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Baihui Mountain stands at a steep peak. Thorns are everywhere all year round, and beasts are swarming. Those who are not strong enough can’t move, but at the top of this mountain, the first ray of sunshine will shine every time the morning sun rises and becomes humorous.

At the top, a woman in white stood in the corner of the steep wall for a long time, but her face moved slightly, but it was a little more indifferent. "Do I really want to go back?"
There is also a handsome man standing behind the woman. Although he is middle-aged, the traces of time have not affected his appearance at all. He said slowly with a sigh, "It is also good for you to be a so-called female university."
What else did the woman want to say, but the words came to her mouth and she swallowed. When the man saw that she stopped talking, she sighed and turned away [
Yes, this woman in white was born here in those years. Jiu-Er should call the water ripple on the moon.
At that time, she had just been reborn, and it was not until she was brought back to Baihui Mountain by Master that information gradually emerged in her mind.
The body owner called Shui Lianyue is the four daughters of Shuifu in the three big families of Jinxi Dynasty. She also has a mother who is the four ladies of Shuifu. The real life is not as good as that of the humble servant girl. There are countless images of being bullied and humiliated in her mind.
When I was in a brothel, it was also the first lady who arranged to be married by the royal family because of the water ripple. The first lady married Yu Wang Zhengfei, and she also had a daughter who would never let a humble ordinary girl become a princess and thus have a higher status than her daughter.
So the housekeeper, Dark Hand, sold Shui Lian Yue to Long County, 300 miles away from Kyoto.
What makes Shui Lian endure most is that the brothel sold in those days was thirteen years old, and the value of cardamom was only fifty taels.
My thoughts are numerous and complicated, and the birds’ chirping brings me back to the watery moon, but seeing her mouth hook up with a strange sneer runs counter to the extreme scenery.
Shuifu is very good
I didn’t stay long. The next day, the water was rippling, and the mountain returned to Kyoto. Baihui Mountain is still far from Kyoto, and it takes more than ten days to travel day and night.
"Just send it here." Water ripple on indifference looked at the side of people holding the reins Zhuge solitary walk, not far ahead is the road. If you send it again, I’m afraid there is no end.
Zhuge Gu also looked at the water in his eyes, but there was no emotion in his deep eyes. When he heard her speak, he stopped and raised his arm to hold the little black hawk with wide shoulders on her shoulder and slowly said, "Take the full moon with you. If you have anything, Master and I can know."
Water ripple month didn’t speak is the default slightly failed and looked at the full moon just smile and said, "you this guy recently gained weight again? Go to the sky to lose weight. "
The full moon seems to be able to understand people’s voice just fell on the black wings and roared and then flew to the sky.
Zhuge lonely is quietly watching the water ripple on without a trace of emotion. She seldom smiles, even if she smiles, it has a beautiful feeling, but he still likes to look at her cold expression and think about it. His mouth has a little more subtle smile.
Jumping into a horse’s water and a moon covered with a white gauze hat is like a refined fairy, but riding a horse and whipping all the way to leave dust.
After seven days of running around, I came to Long County at noon the next day.
Shui Lianyue’s white dress is particularly eye-catching, and the pedestrians on the street stop to talk about it, which makes her somewhat uncomfortable. She thinks that this dress is already very low-key, but she doesn’t want to attract people.
Speaking of Long County for three years, she was familiar with it and led the horse directly to the brothel, but it has been changed into a restaurant and changed hands.
As soon as she entered the door, someone came to meet her and took her to the backyard. The elegant room was particularly chic and decorated according to the preferences of the water ripple. She liked the white house, but all the white objects she could get were placed outside the courtyard, and two Qionghua trees were planted, which were warm and could slightly resist the cold [
Yes, she is one in a million with a cold constitution. The master said that her cold constitution was brought out from the womb. In vernacular Chinese, congenital can’t cure anything to keep warm, so it’s also when the yin is extremely heavy during the full moon.
Yin-cold constitution can’t transport frequently, otherwise Yin-cold will come forward.
"Miss, miss, miss"
Shui Lianyue just took a sip of tea and before she swallowed it, she flashed a yellow shadow. After she swallowed it, she casually said, "Why are you still so restless to be steady?"
See water ripple on the side of a girl’s age but 15 or 16 a goose yellow water skirt powder blush embellish nifty cute eyebrow eye is much a few minutes more pure color "miss somebody else how steady, you know this month’s profits but doubled?"
Shui Lian Yue Nai shook his head and smiled faintly. "I know you are the most important thing, miss. I can’t live without you."
Speaking of red tassel, it was two years ago when Shui Lianyue came to Long County to rescue her. Maybe she was in the same boat. At that time, Red tassel was only eleven or twelve years old, and her family was poor and poor. Nai’s parents sold her to a brothel, but she didn’t want this girl to escape abruptly. If Shui Lianyue arrived later, I’m afraid she would be beaten to death by those thugs.
Since then, the red tassel has followed her little girl and looked at her with a simple mind. In fact, the ghost point is the most clever and capable. Only the year before last did she come out of the mountain to run the restaurant in Long County. Of course, the water ripple month is the real owner of this restaurant. Chapter 5 Tea Conference.
Red tassel smiled wittily, but her eyes caught sight of the package on the fairy table. She smiled and pointed at the package and said, "Miss, are you going out of town?"
Shui Lianyue poured a cup of tea and put the teapot gently for a moment. "Yes, miss, you know my life. There are some things that I need to go back and solve myself."
Red tassel slightly locks her eyebrows, her pink mouth purses up, and before she opens her mouth, Shui Lian added, "Don’t worry, I will take you with me."
Sure enough, Red tassel smiled at this sentence and rolled up her arm. She was very close. "Miss loves Red tassel the most."
In fact, red tassel still has a little fear of water ripple on the moon. It’s not always so coquetry and intimate. If you don’t touch the bottom line of Miss Yang, remember that Mammy Yang was as dead as life. She is still concerned. If Miss Yang launches a malicious attack, really not everyone can bear it. Although Red tassel doesn’t know what Miss Yang has suffered [
Death is the best way to get rid of it, but no one can afford to die slowly, having his spine cut off and watching the bone marrow flow all over the floor.
And the late magistrate of a county in Nalong County has dug a grave and dug a grave, which has turned into a pile of bones. She still has to bear the anger of the young lady, hang the gate and be exposed to the hot sun.
Now when I think about it, my scalp will tingle and cold sweat will drop.
They rested for one night and explained to the shopkeeper, then rode away the next day.
Long county is 320 miles away from Kyoto, and it will take two days to get there quickly. However, it is almost time for Shuilian Moon to stop and go, and the red tassel will enjoy the scenery from time to time, which just took five days to reach Kyoto.
Kyoto is really busy and bustling, and even the small traders and hawkers have frequent visits to send silver into their pockets like running water, so that Shui Lianyue has the idea of opening another shop here.
Moreover, Kyoto is also magnificent enough, with carved corridors and painted columns everywhere extravagant, even small families’ palaces are luxuriously decorated, let alone the three great families of Jinxi Dynasty.
"Miss, look over there. It’s so lively. Let’s also go and see." Red tassels are as busy as small farmers entering the city, and even the water ripple on the moon is secretly praising Kyoto, not the kui is Kyoto.
In addition to Long County, Baihui Mountain has fewer contacts and fewer places to visit. Now it’s really an eye-opener to come here.

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