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Lotus Yan Jing chuckled and reached out to play with Dong Wei’s waist. Yu Pei "I have known you for a long time and have been paying attention to it."

"Always note?" Dong Fengling’s eyes widened, except what she has done over the years and the bottom of others’ eyes.
After thinking about it, Dong Yuling is glad that he is very careful every time he enters or takes things in and out, otherwise his little secret may not be exposed early?
Nowadays, it’s different to be close, but everyone has their own secrets, which is normal.
"Remember that year participated in the food contest? I saw you arguing over the drunken building from beginning to end, and at that time, the emperor "Lian Yan Jing still felt interesting in retrospect" or the emperor asked Lotte to help you "
If I remember correctly, she didn’t speak so well at that time. Chapter 5 Confessions of the 20th century.
Not only did it take a while, but it also pulled the emperor, who was seriously ill at that time, and was heard by the emperor.
Dong Yuling, while embarrassed, is glad that the times are less and some speeches are still free, otherwise she would have been guilty of blasphemy.
"Speaking of which, it seems that the drunken building has not been seen since then?" Dong Fengling suddenly
How can a drunken building end up well after being seen by the emperor? At that time, the emperor had only been in the throne for two years, which was the time of ambition, and he was definitely punished when he met the drunken building.
"If you don’t know that Zuixianglou has always been the object of our suspicion, you think that he is the king of Hunan who stayed in the capital city, but there is no real evidence." Lian Yan Jing explained that "the emperor came to the scene of the food contest to see the situation of the February 2 nd festival and to rush to Zuixianglou."
Dong Yuling blinked. "So I helped the emperor by mistake?"
"It’s not that the emperor is worried about rectifying the drunken clouds building, but that you have stirred it up and let Lotte destroy the name of the festival and take it away, which has relieved the emperor of a big worry." Lotus Yan Jiing recalled that the self-righteous small plate was really ridiculous.
Dong Yuling continues to be embarrassed. So that’s it. If the emperor lets Lotte take the root, it won’t be her, okay? I just rushed to the drunken building to help her out, but it was just passing by.
"No wonder I said Lotte was too eccentric. I still think he had a grudge against Zuixiaolou!" Dong Yuling lamented the truth. What was really exciting?
Saying that she is not the Virgin Mary Su’s physique did not help the aura because of people’s reasons. Dong Yuling also breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t know where there was a problem and once "Su" herself.
Fortunately, fortunately, everything is normal.
"Is there any revenge? It’s mainly because the emperor wants to justify putting people in prison." Lotus Yan Jiing lamented that it was not a human heart that Dong Wei gave a helping hand with the continuous loss afterwards!
Fortunately, he made it to the end.
With a chuckle, Dong Fengling also sighed, "It turns out that I hung up the number before the emperor so early!"
With a strange look in Dong Yuling’s eyes, he glanced at Lian Yan Jing. "Did you have a heart for me so early?" Maybe the world likes Lori?
"First, I think this little girl is very interesting, but I don’t know if you are owned by anyone!" Lian Yan Jing said that everyone was very suspicious at that time.
The emperor just ascended the throne, and the emperor gradually recovered it. The emperor still controls some emperors, and everyone looks like a spy!
"Where?" Dong Yuling’s eyes continue to be weird. Note? That’s fair. Actually, that was called surveillance.
"Hey hey!" Lotus Yan Jiing doesn’t mean laughing too much. Even he himself is not expected. "The fact is that your daily life has not crossed the line, and I have helped you deal with some coveted troubles when you develop Butterfly Love Villa."
Dong Wei’s heart was stuffed, but he felt intimate and couldn’t help but say, "That’s really thank you!"
No wonder she wondered how the development of the villa could be so smooth. After all, there are some exotic flowers and plants in the villa, even if there is no valuable daughter, the hundred gold is everywhere, and it didn’t attract the young generation Dong Yuling. I feel very magical.
Fortunately, the world didn’t pay attention nearby, otherwise how could she not notice?
"Hehe, you’re welcome." Lian Yan-jiing’s face is very thick, and she completely relaxed when she saw Dong Yuling’s lifeless heart.
"I said that when I first met you, how could you be so good? Thanks to me, Qin Ruwang was good at sex!" Dong Yuling was upset and said that she was so "cheated". Did she? Besides, it also makes sense why those hands met her so early and had a good attitude, that is, they knew the situation early.
"Poof my sex is bad? Not good? " Lian Yan Jing twisted her head and rubbed her legs.
"What’s wrong with being weird and unpredictable?" Dong Yuling rolled his eyes. "That is to say, even if I didn’t find Lotte, my second brother would be fine!"
It’s the responsibility of the world, and he won’t wronged anyone casually.

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