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Hearing this, Ye Guchen did not dare to stop for a moment and quickly trained. However, it is not an easy thing to combine two different things, namely, knife cutting and posture. Worse, both Ye Guchen are not so skilled. It is definitely not a moment to want to integrate, but it can be achieved by constantly practicing in the constant pointing and shouting of the two elders. It is a lot of gains to come one day.

In the evening, a few talents returned to Tianxiang Courtyard and their own rooms. When they were alone, they saw a round barrel rising with hot air. I don’t know when it had been placed in their room. There was a fire burning in it. If it wasn’t for the round barrel bread wrapped in a thick layer of iron, it would have been lit now. Besides, there was a table of hot meals.
After wolfing down the meal, Ye Guchen practiced cross-legged every day for "The Emperor’s Extremely Magical Work". Although he is tired today, he will not leave him cross-legged. It has been a month since he made a breakthrough. Now, with his rich aura, Ye Guchen has entered the middle of the seventh floor, but it is not a moment to complete it. It takes a buffer, and sometimes it will take at least a few months and even longer. After all, it is more and more difficult to practice hard. Although Ye Guchen’s speed is amazing, according to common sense, he wants to enter the seventh floor.
Ye Guchen sat cross-legged in the practice. I don’t know how long it took before Ye Guchen’s door was slammed. At this time, Ye Guchen slowly woke up from the practice and saw this yellow elder with a smile on his face. He saw himself and smiled calmly and said, "Wake up?" Well, it would be nice if we woke up. "
“? Why? " Ye Guchen consciousness asked.
So yellow elders frowned and then some unhappiness said, "what else can I do? Remember the cultivation method of the golden bell jar, then undress me, remember the exercise route, and then enter it to keep exercising and absorbing it for me for at least two hours. If you can persist for as long as possible, the better. You don’t want to wave me. There are hundreds of medicinal materials in it, including the Millennium Shouwu 500-year-old Ganoderma lucidum, which is eaten by ordinary people, but it can increase your skill for several years. Even if there are not many royal guards, you can’t wave. If you can’t persist, I’ll throw you in. It’s best not to force me to
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Chapter 40 Layer state ()
"Shouwu in one thousand? Five hundred years of ginseng? Centennial ganoderma lucidum? " I don’t know what other medicinal materials have, but these three things alone are staggering. Which of these three things is not crazy? Baby fighters can add years of skill and strengthen their bodies to treat the wounded. Although they don’t say the same, these things will cause a bloody storm, but they are rare. Elder Huang put these things together to make a medicine bath, which shows how precious this barrel of medicinal materials is.
Ye Guchen has no doubt that if these medicinal materials are placed in front of him slowly, it is not impossible for him to raise his strength to the level of nine levels. The medicinal power contained in these medicinal materials is enough for a strong master to get a continuous rise, but these medicinal materials are used to make medicinal baths, which is really a bit of a sense of squandering.
"Well the leng wear stem? Go in after reading it! " There, Elder Huang frowned and said coldly, Ye Guchen didn’t hesitate to pick up the secret book "The Golden Bell", which is not thick. After watching it for a few times, he immediately recorded it and then slowly entered the round barrel that has been up.
When I first entered it, I didn’t feel anything except a faint burning sensation. At one time, the temperature of the medicine bath around me was very high, and Ye Guchen somehow adapted to it. He held his breath and slowly closed his eyes to suppress the heat and pain and let himself immerse himself in it. After a while, when Ye Guchen gradually adapted to the temperature, he felt a limp and numb itch, and a tearing pain also spread to make people adapt to it at one time.
Ye guchen has an impulse, an impulse to rush out of this medicine bath, but in the end he still endured it, so it would be too rough to go out. Ye guchen also knows that this is a process of upgrading his own strength, and he will avenge himself in the future. Ye guchen told himself that he must endure what others can’t, so that he can improve himself as soon as possible so that he can complete his goals.
Ye Guchen gritted his teeth and insisted on it, trying to calm his mind and ignore the pain caused by the body, slowly recalling the movement route of the Golden Bell Hood before and then running.
The movement route of the golden bell jar is a little different from the general circulation route on Sunday. He actually absorbs the external forces around him through several acupuncture points and constantly strengthens his physical strength through energy operation. Moreover, this practice does not conflict with the practice of work and has complementary effects. Of course, things are not that simple.
It is beneficial to strengthen the body, but strengthening the body will disperse most of the energy absorbed from the outside world and give it to the body through continuous operation to absorb energy into the body. It is suspected that this is a steady and rising process, but the problem is that if you do this, it will greatly slow down the cultivation speed, which is not a good thing for people to improve their overall strength.
This is why the Golden Bell Jar is cultivated peacefully, and there are almost no mistakes. In the early stage, it takes a lot of medicinal materials to stabilize the foundation, and it will achieve some results. But there is still no reason why people are willing to practice. After all, human life is limited, and the practice of other methods may not be as good as the Golden Bell Jar in the end. However, if someone practices the Golden Bell Jar for ten years, it may be a small four-story and five-story effort, but another person may have been a six-story or seven-story master in the same practice of other methods for ten years.
If you practice the Golden Bell Hood for 20 years at the same time, people may have five or even six levels of repair, but if others have good talent, they may have reached the top of the tenth floor and may have broken through to the innate realm. This is the gap, so many people are unwilling to spend time in the middle of this door. Because of the normal life span, it is really difficult to achieve anything in this kung fu. After all, there are so few people like Elder Huang.
However, Ye Gu-chen didn’t feel any pressure on this. He was confident that his cultivation speed and abundant aura supported him. Even if he cultivated the Golden Bell Hood, his cultivation speed would not be slower than others. Practicing the Golden Bell Hood could improve his strength and his overall combat effectiveness, which would be better for him in the future and for his revenge.
Ye Guchen slowly runs the "Golden Bell Hood" exercise route, gradually immersed in it, absorbing the strong energy in the medicated bath, making his whole body adapt to the medicated bath, and constantly absorbing the essence of those drugs through exercise. There is still some numbness and itching feeling, but gradually with the continuous operation of Ye Guchen, that feeling disappears, and he feels that there is a pure energy entering his body through the skin, slowly transforming his body, making his body clearly feel that it is constantly strengthening, and those drugs also enter the abdomen through the body to form a fierce energy, which is slowly accompanied by the continuous operation of Ye Guchen’s energy.
Ye Guchen feels that he is improving all the time when he is practicing, and his physical strength is constantly strengthening. I don’t know how long it will be before when Ye Guchen wakes up, the dark medicinal bath on his side will be clearer than that of others, and the strength of others has actually increased a lot, which is close to the end of the seventh floor. This is more than Ye Guchen’s practice alone for half a month, and his body has been significantly strengthened. The first layer of "The Golden Bell" has been practiced with it.
Chapter 49 Layer state ()
There is no doubt that the Golden Bell jar is not easy to practice. Although it is peaceful and steady in practice, it takes a lot of time to practice, especially in the first few layers. Although there are a lot of precious and rare medicinal materials, Elder Huang didn’t want Ye Guchen to break through the first layer overnight. Elder Huang guessed that it would take four or five days for him to break through the first layer in the middle of the year, and then it would take him another month to break through the first three layers of golden bell jar with precious medicinal bath. That is enough, but Ye Guchen’s performance obviously surprised Elder Huang. He didn’t.
"Well, you have reached the first level? Entering the country soon, frankly speaking, your body’s absorption ability is really beyond my expectation, and you actually lay in it all night. I remember the first time I gritted my teeth and insisted on it for two hours. You are very good. "Elder Huang looked at Ye Guchen and said quietly, although the expression was still lifeless, but there was a hint of appreciation in his eyes.
"I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m obsessed with it unconsciously." Ye Guchen replied shyly that he is not good at being praised and complimented by others. Although Elder Huang is not the first to praise others, Ye Guchen is always embarrassed and shy whenever he hears this, because Ye Guchen feels that his success is inseparable from his own jet. A large part of his success depends on jet, but no matter what others say, his own affairs are always the clearest.
"Well, don’t talk about it. You have talent, but it’s not necessary to be modest in front of me. The second brother and the fifth brother are both waiting for you. You still train me with them during the day. We will prepare a medicine bath for you later. We will continue for a month." Elder Huang lightly said that after saying this, he calmly looked at Ye Guchen, then turned and left Ye Guchen’s room, strode across the threshold and turned and disappeared at the end of the quaint corridor.
Ye Guchen didn’t hesitate too much to come out and stretch his bones and muscles. He was surprised to find that his body was stronger, his body was more agile and his strength was significantly enhanced. This Yuzryha Guchen was very excited, and his body had not been strengthened again for a long time. It seems that it has reached an almost critical point, and it is difficult to make a breakthrough. But now "The Golden Bell" and Yuzryha Guchen feel a significant increase, which is really good news for Ye Guchen.
Get dressed and then go out quickly. The two elders of heaven and earth can wait for themselves there. For these two Ye Guchen, I don’t want them to wait much. That is very impolite. I turned and left here and went straight to the back forest. After about ten minutes, I arrived at the location of this forest. I saw the elders dressed in black and dressed in blue. Two people were there side by side early. After seeing them, Ye Guchen came to them and bowed and said, "I have seen two elders and kept them waiting."
When the two elders of heaven and earth saw Ye Guchen, they were a little unhappy. After all, being late is not a good habit, and young people should always be diligent. In the early morning, they should let two people wait here. Naturally, they will not be happy, but then after two people took a look at Ye Guchen, their eyes shot up and the elders came to Ye Guchen and looked at it carefully. Then they stretched out their hands and grabbed Ye Guchen’s wrist. After a long time, they exclaimed, "Did you practice the first layer of the golden bell? And the strength has also made a breakthrough? !”
"It was a careless breakthrough." Ye Guchen implicitly said, to be honest, this time it was really puzzling. He traveled in a circle according to the line of work and didn’t do anything special, but the result was so unexpected that he actually made a breakthrough in a fog.
But when he said this, he made the two elders really talk about how hard it is to practice the golden bell jar, and how much it takes to make a breakthrough. They all know that Ye Guchen made such a breakthrough overnight, and even a "careless" came, which really made the two elders have some words.
"Ahem ~ ~ well, let’s not talk about it. You continue to practice monty’s art of using saber and it’s near the world. This month, we three old guys will try our best to train you and then see yourself." At this time, Elder Tian coughed for two times and then turned around and said that he didn’t want to continue to entangle with Ye Guchen on this issue.
As a result, Ye Gu-chen needs to practice Monty Knife during the day, as well as practicing these two stunts at a distance. Secondly, he also cultivates his artistic conception so that he can gain continuous understanding. This is not only good for his future, but now Ye Gu-chen obviously feels that his repair speed is getting higher and higher, while Ye Gu-chen follows Elder Huang to practice the golden bell almost without any stop.
A month’s talk about fast, slow, slow is the end in a flash. Time is rushing like running water, and it always goes by inadvertently. This month, Ye Guchen was very tired, but at the same time he was very full. He had never been so full. Every day he spent hard training and continuous breakthroughs, but every day he made different breakthroughs. This not only won the appreciation of several elders, but also Yuzryha Guchen gained great benefits.
In a month, Ye Guchen’s golden bell jar was cultivated to three levels, and both physical strength and quality agility have improved by leaps and bounds. Not only that, but the most important thing is that Ye Guchen’s hard work has also been improved due to the continuous infusion of powerful medicinal materials, and Ye Guchen finally broke through a acupoint again and entered the level realm.
Although the level is not a master of decision, it is already very good. He is a real master in this way in Qianjiangzhou. Except for a few people, few people are his opponents. People like him can already be a strongman in a small place.
However, Ye Guchen is not satisfied with this. His goal is more ambitious. The strength he needs is definitely not just a layer of strength. He still needs to constantly break through because the strength is far from enough now.
Chapter 50 A Royal Guards Blood Prison
A month’s practice soon ended, and Ye Guchen got a day’s rest. The next morning, Ye Guchen’s door was hit by someone. A dumb servant came to Ye Guchen’s room, bowed respectfully, and then pointed to the central hall. Ye Guchen immediately felt in his heart and lived here for more than a month. Although the dumb servants could not speak, they were able to understand something about Ye Guchen. He knew that the dumb servant meant that the elders invited him to the central hall.
Nodded and left a "I know" and then turned and walked towards the central hall.
When I came here, nine elders had been sitting there in turn. When Ye Guchen came in, they looked at Ye Guchen, two elders from heaven and earth, and Elder Huang nodded slightly at Ye Guchen when Ye Guchen came in. Although they didn’t say much, their eyes already contained too many things, including praise, satisfaction and comfort, as if telling Ye Guchen that "your opportunity has come."
"See several elders" Ye Guchen came to this central position and then handed it to several elders in front of him and said.
"Well," nine elders nodded one by one, and then blazing with anger looked at Ye Guchen in front of him, then looked at each other unconsciously and nodded with satisfaction. Then Ye Guchen grew old and looked at a group of elders in front of him. Lang said, "Everyone has seen Ye Guchen’s progress. In a month, he actually broke through from the seventh floor to the third floor, and the repair of the golden bell cover also entered the third floor. I think you should agree with me that Yuzryha Guchen should enter that place to continue his practice!"
"I’m reconsidering ~" said the old man, who followed closely. He taught Ye Guchen a month and was very satisfied with this half brother of Ye Guchen. He was very supportive of Ye Guchen and wanted to help Ye Guchen.
"I also reconsider ~" Elder Huang followed closely.
"I also reconsidered ~" The elders hesitated for a moment and then nodded and said that it seems that Ye Guchen’s cultivation speed makes the elders very satisfied, so they all chose to support Ye Guchen and give him a hand.

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