Jun 5, 2024

Suddenly, I smiled like an idiot and walked past Donglang, pushing Donglang aside and stroking the belly of the moon with one hand. "My daughter, my daughter!"

Xuan Lin immediately squeezed into the right side of the moon invitation and reached out to touch the belly of the moon invitation. "Baby, touch it!"
Stop and Donglang were stunned for a few seconds and flew into a rage. "What do you mean by surname Xuan? What’s the matter with my daughter?"
Xuan Lin raised his eyebrows and chuckled. "It’s not necessarily your daughter. Inviting the moon also promised to help me have children."
Looking at everyone, you fight for me and grab a sloped smile. Everyone will be crowded and hurt the baby in the belly of the moon. "You are …"
Inviting the moon is also a sloped smile. It turns out that in her world, women and men are reversed to have children, unlike the Millennium countries, where men can have children.
This sentence came as a thunderbolt! Every man has a strange expression on his face, staring at the moon!
Mu Yan immediately pestered the invitation to the moon and asked if he would like to have a baby to invite the moon. He wanted to make a verbal commitment, but he didn’t expect Mu Yan to clap his hands and shout that it was good to invite the moon! Then it’s a deal!
After inviting the moon to listen, I stayed for a long time and asked with a smile, "Do you think my baby will be twins? I always feel that there are two babies in my belly, one on the left and the other on the right …?"
"Twins? What’s that? " Every man in Millennium can have one child at a time, because every man in Millennium can inseminate one success at a time.
"Er … twins are two babies appearing in the pregnant woman’s stomach together, and two babies will be born one after another in the future!"
"Ha ha how is it possible? You won’t have fetal movement for only a month! Maybe it’s your psychology! But who is this child … "
A word made the atmosphere at the scene tense, and the party was relieved and put on a look!
"But when the baby is born, I can help you tell who it is," added the meaning.
Several parties were relieved to hear this, if only they had made a mistake!
But suddenly he frowned. He didn’t pay attention to Dong Lang, a duck who can’t lay eggs. He is still dissatisfied with Xuan’s neighbors. It’s disgusting that this smelly man should come to grab a place with my daughter because his belly is so small!
Since then, our family has become a national treasure when we invite the moon. Whether we are sitting, lying down or leaning against someone, when we walk, our neighbors and the baby will accompany us left and right to walk faster, and then they will be pulled by them. Finally, they urged, "Be careful with the baby!"
Inviting the moon suddenly felt that this life was really boring, and it was not as free as before. I kept saying, "I will never be pregnant again!" Several husbands vent with her in a good temper. Anyway, after they are pregnant, they don’t want to run away and look at the invitation to the moon. They have already counted the days. After the invitation to the moon to have this baby, they can rest for about half a year to help them have children. Looking at the invitation to the moon not far away, they are so fine and smiling … Hate to turn their eyes. She knew this would happen!
In a blink of an eye, spring is coming. It’s the tenth birthday of Inviting Moon. A group of assistant ministers are at home to celebrate with her. Suddenly an unexpected visitor comes to the mansion-Chu!
Seeing the arrival of Chu, it’s okay not to introduce yourself arrogantly, claiming to be invited to the moon and destined to be "xianggong". What are your brothers? Several husbands are dissatisfied with the invitation to the moon, but they are stupefied and unresponsive. They haven’t seen each other since the bottom break up. How did this guy come back by himself?
Looking at Chu’s bad complexion, I know this guy is a man who won’t stop until he reaches his goal! He doesn’t even want his own life to get beautiful things!
Chu to invite the front composed tunnel "I said I take a fancy to people or things are bound to get! I’ll give you two years to think it over! I won’t come to you again for two years, but I’m back after two years … Either you marry me or I marry you! " Chu’s eyes scanned a circle of people who were ready to go. "No one can stop me from marrying you!" After that, I smiled lightly and invited the moon to kiss me so quickly that several vinegar husbands didn’t respond. "It’s still as sweet as the bottom of the valley that day … I’ll give you two years!"
Several vinegar husbands have turned away smartly before their hair, leaving a shy smile and inviting the moon to come. It’s very good! He has been killed by these "xianggong"! He must find someone to inspire a group of elm xianggong! Hum, I’m worried about her baby all day! When she is angry!
Donglang raised his eyebrows and asked with a lazy smile, "As sweet as that day! What day is Xiaoyue Yue? "
It’s hard to answer this question, but the advantage of pregnant women is-"Oh, my stomach hurts …"
When I heard that my daughter had something to stop and Xuan Lin was not in the mood to be jealous, the two of them were busy lying down with her, and several of them rushed aside and never dared to stimulate her again.
In October, when I was pregnant, I invited the moon to give birth to a pair of twins.
The delivery room just hugged her daughter happily from ear to ear. After handling the wound of inviting the moon, she turned her head and smiled at him. "Your daughter is a neighbor, but you are!"
On hearing this, Xuan Lin quickly exchanged the little people in his hand. "My daughter is so beautiful! She looks like a moon!"
When the two dads became grandfathers, they were more happy. Men and women were more happy to find the north.
Stop staring at the wrinkled little guy and ask him repeatedly, "Are you sure?" Smile vaguely, "I will never make a mistake."
He had to give Xuan Lin a bad look. How dare this dead man rob his daughter!
He firmly believes that this daughter would definitely be him if it weren’t for the neighbor Gasser! Since the back porch neighbors have been at the top of the list of the most annoying people for 60 years!
When the child reaches the age of one, it is customary to grasp the week! In ancient times, it was a grand ceremony, and many officials came to the royal garden of the palace to congratulate the emperor and daughter.
After lunch, the Zhou Grasping Ceremony was officially paved with various objects symbolizing the future fortune. Two chubby and lovely people crawled around the Dad’s porch and were very nervous.
Leng Mingxuan (Zhier) climbed for a while and grabbed a piece of gold seal in his hand, which indicates that he will be in politics in the future. Officials congratulated him on stopping and proudly picked him up and gave him a loud kiss.
While Lengyouyou (the daughter next to Xuan) crawled and missed the invitation to the moon and quickly called "Youyou, come here".
But I didn’t hear it when I was cold and faint. I climbed a few steps and grabbed someone sitting in a chair and munching on snacks. Someone vaguely called out, "Want to … Want to …"
The audience looked at each other. Is this … that the monarch of Li Chang chose her husband?
They looked down the trouser leg-Lengfeng! !
Lengfeng struggled to be cold and faint, held her in her arms and fed her a mouthful of mung bean cake. She frowned slightly and looked at her for a while. The so-called nod said, "Well, since you chose me, I will wait for you to grow up and marry you like my uncle married my mother!"
"Leng Feng, you little stinker, live for me and run for a while. I’ll catch you and see how I tidy up you!" Inviting the moon to swear and sound from a distance, I want to go crazy. Is this cold maple a monkey? Is it used to being only four years old by Chu Feng? I learned a little basic martial arts and light industry with Chu Feng, and I took it every now and then. Today, Chu Feng didn’t want to teach him a lesson. Who knows, he turned and ran and didn’t look at her mother! Although inviting the moon also has flying skills, I am pregnant for more than five months and I can’t jump up.
In these four years, I invited the moon to give birth to two more twins.
For the first time, I made Muyan’s baby Donglang partner pregnant. After pregnancy, it has always been that each person gave birth to a pair of daughters. Who knows what it means? Xiaomuyan fainted on the spot with joy. Since then, Xiaomuyan has become the most jealous man in the family. Once he has two daughters!

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