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It’s almost a flash of cold light, and at the same time, it’s a tree floating from the front, which is faster than god.

To tell the truth, this sword really won the sword for someone else, because the opponent chose to shine and start instantly. At this time, there is a blind spot. Because it has been in the dark for a long time, the light suddenly makes it difficult for people to adapt to you. That’s flashing, but it’s wrong. That’s killing sword light.
Fortunately, the mirror helped a lot, and the mad dog dragon rushed to the side
However, this sword is not easy to handle, twisted and turned around like a silver snake, chasing him like crazy.
At the moment, the mad dog dragon is stiff, much less sensitive than the normal state. After dodging a dozen swords in a row, the mad dog dragon feels unbearable. After all, Arihoshi is helping in the dark.
The mad dog dragon stomped on the ground in situ. This is the special effect of leggings trampling. The ice broke as soon as it crashed.
Splashed ice slag not only interferes with the other party’s sight, but also makes the other party’s footsteps unstable, so this sword is a bit crooked.
This kind of opportunity, Mad Dog Dragon won’t miss it. He suddenly bounced up in the same place and wiped out the whole army. At the same time, he started his boots to hit the fly.
"Bang" a muffled sound.
The sneak attacker was hard enough, but he was swept to the ground for two laps, and then he quickly turned over and did some somersaults far away.
"Ha ha, good, good. Gu Xiaoyue’s husband really has two!" Violent Xiao Haijian laughed
Mad dog dragon has never seen a violent sea, but the message sent by Zheng Xiaoxue has reached this man, a 77-level swordsmen.
Killing Dad, Violent Xiaohai and Wonderful Yan are the masters of the bloody elite Tiger Hall, and they still cooperate with each other.
The ice rink must be wonderful and violent. Now that Xiaohai has appeared, the deadly father must be nearby.
The mad dog dragon heart keeps sinking. This place is the return path of the base at the eastern end of Devil Mountain. These three men have been here for a long time to prove that Hongwu guessed his retreat route.
At this time, if it is held off by the three of them for no more than five minutes, Hongwu is expected to chase it, and then it will be reimbursed if it is stuck by Hongwu.
Mad dog dragon has faced danger many times, but none is worse than this one.
Violent Xiaohai smiled again. "I have heard about the reputation of hard cucumber for a long time. I must learn it tonight!"
After that, he killed another man with a sword. His style is very similar to that of Xiaojia. When a man floated up, a mass of dense sword light seemed to be offensive, but in fact it was defensive.
If you don’t know how to do it, you will retreat, because this kind of attack and defense will always force you to retreat and make you breathless. For the violent sea, he doesn’t have to say that it consumes the mad dog dragon, but the mad dog dragon is finally in a passive situation
So he rushed mad dog dragon also recoil hand night shadow has been flashed.
"Good-"Violent Xiaohai shouted.
As soon as the voice fell, the mad dog dragon stopped abruptly, and the whole person slipped a few feet to the flank. These feet were the ultimate distance and also a life-saving response.
Because at this moment, a fine snow sword went out from the ice on the ground.
If Mad Dog Dragon flashes this sword from time to time, it will probably go through the soles of his feet, his thighs and his insides.
This sword is the real one. If it is lost, it will be suspected, but it has been hidden by the mad dog dragon.
Violent Xiaohai stopped attacking and retreated several meters. His eyes were full of surprise. The three of them were hurt by this cooperation. Only the mad dog Dragon Sword escaped.
Of course, he didn’t know that the mirror reconnaissance system and the magic skill "Jedi Survival" were really Jedi survival this time.
The ice broke through the ground and people really killed Dad. Dad also looked surprised. "There are two good things."
Violent Xiaohai laughed. "What if there are two? Dare to land all over the world alone? Is it true that there are a group of dead people in our bloody elite? "
Mad dog dragon suddenly smiled, "you seem to be a group of dead people!" "
Torre’s face and violent Xiaohai’s face changed at the same time, not because of mad dog dragon’s words, but because they found that the situation was wrong again. The temperature seemed to be rising and the original frozen ice seemed to be melting …
Sister Miao had an accident? The two men looked at each other.
The fact can’t come. A white shadow was swept out of the forest behind them. The white shadow was not fast, but the momentum was like Taishan coping.
Violent Xiaohai was about to wield a sword, but the deadly old man lost his way. "It’s Miao Jie!"
The sword of violent sea abruptly stopped. The flying white shadow is really wonderful, but the problem is that it is wonderful. Now it is not a living person, but a corpse with a lot of blood oozing from the corners of its mouth.

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"These are their original words. If you weren’t my favorite Xun Yu, I would probably kill you in this anger."

Wu Yeyun jumped up, roared, and shouted a strong grievance in his tone.
Xun Yu stood up and said, "Night Cloud, I didn’t say I don’t believe you. Please move your sword aside first. No one knows where his tip is. Don’t hurt me by mistake."
"I don’t dare to believe this news. I didn’t say I didn’t believe you!"
Xun Yu said helplessly.
Wu Yeyun put the sword back into its sheath in anger and muttered, "That’s more like it."
Xun Yu stroked his beard and asked, "So don’t they know that Jilu is the master’s brother? Why bother to test the deer? "
Wu Yeyun curled his pie mouth and said, "It’s nothing more than the flower immortal who said that Cao Rui once said that the deer was dismissed from his official position and left at home by Fan Ge, and his tone was full of helplessness. I don’t think so. "
Xun Yu frowned and said, "Well, it’s hard work. I’ll write these two pieces of information as a note now. Please be careful and give them to Wenhe."
Wu Yeyun suddenly forced this face and said, "Don’t, Brother Wen Ruo, when I saw the poisonous man, my heart was weak. I read the romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Jia Xu was the most afraid."
Xun Yu suddenly turned strange and asked, "Why?"
Wu Yeyun said with a bitter face, "I know, however, that Li Cui and Guo Si were inspired by Jia Xu to seize Yongzhou in Chang ‘an. Wen and chaos! I don’t know this, I am * *. "
But at this moment. . .
A light sentence came from behind Wu Yeyun: "Thank you for your praise!"
Wu Yeyun’s face suddenly solidified, twitching her mouth and turning around, she smiled wryly: "Hello, Mr. Jia. Since Mr. Jia is here, I’ll go first. " After that, I anointed my feet with oil and took Chengying and ran away!
Behind him came two happy laughter.
Wu Yeyun wiped the staff, dejected and ready to continue to seek information.
Just after going out, an ordinary foot soldier came up, handed in a document and whispered, "Yangzhou urgent document, convey it to Mr. Jia as soon as possible."
With that, I looked around and left.
Wu Yeyun gawked at the figure and shouted, "* * come back to me, people are inside, send them yourself!" Shit! Son of a bitch, which department are you from? I want to see your boss. Bastard, come back! I wiped it! "
Look at the article with chicken feathers, and then catch it all! "
Jia Xu tone some sen cold said.
Look up. . .
Xun Yu looked at himself with a surprised face, and Jia Xu asked in some wonder, "Am I wrong?"
Xun Yu shook his head and asked, "Why are you back again?"
Jia Xu turned his head.
Wu Yeyun!
Chapter 11. Searching for Talents
Ps: Power failure again! Holy shit! How can it be so restless these days? Jesus Christ! Pray in tears, don’t cut off the power tonight, or I will be miserable. ,
There is no typo in this one, please feel free to read it.
. . . . . .
Wu night cloud bitter face a passive-aggressive smile, that look like eating long-haired tofu, there are more contradictions.
"This is urgent information sent by Yangzhou. Please have a look at it, Mr. Jia. I have left in advance!"
Wu Yeyun said that he left with a greeting.
Jia Xu squinted, looked at the chicken feathers on the stationery, gently pulled them off, put them aside, and slowly opened the stationery.
Unfolding the document, I looked at it, caressed my beard, nodded, and said to this Xun Yu, "The trend of four parts of the world has taken shape, which is not simple. Wen Ruo, I’m leaving first. "
Xun Yu nodded with a weak smile.
Jia Xu stood up and walked out. When he arrived at the door, he suddenly stopped and said to Xun Yu, "By the way, have you copied Sun and the document that I asked you to shirk your responsibility?"
Xun Yu nodded and said, "This Sun He. . Alas, I actually shifted all the responsibilities to Ding Feng and Wang Xiang. If this document is distributed to Cheng Pu and others, the consequences will be. . 。”
Jia Xu curled his lips and said, "The consequence is that those ministers left behind in Jiangdong will be more loyal to their master."
Xun Yu asked, "Is this your idea?"
Jia Xu smiled in his eyes and asked, "What do you think?"
Xun Yu looked at Jia Xu, shook his head and said, "It seems that it was the master’s own idea." Xun Yu handed a small stack of paper with handwriting on it.
Jia Xu nodded and took over: "I went to work."
When Ji Fan asked Sun He to sign it, he just wanted to take this opportunity to let those people in Jiangdong accept it.
. . . . . .
In the unparalleled camp outside Yecheng, Ji Fan realized that he had another task, that is, to find talents. Now he has the function of observing each other’s talents, and he has to find one or two talents for himself. Now he looked at the sky and decided to leave for the plain at once.
He can’t show up in Yecheng, which is in the way. It’s better to go to the plain of Qingzhou and see Marotta and Jiang Ziyu by the way.
JiFan with Dian Wei and a lieutenant said, holding black charcoal to plain city.
Plain city.
JiFan holding the horse’s head wearing a straw hat, and Dian Wei after two people entered the plain city, straight to the palace.
Marotta is here, but Jiang Ziyu is not.
Marotta looked at Ji Fan and smiled: "Master, it looks very good."
Ji Fan smiled and said, "I’ll see if I can find some people. Xiang Ping was slaughtered by me. What a talent!"
Marotta caressed her beard for a moment, nodded, rummaged through the documents at half an arm’s length, and took out a "special account set" written in ink and handed it to JiFan.

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Before the assassin’s words were finished, he buried himself and rushed to the front of the assassin at an extremely fast speed. With a wave of his sword in both hands, the assassin left his chest to his right neck, and there was an extra straight bone wound.

Blood spattered, and the assassin fell down without even grunting.
The mage was frighten by this sudden change, and stood still with his eyes wide open-he neve dreamed that this poorly equipped woman could kill his companion in a blink of an eye!
Feather’s eyes turned to the mage, and the mage immediately shivered and sang mantras, but it was too late-feather raised his sword and stabbed forward with a radius of about 5 cm. The golden beam flew out from the tip of the sword and drew a perfect golden long line, leaving a round hole in the mage’s heart.
The mage’s body fell down as soon as his eyes turned.
The enemy solved the problem of feather and sword, and his expression was dull as if he were lying there with two people doing it.
Before the night wind, I found out their herbs after groping for a while, and suddenly, these two guys have a herb!
Black herb-it is held by night wind and feather body.
Blue herb-this is from those two cheaters and idiots.
Red, green, purple and white-this is the herb that night wind and feathers lack.
Will grope out one of the herbs to feather after night wind and looked down at the body for a moment, night wind picked up the assassin’s dagger and looked at it.
Weapon name growler
Weapon type dagger
Durability 2/2
Attack power 13-21
Level 55 required to equip weapons
Special effect bleeding (5% chance to cause bleeding damage to the enemy)
Attribute with 4% wind attribute damage
Weapons say that dwarves make weapons with sharp properties that require limiting lethality.
After determining that the dagger has no attribute requirements, the night wind will take it into the capsule-at present, the night wind is not suitable for revealing identity, so the weapon with representative identity will never be taken out at random, so it is perfect to make the dagger a camouflage weapon.
How many people can see that he is the’ night wind’ when using a dagger as a weapon?
"Let’s go!" Night wind rises.
Feather silently nodded and followed the night wind into the depths of the canyon …
In the last few hours, Night Wind and Feather never met other players, even Warcraft.
Along the way, except for rest and eating and drinking, the two men kept on walking and never talked. They kept moving forward in tandem. Finally, the’ road’ they took changed. After four o’clock in the afternoon, the game had entered dusk and they had to continue walking at night, but they came to a mountain road, a mountain road that was really walked out by people!
This island is occupied?
Night wind and feather have the same question.
So, driven by intuitive curiosity, they walked along the road, crossed the suspension bridge, took the mountain road, and finally came to a paradise-a small town!
The people in this town are definitely human buildings. In the middle ages, the same town had no science and technology, but cars were the most basic carriages.
The town is full of joy and laughter. Everyone is hardworking and doing his own thing. He is also very polite to passers-by. Even the two strangers, Ye Feng and Yu, are not excluded, just as Ye Feng and Yu are also part of their town …
Chapter one hundred and twelve The first day of the exam (3)
"Is it? Still stay? " Feather asked
Night wind looked at the town for a moment and said, "Look for a hotel first." Night wind stopped a passerby and smiled, "Excuse me, where is the nearest hotel?"
Passerby A looked at the night wind and pointed to the front and smiled. "Just go straight ahead and walk to the left at the first corner."
"Thank you," said the night wind. He looked back and stared at his feather. "Let’s go!"
Feather didn’t start behind the night wind until after listening to it, and her eyes at the night wind were a little puzzled-just now the night wind smiled and it was very sunny and there was no hypocrisy, just like a real knowing smile …
Cold and proud night wind, children’s night wind and sunshine night wind-which is the real night wind?
After a short walk, Ye Feng and Yu really found the hotel mentioned by passerby A-this hotel is three stories high and relatively large, and the traces of the wall can prove its relatively long past.
Stepping into the hotel night wind came to the counter for the first time. "Does the boss still have a room?"
"Yes, how many rooms do you want?" The boss put on a professional smile.
"Once you have two beds", the night wind is bleak, and the word feather reaction-this is a game that you don’t necessarily sleep in it if you want a room …
After listening to the night wind, the boss fumbled in the drawer for a while and took out a key and handed it to the night wind. "This is the price of 5 gold coins a day. The room is No.27. Please go."
"There’s ten days’ money here. Don’t bother us." After giving five gold coins to the boss, Night Wind took the key and came to Room 7 on the second floor with feather. The room layout was very simple, and there was nothing except some necessities. Two single beds were separated by one meter. The room had a bathroom, a toilet and a kitchen. There were four windows through which things outside could be clearly seen.

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Cao Xing felt that it was almost enough to deal with the aftermath here by himself, and then he also went to this white mountain.

Fazheng Jia Xu followed behind and looked at the scenery of the White Wave Mountain. Cao Cao was also more emotional than Cao Cao because of the agreement. Although their territory has expanded a lot to the north, it has not yet arrived at the White Wave Mountain. Maybe Cao Cao will have to leave here with Qin Jun in a few months. After all, it is still necessary to abide by the agreement.
Just as Cao Xing Jia Xu and others were wandering around, they suddenly heard a cry from a certain camp. Cao Xing couldn’t help but look at it and it was in the direction of the prisoner camp.
There are prison camps in every military camp. Although Cao Xing has repeatedly asked his soldiers to give preferential treatment to prisoners of war, then again, his soldiers fought bloody battles and personally saw their companions die by their side. It is difficult to feel resentful in their hearts. Plus, the killing smell of killing people these days is still not over.
Even if there is a Cao command, it is a bit of a constraint on them, and it is impossible for them to completely abide by it. It is also too much for Cao to turn a blind eye to it, and it is too lazy to take care of it.
However, what surprised Cao Cao was that there would be a woman crying in the captive cloud. Cao Cao couldn’t help but walk to the captive camp, and when he saw Cao Cao coming one by one, he also handed over a lot of rules.
Cao Xing watched a large wave of women gathered in a certain place. He couldn’t help asking the soldiers in the prisoner camp what was going on.
The soldiers in the captive camp directly replied to Cao Xing, "These people are all family members of Yuan Shang, Yuan Xi, but when these people were caught by Qin soldiers, they actually tried to resist trying to escape, which made Qin soldiers have some anger and victory. What a joke? Yuan Xi Yuan Shang, these two guys will die. After all, it’s a slippery record that these family members want to escape because of their identity!"
Cao Xing doesn’t deny this. Maybe he will solve these two guys, Yuan Xi and Yuan Shang. After all, staying with these two guys is always a dangerous signal. It is estimated that after killing these two people, no one will remember what Lombardi established. Cao Xing can also stay in the north safely.
It is indeed a problem for Yuan Xi Yuan Shang’s family, that is, thinking about Cao’s nature. Suddenly, a shout rang in Cao’s nature, and I saw a woman crying and rolling in her ear, and she would come to Cao’s side and directly grabbed Cao’s skirts, crying and making trouble.
See this situation around Qin Jun to pull the woman, and Cao is also a little tired of looking at this woman.
"Qin Qin, I am Yuan Xi’s wife Liu, and I hope you will spare our youngest son’s life!"
Hearing this, Cao Xing Oh, it turned out to be Yuan Xi’s wife. It is estimated that he also expected Yuan Xi to plead with Cao Xing at this moment.
But it is impossible for Cao to spare Yuan Xiji.
But this Liu’s desire for survival is also extremely strong. He looked at Cao Xing’s appearance and seemed to know that it was impossible. So he made a sign to the people behind him. Yuan Xi’s family immediately came to Qi Qi and knelt in front of Cao Xing, begging Cao Xing to spare them.
Looking at these human beings, Cao Cao was just about to give a hand to let the Ministry of Military Affairs drag them away. However, at this moment, when Cao Cao’s eyes swept someone’s face, he was stunned.
Liu’s family and others are crying at the moment. Dad calls Niang to beg for mercy from Cao Xing. However, only this woman kneels on the ground, but her face is calm and there is no panic. This is not because he is too calm, but because he seems to have seen through death and is not afraid of death.
More importantly, his face truly attracted Cao Xing, and Cao Xing looked at the woman and lost her mind for a while.
And Liu saw here seems to be to seize the opportunity to directly kneel before Cao Xing again to know the woman said
"Qin Wang is a concubine of my husband, and I would like to offer this daughter to ask Qin Wang to spare our family!"
After listening to what Liu said, Cao’s thoughts were also pulled back. He directly ignored Liu and looked at the woman and asked, "What’s your name!"
The woman also looked at Cao’s calm eyes and said to Cao, "Bitch maid Zhen Shi!"
When Cao Xing heard this, there was a buzz in his head. Suddenly, he also remembered the history. Yuan Xi did have a beautiful wife, and that wife was also the queen of Wenzhao.
Cao Xing had to sigh that Zhen Fu really looks so beautiful and feels ashamed to spend the moon. Looking at Zhen Fu, Cao Xing can’t help but think of someone who hasn’t seen history for a long time. The person said that it is beautiful to spend the moon, but Cao Xing couldn’t help but compare it with Zhen Fu in his mind for a long time. Both of them have their own fragrance, but on the whole, they are all beautiful scenery.
"King king! Cough king! "
"Oh, yes!" Cao Xing lost his mind for a while because he thought too much, and Cao Xing didn’t react until Fa was there and even shouted a few words.
Cao Xing took a look at Zhen Fu and then left with Fazheng and Jia Xu. Just out of the captive camp, Fazheng is to show a smiling face and ask Cao Xing.
"Your majesty, do you want to send that Zhen Fu to you today!"
Looking at Fazheng there with a wry smile, Cao Cao couldn’t help but shake his head. Fazheng is thinking about what this guy is thinking. He knows very well that this Zhen Fu is really very attractive.
Cao Xing thought for a moment and nodded, but then Cao Xing said to Fa Zheng, "Let Zhen Fu settle down in the same place for a few days before sending him to my place. I have something important to discuss with him!"
After saying this sentence, Cao Xing left here with his Qinbing, and Fa Zhengzheng smiled at the back. I didn’t expect Cao Xing to be so subtle.
A few days later, Zhen Fu went to Cao Xing’s army account with uneasy feelings. On this way, Zhen Fu was a little uneasy. He didn’t understand what Cao Xing really meant until now.
Liu is Yuan Xi’s wife, but this Liu is usually quite provocative and unreasonable, because it was bombed by his wife in Zhen Fu.
Zhen Fu did all the rough work and heavy work at home, and now he is ready to give Zhen Fu in exchange for his youngest son’s life. Zhen Fu is desperate.
He felt afraid that he would really show up this time to satisfy the desires of Liu and others, but he was puzzled.
Only two days later, Liu and others were led away by Qin Jun’s guards. When they left, Liu was still there, crying his father and mother and saying that he was willing to give Zhen Fu Cao’s nature and exile him. This is unreasonable and justified.
Now Cao Xing is calling Zhen Fu to go to his army account, which does not make sense. Is Cao Xing such a faithless person?
With such a mood, Zhen Fu finally arrived at Cao Xingjun’s account, but when he got here, Zhen Fu found that Cao Xing was not the only one here, and there was a middle-aged man about forty.
The middle-aged man is always walking over, and Cao Cao is drinking tea with a relaxed expression. When Cao Cao saw Zhen Fu coming, he also smiled at him and then reached out and instructed Zhen Fu to sit down.
Zhen Fu’s hands were tearing at skirts, so he did it. Cao looked at Zhen Fu’s eyes and revealed a smile. He patted Zhen Fu’s shoulder directly and let Zhen Fu not be too nervous, but he did so. Zhen Fu was even more nervous. Looking at Zhen Fu, it was a bit shy. Cao’s heart was already happy.
But to get to the point, Cao also knows that the moment is not to say that he coughed twice and then pointed to Zhen Fu, the middle-aged man next to him, and then said.
"Let me introduce you to Liu Wan, a businessman from the State of Qin! You should have heard of him! "
Zhen Fu raised his head and looked at Liu Wan and nodded. He did hear of Liu Wan’s name. Liu Wan was a famous businessman in Qin State. It is said that the establishment of Cao Cao Qin State also received a lot of support from him. He didn’t know the specific situation, and he didn’t even know that Liu Wan was created because of Cao Cao’s attraction.
This is no longer an important secret in the major governors. In this era of paying attention to the city, agriculture, industry and commerce, the status of businessmen is low. Even if they have rich money, they are looked down upon by people, and they are not a fart in front of the major governors, but it is an exception in Qin State.
Cao Xing gave great convenience to businessmen, especially Liu Wan, the first businessman, and Liu Wan also paid high taxes to Qin on a regular basis. This was not forced by Cao Xing, but he volunteered because he knew that he could not do business so smoothly without Cao Xing’s approval.
And it is said that Liu Wan’s business is doing very well. There are Liu Wan’s footprints in restaurants and other entertainment places all over the Central Plains, which makes people puzzled. It is so fine that a businessman is often not in Qin State.
I’m afraid it is clear to a few people, such as Cao Xing, that he usually lives in this place.
Cao Xing looked at Zhen Fu and then said to Zhen Fu, "Don’t be nervous, Zhen Fu. I invited you here this time because of your family affairs. Your family is a big businessman in Hebei!"

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These three times of changing lines and going back and forth are just the reasonable luck of the two skills of "Flying Flash" and "Ghost Hunting" combined with the attack special effects of Qinglong Dao.

Mad dog dragon once again swept back to the origin, and directly turned to the other side with the sword thrown by Qinglong Dao in his hand.
Lan Tianyun in such a situation can actually reflect that he found that the weapon thrown by the other party was thrown at his throat, and his purpose was very overbearing and his head was cut across the board.
But looking at the size and rotation of the broadsword, he gave up the idea of evading and carrying hard, and he quickly raised his shield to protect his face.
The blade fell decisively on the shield
"Oh, what a pity!" Tintin fish can see that the whole process of flashing, sweeping, backhand knife light, sweeping back and backhand broadsword flying in one go is flawed, but it is really heartbreaking that the last key strike is blocked by the shield.
"Hey? You ….. "He suddenly found that 1v3 and the toilet fast chicken teacher were still staring at the central battlefield with a serious expression.
He quickly turned his head to see Lan Tianyun slowly withdraw his shield, revealing a smug smile on his face. "I didn’t expect that, did I?"
It’s really surprising that he not only reacted first-class, but also finally got such a hand.
However, his smile solidified quickly for a second, because he saw Mad Dog Dragon with a big green gun in his hands, which seemed to be burned red, and there was a faint red energy swimming in it, but that was not important. The important thing was that the muzzle was facing him in the dark.
"You didn’t expect it, did you?" Mad dog dragon smiled and pulled the trigger.
"Bang", a shocking gunshot immediately went into the blue sky, and he felt a sudden spasm in his stomach, and the whole person could not help but shrink back.
But every second, a crimson Tiger Claw-shaped flame appeared in front of him, and a fan flew up in his face.
The real fatal blow turned out to be a sniper rifle instead of a Qinglong knife!
This shot took away his last life worth less than 4 points, and he fell to the ground heavily and never moved again.
In ghost mode, where is the most insidious place of the blue sky and the white mad dog dragon? The most elite blow is not a sniper rifle, but a flying dragon knife.
The knife seemed to spin into his throat, but it actually cut into his eyes. The mad dog dragon was sure that in such a hasty situation, the blue sky cloud would be shielded, but the shield not only blocked the blue dragon knife, but also covered the blue sky cloud’s own sight.
This little mad dog dragon finally got a chance to pull out a second weapon.
Of course, this second weapon is not a sword and stick, but a big killer that directly kills you.
This is indeed a blue sky. I never thought that you could beat me again. to be continued
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Real power
Everyone was shocked at the sight of the blue sky and the clouds falling, and one person spoke for half a minute.
Everyone’s eyes were unbelievable when the north wind signaled the Arctic Shenguang people to slowly retreat into the town.
And I can’t believe this scene is still autumn water Iraqis. Once upon a time, a few mad dogs and dragons were dealing with brother Ku, Yan Sha, consumption and jackal, which are all more ghostly than struggling to clean up such fierce people as Lan Tianyun, which is a matter of minutes.
But this time, everyone has not come to boast that there is blue light floating in the sky.
This magic wand flies very fast, and it is conceivable that the strength of the person who controls it is also very strong.
When the stick landed on the ground, the bachelor sister couldn’t help but surprise "Sister Yan!"
To someone it was Yan made yuhua district city, but she looked a little dignified. "A large number of ground support from the Arctic Shekinah has set out to take the lead, and they are masters of the Hall of Fame …"
She paused and looked at the body. "This man is here to take the lead. I suggest that everyone leave quickly."
In a few words, she made the situation clear, and the mad dog dragon sighed that she had made the whole game of Yan Yuhua this time.
Yan Yuhua City recommended drunken laughing days, but actually expected that Mad Dog Dragon would encounter layers of difficulties and pressures in solitary smoke town in the future, so sooner or later, it would find the nearest Mu Zixing eyes for help.
He and Xia Xiaoqing and his bachelor sister Mu Zixing’s eyes will definitely not refuse him for help, because Mu Zixing’s eyes are also coveting the eastern territory, and finally Mu Zixing’s eyes have successfully set foot in this area through the Eastern Dynasty.
Mad dog dragon has thought of Yan Yuhua City. Although it is no longer the president of Mu Zixing’s eyes, she will spare no effort to help Mu Zixing’s eyes.
However, he was not annoyed by a small profit. Once the luck is successful, everyone will win.
Now the whole city of Yan Yuhua suddenly flew here and tipped off the mad dog dragon, and immediately judged that "drunken boss, hole boss, sunny day, you should quickly transport the goods according to the original planned route and leave the rest to me to deal with."
Zuixiaotian and others naturally agreed generously, but the bachelor sister was surprised. "How do you handle it?"
The mad dog dragon looked into the distance and there was a flash of cold light in his eyes. "I will let them go back where they came from."
Yan Yuhua’s eyes flashed. "There are more than a dozen masters in the hall of fame of the other green lion. Almost the rest of the players in they nest have more than two. Are you sure you can compete?"
"If you can’t resist, you have to resist!" Mad dog Long Zhen replied that he had been waiting for this opportunity to appear.
This thing is developing like a pot of water being gradually burned. Now that the water is boiling, it is time to solve the problem once and for all. I believe that the support of the Arctic Shenguang this time should be an elite force of the whole guild. This time, taking the Arctic Shenguang Hall of Fame will definitely lead to the other side’s vitality being weakened for a long time. At the very least, he must never let such a large number of fighting forces enter solitary smoke town. They must be stopped halfway.
Mad dog dragon wants to solve the problem once and for all, doesn’t green-haired lion think so?
He brought out this group of people, except the Hall of Fame’s level 6 master, and none of the other two players was a level 4 player. It can be said that the whole guild is the mainstay. Once this team arrives in Guyan Town, it will directly uproot Mad Dog Dragon and others and drive them out of the East District once and for all.
He believes that the president will do the same when he is at home, because he is safeguarding the core interests of the guild.
But his choice of action route is too direct. It is a straight line from the map. It is really impossible for hundreds of people to support flying magic together. It is too extravagant. This is not the fast action on the ground that the Arctic Shenguang can afford.
At this moment, the large forces have arrived at the Pegasus Grand Canyon, and if they want to pass through this area, they must cross Nu Qujiang.
This is a famous river in exile, which is more than 12 kilometers long and winds through the whole exile. As the name suggests, its river is surging and rushing, and its momentum is like a thousand troops crossing the border, so it is named Nu Qujiang.
If you want to go to the lonely smoke town, you must pass through the Pegasus Grand Canyon, and there is a Pegasus Bridge more than 20 meters away from the river.
The whole stone bridge is 2 meters long and 1 meter wide. It is built on the hillside of the canyon. This end is flat, but the opposite side is a hill. Behind the hill is a rolling mountain.
The mighty army stopped when it reached the bridge, because there was a steel robot across the bridge, which was equipped with the future soldier Mad Dog Dragon.
In the crowd, the shepherd flew immediately to the path around the green lion. "The boss is him! This is his steel armor! "
The green-haired lion was also surprised. Looking at the mad dog dragon, he was surprised not by this steel suit but by the mad dog Gentian.
How dare you stop my two-man army with just one person? What makes you so confident?
Is the knower afraid? Or is there a trap here?
But things have developed to the present, and words are redundant. The green lion waved the whole team and got off the bridge.
In the front row, there are 20 armored soldiers holding big shields in a row. This is to prevent the other side from getting angry with heavy machine guns. It is the archer and the mage. If the archer wants to enter a distance of 100 meters, it will form an arrow rain. If it enters a distance of 50 meters, more than 70 mages in our country will catch fire, and people will stop the killing, and the Buddha will stop the killing, and the two wings will also be protected by experts.
The green-haired lion can’t figure out how Mad Dog Dragon can stop his own side from advancing. Anyway, he has never seen less scenes in 1v2.
A look at the other front soldiers poked around and walked the front bridge. The mad dog dragon couldn’t help sneering and groaning! Next time in Talci Village, it was just a small experiment. Today, I will show you the true power of future soldiers.
The intelligent processor quickly sounds "Start flight mode!"
"Boss, look!" Someone in the team immediately exclaimed.

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Jul 1, 2024

I must have refused because I knew that my purpose was to be peaceful.

Think of this world of mortals drunk fairy also don’t want to continue pestering lingyun, but he will let people note YingChuan lingyun support not to live when the time comes when he is out, presumably to sell Taiping Yaoshu scraps to himself or let people kill and rob Lingyun Cong will definitely choose the former.
Chapter 14 Kill again
Rejected the help of drunken mortals, Lingyun continued to guard outside the Yellow Scarf Army camp.
The yellow turban insurrectionary army in the camp has fallen out of the tent, and the players around it are gathering more and more. One by one, they want to be patient and watch the camp silently belong to their prey.
It wasn’t long before Lingyun heard the sound he didn’t want to hear.
"Hai Ge, I stayed at the gate of the city last night. I really didn’t see them go out of the city." It was yesterday in Yingchuan that I kept shouting to kill Lingyun. It was a blessing to walk in front of him.
Happiness is like the sea. It was just dawn when the line was on time at twelve o’clock in the evening. I heard the player who was guarding the city gate say that he didn’t see Lingyun leaving the city. He waited at the city gate with several brothers for a while, but he didn’t wait for Lingyun to come out with two players and let others continue to guard.
Hearing the player’s words, Lingyun realized that the player was sleeping in the corner when he was out of town before, and he hated himself for not killing him with a sword.
Is also his lucky face to the corner didn’t let lingyun recognized.
But now I hear that he swore in front of happiness that he didn’t see himself out of the city, and Lingyun was amused.
"They didn’t go out of the city? Don’t they have a line yet? Do you think it is possible? " Fu ru hai Dao
"Maybe they were too scared to come out when they saw Brother Hai posting in the forum." They followed Fu Ruhai and tore their underpants.
Fu Ruhai thought for a moment and nodded, "It’s possible that you might have known that you were posting a wave in a few days."
Just then Lingyun confirmed that there were three people in the other party and walked out of the weeds with wind and dance. He looked at the three people as happy as the sea with a smile.
Happiness as the sea after watching lingyun one leng, the horse turned back and slapped it on the head in charge of guarding the city gate. "Didn’t you say you didn’t see them out of the city?" Why are they here now? How dare you, him and mom say you didn’t sleep? "
Clap a hand in the hand and tear the underpants, and then turn your head to Lingyun with a grimace of a grin. "Little Paradise has a road. You don’t have to go to hell. It’s not my fault for hiding. Just jump out and let me kill the chick. Today, your luck won’t be as good as yesterday."
Today, they came out as happy as kelp, but they were not killed by the wind yesterday. Yesterday, they were killed as happy as the sea, and the two players were left at the gate as happy as the sea.
Yesterday, Fu Ruhai saw the two players follow him after his death in the resurrection array, but they were so angry that they could not even pick up two small fart children.
Although the two players have been talking about the wind and dance, they can’t believe it until they see the happiness as the sea.
Although he also died in the wind dance knife, he is as happy as the sea, but he is not as willing to admit that he is not as careless as a female doll. If he dies again, he will never be himself.
And today he brought out hand-torn underpants and hand-torn bras, but he didn’t see the wind dance slaying the other two people yesterday, which is naturally a shoo-in.
But their confidence did not last long before it dissipated.
See three fierce like a tiger rushed to lingyun is very natural and unrestrained retreated behind the wind dance, don’t hide behind a woman and feel ashamed.
Happiness is like a sea rushing at the forefront, vowing to avenge yesterday’s shame.
However, when the steel knife in the wind dance hand ignited a flame, the horse lost most of its courage and rushed to the body and just stopped to let the two brothers, the hand-torn underpants and the hand-torn bra, rush ahead.
Holding a flaming steel knife and dancing in the wind is two knives, which results in the lives of two brothers, the hand-torn underpants and the hand-torn bra.
Although they have all blocked the wind and dance steel knives.
However, they are all ordinary iron knives with a sharpness of 1, while the sharpness of wind-dancing fine steel knives is 3. With the addition of flame knives, the sharpness is increased by 1, reaching a distance of 4, and the sharpness of purple weapons is 1 point less.
When two weapons collide with a weapon with high sharpness, it is possible to cut off the weapon with low sharpness. The greater the difference in sharpness, the higher the probability of cutting off, and the power attribute of the messenger is also great.
Even if it is not cut off, the durability of weapons with low sharpness will drop faster than those with high sharpness.
Therefore, when the two iron knives, the hand-torn underpants and the hand-torn bra brothers collided with the wind-dancing steel knives, the durability of their white iron knives instantly broke into two pieces.
The wind dance steel knife castration does not decrease in an instant. Although there is no physical separation between the two heads, the neck and throat are cut off because the steel knife carries flames, but there is no blood flowing out of the wound.
Seeing the hand-torn underpants and the hand-torn bra turned out to be as happy as the sea. I know that the delicate girl in front of me is really strong, and he is no match at all.
Yesterday, the wind dance didn’t have such skills, and it was naturally white. The girl must have learned the skills of yesterday’s paper.
I’m hot and jealous in my heart. After all, it’s a game. Can I talk about fear?
"You …" Fu Ruhai wanted to say a few words about the scene, but the wind dance didn’t give him the chance.
Without resistance, the body fell to the ground.
The flame knife consumes two points of physical strength every second, and now the strength can last for two seconds. In the ninth second, it will be exhausted and die. Naturally, it will not be as happy as the waves.
It takes about four seconds to kill three people, and the battle is over before many players nearby can react.
Lingyun once again took away the weapons of the three men, but this time he found three steamed buns and a copper coin in Fu Ruhai. He didn’t want to come, and the three men didn’t have any money when they left the city.
After the resurrection, I was as happy as the sea, knowing that my brothers probably couldn’t stand Lingyun.
Brothers collected twelve taels of silver to shout on the state channel.
"If you want Taiping Yaoshu, hurry to the former brother of the Yellow Scarf Army camp outside Yingchuan. I have just been killed by accident. The hero should have seen it just before the Yellow Scarf Army camp. It is the woman who made Taiping Flame Knife and the man behind her."
Fu Ruhai shouted on the state channel and the whole player in Yuzhou could see it.
If the world channel, then all the players in the world can see it.
However, the world channel propaganda is ten times more expensive than the state channel, and it takes one or two gold to be as happy as the sea, but the brothers are reluctant to give up the money.
Lingyun also saw the happiness as the sea in the state channel propaganda is also the first time to know that this big fellow who has just been killed is called happiness as the sea.
But he doesn’t care about happiness now.
Just after he took away the happiness as the sea, the Yellow Scarf Army camp suddenly rushed out of a team and surrounded Lingyun Fengwu.
Chapter 15 The Yellow turban insurrectionary canal handsome Guo Tianyou
Lingyun wondered why it was okay for others to fight and kill in front of the camp. When it was their own time, these yellow turban insurrectionary troops rushed out.
Before the camp, those players who saw Fu Ruhai shouting on the state channel regretted it.
Former Lingyun and Fengwu have been hiding in weeds. Although others can see them, they can’t see their faces clearly.
Those players didn’t react when they saw the two sides fighting before, associating Lingyun and Fengwu’s appearance with the forum. After all, the photos of the two men are still a little different now with their heads wrapped in yellow scarves.
In front of the Yellow Scarf Army camp, the first goal of players is to wait for opportunities to kill some leaders of the Yellow Scarf Army. Subconsciously, they don’t recognize that they will meet the player who won the Taiping Skill in the forum.
It was not until I saw the happiness as the sea propaganda one by one that I came over and sighed in vain and said how to look at this man and a woman so familiar.
But it’s too late to come here for nothing now
Ling Yunfeng dance two people have been surrounded by hundreds of yellow turban insurrectionary army. Those players who have ideas can be rushed in from a distance and will definitely be killed by the yellow turban insurrectionary army, even if they are wearing yellow turban insurrectionary.
Soon Lingyun Fengwu was taken to the camp by this group of yellow turban insurrectionary army.
Lingyun received the news again in this issue, but it was seen by the law
His state has changed now. Capturing many players can turn all functions into spells.
He can’t chat with friends and make the world channel and the state channel shout.
Although lingyun was taken into the yellow turban insurrectionary army camp, the outside world turned upside down with a word of happiness.
I didn’t believe yesterday’s forum post, and more than half of the players believed it.
Before Canada, in front of the Yellow Scarf Army camp, players complained that everyone knew that Fu Ruhai was not lying on the state channel, and everything was true.
So many players saw the wind dancing steel knife burning fire, which further confirmed that she would be peaceful and skillful.

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For example, if you are afraid of angering Zongjin, this preferential treatment will disappear; The man no longer mocked him for "reneging on his word" and touched his finger on his wound.

It’s even more frightening to look at those injuries closer.
Zong Jin wanted to concentrate on taking the medicine for him, but there was always a flash in front of him. He Lianheng was covered in blood and looked distressed. Anger is still very strong, and I can’t wait to cut the beast’s head into sections and hang it on the tower as bacon.
He touched the hard and dead meat with his fingertips, and carefully smeared the ointment into a thin layer.
Soon, Zong Jin got up with a medicine bowl and sat in front of him and pulled his arm to deal with another wound.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Doubts abound
He Lianheng directly looked at his words but asked, "Your hands are so light, but it’s not like you."
"What’s not like me?"
"Do people in Weichi House serve you?" The man said, "It’s time for someone to do these things for you. You don’t like a natural handy person … "
He Lianheng’s words were so difficult that he was taken away and read smoothly. He replied, "I’m not a worshiper … I mean, my brother likes to be served, but I don’t like it."
"But you are the master after all."
"Do housekeepers have to have women to serve them?" Zong Jin asked. "Women are too much trouble, and I think it’s in the way."
"… I didn’t say it was to be waited on by a woman."
Zongjin glanced at him, full of unhappiness.
Of course, he will think of women from the words of He Lianheng-he is full of men asking him if he didn’t marry. When he thinks of marrying, he thinks of He Lianheng’s long-dead wife. If he loved him for many years, how can he marry with peace of mind?
ZongJin more think more feel not frank simply way "LianHeng … I see your name is lotus"
"While talking about admiring me for many years, I married my wife’s house early," Zong Jindao said. "Now I still have the cheek to secretly spy on my privacy, and it’s annoying to pretend to be this pair of clear water and white lotus."
The man was dazed, his eyes widened for a few minutes, and then he suddenly smiled and bent his eyebrows.
"What are you laughing at? You’re laughing at me. I’m scolding you. Can’t you hear it?"
"Laugh that you care so much about my marriage."
"… always say a word about it?"
"You say you and me and listen to me."
"Wang Du"
With Zong Jin’s foul words, Lian Heng’s smile never diminished. At the end, he explained, "I, she, have been engaged since childhood. She was terminally ill. Originally, I wanted to break off my marriage. I insisted on marrying and doing my best as a householder … so I stopped forcing myself to be kind to him, but I found out your privacy was just curious."
"curious about what?" Zong Jin didn’t good the spirit. "I’ve been injured everywhere since I was a child and I don’t like others touching me. I’m used to dealing with injuries myself. What’s wrong?"
"There’s nothing wrong. That’s right."
Rao is He Lianheng who answers his words without refuting him. He still feels that he has the wind.
Anyway, He Lianheng can’t get a good argument for him-the other party is ashamed and likes to be hypocritical; He is upright and outspoken, and naturally he can’t win.
Zong Jin’s hand didn’t stop stroking in his head. This is like leading to these things. In hindsight, he felt that he was being led astray. Then he reiterated fiercely, "I just talked to you. Did you listen to it? Don’t stand in my way for me. I’m not tied up …"
Like afraid of HeLianHeng retort he went on to say "… besides, you have to block you for me. Isn’t that unnecessary? Knowing that I’m wearing a soft armor and I have to block the backstabbing for me won’t hurt me … "
As he spoke, he suddenly blessed his heart. "Oh, I don’t understand you. Is this to make me owe you? You are so insidious … "
But he didn’t expect that it was He Lianheng who asked a sentence "… what soft armor?"
“?” Zong Jin also lost his hand and looked up at him. "In the tower, you ordered someone to prepare a dress with a gold silk soft armor in it … Isn’t that what you gave?"
"… I have no idea"
"ha? Don’t play with me, "said Zong Jin, tearing his neckline with one hand." This is it … "
But he was wrapped in gauze at the neckline, and there was no sign of soft armor.
"Come on, don’t pretend," said the little boy impatiently. "I’m sure you ordered someone to take it off when I changed my clothes … It’s a pity that you love acting so much that you can’t sing."
"I really don’t know."
He Lianheng said seriously and frowned.

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"If it is now, can you speak in white?"

Gently move the lotus step and walk to the truth. The woman is no longer strange and unpredictable … That face is familiar to Zhenyong. Its owner is called Uchihiro vulture …
"It seems that you already know a lot of things."
Cold and cold-faced vultures just spoke faintly across from Zhenyong.
"What do you mean?"
It’s brave to suppress the anger in my heart and almost bite my teeth to say these words.
"How much do you know about uchiha madara?"
"Ha, do you mean the undead who died in the final valley or the immortal who hides in a corner?"
The silence lasted for a moment, and the ink on the horizon deepened.
"You are very clever. You know how to guard against and hide the enemy … and you know how to eradicate the roots."
"vulture" shook his head. "But what you did is not good enough for uchiha madara. You still underestimate your opponent … The plan started a long time ago, and I did leave a flaw before … but you are too soft-hearted."
"Yes," the vulture nodded. "Although it is possible to control bijuu with pupil force, it was too hasty at that time and I failed."
But then the vulture corners of the mouth took up a smile.
"But it’s a pity that you didn’t make up your mind even if you received this information through your roots, as I expected."

"Now you really have the confidence to subvert Konoha?" It’s really brave, and the voice is deep and terrible. "Watergate horse will show up at this time for four generations. What’s good for you?"
"Four generations?" Griffin tone with some ridiculous irony "if you don’t horse, there will never be four generations of Huoying … you actually have a guess that the ostrich is indeed a spotted person … and he will certainly be Watergate when he comes to Konoha".

"What’s the matter? So you have given up? "
The vulture shook his head in disappointment. "That’s all you have to say."

"Are you finished?"
The morning light tore open the canopy, and the dazzling light dispelled all shadows in an instant!
Leave a hand to stab the wood, and the sharp wooden bar will block the penetration of the "vulture" body …
"You are right. You did leave a flaw in Shukaku, but you are wrong about one thing."
Zhen Yong smiled confidently and then pulled out the wooden thorn without hesitation … like a torrent, blood was sprayed at will.
"You leave too many flaws …"
Ps second more! ! Roll around and beg for everything! ! ! Chapter two hundred and fifty, hidden in a mirror
Zhen Yong smiled confidently and then pulled out the wooden thorn without hesitation … like a torrent, blood was sprayed at will.
Those enchanting blood drops scattered on Zhenyong’s cheek were influenced by the ghosts, and he added a little evil and bloodthirsty …
"Don’t hide any more. Can you really fool me?"
After seeing the "corpse" lying at his feet, he was really brave and aware of the surrounding situation-yes, he knew all this was Uchihiro’s plan for a long time.
Perhaps he has been particularly sensitive to the name "Uchibo" since the day he crossed over.
Don’t go back to the village at this critical moment.
According to the analysis report obtained from Shukaku’s column force, it was the brave wife, Uchihiro Vulture, who tried to hypnotize Shukaku in that war.
On the surface, whether it is sharingan’s pupil force or family ambition, vultures do have motives for action-before people lacked an important piece of information.
The world has awakened to a kaleidoscope. There is no Uchihiro vulture in sharingan …
Somewhere in the deep darkness, there is a remnant of an era, and his terrible eyes are quietly watching what is happening in the world.
-In the final analysis, even taking pictures out of Shukaku’s mind is not absolutely reliable. It is necessary to have a strong pupil force, even things like memory modification can be easily done.
This seemingly clever cover-up method has given Zhenyong a vague indication since then-uchiha madara has found a new agent outside the country.
In this case, when Uchiha Obuchi appeared after that, he immediately became the biggest suspect.
Besides, the wrong Nagato power is the second mistake of Uchibo!
Maybe even she didn’t think that Vortex Nagato didn’t become an important chess player in their hands as expected, or that he was much better than they thought.

Judging from the ruins of the Rain Country, the Yahiko Three-Man Xiao Organization must have had a fierce conflict with the allied forces of the three countries, and finally, judging from the situation in Pingdingshan, it is natural that the three countries won.
However, Yahiko didn’t die in the war, but lived with peony and Nagato.

The point is that Pain Tendo said that sentence that was obviously out of place …
-"After all, the weak will never get fate."
This is Zhen Yong’s last advice to Yahiko in those days, that is to say, if Heaven is really controlled by Nagato, he has no reason to say such a thing at that time … Although theoretically, it is absolutely impossible for Yahiko to have the ability to make six forces, if he boldly assumes that the other five channels of Heaven are not harmonious, he can make the best explanation …
So here comes the question
If Nagato has been pulled by a thief boat, why should they deliberately make such a meaningless temptation when they have sent spies into Konoha?

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Jun 29, 2024

The three men went outside the club, Zhao Xiayang went to the toilet, and Thomas lay prone on the balcony of the corridor to see the scenery. Ye Qing went to the stairs and took out a pack of cigarettes, then smoked a cigarette in his mouth and a zippo lighter burst into flames.

Ye Qing lit a cigarette and took a drag. He closed his eyes for a long time in enjoyment before spitting out a string of light smoke. He put the smoke in his finger and squatted down. He needed to be quiet because he felt that he faced too many * * * *.
Just now, when I was helping Pearl Krabs find contact lenses, he almost got stuck in it. He almost couldn’t help jumping into Pearl Krabs’s arms. There are too many beautiful women around him, and they all have different tastes and are very attractive. Men like beautiful women and try to resist the temptation of beautiful women. Most men will unconsciously look at beautiful women twice.
Ye Qing, after all, is still a layman, and he has no infection with beauty. He was so dead-set that he liked Su Yanbing because Su Yanbing was so beautiful that he was so thrilling. He shook his head hard and felt that he was such an asshole.
Now he has a big honey, and he has also got the big honey’s father to admit that Su Yanbing must solve the problem. Now he can’t provoke Pearl Krabs any more. He has been very firm, but Nai has been shaken by too many * * * * so that he can’t help but shake. Now he finally has a hard time.
Ye Qing felt better after smoking a cigarette, and many other thoughts in his brain were dispelled. He once again woke up in his heart that he should be good to Da Mi and single-minded about Da Mi, and he must never be tempted by other women again.
After putting the cigarette butt out and throwing it into the garbage can at Loudaokou, he got up and patted his cigarette ash to go back. At this moment, he heard Dong Laoer shouting in the corridor that it was a box lunch. He immediately went out from the stairs and looked at Dong Laoer’s back and said, "I’m here, Laoer. Take yourself. I want to choose one!"
"Well, I’ll take it and eat it first. I know you want to help Pearl Krabs get it back. I’ll give it to you. Hey, hey …" Dong Laoer smiled slyly. Ye Qing flew up and prepared to kick his ass. This guy jumped forward very flexibly and even touched his ass and looked back. "Early prevention of your hand!"
After Dong Laoer took the box lunch, he went straight back to the training room to eat. He didn’t like to eat in the lounge. Because Zhao xia yang and Thomas both liked to watch it there, it was too noisy. At this time, Zhao xia yang and Thomas had not come to pick up the box lunch, so there was still a choice. He looked at all the boxes and then chose a box lunch with potatoes and roast beef for Pearl Krabs and a box lunch with kung pao chicken for himself.
Walking back to the training room with two boxes of lunch, Ye Qing saw that Pearl Krabs was still wearing headphones and seemed to be listening to music. The screen picture was not F, but a qq music player. He put Pearl Krabs’s box lunch on the coffee table and said, "I’ll get it back for you when Pearl Krabs has dinner."
"Thank you!" Pearl Krabs thanked Daoye without looking back. Seeing that she didn’t want to eat, she couldn’t help but say, "Eat quickly, it won’t taste good if it gets cold."
"When I finish listening to this song, I’ll eat it. You eat it first," Pearl Krabs said faintly.
Chapter 556 Touch the scene injury
The training room is full of the smell of box lunch. Ye Qing and Dong Laoer are eating soundly, but Pearl Krabs is still listening to the song with headphones and has been facing Ye Qing. Ye Qing urged her twice, but she said that she would not eat until she heard this song. But is this song so long?
"Pearl Krabs you haven’t heard? We are almost finished! " Ye Qing looked up and asked Pearl Krabs, who shrugged his shoulders but didn’t answer him. He immediately got up and went to Pearl Krabs’s side and looked at the music player on the brain screen, only to find that there was a song in it that was constantly circulating in a single …
He feels a little strange. Why is there a song in her music player? When he looked at Zhenzhen’s face, he was suddenly surprised. That beautiful face was covered with tears. Pearl Krabs actually cried and became a crybaby.
He didn’t have a love dearly hurriedly put a lunch box from his trouser pocket and took out a pack of paper towels, hastily pulled out a piece and handed it to Pearl Krabs, then gently tunnel "what’s the matter with you? Who bullied you? "
Pearl Krabs took the paper towel and wiped her face with tears, then sobbed, "I’m fine. I just remembered something after listening to the song."
"Listen to the song heard tears so serious! ? You are really sentimental … "Ye Qing is very authentic.
"I suddenly feel that I have been too tired these years and have never relaxed for a moment, but I have never got anything. Is it a tragedy to live like this?" Pearl Krabs said, suddenly staring at Ye Qing’s eyes, tears are still spinning and shining.
Ye Qing smell speech Zheng, he didn’t expect Pearl Krabs to suddenly ask him such a profound life question. Before training, Pearl Krabs was still very stable and didn’t see any signs of her carelessness. Will she be sad like this in a short time?
He thought for a moment and then said to Pearl Krabs, "Giving doesn’t necessarily pay off, but if you don’t pay, you won’t get anything. That’s a tragedy. You are still very young. If you think you are too tired, you might as well change your lifestyle and relax yourself a little. Don’t push yourself too hard. After all, you are a woman. You don’t need to be so tired!"
Ye Qing said that he felt that these words were quite beautiful. It seems that he has great potential as a spiritual mentor, but Pearl Krabs suddenly turned cold and was very dissatisfied with the tunnel. "What do you mean? Look down on women, right? What if I’m a woman? I won’t be worse than you men! "
Ye Qing saw that Pearl Krabs reacted so much that he didn’t know how he stimulated her. The girl’s self-esteem was too strong. He waved his hand and said, "I’m sorry, I don’t know what I said wrong. You care so much. I don’t look down on women. I think women don’t need to be so tired!"
"I know what you mean. You said that women don’t have to be so tired because women can rely on men, right?" Pearl Krabs asked.
Ye listened to her question and finally figured out where she was wrong, so she immediately said, "I know you are an independent woman and don’t want to rely on men, and you think you will never be worse than men, but you can’t let yourself be so tired. Don’t carry everything by yourself. If you trust your teammates, let them share a little."
"That a few idiots? I really can’t believe it … "Pearl Krabs looked at Dong Laoer, who was sitting on the sofa for dinner. Dong Laoer felt her eyes but didn’t hear her voice and smiled at her.
Ye Qing smell speech was just about to ask me? As a result, Pearl Krabs looked at him and said firmly, "I believe you!"
At that moment, Ye fell in love and was touched-he looked at Pearl Krabs’s beautiful face and couldn’t help laughing. "Thank you for treating me so highly!"
"You are the only person in this team who has the ability to take us to the finals. Although I really want to win the championship through my own efforts, F is not a one-person game after all. I think I can give you a lot of help. After winning the championship, I will do my part. I will try my best to help those three guys if they don’t drag their feet. I don’t expect them to perform well. The sniper is more reliable." Pearl Krabs whispered to Ye.
Ye Qing was very happy to see her so high in her heart, but she said, "Don’t say that. They can also help even if they don’t give force when attacking, but they can rarely contain some enemy firepower, right?" Besides, Zhao Xiayang and the second child still have great potential. They are constantly growing and I believe they will become mature after competition experience. "
"No matter what you say, I believe in you and myself. I hope you won’t let me down!"
"Thanks to your respect, I won’t let you down. By the way, listening to less sad songs will affect your mood, and mood will affect your mood. State will affect your grades …"
"What will that result affect?"
"Results will affect the mood in reverse! I don’t want to see … "Ye Qing said that he felt that there was something wrong with the noodles. He immediately shut up and then picked up his lunch box and continued to eat.
Pearl Krabs looked at him very keenly and asked, "What don’t you want to see? Don’t want to see me? "
"No … if I don’t want to see you, why do I invite you to join our team? Isn’t that a hindrance to myself? " Ye Qing is very authentic
"That you don’t want to see? You say it! " Pearl Krabs forced.
"I don’t want to see you cry …" Ye Qing embarrassed tunnel.
Pearl Krabs blushed when she heard the words, but she didn’t expect to say this. Her heart was also touched. She knew that Ye Qing was a girl friend, so she said, "I don’t want to cry in front of you yet. It seems that I am very fragile! I won’t cry after you rest assured. Today is an accident! "
"Well, it was an accident. You should eat quickly! If you don’t eat, it’s no accident that you will definitely be hungry in the afternoon! " Leaf tilt said with a smile
Pearl Krabs nodded and then picked up the box lunch from the coffee table from her seat. After she covered it, she could not help but be shocked by her eyes. She could not help but feel puzzled by the tears on her eyes. Which one did this sing again? Does Meng Jiangnv cry about the Great Wall?
"You are not just said after all won’t cry? Is this the reason why the sluice is not good? " Ye Qing joke tunnel
Pearl Krabs "sloped" laughed out and then tried to hold the tears in her eyes without falling out JiaoChen way "hate! I won’t cry! "
"That’s good! I also want you to eat porridge and add some water yourself! " Leaf tilt said with a smile
"It’s not funny! Let me ask you a question. Did you take this box lunch at hand or did you choose it for me on purpose? " Pearl Krabs twist a head to look at Ye Qing with red eyes and asked.
"I specially help you choose! Is there any problem? " Ye Qing looked at Pearl Krabs curiously.
Pearl Krabs looked a little gloomy. "How do you know that I like roast beef with potatoes?"
"I don’t know. I think the food in this box lunch is better!" Leaf pour simple and honest laughed
Pearl Krabs smell speech in the mind suddenly felt touched that Ye Qing was really good for her. She smiled faintly and said, "Thank you. This is my favorite dish. Although you mean it, I still want to thank you. It reminds me of my grandmother."
"Er … reminds you of it. No wonder you want to cry again …" Ye Qing felt that Pearl Krabs was really touching the scene at any time. Before she was too sentimental, she felt that she was a very strong person and could not show her weakness. But today she doesn’t know what happened, like a helper.
It is said that a person who is very strong in front of others should not easily expose his weakness in front of others, unless that person is her most trusted person or her lover. Ye Qing can’t help but think that he is Pearl Krabs’s most trusted person. Otherwise, she would be so fragile in front of me.
Pearl Krabs chopsticks picked up a potato and put it in her mouth. She chewed it for a few times and then looked up at Ye Qing. "It’s far from my grandmother’s taste. This potato is not tasty and a little hard. I will probably never eat my grandmother’s cooking again in this life!"
After listening to her, Ye guessed that her grandmother should have died. No wonder she was hurt by the scene. He quickly comforted, "Maybe it is because you can’t eat anything anymore that you miss this taste so much. People always know that cherishing the tree is quiet and the wind is more than filial piety. We should cherish our relatives who are still around."
"Well, you’re right!" Pearl Krabs nodded solemnly and then began to eat seriously. Ye Qing felt that this noon was a little weird and actually saw the big beauty crying. Although her eyes were a little red when she cried, she was still beautiful.
He feels that he knows Pearl Krabs better than before. She turned out to be such a sentimental girl, just like the girl described in your deskmate. I don’t know who will marry this sentimental girl in the future. Maybe she will cry when she sees the yellow leaves in autumn. Sad spring hurts autumn, just like Daiyu. She is a contradictory complex. She is very strong and strong on the surface, and likes to compete with men. She is not afraid of all challenges. However, after throwing the game, she is easy to get hurt. It can be said that she is actually a very emotional person in her bones, but she is well disguised on the surface, so people can’t
Chapter 557 Like being single
After eating lunch, Pearl Krabs felt so fragile in front of Ye Qing that she was very embarrassed, so she left the club alone and said that she would go around the floor. Ye Qing knew that she wanted to calm down and didn’t follow.
He and Dong Laoer went to the stairs to smoke again. Thomas and Zhao Xiayang must have dozed off while watching in the lounge.
"Boss, do you really have an idea about Pearl Krabs?" Dong old two vomitted an one mouthful smoke twist a head to look at leaf tilting way
Ye Qing also spit out the smoke in his mouth and put it in his fingers. "Didn’t I say that I didn’t want you to hit her?" Second, after I figure it out, I must give up on Mier and even Su Yanbing. You can swear that I can’t do it if I don’t go out and have a good time alone after loving Zhao Junzhu? "
Dong Laoer frowned when he heard Ye Qing’s forceful words. "But I regret it now … I must have been hot-headed at that time to say that. How could the greatest lover in history like me plant a tree and give up the whole forest? This is quite stupid. If God gives me another chance, I want to say three words,’ I quit!’ "
"Idiot, these are four words!"
"Don’t care about these details! The point is that I regret it … "
"You don’t want to think about how Zhao Junzhu treated you. You were so moved at that time. Second, I tell you that people can’t live in this life, and you have to think about it yourself!" Ye Qing, with a cigarette, looks very old-fashioned
Dong Laoer sighed and then took a puff at the flue. "I know that although I regret it a little, since I am a man, I must do it. Besides, you supervise me, and you have to be my role model. If you are single-minded to Dami, I will definitely be single-minded to Zhao Junzhu. If one day even you are half-hearted, what will I insist on?"
Ye Qing smell speech can’t help but be very annoyed. A slap in the face of Dong Laoer almost made Dong Laoer swallow a mouthful of smoke into his stomach. He hurriedly coughed a few leaves and shouted, "Are you missing a string in your brain?" Why do you want to take me as an example? Aren’t you cheating me too? "
"Eldest brother, you talk like that, which means that you may also love someone in a forensic way, right? I think we are still great minds think alike. There are so many women in this world and there are so many beautiful women among them. Shouldn’t we reap their beauty? Life is short and we should do something to make ourselves happy. "Dong Laoer was very excited and tunnel.
"Depend! Don’t take the opportunity to make excuses for yourself. I didn’t mean that. I don’t want you to take me as a standard. You have to discipline yourself! " Ye Qing is very authentic
He felt that Dong Laoer’s will was not firm at all. When he was moved by Zhao Junzhu, he made a vow. How long did it take before he went back on his word and wanted to return to the flowers?

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Jun 28, 2024

A purple-gold sword fern seems to be shattered, and the strength of the purple mansion in the later period is mighty and goes to the old man in brown robe.

"Looking for death!"
Feel the edge of the forest sword mans attack toward yourself, and a long sword, a black sword, appears in the hands of the brown robe old man. The same sword directly collides with the edge of the forest attack.
"Hey, hey!"
The two swords and awns collided instantly, and the forest edge was as steady as Mount Tai, motionless. The old man in brown robe went back three steps directly and looked at the forest edge with a face of shock.
"This is qualified!" Lin Yuan smiled at the old man in brown robe without moving his feet.
"Hum!" The old man in brown robe knows that the other party is a strong enemy, and there is not much to say about Yan Yunlong, who has also stopped fighting.
Suddenly, the whole area was calm, and everyone looked at Tianyuan holy tree at dusk, and Tianyuan holy tree was getting more and more imposing.
Tianyuan sacred tree is wonderful, and every time the result is that it has accumulated enough by itself, and the later it is produced, the better the effect of Tianyuan sacred fruit. If it is the first result, then this is the second result.
Tianyuan sacred tree is red in green, Tianyuan sacred fruit gives off a strong fragrance, and the color is slowly red. When it is completely transformed into red, it is mature. However, four groups of people nearby did not look at Tianyuan sacred fruit that was about to mature, but looked at each other and the atmosphere was tense.
"There are four groups of people present, so I think we should divide the fallen fruit into four parts, one for each batch?" If the old man in brown robe still wants to drive away the young men, then a group of people can share Tianyuan Shengguo with Yan Yunlong, but now there is no such idea.
No matter which group we deal with, the four groups of people will be opposed by another group of people. After all, who knows if it will be their turn? Even the old man in brown robe is a little worried at this time, so he came up with a way to divide Tianyuan Shengguo into four parts. No war, no war.
The young man sneered, "It’s good to divide it into four parts, but don’t forget that you have a person, and that young man also has a person who wants to share the Tianyuan fruit. Do you think we are fools?"
"It’s true that you are not qualified to divide Tianyuan Shengguo." Say that finish, you didn’t look at the old man in brown robe, but looked at the forest edge.
They make it clear that he is not qualified and neither are you.
That young man is even more welcome. Tianyuan’s sacred fruit is invaluable. It’s a good thing to be less suspicious. After all, there are too many people. There are three or four of them here.
The old man in brown robe was gloomy on the spot. "It seems that you take yourself too seriously? Since you said that you didn’t have my share, then everyone relied on means. "
In addition to the edge of the forest, the strength of these people present is the fighters in the late stage of the purple mansion, especially in the late stage of the purple mansion.
"I agree with you by all means."
Yan Yunlong’s tone is indifferent, and he doesn’t want to share Tianyuan Shengguo with others. A Tianyuan Shengguo, which contains energy, is huge. If the spirit beast Danzhu is integrated, its effect will be more obvious.
"I have no problem with it."
Lin yuan said with a smile, among them, perhaps Lin yuan’s realm is the lowest, but Lin yuan’s own strength may be the highest
"Then each by means!"
Young men know this solution.
In this way, everyone’s eyes rested on the half-medium, waiting for Tianyuan Shengguo to mature and fall from the branches.
"There is a chance that a Tianyuan sacred fruit plus a dragon ball will make me miss the late stage of the purple mansion. It is impossible to ascend to the late stage of the purple mansion without penance for half a year or even a year or two. This time, I must win a Tianyuan sacred fruit."
It is very difficult to repair every liter in the purple mansion, and now the garden urgently needs to improve its strength, which he must not miss.
If you can get a Tianyuan holy fruit and successfully rise to the later stage of the purple mansion, then the comprehensive strength will rise by more than a little bit, which will definitely make his combat power rise greatly.
"Tianyuan Shengguo can’t let go"
Slightly spit out a sigh of relief, and Lin Yuan’s eyes gradually became sharp.
There are dozens of Tianyuan holy trees, half of which are still pale blue, and the remaining half are very early. Three of them tend to be green and red, and they can be completely matured in one step, and one of these three tends to be red. Tianyuan holy fruit is already shaking and may fall at any time.
Finally, that day, Yuan Shengguo fell and hit the ground and rolled several times.
Strangely, no one moved and seemed hesitant.
"Brown robe old man, don’t you want Tianyuan holy fruit? Go grab it! " The young man smiled at the old man in brown robe.
The old man in brown robe snorted, "I’ll give you the first Tianyuan holy fruit. Go and get it!"
"Are you so kind?"
"Are you kind?"
On the other side, Yan Yunjian looked at Tianyuan Shengguo, who fell to the ground, and then calmed down.
"It seems that no one dares to take the risk!"
Yanyunjian fighters behind way
"Who dares to take risks? If Tianyuan holy tree still attacks people close to it, it will be doubtful. A Tianyuan holy fruit has put itself in a mortal situation, and no one will do it. Now it is just a temptation to ask someone to pick up Tianyuan holy fruit and not be attacked by Tianyuan holy tree, which means there is no danger. "
"If that’s the case, don’t just wait and go?"
Yan Yunjian frowned. "The second Tianyuan sacred fruit is almost ripe, but no one wants to be the first bird."
Lin Yuan said in his heart, "Even if there is no danger in the first past, it may not be a good thing. If I used to be a target, I would definitely be attacked by everyone."
As time goes by, no one is the first to go, and everyone seems to be waiting.

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