Jun 6, 2024

"What’s this class for?" Li Yi really doesn’t know what he should do.

"I still don’t want to practice." This old man came out to urge Li Yi to practice again.
"It’s a good idea to do it in this class," said Li Yi.
Li Yi was surprised to find that his magic spirit seemed to be twice as much as before after the big Sunday exercise.
"The old man what’s the matter? How come I have more magic? "
"This is the result of your practice." He smiled and said.
In this way, Li Yi spent an afternoon practicing.
"Boss, school is over at noon. Let’s go!" state
"Go" Li Yi stopped practicing and was ready to go home.
"Boss, why are you sitting still in class?" This is a problem that Chen discovered after observing a class of Li Yi.
"I’m practicing," Li Yi replied.
"Boss, can I practice in class?"
"You should listen to the class well," Li Yi said.
"Boss, how do I feel that this sentence is strange from your mouth?"
"How strange?" It’s weird to say something for yourself
"Eldest brother, don’t you think it strange that a person who doesn’t attend classes every day educates me to attend classes well?" Chen said with a smile
"Yes, it’s a bit strange." Li Yi thought about it.
"Then I will practice after class," Chen said.
"What’s the title of the Chinese teacher’s essay … what’s your ideal for me?" Li Yi said
"My ideal is to be a national social people …"
"sop, don’t tell me what we are. To tell the truth," Li Yi has guessed that Chen Ideality is of course the people’s teacher.
"To be honest, my former dream was to be a gangster," Chen said.
"What the hell? Box lunch boss? Are you going to sell a box lunch to someone? " Li Yile estimated that Chen was the first person to fix the truth with a box lunch.
"Eldest brother, the People’s Bank of China can’t cure your ears by giving you loans," Chen said faintly.
"It’s a joke. Your former ideal was to be a gangster. What is your ideal now?"
"Boss Pepe, you should learn more reasoning. Your reasoning ability is too poor," Chen said.
"What do you mean?" Your reasoning ability is not bad.
"Boss, you have taught me to fix the truth. My ideal is of course to be a fix the truth, so it is better to pick up girls."
"How did I meet you two in my life? One doesn’t care at all about fixing the truth, but it’s not good for him to get off to a start after hitting on a girl! " Extremely sound in Li Yi ear again.
"Old people should complain later, and we should talk about ideals first," said Li Yi.
"How nice it is to talk about life!"
"Fuck the old man. I’m not gay."
"Chen, if you really become a practitioner, do you still want to be a gangster?"
Chen smiled and waited for a while and said, "If the boss is available, I will be a gangster. After all, this is my first ideal. I am afraid I will regret it if I don’t complete it, but I won’t be a gangster if the situation doesn’t allow me."
"Don’t leave regrets in life!" Li Yi said after hearing Chen’s words
"The boss said for a long time, but you haven’t said your ideal yet."
"my ideal is very simple: I want to go to a place where no one bothers me, but I don’t worry about everything."
"I’m telling you, you can’t fix the truth. It’s your only way out." What should I do if you and your lover go to a place where there is no one?
"Did the old man say that this is an ideal or something to be done?"
"If you can’t find the signs, you will lose KO." Li Yi didn’t want to say anything after hearing this sentence.
"Boss, this ideal is good. If you find it, can you take me?"
"By taking you? To be a light bulb? " Li Yi said with a smile

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