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Gu Jin was scared silly by Gu Man for a while. Gu Man poured strength on them. They all knew that at the moment, Gu Man really launched a malicious attack. She was arrogant and immediately ran to the outside of the cloud nine. She was busy dragging Gu Man’s hand and started to cry. She began to shout for help.

The twins brought a few girls waiting outside. At the moment, she cried sharply. Do you still have to live? All rushed into the room to see Gu Jin was covered with Gu Man’s head and his face was scattered in a double-ring bun. There are also many blood stains. Have you seen this scene when people are n: m?
At that time all stood on the spot.
Or the biggest Pingchun ran more calmly to persuade Gu Man to "Nine Girls! Nine girls, please let go. Twelve girls are still young. "
Gu Man turned around and stared at her, her eyes were red and white, her neck was shocking, and several blood prints looked terrible. Ping Chun got up and stepped back.
Fortunately, Pei Yin, Pei Qin’s reaction is fast and busy, so he quickly pulls Gu Man to see her neck, forehead and face, and her mouth is red, and her eyes are red at Gu Jin’s nu way "Twelve! You are simply deceiving others! "
Gu Jin at the moment being protected by people will not be afraid of Gu Man, so he sneered at the spat of "Bah! I insult others too much? What did I do? I just poked you where it hurts! You guys are ready to start work. You have a father and no father. "
Once again, she didn’t finish. Gu Man had already broken free. Gu Zhao raised his right leg and put it in Gu Jin’s lower abdomen. She kicked Gu Jin out a few meters away and couldn’t climb up.
This is really a big deal! Ping Chun was almost ready to cry, but he grabbed Gu’s face and pleaded with Gu Zhao. "Three girls! Third girl! Please stop nine girls quickly! "
"Gu 12! Don’t you dare say that I want you dead! " Gu Man is also full of grievances. She is born again, and she can bear it. But she is not a robot, and she is not omnipotent. Every day, Gu Chengdong’s mouth is poisonous. I didn’t expect twins’ mouths.
If it’s not clean, if you dare to curse Wang and Xiao Shi, she’ll beat them up! Until a generation dare not say it again!
Look at it, it’s really not like a few girls who just took advantage of their master’s meeting, and they panicked and ran to the spring to find reinforcements.
The noise of this head has already alarmed the Wang family on the west side. Just after li finished the kitchen, the old ladies just came and drank a glass of water, and they listened to the purlin, and they frowned and took people to the purlin.
As soon as I entered the door, I saw Gu Jin, whose long hair was full of scars, crying in the girl’s arms, and Gu Man was even more scarred. This girl Gu Jin was different. She pouted and silently looked at Gu Jin’s crying, and the hatred in her eyes made Wang shudder.
I didn’t expect to see such a scene when I came in. I was still worried about how to tell the old lady about the kitchen personnel change. Wang felt a headache and turned to ask Gu Man, "What’s the matter? !” The tone is very dissatisfied.
Gu Man didn’t answer. He straightened his back and stared at Gu Jin intensely. His eyes looked at Gu Jin like a knife, and he felt frightened.
Gu Jin was staring so hard that he lost his mind. There was a noisy footsteps outside, followed by the sound of the fifth wife Liu’s voice. "Jin Er Jin Er!" Unfinished words have already flashed through the door. When I saw it, I cried a snot and a tear. My daughter suddenly felt distressed and ran over and held her daughter in her arms before turning to stare at Gu Man! You have done such a thing to make Brocade look like this again. There are still some Hou Fu girls in n m:? !”
LiuShi anger and hate to see Gu Man is motionless and doesn’t reply. Still resentful, staring at Gu Jin is even more angry. I don’t care if I pull Gu Jin up and go out angrily. "Go! Go! Go! If the old lady doesn’t take our place today, let’s go back to Runingbo House. This Hou House is really impossible to live in! I have never seen such a brave family in my life for decades! "
Wang was impatient to reach out and try to hold Liu’s hand, but Gu Man grabbed it first. She glanced at Gu Man Nai in disbelief and said, "Aman!"
Gu Man ignored her. A few steps ago, she stood in front of Liu Shi and glanced at Gu Jin first. "Good! Aunt Wu said yes, I’ve never seen such a bitter heart, such disrespect for elders, such unkindness to brothers and good family! Let’s all go to the old lady’s! "
Gu Jin was angry when she said that she couldn’t help pointing at her nose. "What did you say? You are crazy, you started it! "
Didn’t even put their mother and daughter in the eye, Gu Man sneered, pushed Gu Jin to the ground and looked at Liu Shi defiantly and asked, "Who are you?" You’re number twelve, I’m number nine, and I’m your sister! How dare you say such heinous things? I dare to teach you a lesson instead of your parents! Don’t you dare say that both of us have fathers, and I’ll tear your mouth off without them! My dad is still alive, so you curse him to death? "
The fifth wife, Liu’s mouth, has never accumulated virtue, which has influenced her children. At this moment, listening to Gu Man’s words, she knew that it must be Gu Jin’s prevarication. She knew that her daughter was wrong first, but she really couldn’t swallow this tone when she looked at Gu Man’s arrogance. "A Jiu! You can’t talk nonsense about this. Her parents are in the hall. Do you have to teach her a lesson? "
Gu Zhao told all the ins and outs of the matter before seeing Wang standing there motionless.
Wang’s metal gray face looked at LiuShi eyes is not good-those who what life with Gu Man that unborn brother’s past are all their talents know Gu Jin a child n m: to know? Didn’t Liu say that? It can be seen that there has always been a lot of abuse behind the scenes.
One hundred and thirty disputes
Wang’s confrontation with Liu’s was defeated again and again without exception.
But this time, it’s different. She’s been pushed into a hurry now, and Gu Boqi has forced her to lose her dignity. Now I hear that the twins are talking about the past, and they want to curse her newborn. This tone can’t be swallowed.
Glanced at still adamant4 LiuShi she closed her eyes firmly way "good! Today, let’s go to the old lady and invite her to be the old man! "
She said and went out with Gu Man’s hand and people first.
The remaining twins and Liu looked at each other in the room.
Gu Jin was a little afraid that she had never seen her second aunt so harsh and stern, and her eyes were flustered. She asked her mother Liu with tears, "What shall we do, mother?"
What should we do? LiuShi bullet pull Gu Jindao "go! Let’s go too! See who the old lady is helping! "
Mrs. De ‘an Curie Gu had just finished her nap and was drinking ginseng soup when she heard Tinglan report that it was Wang.
She didn’t like to think of Wang swearing at Gu Boqi like a bitch a few days ago, so she got bored and frowned and told Ting Lan to "just tell her to let her go back."
Who is patient to see her?
Ting Lan attached her face to the old lady’s ear and said a few words, which made her look even uglier. "Then let her in!"
In a short time, Ting Lan led people in, and the old lady glanced at it. Sure enough, she saw Wang’s ugly face and led Gu Zhao and Gu Man into the room.
Gu Man is wearing a green robe today, with a honey-colored substrate and a white silk skirt. It looks refreshing, but his head and neck are hurt and his face is scratched like a jade carving.
No matter how you don’t like it, it’s also your granddaughter Gu’s old lady who frowned. "The second child’s house! What’s going on here? A good girl is treated like a demon. Others don’t know that when she is around, the wet nurses and girls are dead! "
Wang is not as afraid as before to see the old lady standing on the sidelines without asking her to sit down. When she heard the old lady ask, she smiled at herself first and said softly, "It’s just that I’m coming to tell the old lady about this."
Gu Jin? The old lady was worried after one leng. She wasn’t worried. Gu Man was worried about Gu Jin. Who doesn’t know that Gu Man’s provocative injustice can’t stand it? I don’t know what kind Gu Jin is!
She snorted and sneered, "You are a carefree mother. Aman was brought up like this, but someone in N m: dares to ask her? It’s true that Hou Fu’s first daughter didn’t have any first-class bearing all day long, and she was so competitive that she stretched out her hand to fight and kill when she was unhappy. "
She said, glancing coldly at Gu Man and growling, "Kneel!"
Gu Man glanced at Wang Yi-yan and knelt on the ground, with tears in his eyes. He bit his lip stubbornly and said nothing.
Gu Zhao looked at not already wronged eyes tearfully followed Gu Man kneeling in the tunnel "Old lady Jian! A Jiu will fight with twelve because twelve is rude first. "
Words haven’t say that finish was still outside LiuShi speak interrupted "insulting first? Why did our twelve appear to be lame? Little three, don’t be like your sister! "
LiuShi dragged Gu Jin came in and came in with twins pouncing on the old lady crying and pulling Gu Jintou beside the old lady with a face of injustice crying "the old lady, look! Look what happened to Brocade. A Jiu’s hand is too heavy! What should I do if I leave a scar? ! It’s just that Pingchun said Aman kicked her in the stomach a few times, but I wouldn’t have stopped if I hadn’t pulled Aman in the past and I was afraid I would kill Brocade! "

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