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When the tsunami approaches people, as the end is approaching, the scene is worse than a dim sun.

Xiao Yuetu asked, "The bell ringer is not in the chaotic world. What about the spiritual master in the chaotic world? Director, are we going to save people? "
Yuan Ling hasn’t spoken yet. The other side of the meeting also received a distress signal. The spiritual master said, "We can’t go. Some spiritual masters who just escaped from the chaotic world said that the silent Lord is now in the chaotic world. That’s the most powerful dark spiritual master. Isn’t He Li’s bone gone and asking for a dead end?"
I don’t know which one the spiritual master is, but now he has hid in Lingjiaofang.
Xiao Yue image heard what a big joke swearing "line meeting to discuss is to deal with the silent Lao things this original is not chaotic burial discussion you started to silence the Lord anger to chaotic burial body regardless? The chaotic burial bell ringer is blocking the tsunami, and the remaining people are blocking the dark spiritual master. If you stay in Lingjiaofang and do nothing, forget it. It’s easy to say sarcastically. Are you shameless? "
The man shan shan said, "what’s wrong with what I said? If you want to help, go. I’m afraid you’ll come back dead if you go. "
Yuan Ling said coldly, "Shut up!"
He asked, "Has the think tank figured out a solution to the tsunami?"
Yuanjiang: "If a hundred three water-attribute spiritual masters can control the waves at the same time, but …"
But in this world, there are no 100 water-attribute spiritual masters, let alone three water-attribute spiritual masters.
Yuan Ling: "How many water spiritual teachers are there in Mincheng?"
"There are still two people who don’t ring the bell, but they won’t go." Huajiang manipulated the man-machine to drop the image and showed it to Yuan Ling. "It’s not only water but also fire. Now the temperature in the sea is probably a thousand degrees, and they will die if they go."
Xiao Yuetu "How can there be a fire in the water?"
Huajiang pointed to the man-machine back pattern.
Behind the waves are seven magic dumplings with huge bodies.
"The monster’s body and soul are nine babies, and nine babies are fire and water monsters. Now no one can stop it except the bell ringer."
Talk to the waves, a bright blue light flashed across the 100-meter wave, and it was pushed down again.
Yuan Ling was quiet. "I’ll go to the chaotic world to save people. You stay here. Huajiang will report the progress of the tsunami to the government departments at any time. Others will help evacuate the roads and refugees."
Xiao Yuetu "I’ll go with you"
Yuan Ling waved his hand. "No one can suppress silence when He Li is dead. You will die if you go."
"Then you are not going to die?" Xiao Yuetu asked
Yuan Ling said lightly, "My brother died there."
He was about to turn around, but the spiritual master shouted, "Director, look-"
See the direction of chaos, the sky is blustery, and suddenly burst into light.
A deep purple and a red blood burst through the center of chaos.
In an instant, the boundary of chaos has become completely broken.
All the spiritual masters looked up at the place.
Although they can’t see clearly what happened there, they can feel that there are two powerful forces that they can’t imagine crashing and spreading throughout the city.
There is a spiritual master on a high place, and he looks at that place with the power of spells.
"There is such a powerful spiritual master in the world. She must be the silent master. It seems that the chaotic tomb is really finished this time." He told the spiritual master about what he saw.
Behind that purple cloud woman, a vein floated.
All the energy of heaven and earth seems to be mobilized by her and remitted to the top of the chaotic world.
The psychic said that the whole person froze.
It was not until people called him that he murmured, "How … Maybe …"
Yuan ling also leng when holding a telescope in sight to the chaotic boundary horizon.
After a long time, he came to his senses. "Nine strains …"
He put the telescope in disbelief. "Who is that man?"
Chapter 15 Chapter 15
Although saints die, there are more roads than roads
The silent Lord is dead?
Mysterious and powerful, one hand will kill two five spiritual masters, and the silent Lord will die like this?
In the eyes of all people, the silent head rolled to the ground with horror.
The yard was full of charred ashes after the fire, and all the ashes were blown by the wind at the fracture of her head and neck.
The dark masters did not move, and at first they did not return to their senses.
After coming to my senses, I couldn’t help looking at the man who suddenly appeared. It was this pair of eyes that made them unable to move and froze in place.
A man has a beautiful face, but his eyes are full of blood.
When I bumped into his eyes, I could see a touch of cold, biting cold, skipping like an abyss, purgatory, fire and shura, which was nerve-racking.
The cold spread over their bodies.
Although the silence is full of cruelty and blood, this man is nothing compared with his flesh and blood.
The dark eyelids of Nangong dust are stained with a deep night in the thick clouds.
He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, the color in his eyes became thicker.
When his eyes opened and closed around the yard, evil things suddenly twisted, and before they could react, what happened to him, he heard several clear bangs like something exploded in the calm.
Falling into Shinto’s evil body swelled, instantly exploding blood fog, and even Cui Xuanyi and the dark psychic behind him were also affected by the wave.
It was they who built a higher building. Although there was no direct explosion, they were also covered in blood.

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