man coldly said a sentence that his body flashed and red-haired old man had taken Taofeng and Taoluan out of the car.
"Go, go!" Miyazawa Liangchen hurried to greet the people and drove off.
Office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Downtown Taoshituan Building
Tao Liang was reading the document when the phone rang and took out his phone to see that it was a message. Tao Feng sent a look at his face and changed dramatically. "Help!"

Chapter six hundred and forty-six Big manhunt
Although Tao Feng and Tao Luan are usually naughty and often joke with him, jokes of this level will never be seen by Tao Feng’s "help" message. Tao Liang immediately determines that something really happened to his daughter, shouda.
"Come and get the car quickly! !” Tao Liang called the driver in the outer room and rushed out of the chairman’s room in three steps and two steps to the ladder. He went downstairs with the driver and drove home at a gallop.
The distance between Taotuan Building and Taoliang private villa is not too far, and the driver will hurry for ten minutes and then return to his residence.
When I saw the whole frozen villa in the courtyard, Tao Conscience suddenly sank to the bottom of the valley, hit the gate and flew into the other courtyard. With the help of the driver, the door was frozen and entered the villa.
At this time, the villa has completely turned into a cold place. icehouse can clearly see blood and dead bodies everywhere on the ice.
"Phoenix bears a son! !” Seeing the dead body Tao Liang has lost the ability to think, rushing downstairs like crazy to go to Tao Feng and Tao Luan’s bedroom alone.
"Master, come quickly!" Seeing two daughters with one room is like hell, villa Tao Liang seems to have lost his soul, and suddenly he hears the driver calling outside.
Tao Liang, who recovered from his lost soul, hurriedly came out of Tao Feng’s room and came to the living room.
"Master, look here!" See Tao Lianglai driver quickly pointed to the dining table.
"ah? !” Tao Liang hurried to the table and looked down at the driver’s point. He saw a messy line carved on the table top by someone’s knife and fork. "Call the police and tell Jiuzhong!"
"This … this must be Feng ‘er or Luan ‘er!" Tao Liang took a few deep breaths to calm his mind, and then the horse took out his mobile phone and called the police according to the instructions engraved on the table, and then found Jiuzhong number in the phone book to dial the past moment and put through "Hello, is this Jiuzhong?" !”
"Oh, it’s uncle!" Words there sounded nine heavy some vague "yes, it’s me! Uncle, what is it? !”
"Feng ‘er and Luan ‘er have been kidnapped!" Tao Liang immediately told Jiuzhong everything he saw in the villa. "Let me tell you about the dining table!"
"Wait for me … I’ll be right there!"
Long Yu long tou mansion dining table
Shen Yue, Jiuzhong and Miyazawa Shinxue are having dinner. Miyazawa Shinxue didn’t want to eat with Jiuzhong, but Jiuzhong suddenly didn’t ask anyone to send her food these two days. She was so hungry that she had to come to eat with Jiuzhong and Shen Yue.
"… what’s the matter? !” See nine heavy pick up a word expression suddenly become unusually dignified Shen Yue pause eating asked.
"TaoFeng and TaoLuan were kidnapped …!" Jiuzhong told Tao Liang to him and Shen Yue again, and then got up from his seat and said to Shen Yue and Miyazawa, "You eat first, I have to go there!"
"I’ll go with you!" Knowing that something is unusual, Shen Yue will of course be with Jiuzhong at this time.
"… can I also go with you? !” Hear nine heavy miyazawa really snow heart has faint guessed what want to nine heavy request way.
Nine heavy stare at miyazawa snow "… ok!"
When the three people left the leading mansion and took a helicopter to Tao Liang’s house overnight.
Taoliang private villa
Soon after the alarm, a large police car rushed to Tao Liang’s private residence.
Tao Liang is the head of Chengtou No.1 big consortium. The police station naturally dare not neglect the accident at home. When a policeman goes out, there are dozens of police officers, and several people even attended the police chief in person.
"It’s so rampant!" The villa inspected a terrible crime scene, and the police chief immediately said to the police officer when he came out with a dignified face and heavy water, "It is necessary to rescue Mr. Tao Lao’s daughter and bring these inhuman villains to justice!"
"Yes!" As soon as the director ordered all the police departments of the whole police station to go out to martial law in the city, a group of Miyazawa Liangchen and others were searched on a carpet.
"Well …!" The blue-haired old man nodded. "The Great God did say that the Japanese area in the Era is in jeopardy and may perish at any time. It is necessary to solve this nine-fold as soon as possible! Well, then move the horse to the target place as you say! "
"Yes!" When Miyazawa Liangchen led his staff to drive two old men and the hijacked Taofeng and Taoluan away from this temporary foothold and rushed to the target site specially prepared to deal with Jiuchong.
"Baga Yalu … how are the damn police everywhere? !” More than a dozen driving routes have been changed, but not long after going out, at the front ten intersection, Miyazawa Liangchen and his party saw a large group of police blocking the intersection to check the passing vehicles.
Because I have a guilty conscience, I dare not rashly try. I’m not afraid of 10 thousand, but I’m afraid that something will happen to 11 thousand. Then they’ll be wasted as soon as they show their actions.
After swearing a few words, to be on the safe side, Miyazawa Liangchen continued to choose to change the driving route again.
After that, Miyazawa Liangchen and his party wandered around Sitongda Highway in the city like a snake for more than three hours. It was still risky to break through two loose cards, and finally it was temporarily out of the encirclement of the police and went straight to the target site, an abandoned factory in the suburbs.
In miyazawa liangchen hiding from the police in the city, Jiuzhong has arrived at Tao Liang’s home by helicopter.

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Jun 14, 2024

Looking at the invitation to the moon and smiling face, Donglang had an impulse to kiss her, so he thought about it and did it. His arms were struggling to "well … let go … well …" The struggle to invite the moon gradually became weak, and he felt relieved. He wanted to let her go, but he was reluctant to let go.

When inviting the moon to turn around, I saw mu Yan and stopped staring at the moon in front of my eyes. Some unnatural explanations "I heard the fight and came out to see it, but I didn’t expect to see you and Donglang."
"Oh …" Invited the moon and turned his eyes to Mu Yan.
"I … also drop by …"
Inviting the moon to look at the muyan cigarette, he suddenly reached out and hit him in the head. "Hey!"
"wow! What are you doing? Are you free to knock on the young master’s head? " Dissatisfaction with mu Yan
Invite the moon to raise eyebrows "Oh? Then I won’t knock every time. "
"Hum!" Mu Yan raised his head and gave the invitation to the moon a very eye-catching look and then roared off.
Invited the month sloped smiled and ran from behind, dragging MuYanYi followed him. "Wait for me to go together … why are you in such a hurry? You don’t like me, do you? "
"You …" Mu Yan was almost choked by his own saliva. "What are you doing, Master Dream? You won’t like a woman like you, and … don’t drag my clothes …"
"I’m afraid I’ll fall down if I drag something." Inviting drinks on the moon refused to let go.
"Hey … my clothes are expensive …"
"Just reward you with ten pieces after you return to the palace. Besides … I didn’t drag your clothes …"
"Don’t drag me … so I will fall down …" Mu Yan walked carefully, fearing that he would slip to invite the moon to go away. The light in his eyes behind him suddenly dragged Mu Yan and slipped to the ground like a turtle without responding.
"Ha, ha, ha ….." Invited the moon to laugh and walk away.
"You …" Muyan sat up in a rage and struck the ground with a hammer. "Hum … you will take revenge when you wait for the young master!"
I couldn’t help laughing when I saw Muyan’s mess in the military camp at night. Others all looked at Muyan with a smile and shouted angrily, "Hum, what are you looking at … what’s there to see?" I went to Muyan’s side. "Go back to the camp and get wet. Be careful to catch cold!"
I sneezed as soon as I finished mu Yan, and turned and ran into the camp. The midnight laugh was even more exaggerated.
I invited the moon to Mu Yan’s bedside at night and looked at Mu Yan’s sleeping face with a faint smile. This smile was accompanied by indulgence and Mu Yan, just like he said that he was noisy occasionally but felt very warm and secretly liked each other but dared not say it. It was a wonderful and sweet feeling … astringent …
In my sleep, I felt someone pinched my face and turned over, and then I wanted to do it. I fell asleep and sat up in fear when I saw the moon invited to sit by my bed. "You … why are you here?"
Inviting the moon to look at him in shock suddenly smiled strangely and vaguely. "You are sick, so can I come and see?" Inviting the moon to talk while the body is close to mu Yan.
Mu Yan felt a hot rush to his forehead and burned his ears. "What are you … what are you doing?"
"Don’t be afraid … what am I going to do? Aren’t you white? You’re what I’m afraid of. Come here, baby … "Hahahaha invited the moon to hold back and laugh.
"I … I don’t want you to mess around … are you out of your mind?" The sound of the smoke trembled and the fragrance of the moon lingered on his nose. He was nervous but expected more.
"Come here … I’m coming … baby …" Inviting the moon to tease MuYan MuYan is in shock. Looking at inviting the moon to blush with shame, I really want people to eat it in one bite.
Inviting the moon suddenly felt hot and dry. Is she playing with fire? I didn’t expect that I really have feelings for this kid. I thought that I would pull myself away when I invited the moon here. Who knows that the foot of my foot stepped on the bed and smothered the smoke, so I was so scared that I fell behind and the posture was ambiguous.
As if this moment was still, I invited the moon to get up slowly, and the two were embarrassed.
"I … um … are you all right …" Mu Yanyu couldn’t wait to bite off his tongue. Seeing him like this, he invited the moon to suddenly laugh. Now that it’s at this point, it’s just natural and it’s embarrassing. How embarrassing it is not to meet again.
Inviting the moon to think of this, I suddenly got up, undressed, bathed in smoke, and looked at inviting the moon in amazement. "What are you … what are you doing?"
"I undress? How can I sleep without undressing? " Invite the moon to smile.
"Take off … take off your clothes …" Muyan swallowed saliva. "I’m tired when you sleep over there …"
"Speaking of which, neither Xu nor I have a square, let’s make it up to you tonight!" Inviting the moon, he threw the smoke into the bed.
"What … Dong room fireworks … I don’t … don’t … you are quick to flash to the young master …" Mu Yan said very politely.
"oh? Do you really want me? " Inviting the moon to swing his fingers and smoke, this duplicitous kid on his chest seems to have to give him some punishment. Inviting the moon to bow his head and kiss the smoke.
At that moment, when the lips were soft and pressed, the smoke in my brain exploded and turned into a piece of white. It turned out that kissing was like floating white clouds floating and floating … and floating water gently …
A moment later, I invited the moon to let out smoke, and the stars flickered and the candlelight flashed. Do you really want me? If you don’t want it, I’ll go out now! "
Inviting the moon to ask seriously that some things need two of a kind to do, and two of a kind needs to be willing, otherwise it will be too reluctant.
I didn’t expect to ask this question when I invited the moon. How can I answer this embarrassing question? It’s really detrimental for him to be a gentleman! Is he willing? He is really looking forward to it … but he doesn’t know how to say it. Is he going to lose the chance because she moved today?
Inviting the moon to see Mu Yan didn’t talk. He didn’t think clearly that two people got up to retire. Even if they were embarrassed, they couldn’t make life miserable. I felt that I was invited to the moon and my body was away from the sense of loss. I climbed my heart. When I was in a hurry, I stretched out my hand and pulled the moon into my arms. I invited the moon to fall down again.

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Jun 13, 2024

I love gold coins, but I still didn’t react. wait for a while said, "Are you sure the Avengers want to auction off the’ help token’? You know, with this’ help token’ and the strength and reputation of your Dragon Soul Gang, if you create a gang now, it will definitely have a good development prospect. Is your boss crazy? "

"This is our Dragon Soul Help Department. We don’t need to worry about the boss. What the boss needs to do now is to sell the’ help token’ to a big price, which is enough to shock the world’s big price of Shuo."
I love gold coins, sighed, and slowly raised my hand to build a gang token, and said, "Well, since you have chosen my money auction house, I will definitely help you auction a good price. With the’ build a gang token’, you can be the first to create a gang with great influence. Those bosses who want to dominate are sure to win. This is definitely a fierce competition."
"The money exchange system will be released in the early hours of the morning. For those big gangs, money is not a problem. I estimate that it should not be a problem to sell this’ help-building token’ to millions of gold coins." At the same time, I love gold coins and secretly muttered that with this help-building token, my money auction house can finally have a bright future. Merchants will know that one day I will definitely step on you.
"… millions of gold coins? So much? " I cried in surprise. Millions of gold coins are converted into millions of cash. It’s too extravagant for a player to be willing to spend millions of gold coins. You know, when playing games before, the highest equipment for private auction was only two or three thousand cash. This is too crazy.
"More than a million? This is my conservative estimate. "I love gold coins," he said flatly. Suddenly he seemed to think of something and said, "Avengers, do you mean that one of the best players has any advanced equipment? Auction out together and you can get a good price then. "
I nodded and said, "There are a few pieces in my warehouse, but they are all outdated equipment. Well, there is also a set of assassin’s second-class silver suit, spike-tooth flurry suit and ………………………………………………………………………………………………………
I love gold coins. After receiving all the equipment department, I sent an advertisement to the unified display toilet. Soon, the first’ help-building token’ in the world will be auctioned at the money auction house at 12 noon. If you want to be the first gang hero in Shuo and want to develop your own gang first, then what are you waiting for at the money auction house at 12 noon? At the same time, there are many silver-class equipment waiting for it. The owner hopes that you will not miss this opportunity.
This time, I love gold coins so much that I made three announcements to the system, and he didn’t charge me. Oh, you broke it.
Just when I was feeling that I love gold coins, I saw him take out a card from his bag and handed it to me. He said, "This is an auction membership card. With this card, you can enter the auction without tickets. I have to go to work on the auction. You can sit here for a while."
"No, I still have some things, so I won’t bother the boss." After I left, I went to Xuanyuan Imperial City to rely on sending the array. For a while, it was the first martial art meeting in the day. Although Qinglong and I also have some friendship, I prefer coke with ice to win. I don’t know if coke with ice has come up with a solution.
During the competition, coke with ice and Qinglong were sent to the arena. Just like the second time, I started Longxiang to pray and helped coke with ice to strengthen the life limit by more than 100 points.
"Coke with ice, although your magic power is very strong, but there is no defense shield, is it necessary for the magician to fight in close combat than you think?" Tsing lung said simply that it is really difficult for the Magic Warrior to hang up Tsing lung with coke and ice. After all, I thought that Tsing lung was a super man.
"Qinglong" Although I know that it is almost impossible to beat you, I still want to try. "Coke and ice magic staff quickly revealed the spell of Qinglong." Great ice goddess, please spread your cold to people and freeze the enemy in front of you! "
Qinglong said contemptuously, "You look down on me too little. This freezing magic can’t do anything for me!"
(There are three conversion methods to convert the magic warrior’s conversion skill to consume 1 mana. One is to convert 25% attack power into 3% magic attack and 3% physical attack; The second is to convert 25% attack power into 2% agility; The third is to convert 25% attack power into 2% vitality. The three transformations cannot be reversed, and one can be transformed at a time for 3 minutes)
Although the fiend force has reduced the attack power by 25%, whether it is in exchange for 3% magic physical avoidance or 2% speed or 2% vitality, it is anti-people’s ability to fight in the competitive ring is not better than the spike ability.
If both sides kill their opponents, the last thing to compare is the ability to fight and the medicine they carry. It is difficult for today’s strong players to kill their opponents. After all, everyone has a good thing, so the last thing to compare is the ability to fight.
Tsing lung’s own blessing is 13% speed. In addition to speeding up the movement, it also speeds up the attack speed. It seems that coke with ice is in danger this time. After all, the attack speed is strengthened, although the attack power is weak, but there is almost no gap between the attack power one by one.
2% moving speed reveals the suspicion that coke and ice roots can’t even capture the shadow of Qinglong, let alone release magic. Qinglong is fast, and even a player with high agility can see a rough outline clearly.
"Alas, the defeat of coke with ice has been decided", although it is a rough look, judging from the gap between the two sides, the chance of winning coke with ice is slim. After all, a magician’s magic that you can’t even capture the player has been locked in, so you have a passive beating. Unless there is some miracle that can immediately reduce the speed advantage of the other side, it is a matter of time before coke with ice dies.
Coke with ice, looking at the blue dragon figure flashing around, frowned, and took out a sky-blue bead from the baggage with the staff in his hand. He said lightly, "I came here to prepare for dealing with the god eater, but your strength is beyond my imagination. The first battle plan to deal with you can make it necessary to make this secret weapon the ice goddess spear!"
Air conditioning quickly gathered around Coke and ice, and gradually formed a sky-blue spear. Even sitting in the audience seat, I felt a huge cold current. I’m afraid this power is still in frost wyrm. I don’t know if Qinglong can resist the ice goddess spear.
But my eyes almost jumped out when I saw Coke with ice taking out the beads. That … that turned out to be a watery bead. Zhao Linger, a watery bead is Coke with ice. How can it make a watery bead? Isn’t it possible to mobilize the power of the spirit beads only when the descendants of Nuwa dictate spells?
In fact, the most puzzling thing in my heart is where did you get the watery beads with coke and ice? Well, when the battle is over, we should have a good chance to ask him. Haha, I didn’t expect that my luck is so good today. First, I found the fiery beads in the assistant, and then I suddenly broke the’ help token’ in the assistant. Now the coke-iced hand is the watery beads. Is my luck coming?
Chapter sixty-one The origin of watery beads
Tsing lung looked at the spear, the goddess of ice and snow, and felt a little crisis. When he didn’t dare to neglect the magic sword in his hand and swept it forward, it was the right time to clean up a large number of players’ half-moon swords.
Half-moon black gas waves came out through the sword and rushed to Coke with ice, and the ice goddess spear beside Coke with ice also gathered quickly and stabbed Qinglong. The past two big moves were all killer skills. It seems that now is the time to compete. If the half-moon sword hits Coke with ice first, Qinglong will win, but if the ice goddess spear hits Qinglong first, the winner will be Coke with ice.
The sword of the half moon of death and the spear of the goddess of ice and snow crossed halfway, and boom rang. The whole competitive arena trembled. Coke with ice and Qinglong floated almost at the same time. Coke with ice was 156, while Qinglong was 1679. The power was amazing. There were 100,000 injuries to the spear of the goddess of ice and snow. It was really abnormal.
Although the damage was output together, the coke with ice fell down. It seems that the dragon died and the half moon sword won the coke with ice and the snow goddess spear and won.
"ding! The third semi-final game of Magic Warrior Qinglong VS Magician Coca-Cola winner Magic Warrior Qinglong will hold the semi-final game at 5: 00 pm on Sunday. The fourth Avenger VS Magic Kill will make everyone not miss it. "The announcement of the end of the battle was sent.
The battle is over, but no one on both sides of the battle knows that coke with ice almost won, but Qinglong is different. He won the game.
Tsing lung couldn’t get up, didn’t it? It was a string of great injuries that floated behind him because of coke and ice? Hundred thousand, that’s hundreds of injuries. If it weren’t for the competitive battle just now, I’m afraid the result should be both sides. It’s only right to hang together. Four Holy Beasts’s boss was almost defeated by the dragon soul to help a wannabe hand. How can he get along with Qinglong if he goes out?
Coca-cola and I hurried forward to comfort ourselves when we lost the battle with ice. Coca-cola suddenly asked, "What’s that bead you just took out with ice?" The abnormal power of the ice and snow goddess spear should require that pearl to be able to display the killer skill. "
Coke added freezing point and nodded and sighed, "This is a watery pearl. However, I don’t know what it is, but it is said that the snow demon is sealed in it, but the water and ice level 1 top BOSS is said that the strongest attack on the snowy mountain is the snow goddess spear."
"How did you make water beads with ice? I have a fire spirit bead here that belongs to me, but it can’t make me remember the spear of the ice goddess just now. If I can make the fire spirit bead have a Vulcan blessing or Vulcan anger, wouldn’t it be a big kill?
Coke with ice suddenly lit up in front of me and exclaimed, "You mean this watery bead is yours?"
"Well, what’s the matter?" The reaction of coke with ice makes me a little unnatural. Is there any problem in it?
"Haha, it’s you. I’ve been looking for you so hard." Coke with ice quickly took out the watery beads from my bag and gave it to me. Seeing the success of the transaction, I finally breathed a sigh of relief and said to myself, "It’s too difficult to never pick up this kind of almost impossible after I finally finished this pervert."
It turns out that Coke and Ice Field is a water magician who accidentally bumped into an alcoholic NPC when he went out to train. The alcoholic NPC told Coke to add ice and he could change ice to water-ice, but he had to help him finish one before.
This is that the limit for handing over the five spirit beads and one water spirit bead to the player who is playing the’ Save Zhao Linger’ game is one month (that is, my final time). If the water spirit bead is handed over to the player with coke and ice in one month, the game will be judged to have failed, and the level will be reduced by one level and the magic will be changed back to water.
The Ice Goddess Spear is a stunt that the drunkard NPC attached to Coke with ice. It can be used three times before it is completed, and the water beads need to be taken out each time. However, if it is completed, the ice goddess Spear will be lifted and the water beads can not be taken out after it is used.
(The Snow Goddess Spear is an advanced skill. If there is no auxiliary, it will have a certain pair.)
Whoo! Fortunately, if coke with ice doesn’t find me for a month, the punishment for his failure will be reduced to level 1. Don’t change back to water, but I will be different. The level will return to level 1. The equipment department will drop gold coins and the recycling department will rely on these punishments. I can delete the number and stop playing.
Thank God for letting me find the water pearl.
In ancient times, the five gods of water, fire, wind, thunder and mountain came to people. They loved this land and didn’t want to return to Tianshui. They clapped their hands and laughed in the huge waves of Hong Tao and didn’t hear the people crying. Vulcan dances in flames, regardless of whether people’s bones burn into fly ash in the fire; Fengshen blew up houses and collapsed cattle and sheep trees, killing many people; Raytheon kept playing drums but scared the disabled people to hide in the cave and hug together in fear; The mountain gods kept jumping and the earthquake destroyed the people’s homeland, the goddess Nuwa, to protect the people. Finally, from nine days, the five gods of water, fire, wind, thunder and mountain were collected into five spirit beads, and the snow demon was placed with the water spirit beads. Only when the Nuwa clan cooperated with the spell can it be possible to mobilize the strength of the spirit beads and snow demon. It is required that the descendants of the Nuwa clan wear the attributes +2 to display the power of water magic and increase by 1% and never wear the weight 2 to attach skills to the snow demon.
The Snow Demon’s primary spell consumes 5 mana, summoning the Shuilingzhu Snow Demon to carry out a large-scale Wan Li mountain closure, causing 25 times of ordinary magic attack damage to the enemies in the range, while freezing the range by 1%. All players become ice sculptures and freeze for 5 hours when the skill cools down for seconds.
"By the way, boss, did you see today’s news that there is no money auction house? I love gold coins. I plan to auction the help token at the auction in the day. Should we prepare it? After all, this is the first help token in Say." At this time, Coca-Cola suddenly played the recent unified broadcast.
I nodded slowly and said, "I know, so what? We didn’t agree to create an organization that would make the major gangs feel frightened." Here I smiled mysteriously. "Besides, it’s not that members of the organization can’t join other gangs, but they can’t create their own. If we want to cultivate our own gangs, we don’t have to be the main helpers. What’s the point?"
"BOSS, I always feel that this help-building token came too suddenly, as if it was born after the vice. I suspect that it was brought out by a player in the vice." The more Coca-Cola thinks about it, the more suspicious it is. After all, the help-building token needs a level 3 BOSS to come out. Now it is too sudden for players to kill BOSS on a large scale.
"This building help token was brought out from the vice-captain." Looking at Coca-Cola and Coke with ice, I smiled and explained, "It’s not your boss. I went into the vice-captain and killed seven players from all levels. Finally, I broke out this building help token. You mustn’t leak it or Xiaoqiang will ask me for a statement."
Coca-cola and coke with ice showed understanding and promised me to keep this secret.
Then the three of us went to the ant nest again. Thunder magic and ice magic exploded frequently in the ant colony. It was so cool to watch the brushing experience. So after playing for a long time, Coca-Cola and Coke with ice rose to level 21 successively. Looking at the ranking list, it was hard to imagine that the level was 2 after the fourth place.
Huh? The first bite god broke through the 23 rd line of defense and stepped into the 24 th threshold. It seems that it is really difficult to chase him. Damn it, Dark Dragon, if you hadn’t failed me, how could I have been dumped by the bite god? One day, I will peel your dragon skin as a cotton-padded jacket and whip your dragon classics as a whip.
I spent the rest of the day upgrading …
I slept until 11 o’clock the next day, ate some instant noodles quickly and entered the game with my helmet. You know, it’s 12 o’clock, but I can’t just miss and accommodate the auction meeting, which specially adjusted the semi-final of the First Martial Art Association to 5 o’clock in the evening.
Just now, I appeared in Nuwa City, and immediately paid to Tong. I came to Xuanyuan Imperial City and walked towards the auction venue. This time, the money auction house became famous. I love gold coins, but I spent a lot of money at the arena auction center. What day is this? The first martial art will be adjusted until late. The noon time has been taken over by the auction.
Chapter sixty-two Auction Assembly
Along the way, Xuanyuan City has a sea of people, and the players are jostling with each other. The auction house has been packed with money. This auction has become the hottest activity in the world of Shuo. This auction has attracted the attention of all players. After all, the birth of the first guild token has laid the foundation for the establishment of the first gang.

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