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Xia Suo asked this question because she woke up with a smile, reminding her that when she was robbed of the royal elder sister’s long dress by the boat from shallow water, she said that she "didn’t share the clothes attributes with her." Xia wanted to ask someone what this "attribute sharing" was about, but she forgot it after a long time.

"This is a very simple little rose" smiled and said enthusiastically, "You can have a little’ share’ on your personal image by clicking on the personal information panel."
After clicking "Share", a row of options appeared, namely, sharing to current friends, sharing to family, sharing to teams and even sharing to Weibo, forums and other options. When it was time to share in summer, the family immediately saw that their game characters had turned into a photo and flew to the family’s text barrage.
Then the family blew up, and both men and women shouted.
"Wow, np face!"
"Newcomer Newcomer, is this your own pinch?"
"How is it possible that anyone can pinch it like that unless he is a sculptor?"
"Newcomer younger sister you are random to? I’m so lucky! I envy and hate! "
"Envy, jealousy and hate plus 1"
"Add mobile phone number"
"Add ID number"
Summer is dizzy by the reaction of these people in the family. I can’t help but ask Wu Gou Frost and Snow to see Wu Gou Frost and Snow. There must be no family voice.
"Hero," Xia pointed to his face and said, "Is it difficult for np Luo Xi’s face to arrive at random?"
Wu Gou Frost and Snow nodded. "Luo Xi’s face belongs to ss level, and the probability is very low. Most random faces are a little flawed, so generally no one will be random."
"So that’s it." Xia mused and finally thought about a question: Why is he so lucky in the game? She looked back blankly at Wu Gou Frost and Snow, and suddenly remembered that she asked tentatively about his gender guess.
"Hero, is your face random?"
Wu Gou Frost and Snow slightly shook her head and said, "I didn’t pinch it myself."
Xia was awed. "Hero, you are really amazing. Are you a painter?"
"No," said Wu Gou Shuangxue. "Do you read comics?"
Comics? Xia shook her head. She took the exam in Dashun High School, a key high school. After three years of studying hard, she kept looking for a part-time job and doing part-time writing. Where did she squeeze out to read comics sometimes?
She usually knows that those novels are influenced by Tao Yaoyao to read or listen to Tao Yaoyao in class.
Wu Gou Shuang Xue said, "There is a comic book called" Rose Song "and I just pinch it according to the characters in it."
Xia shook her head again and said that she had never heard of it, but she thought the name was very nice. Because of the rosa multiflora Children’s Welfare Institute, she also felt that the name was very kind.
"It’s normal that this cartoon is not popular and has never been heard," said Wu Gou Frost and Snow with a smile.
If Wu Gou Frost and Snow were more enthusiastic and told Xia something about this cartoon, or Xia was more curious and asked a few more questions, even if he asked the cartoonist’s name, the story might develop in another direction, and Xia’s life would be more joyful and less regrettable.
It’s a pity that "if" can be if something is missed, there will be no chance again.
"Where’s the new girl?" Heads of thunder sound up.
Summer hurriedly reply.
"(Family) Summer Xia Xia Rose is here. What can I do for you, Chief?"
"Sister is so polite, haha." Thunder laughed heartily and continued. "Nothing is just to ask Sister Dora to bring some friends into the family. After all, the family has just been established and needs everyone’s joint efforts!"
"Yes, yes, yes, Dora, come in." "That man" followed.
"I’m still pulling my sister, and the yin is flourishing and the yang is declining. Dora, come in!" Others say
Xia nervously said, "Well, I don’t have many friends. Let me ask them."
Xia’s response was quickly drowned out by all kinds of family sounds.
Some people say, "That’s the man. You still want to pull your sister. Be careful that the little moon hits you."
The man replied, "Why did you hit me? I’m not sharing my worries for the patriarch. The patriarch is embarrassed to say that I’ll just say it for him, right, patriarch? "
Thunder replied, "You guys make fun of me every day as a patriarch, even if Xiaoyue said everything. She is my buddy, okay?"
"Yo-"There was a hush in the family.
Summer see what’s the matter without her also put the voice message with a sigh of relief.
It’s almost time to forget about the valley of sorrow. At the end of the summer, I sent a message to her friends list. Except for Wu Gou Frost and Snow, although she thought it might be polite for the heads of families to call her to pull people, since she promised to be a family, she had the responsibility and righteousness to ask.
In a short time, she received replies from her friends.
Chapter 36 You are like my brother
Bai Shanshan was the first to reply to the text message, "Believe me, which family I join will be challenged and destroyed by other families. It is impossible for me to be dealt with by the family law before that."
"Poof" Xia smiled. It seems that this white sparkle deceives people. Many of them dare not join the family. She smiled and replied to Bai sparkle, "Sorry, my hand slipped just now and I didn’t want to invite you."
"…" White sparkle back to six points.
Then how could the voice message come over? "Are you on the basketball team?"
Xia hasn’t answered yet. How could Grandpa send another message "This hunder naion isn’t the hunder naion I think?" The hunder naion, the world’s first guild in Aize and the second trade union in the League of the Helpers? "
Xia has heard of those two games, but don’t be unclear. "I don’t know. By the way, the patriarch’s name is hunderlord."
How could the big ye be a little excited? "Really? Little fool, you’re amazing. You even entered this guild. "
"Wu Gou frost and snow dragged me in. Do you want to come?" Xia Wen
"Not going"
Uncle, how can you answer that Xia leng for two seconds? This guy won’t still be angry with Wu Gou Frost and Snow? "What? Didn’t you say that they are very powerful? "
How can uncle reply "this kind of family management is strict, which is not suitable for me?"
"…" Summer have no words this time.
Wu Gou’s frost and snow brought summer to the entrance of Forgotten Valley. Just after Maxia received the consent of the family patriarch hunderlord Friend Request, Xia said a sentence of "Good patriarch" out of courtesy.
"The new girl sounds young. Is it the first time to play games?" Thunder asked.
Xia just remembered that she forgot to tune the whole card.
After learning that she was playing the game for the first time, Thunder gave her a popular science lesson. At the end of the glorious history of other large-scale online games, Thunder said that due to the "illegal meeting", hunder naion got up late and needed much-needed talents.
Hearing a patriarch say this so skillfully, Xia guessed that he might have said the same thing to several people several times, and he couldn’t help but admire him for his hard work. One goal is to surpass that "money piled up" and illegally become the first in all aspects.
"I really have a few friends who have just sent messages to them," Xia said.
"What did they say? Do you really want to come in? "
Xia hesitated for a moment or chose to tell a white lie. "My friend didn’t say that he thought the family name was hard to pronounce."
"…" There was silence.
Summer is a little uneasy. Suddenly I saw the voice barrage of the heads of families on the family channel, so I listened to it.
"What do you think about the cough?"
Then "the man" said, "What is it, chief? Oh, I remember. Is it a name change? "

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